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The 11 Best Toys For Dogs And Cats To Play Together

There's only one thing better than having a dog or a cat—having one of each! Nothing makes you feel warmer and fuzzier than when your cat and dog are great buddies.

If this describes a special furry couple in your life, you're probably looking for toys that your dog and cat may enjoy playing with together.

Based on user evaluations, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiled a list of the best toys for dogs and cats to play together.

We hope you find some excellent ideas for entertaining your fluffy dream squad for hours.


Best Overall: Outward Hound Tail Teaser for Dogs and Cats with Refill



  • Toy classification: teaser/chaser toy
  • Toy characteristics include: exercise, training, and squeaking
  • Polyurethane and plastic
  • 88.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches in size

Nothing makes cats happier than chasing something on a string, and who says a dog can’t join in? This teaser toy is our favorite overall toy for dogs and cats.

Because it’s intended for both cats and dogs, the string is strong and supple enough for dogs to tug on. It also has squeakers to replicate the noises of actual prey and a backup fake fur plush toy in case one snaps off.

The majority of user reviews are good, with appreciation for how well the toy holds up to even larger breeds and high-energy types.

Some people say their dogs chewed through it after a while, but many toys may be destroyed if a dog is determined enough.

It’s a good idea to always watch gameplay and remove toy pieces if they separate. Furthermore, some people believe it is too huge for cats, particularly kittens, while others claim their cats like it.


  • Suitable for both dogs and cats
  • Strong enough for even the largest dog breeds
  • Toy replacement included
  • Ideal for spot cleaning
  • An option for dogs who dislike fetching


  • Heavy chewers may find it unsuitable
  • Some cats may find it too big or scary


Premium: Zeze Snake Tease Wand Toy for Dogs and Cats



  • Toy classification: teaser/chaser toy
  • Toy characteristics include: exercise and cerebral stimulation
  • Fabric type: synthetic
  • 22 x 3 x 1 inch dimensions

This snake tease wand is advertised for cats, but it is constructed of sturdy plush that will survive biting, so if you have a chase-loving dog, they could love it as well.

Feathers are attached to the plush snake to further trigger the prey drive—just keep a watch on them to make sure your dog or cat isn’t tearing them off and chewing them up.

User feedback is extremely good, with the teaser snake being described as bouncy, well-made, and durable.

However, some customers report that the feathers fall off easily, and some cats find the toy’s size scary. Apart from that, it appears to be a smashing success!


  • Made of a strong material
  • Feathers are affixed for added interest
  • Stick with little flex for easy flicking
  • Design that is one-of-a-kind


  • Expensive
  • Feathers may be readily removed


Toy Cat / Dog Catit Treat Ball



  • Obstacle feeder is a toy
  • Toy characteristics include: mental stimulation and labor for a reward
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 0.1 x 3 x 17 inches

Treat balls are a terrific way to intellectually stimulate both cats and dogs since they have to work for their food, or treats in this case.

If you wish to spice things up, you may seal the part where the goodies exit to transform it into a conventional ball. You may even fill it with special snacks ideal for both cats and dogs.

This reward ball has been used effectively by some users with both dogs and cats.

The cerebral stimulation component appears to be widely welcomed by pet parents searching for methods to keep their pets entertained, however some do comment that you can only put certain sorts of goodies inside and that it’s difficult to clean because it doesn’t open for that reason.


  • Intellectually stimulating
  • Can be filled with cat and dog goodies
  • Work-for-reward functionality
  • Can be closed and used like a regular ball


  • Does not allow for inside cleaning
  • Only a few snacks fit inside


Small Tennis Ball Set for Dogs and Cats by PIKASEN



  • Tennis ball as a toy
  • Toy characteristics include: exercise and cerebral stimulation
  • Material: Rubber and cloth
  • 1.5 inches in length

You can’t beat a good old game of fetch—and yes, some cats like it as well. If you have a fetch-loving dynamite pair, a simple set of tennis balls should keep them busy for hours.

This set includes 12 little tennis balls in blue, red, and yellow that are small enough to be enjoyed by cats and small dogs/puppies.

However, if your dog is a bit larger, these tennis balls may be chomped through in a heartbeat, so consider acquiring larger ones for your medium or large dog.

As with any toy, it is also strongly advised that you oversee play sessions so that you may be present to remove the ball if your dog chews through it.


  • Simple and timeless toy
  • Non-toxic substance was used
  • 12-piece set
  • Ideal for cats and small dogs


  • Medium and big dogs may find it too small


Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Brick Puzzle Game Toy for Dogs and Cats



  • Obstacle feeder is a toy
  • Toy characteristics include: mental stimulation
  • Polypropylene and plastic
  • 12.75 x 1.75 x 8.75 inches in size

Obstacle feeders provide an excellent chance to cognitively stimulate both your cat and your dog at the same time. Simply place some cat and dog-friendly snacks inside and let them use their noses and paws to find them.

You can conceal the snacks behind the white bones or under the red doors. There are four toys to pick from, ranging in difficulty from simple to expert.

User evaluations compliment this toy’s brain-training abilities as well as its ability to keep dogs engaged and prevent boredom.

On the other side, others claim that if a dog is determined enough, it’s simple to gnaw through, so it might not be the greatest solution for your heavy-chewing hound.


  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Fun and interactive
  • Various hidden places
  • Affordable


  • Too simple for super-intelligent dogs
  • Not recommended for heavy chewers


Sushi Treat Dispensing Toy for Dogs and Cats by OurPets



  • Obstacle feeder is a toy
  • Toy characteristics include: mental stimulation
  • Polypropylene, thermoplastic rubber, plastic, and rubber
  • 10.83 x 9.25 x 1.81 inch dimensions

If obstacle feeders have piqued your interest, here’s another option: a dispensing toy for both dogs and cats.

You put treats beneath the lovely sushi toppers with this toy and just let your dog and cat go at it until they smell out the goodies. If it ever needs to be cleaned, hand wash it with soap and water and air dry.

According to customer evaluations, the sushi caps are easy to move around and are enjoyed by cats and dogs of all ages and sizes.

Some people wish there was a larger version for long/big-nosed dogs, and it may be too simple to solve for really intelligent dogs and cats.


  • Created for cats and dogs
  • Sushi design is adorable
  • Easy-to-move components
  • Simple to clean


  • Smart dogs and cats may become bored quickly
  • Long/big-nosed dogs may find it too small


Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Toys for Dogs/Cats by ZippyPaws



  • Toys of the plush variety
  • Stuffing-free, squeaky, exercise, and play
  • Fabric: Fleece and synthetic fabric
  • Size: 18 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

If you have cats or dogs who enjoy fetching or cuddling with soft toys, you might want to investigate this 3-pack of stuffing-free squeaky plush toys shaped like a raccoon, squirrel, and fox.

Although they are intended for medium-sized dogs, user images show cats enjoying them as well. One of the nicest aspects of these toys is that they don’t have any stuffing, so you won’t find it all over your living room floor after a play session.

The majority of reviewers had a great experience with these toys, stating that they are sturdy and mess-free even for larger or more determined chewers.

Some argue that the squeakers break quickly, while others argue that they are sturdy enough for heavy chewers.


  • Excellent for carrying, tossing, and hugging
  • Three-piece set
  • There is no stuffing
  • Some dogs have a long lifespan
  • Gentle play suitable


  • Heavy chewers may not be able to endure it
  • Squeakers are prone to breaking


Potorama Dog and Cat Flopping Fish Toy



  • Toy classification: Moving toy
  • Toy characteristics: play, interactive, and catnip
  • Soft plush material
  • 10.5 x 4.7 inches in size

Potaroma’s rechargeable flopping soft plush fish is our final option for the day. A USB cord is included in every order, and charging is as simple as unzipping the belly.

A catnip bag is incorporated in the toy in case your cat (or dog) enjoys it, and it is motion-activated to begin wriggling when your pet is around.

This product has gotten largely favorable feedback, with special mention given to its realistic appearance and motions.

Several pets have had a fantastic fun with this toy, however some purchasers have stated that their pets were tired with it within a short period of time. According to several critics, it also does not last very long.


  • Realistic motions and appearance
  • Motion-stimulated pets will like this
  • Rechargeable
  • Has a catnip pouch


  • Some pets may rapidly grow tired of it
  • The battery may not last very long

How to Choose the Best Toys for Dogs and Cats to Play Together

When selecting a toy for your dog and cat to play with together, the first thing to consider is the item’s safety. Is it manufactured from non-toxic materials? Is your pet a heavy chewer who may ingest little pieces of food?

The fact is that it’s difficult to find a toy that heavy chewers can’t destroy if given enough time or chances, so no matter how pet-safe a product is, you should still observe your dogs as they play with it to avoid them eating small pieces or having parts trapped in their mouth or teeth.

Another element to consider is how appropriate the toy is for your pet. User evaluations can offer you a good indication of which goods may or may not fit your cat or dog, but you are the expert on your pet.

Do they prefer toys that they can chase after? Toss a coin? Cuddling with? What is the solution? To enhance your chances of obtaining your money’s worth, trust your instincts about the type of toy your pet will truly play with and like.

It’s also a good idea to choose something made of sturdy, high-quality materials if feasible, but there are no assurances that a strong or determined pet won’t be able to gnaw their way through a toy. Look for anything that appears to endure a respectable period of time under your pet’s teeth.


Before you click, a quick reminder that our best overall toy for dogs and cats to play together is the Outward Hound Tail Trailer, which is intended for both cats and dogs and comes with a replacement toy.

The long and durable ZEZE snake teaser wand was our premium selection.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our consumers for visiting our website so that we may read about and refer to the best toys for dogs and cats to play together.

We hope you found these evaluations useful and that you now have some fantastic ideas for toys that your cat and dog can play with together. Best wishes!

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