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For Your Pet, The Best Toys For Older Cats

Your senior cat may not be as enthusiastic about things as they once were.

They may develop laziness, limited movement, or other health conditions that prevent them from playing like they did when they were younger.

You could be seeking for new ideas to try as they become older. Or maybe you just want a tried-and-true toy for your cat that you know will last forever.

Here are BestForPets's (bestforpets.org) recommendations of the best toys for older cats.


Premium Choice ORSDA Electronic Cat Toy

If you want a toy that does all the work for you, consider the ORSDA Electronic Cat Toy. Even though it is slightly more pricey, it has a lot to offer.

This item will be very useful to your cat because it appeals to their senses so much. Cats might get lazier as they age.

However, electrical toys like this one will encourage your cat to move about without any effort on your side.

This clever device can tell the difference between day and night, so it knows when your cat is most active. Green, lavender, or white are three nice pastel colors to pick from.

It has five different modes and four different feather attachments. You can also replace your feather toys when they wear out.

Another appealing feature is that the device can be powered by batteries or a USB port.

While convenient, if your cat is no longer interested in chasing balls, it may not be worth the extra money.


Assortment of 24 Cat Toys by Youngever

If you’re not sure what will entice your cat to play, we have the Younger 24 Cat Toy Assortment variety bundle, which also happens to be the best deal we could locate.

There are a total of 24 parts, making this one of the greatest senior cat toys for the money on the market right now. This purchase provides hours of self-directed and interactive gameplay.

For hours of fun, it comes with toy mice, crinkle balls, a wand, balls, springs, and a play tunnel.

The variety is entertaining, and you can arrange different toys in different rooms, so your cat is never bored. While these toys are inexpensive, they are not built to last.

They will most likely break down rapidly with moderate use, so bear that in mind before purchasing.


Catnip Toys Legendog 5 PCs

PCs from the Legend 5 series Catnip toys are quite affordable. You can distribute them one by one or place them in different rooms so that they have one wherever they are.

If you know your senior loves catnip plushies, this will suffice without the need to replace anything. We adore all of the color options—you can choose from three different variety packs.

Each toy is designed to be breathable, allowing the aroma of catnip to entice your kitten. There are numerous play choices available, including self-play and interactive play.

We believe that each kitten doll is well-made, with enough stitching and sturdy cotton linen material. This toy is designed for cats who enjoy kick-style play.

If your senior no longer appears to be interested in this, it may not work for your cat.


Catnip Infuser Plush Cat Toy by KONG

One of our favorites is the KONG Catnip Infuser Plush Cat Toy. Overall, we believe it is a well-rounded toy that you may get for your senior. It has a draw—a refillable catnip base.

As a result, it will entice your cat to engage in extensive fun. Your senior can appreciate each of these excellent North

American catnip-infused play balls because it has six plush toys. However, one significant advantage is that you may try this with nearly any porous toy that would fit.

We liked the aesthetic of this product as well. The fake gumball machine is a cute little method to keep these balls.

The top simply unscrews to gain access to the balls in the transparent plastic bulb, while the cat up remains in the base.

The soft balls aren’t the most durable toys, but they’ll hold up nicely to moderate usage.


Kitten Toys Migipaws Auto Moving Ball Mice Feather

If you’re looking for a way to get your senior cat to be more active, or if you have younger cats, consider the Migipaws Rechargeable Automatic Moving Ball Bundle Classic Mice Feather Kitten Toys.

This electrical toy will undoubtedly pique your cat’s interest. This toy is available in orange or white.

The toy may be turned off and on manually, allowing you to save battery life while not in use. There is a charging port on the side, with a cable included.

Because it comes with a plush mouse or feather, you can attach a few toys to it. This automated ball detects movement in your cat and rolls around in response.

Buyer's Guide: Selecting The Best Toys for Senior Cats

So, how do you determine what makes a good toy for elderly cats? Is there such a thing as the perfect toy for an elderly cat?

There is a short list of topics to think about. After all, your elderly relative will not have as much vitality as they once did.

Here are some good toy options to consider when shopping—as well as those to avoid.

Toys Not Recommended for Seniors

As your cat ages, so will his or her activity level. However, encouraging children to walk around is usually a good idea. The more they play, the greater their physical function will be.

Certain medical issues can make this difficult. If your cat’s joints are affected by medical disorders that make it difficult for it to move around.

When this happens, you must roll with the punches and find the best toys for your cat.

Because it is so dependent on the cat, use your best judgment when selecting toys for your cat. However, for the sake of comparison, you should normally avoid:

Laser pointing devices

Laser pointers aren’t always a bad idea, but they can be difficult for certain people to use. For starters, elderly cats may not have the same enthusiasm to chase that elusive tiny red light.

Others, on the other hand, may experience discomfort due to their sensitive bodies.

Wands made of feathers

Feather wands are a fantastic interactive toy that you may play with your cat. However, due to movement limitations, some cats may find the task difficult and not worth the prize.

Cat Wheels for Exercise

Exercise wheels are popular these days, however they are designed mainly toward younger cats with high activity levels.

Toys for Elderly Cats

Seniors still require regular exercise in their daily lives. Most, though, will tone down and require only light exercise.

Furthermore, toys containing food or catnip may be more appealing.

Interactive and electronic toys can still be beneficial for fully functional senior cats, but this varies on a case-by-case basis.

Stuffed Animals

If you have a toy loaded with food or catnip, it may pique your senior’s interest. They will be driven by the objective and will not give much thought to the act of exercising.

Toys that solve puzzles

Puzzle toys can be enjoyable for seniors since they engage their minds. Again, a sweet prize may be preferable, but many elders like these types of games.

Toys with Electronics

An electronic toy can naturally raise their prey reaction, making them willing to play, taking a lot of the weight off your senior to perform.


Hopefully, our evaluations provided you with some intriguing best toy for elder cat ideas for your senior cat.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) chose the Younger 24 Cat Toy Assortment because it would assist strengthen hunting skills while being light-hearted and entertaining.

The PCs from the Legend 5 series Catnip toys is the finest value for money, bringing bright pleasure to playtime! Your furry monster can scratch, nip, and nibble all they want.

The thick, catnip-infused material is as durable as it is delicious. It’s the ideal accessory for any cat, in any setting.

Regardless of which toys piqued your interest, you have some best toys for older cats to consider.

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