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The 12 Best Toys For Golden Retrievers

It's easy to understand why Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, what with their always wagging tails and cheerful expressions.

While their affable dispositions contribute to their desirability, their playfulness and high energy levels need that they are paired with an owner committed to regular exercise and play.

A well-designed assortment of toys may make your Golden Retriever's life far more fascinating and make it much easier for you to keep your energetic dog engaged.

To assist you in navigating the apparently limitless dog toy alternatives on the market, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled reviews of the best toys for Golden Retrievers.

There is a toy on this list that is sure to become your dog's new favorite, regardless of whether you have a teething puppy or an aging Golden Retriever!


Classic ChuckIt Ball Launcher

The Chuckit Classic Ball Launcher is the greatest overall toy for Golden Retrievers, according to our analysis. Traditional Launcher Playing fetch with a dog bred and born to retrieve may seem apparent, but it does not make it incorrect.

The Chuckit! Classic Launcher performs all the work for you, enabling you to throw tennis balls far further than you could with only your arm power.

It also ensures that your arm will not tire before your Golden! Best of all, you will no longer have to manually remove sticky tennis balls from your dog’s mouth. This toy is suitable for Goldens of all ages and levels of activity, however, young puppies may have difficulty picking up tennis balls until they mature.

Users are overwhelmingly happy with this device, however, notice that the provided ball is not particularly robust and frequently splits or pops. The Chuckit may also be utilized with standard tennis balls. Tennis balls might potentially be harsh to your Golden Retriever’s teeth.

During a game of retrieve, prolonged chewing on the tennis ball by your Golden Retriever is unlikely to do any harm, but you should still avoid allowing your dog to do so. This toy enables you to provide your dog with optimum exercise with the least effort. Relax in a lawn chair while entertaining your Golden Retriever.


  • Simple to use
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Maximum workout with little effort for your dog


  • The included ball lacks durability
  • On teeth, tennis balls may be rough.
  • A supervised game


Mammoth 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy

The Mammoth 3 Knot Dog Rope Toy is the most cost-effective toy for Golden Retrievers in our opinion. This toy is a terrific bargain not just because of its low price, but also because of its adaptability. This rope toy will appeal to Golden Retrievers of all ages.

It may act as a chew toy, with the cotton rope’s natural fibers helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean. It may be used to play tug-of-war with your dog, allowing you to bond with him and boost his confidence. Or, the rope toy may be used for inside or outdoor fetching exercises.

The Mammoth Rope Toy is available in a variety of sizes and hues. However, the toy may not be tough enough to survive aggressive chewers, and you should always observe your dog to ensure that it does not swallow any bits.


  • Versatile
  • Multiple sizes and colors are available
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Not durable enough for teething dogs
  • When used, dogs should be monitored.


The ZippyPaws Burrow Hide-And-Seek Game

This interactive toy is ideal for senior Golden Retrievers whose bodies aren’t as active as they once were, but who still enjoy playing to stimulate their minds. The ZippyPaws Burrow Hide and Seek toy encourages your dog to use their nose and intellect to locate the squeaking chipmunks hidden in the plush log.

As you should still oversee your dog while they play with this toy, it is perfect for keeping them occupied when you need them to be out of the way. In addition, it is machine-washable for simple cleaning. However, the ZippyPaws is not intended to be a chew toy and is not recommended for destructive dogs.


  • Ideal for older, less active Goldens
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Interactive for individual amusement
  • Machine washable


  • During play, the dog must be under close supervision.
  • Not sturdy enough for destructive dogs


Benebone Wishbone

Consider the Benebone Wishbone chew toy to assist your Golden Retriever puppy through the peak of teething. This ingeniously shaped chew toy provides your dog with a secure grasp regardless of how they prefer to chew. Durable structure and tempting bacon flavor keep your dog occupied and protect your belongings from harm.

This chew bone, unlike many others, will not stain your carpets while being chewed. Benebone offers adult Golden retrievers who still have the want to chew a safe alternative to satisfy that drive.

As with any chew toy, you should monitor your dog as he plays with this item. Benebone is created in the United States, and a part of sales is donated to animal welfare groups. This bone is inedible and may not be appropriate for powerful, destructive chewers.


  • Unique, easy-to-grasp design
  • Delicious bacon taste
  • Not discolor carpets


  • Not edible, chew with caution
  • Not ideal for chewers who are destructive


Kong Classic Dog Toy

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is one of the most popular dog toys available, providing your Golden Retriever with hours of self-directed playtime or amusing retrieve sessions during which your dog attempts to guess which way the Kong will bounce.

The Kong may serve as a safe chew toy for dogs who are gentle to moderate chewers since it is strong enough to withstand their teething efforts. This toy can also be stuffed with treats or peanut butter, providing your dog with the opportunity to solve a problem in order to get a sweet reward.

If your dog is a severe chewer, use caution to prevent them from destroying and swallowing the Kong. Even with the addition of appetizing content, several owners discovered their dogs were uninterested in this toy.


  • Versatile, suitable for fetch, chewing, and cerebral stimulation.
  • Suitable for delicate to moderate chewers


  • Not for aggressive chewers
  • Some canines may be uninterested


Dog Toy Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Duck

Try the Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Duck Dog Toy with your Golden Retriever if he chooses a toy that is suitable for both fun and naptime. This duck features numerous squeakers to keep your dog engaged in play. Not intended as a chew toy, it will be quickly destroyed by destructive dogs.

Unlike many plush toys, this one is devoid of stuffing, so if your Golden destroys it, there will be less mess. The Frisco Duck is great for indoor games of fetch or for Golden Retrievers that want to carry something in their mouths throughout the day. Additionally, it is soft enough to act as a sleeping companion for lonely puppies that mourn their mother and littermates.

The squeakers in this toy may provide a choking or ingesting threat, making it unsuitable for dogs who are destructive.


  • Not stuffed
  • Suitable for snuggling
  • Squeakers help hold interest


  • Not durable for destructive dogs
  • Squeakers may provide a choking risk.


Kong Jumbler Football Dog Toy

Consider purchasing the Kong Jumbler Football Dog Toy for a Golden Retriever that is obsessed with balls. This robust toy is essentially two balls in one, as an attractive tennis ball is encased within a durable rubber football.

A squeaky component adds to the allure of this ball. The Kong Jumbler is ideal for dogs who like shaking their “prey” after capturing it. This toy is an excellent outdoor toy for you and your dog, or for two dogs to engage in a game of tug-of-war.

This toy is durable enough for aggressive chewers, but aggressive chewers should still be properly watched.


  • Excellent for several dog playmates
  • Durable
  • Serves as both a retrieve and chew toy


  • Not likely to withstand vigorous chewers


PetStages Dogwood Durable Dog Chew Toy

If your Golden Retriever is addicted to chewing on sticks, but you are concerned about the possible risks associated with this behavior, the PetStages Dogwood Chew Toy may be ideal for you! This toy resembles a stick but has fewer potential dangers because it is made of genuine wood and a strong synthetic substance.

Use the Dogwood chew for a game of fetch (it floats on water, too! ), or supervise your dog while he or she gnaws on their reward. Although this product is described as a durable chew toy, owners of aggressive chewers discovered that it did not hold up well. It is very untidy when it is digested, leaving “wood” splinters in its wake.

Due to the absence of extra flavor, this toy may only appeal to dogs who enjoy chewing on sticks, as some dog owners discovered.


  • Safer than genuine chewing sticks
  • Also suitable for usage as a fetch object


  • Insufficient durability for aggressive chewers
  • No added flavors


Activity Flip Board for Trixie

The Trixie Activity Flip Board may be ideal for Golden Retrievers that like to exercise their minds rather than their jaws. This toy contains numerous compartments in which goodies may be concealed, requiring your dog to solve a problem in order to get them. The non-skid rim keeps this toy in place while your dog plays, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The Trixie Activity Board is quickly destroyed, making it unsuitable for dogs with strong jaws. It also requires more mental energy than physical energy, thus active Goldens will need another way to expend energy.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Beneficial for mental stimulation
  • Appropriate for all ages


  • Not an excellent fitness toy
  • Easy to chew


HyperPet Flippy Flopper Flying Disc

Why not purchase the HyperPet Flippy Flopper Flying Disc for your Golden Retriever if he enjoys playing fetch and swimming? The Flippy Flopper is a soft fetch toy meant to fly like a Frisbee that floats in water, allowing it to be played on land or in a lake.

This toy is not designed to be chewed, and dogs should not play with it unaccompanied despite its outside durability. This toy is designed to meet the criteria for human children’s toys, so your children may safely enjoy playing with their dogs.

This toy is also great for introducing future sports dogs to item retrieval from water. This multicolored flying disc is gentler on your dog’s mouth than a Frisbee made of hard plastic.


  • Floats in liquid
  • Safe for children’s play
  • Kinder to the dog’s mouth


  • Not intended for chewing

Buyer's Guide

If you purchase every toy on our list, your Golden Retriever may be ecstatic, but for those of you who need a little assistance deciding, we’ve included a few crucial considerations.

How Old Is Your Golden Retriever?

While all of the mentioned toys are suitable for dogs of any age, some may be more suited to specific age groups. Puppies, for instance, maybe more inclined than older dogs to damage their toys, even ones not intended for chewing. The more energetic toys, like as the Chuckit and the Flying Disc, may be less useful for older Goldens.

Is Your Golden Retriever an Effective Chewer?

Even items designated as chew toys are susceptible to damage by aggressive chewers. Some dogs cannot resist attempting to destroy their toys. If your Golden Retriever is an aggressive chewer, you may still be able to buy them toys, but you will need to oversee them more closely.

What Kind Of Recreation Are You Seeking?

Do you require a toy that you can give over to your dog and enable them to enjoy themselves? A Kong or activity board may be the best option. Or are you looking for a toy that both you and your dog can enjoy? Consider purchasing a Chuck-it or a rope tug toy.

Perhaps you want to utilize playtime as a reward throughout training sessions. A device like a Kong Jumbler could do the trick. Do you want a toy that your children and your dog may play with together? The HyperPet Flying Disc may be exactly what you need.

There is no incorrect answer when it comes to choosing a toy for your Golden Retriever, although some toys are better suited to different dogs’ personalities and play habits.


As the greatest overall toy for Golden Retrievers, the ChuckIt Classic enables you to assist your dog in expending energy with minimal effort. The Mammoth Rope Tug, our best-value toy, fulfills numerous play purposes in a single reasonably priced product. Whatever type of play your dog enjoys, you may find a suitable toy. Hopefully, BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s reviews of the best toys for Golden Retrievers offered you some useful assistance in your search to choose the right toy for your Golden Retriever.

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