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The 14 Best Toys For Lovebirds

Lovebirds adore their toys, as anybody who has had the pleasure of spending time with one will attest. Lovebirds often don't have a strong preference for the toys they play with.

But how can one tell which lovebird toys are worth the money and which ones should be avoided? Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) have you covered. The best toys for lovebirds, in our opinion, are reviewed in this buyer's guide after much testing, poking, and comparing.

For you to know precisely what to anticipate when taking any one of these toys home for your treasured lovebird, we made careful note of significant elements including the quality, affordability, engagement factor, and longevity of these toys.

After reading the reviews below, you will have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.


Trapeze by Super Bird Creations

The cute lovebird toy from Super Bird Creations combines a perch, trapeze, and swing. It has vibrant colors, beads, chains, porcupine balls, and a seagrass mat.

All of these things will occupy your lovebird for hours so you can concentrate on your work or leisure activities.

Your lovebird will have the chance to explore with the Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Bird Toy, which will help them feel less imprisoned up inside their cage.

This toy’s trapeze design strengthens the lovebird’s muscles and improves their balance and coordination so they may live a long and healthy life.

While your lovebird plays with this toy, you won’t hear a lot of clanking despite the fact that it has multiple hanging attachments.

A pear-shaped connection that connects to virtually any style of cage your favourite bird could reside in is included.


  • Enough to keep a bird busy all day long.
  • Safe and robust for ongoing usage
  • Includes a fixture for simple installation


  • Hefty and large design


Bird Toys Foraging Bonka

Any lovebird will likely spend countless hours occupied with the bonka’s bizarre-looking device. This, in our opinion, is one of the most affordable and high-quality lovebird toys available.

The Bonka Bird Toys Foraging Star Bird Toy is aesthetically appealing and meets the bird’s urge to gnaw on things. It was created to allow birds to forage throughout the day.

Even the most violent lovebirds may play with the toy since it is strong enough to withstand being torn apart and shredded.

This is created in the United States using materials that are safe for birds, measuring an amazing 6 by 6 inches. Therefore, you should not be concerned that your flying child will consume any poisons.

Due to the small bell that hangs on the bottom of it, this option’s noise level is the only reason it didn’t rank first on our list.


  • Made with secure components that won’t endanger birds
  • Fulfills a bird’s urge to hunt for food.
  • Robust construction for everyday use


  • It is rather noisy.


Coco from Prevue Pet Products Naturals

The 100% natural Prevue Pet Coco bird toy was created with durability in mind. This item should last for many years to come without disintegrating or giving way to wear and strain.

Your lovebird will appreciate a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is unlike any other that the business does since it includes a handcrafted ladder.

Your lovebird won’t have a chance to become lethargic thanks to the limitless beak and leg workout provided by the coconut shell and sisal rope that make up the toy’s foundation.

The drawback of this toy is that its harsh surfaces can be harmful to birds when they are not being watched, thus it should only be put in the cage when you will be present to watch your bird play.


  • Offers an aesthetically pleasing natural, tropical look
  • Includes a variety of exercise alternatives
  • Encourages safe physical activity


  • When birds are not being watched, rough surfaces can be deadly.
  • Not as simple to install as other choices


Rainbow Bridge by Super Bird Creations

There are many entertaining things happening with the Super Bird Creations Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy.

Your lovebird will enjoy playing with a number of various toys in their cage, which includes brilliantly colored wooden blocks, swinging chains, and strands of beads.

With the ability to be hung both vertically and horizontally, this fascinating toy is practically two toys in one, making it difficult for your lovebird to grow tired of it.

Even though this toy makes some noise, you can be certain that your bird is having a great time every time you hear the plastic chains or the wooden blocks clatter together.

However, if your lovebird is robust and active, be aware that it could only survive a few months before needing to be replaced.


  • Has a vibrant and interesting design.
  • All cage sizes are compatible, and there are several hanging choices.
  • There are several play choices available.


  • Not constructed with long life in mind
  • It could be challenging to maintain and clean.


Natural Coconut Pet Food

Multiple textures in the Pet Magasin tropical toy set can help keep your lovebird’s beak occupied while you aren’t there to amuse it. T

his toy’s straightforward design will go well with any décor you already have in your house and won’t overpower even small bird cages.

Your lovebird will enjoy flying from ball to ball and perching during the day to view more of your house.

Pet Magasin’s natural beige and brown hues are used in their natural coconut bird toys so that your bird’s senses won’t be overloaded or overexcited.

The drawback of this toy’s straightforward design is that your bird will probably require one or two other toys to keep them totally occupied when they are left alone at home.


  • There are several textures created to pique your bird’s interest.
  • Any décor will look good with a background of natural colors.


  • It might be necessary to include more toys to keep your bird entertained every day.


Crinkle Crinkle by Super Bird Creations

The Crinkle Crinkle Little Star toy from Super Bird Creations is not only incredibly sturdy but also quite adorable, and you will enjoy gazing at it just as much as your lovebird would.

When you want to tire out your bird, such before night, this toy is ideal since it stimulates the mind.

Your bird will be occupied all day long by the crinkly shredding substance that fills the enormous spherical base.

The only issue is that, if you’re trying to unwind at home, you can become weary of hearing the crinkly sounds. As a result, you should be ready to remove this toy from its cage sometimes at the very least.


  • Comes with a charming crinkly sound that alerts you when your bird is playing.
  • An adorable design that the whole family will like
  • Provides stimulus for the mind and body


  • May get quite loud
  • Huge enough to not fit in smaller cages


Crinkle Crinkle by Super Bird Creations

Although the Planet Pleasures Pineapple toy isn’t very attractive, it is tiny enough to fit in the cage’s corner and is engaging enough to hold a little bird’s interest for several hours.

The toy’s entire purpose is to provide your bird as much freedom as possible to forage. You may stow your lovebird’s favorite food in the numerous little compartments on the Planet Pleasures pineapple foraging toy so they can hunt them down.

Your bird will be able to amuse itself and feed itself till your return if you go out for the day.

This adorable toy won’t, however, endure as long as some of the other alternatives that are ranked higher on our reviews list because it is created entirely of natural materials.


  • A compact design that fits most birdcages of various sizes
  • Offers hiding places for snacks.


  • Not as robust as competing products on the market


Swing N’ Perch by JW Pet

This JW Pet Swing N’ Perch bird toy is certain to be a favorite of your lovebird if it prefers the simplest things in life. Simply hang this circular swing from the top of your birdcage to allow your lovebird to sit and swing whenever they want.

While there aren’t any flashy features to see, you can still rely on the sturdy construction and robust design.

The strong rope swing is very safe for birds, but if your bird uses it every day, it may begin to appear old after only a few weeks of usage.


  • A simple design that won’t overwhelm your bird
  • The feature that is silent so you can unwind while your bird plays


  • Simple things may soon become monotonous.
  • Not meant for prolonged usage.


Birdie, a JW Pet Activitoy

There is a little something for both you and your pet lovebird in the JW Pet fascinating toy. While attempting to maneuver the bowling ball and knock the pins over, the bird will enjoy checking herself off in the little mirror.

Naturally, they won’t be aware that this is what they are actually doing. However, you will be aware of what is happening and are certain to laugh out loud frequently while your bird performs.

Unfortunately, this toy is constructed of plastic, which means that it will probably end up falling apart over time for your lovebird.

As a result, you will need to watch your bird carefully while it is playing and often check the toy for damage.


  • A creative design and entertaining gameplay
  • Entertaining for bird owners to observe


  • Made of readily breakable, flimsy materials.


Pet Activity Ball by JW

The JW Pet Activitoy Birdie Disco Ball lacks the excitement of the other products on our list of the best reviews right now. But there are a few reasons why we’ve included it here.

First of all, it’s really affordable, making it simple to replace as it begins to deteriorate. Second, it was easy to connect to bird cages, making it the ideal travel toy for your lovebird.

This interactive toy has a little bell that jingles anytime your bird interacts with it and is sparkly and bright to catch your bird’s interest.

However, don’t count on it to keep your bird entertained all day as some of our other options would.


  • Design with lots of shine that encourages play


  • A few different things for birds to enjoy.

Final Decision

The best toys for lovebirds are long-lasting, toxic-free, and secure. Additionally, they promote your dogs’ natural habits, including climbing, perching, gnawing, and foraging.

For minimizing boredom and despair in love birds, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) highly suggest the Super Bird Creations SB541 Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy, which was created by avian specialists and professionals. Its cost is also reasonable.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Lovebirds Toy

Before purchasing lovebirds toys, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should be aware of the ideal toys for different weather conditions.

Consider how many birds can fit on your bird’s maximum number of perches as well. So, listed below are a few things to consider before you buy a toy.


First of all, wood is the greatest material for all kinds of birds. Softwood toys are less strong and durable than hardwood ones.

Although the beaks of love birds must be used, both types of wood are the finest for chewing. Hardwood may pierce through plants and harm love birds’ beaks.

  • Acacia
  • Bamboo
  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Cherry

Second, using plastic is not recommended since it collects a lot of bacteria and germs that can harm lovebirds severely.

Ensure that toys are regularly cleaned if you decide to purchase this material. Also, the beaks of lovebirds might be harmed by harsh and inferior materials.

Lovebirds are comfortable with metal, but their beaks are not. The objects are held in the beaks of lovebirds.

They attempt to gnaw metal cables in this instance. The beak will deteriorate with moderate pressure while being held and chewed.

Lovebirds prefer to chew on cotton and wool fabric for ropes. despite the fact that jute, sisal, fleece, and linen are safe for them.


Only a decent texture can make anything durable. The product was durable due to three factors.

  • Quality
  • Product worth
  • Material

If you check off all of these boxes, your product selection is sound. In essence, you can tell the quality of a product by its physical look, which also serves as a specification and evaluation.

However, the price of a thing directly relates to its worth. The more expensive costs compel you to verify product durability.

As was said above in relation to the material, wood, excellent plastic, and rust-free metal all contribute to the product’s endurance.


Depending on the product, certain lighter products may offer advantages over heavier ones. Toys that you intend to hang in cages should really be lighter. The toy you wish to set down on the ground should be heavier though.

Heavy hangable toys have the potential to break cage wires, allowing birds to escape. Additionally, lovebirds are not entertained by lighter ground-level toys.


Toy sizes are based on available space. Typically, you should choose larger toys for numerous birds and smaller toys for a single bird.

If you wish to install a new cage but your current ones are already full of toys. Then create enough room to remove some of the current toys.


The birds became tired of the same design and form. Test with various toy forms in relation to the cage corners. Because of their variety of forms, foraging toys are the best. Hunts, bridges, and ring perches all make the birds happier.


Lovebirds’ mental health is impacted by color. The lovers get bored when the hues get lighter and duller. However, they become active and inquisitive in brighter hues.

Giving them only one hue, though, is unfair to them. So, buy bright balls, rings, and wooden blocks.

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