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The 5 Best Toys For Cats With Anxiety

The presence of an uneasy cat at home may be difficult for animal-loving pet owners. Seeing your furry companion exhibit indications of anxiety or tension should not be distressing.

There are several methods to assist your cat with anxiety treatment. Toys play an essential role in a cat's existence. It stimulates them, keeps their minds active, and, yes, it may reduce anxiety.

Here are the best toys for cats with anxiety, along with our reviews of each. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) think these toys might help your cat feel less anxious when it gets to its highest point.

Each toy gives a unique kind of relaxation; thus, you should always select the alternative that you believe will benefit your cat the most.


Best Overall: Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozing Sloth Calming Cat Toy

What could be cuter than seeing your worried cat snuggle with a sleeping sloth? This adorable plush from Petstages is the greatest overall toy for cats with anxiety, since it may help your cat relax when things become stressful.

This toy is sufficiently safe for your cat to snuggle without fear of injury. Also, the purring noises make it great for assisting with separation anxiety and other kinds of stress.

You’ll also like how simple it is for your cat to play with this toy and for you to clean it when you feel it needs a bit of a refresh. The only problem we had with the Petstages Sleeping Sloth was its purring.

If your cat is sensitive to noise or easily frightened, the loud, self-activated purring might be frightening. Sadly, it cannot be decreased, so if your cat is afraid of odd noises, keep this in mind.


  • The toy is machine-washable.
  • Crafted from a silky fabric
  • Has an auto-activating purring mechanism that provides pleasant relaxation


  • Purring might be a tad noisy for cats with noise phobia.

Best Value: Petstages Snuggle Buddy Unicorn Cat Plush

The Petstages Snuggle Buddy Unicorn Cat Plush is the most cost-effective and recommended toy for cats with anxiety. This stuffed animal is intended to provide comfort and anxiety alleviation while also catering to easily startled cats.

This quiet plush has a buckwheat filling that can be heated in the microwave to offer soothing warmth to a cat suffering from anxiety or terror.

The inexpensive price and simple care instructions for this plush make it simple to acquire multiples for households with multiple cats.

The only problem we had with this Petstages plush was that the fabric sheds somewhat. Especially if your cat feels the urge to carry and use the toy often, you may notice tufts of fluff scattered throughout the home.


  • The insert of the toy is made of buckwheat, which may be heated.
  • Noise-free comfort for stressed kitties
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning guidelines


  • Material may loosen somewhat

Incredible Interactive Cat Treat Maze and Puzzle Cat Toy – Superior Option

Keeping your cat mentally active and occupied is an excellent method to relax them during stressful situations. Our top recommendation is thus the Cat Incredible Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Cat Toy.

By putting a favorite toy or snacks inside, your cat may play with this item and remain busy regardless of the scenario. Also, we like that this toy is constructed from 30% recyclable cardboard and can be completely recycled after your cat is done with it.

The only disadvantage of this relaxing cat toy is that not every cat will like it. If your cat dislikes being challenged or prefers to hide when they are feeling anxious, this toy may not be the best choice for them. Ensure you comprehend your cat’s requirements prior to making this buy.


  • Using recycled materials
  • Increases activity and cognitive abilities


  • Not designed for cats who aren’t fond of action

The Purr Pillow Cat Toy from Petstages is Ideal for Kittens

We believe the Petstages Purr Pillow Cat Toy is the ideal solution for calming nervous kittens. This toy is made for cats of all ages, although the plushy material is great for tiny cats.

The majority of kittens can snuggle to their hearts’ delight on the fabric. The toy generates a purring sound when it is triggered, which is an additional perk.

When your kitten experiences anxiety, two minutes of quiet purring might help it feel like it is back with its mother and littermates.

This toy’s main drawback is that although many cats may like it, some may be afraid of the noises. The fan that produces the purring sound is likewise positioned inside the skull of the stuffed animal.

This makes the body flat and comfortable for your kitten to rest on, but if it wants to carry it about, it will have to wait till it grows a little larger.


  • Kind and affable
  • Produces a purring sound to comfort kittens.


  • The huge head makes it harder for kittens to transport.
  • Sounds may terrify some kittens

Catnip-infused Van Ness Scratch and Relax Cat Scratcher

This Van Ness Scratch & Relax Scratcher with Catnip is an excellent toy for your cat if it scratches when scared or stressed.

Manufactured from 100% recycled cardboard, your cat may reduce stress by concentrating on this scratcher when they need to relax.

When they are not in the mood to scratch, this toy may be utilized as a lounger to offer them with a secure and pleasant place to rest. With the addition of catnip, this might become one of your cat’s favorite toys.

The greatest drawback of this scratcher is its longevity. While it is excellent that it is created from recycled materials, if your cat is easily agitated and feels the urge to scratch, this scratcher may not endure for a very long time.

Fortunately, the price is reasonable, making it simple to get another when necessary.


  • 100% made from recycled materials
  • Contains catnip
  • Also suitable as a lounger


  • Unsuitable for vigorous scratchers

Buyer's Guide

Discovering cat toys that reduce anxiety is a difficult challenge. Cats need stimulation and activity for good health, but cats who are worried or require a little of relaxing from time to time are not always eager to expend a great deal of energy.

This is why we have included several toy varieties in our study. Not all cats are identical. A cat that suffers from anxiety may respond positively to cuddling and gentle noises, but another may not respond at all.

As a pet parent, you know your furry child better than anyone else and should always choose toys that you believe they would enjoy the most.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll examine some of the characteristics we considered while writing the evaluation. This will help you comprehend why we deemed these toys worthy of inclusion on the list and if they are the best option for your frightened cat.


When purchasing a pet toy, you should be aware of its construction components. Our selection consists of soft toys, scratching toys, and even interactive toys to help relax and amuse your cat.

So that you could make an informed decision, we included a list of the materials used to produce each toy. The majority of cuddly toys are constructed of polyester and synthetic fibers.

The scratcher and interactive puzzle are both manufactured from recyclable cardboard. The shared cat track is constructed of plastic and should be safe for most cats, unless they choose to gnaw instead of chase balls.

Like with any pet toy, regardless of how safe you believe it to be, you must constantly monitor your cat as it plays.

Relaxing versus Stimulating

As previously established, not all cats are identical. If your cat suffers from anxiety, it may prefer to be cuddled or listen to calming noises to relax. Some cats need a little excitement to keep their nervousness in check.

This is why we selected to present toys that give both the relaxation and mental stimulation that cats need. If you are unsure which kind of toy might be most effective in reducing your cat’s anxiety, try them all.

While your cat’s fear is at its highest, you may notice that it prefers many routes.


The majority of the toys on our list state that they are designed for adult cats, but their Chewy product descriptions state that they are suitable for kittens. While they may be completely safe for cats of all ages, we considered it appropriate to supply you with the website’s listings.

If you believe your cat could play with other toys on the list without difficulty, feel free to choose your preferred option. Remember, not all cats are alike, and you are the best judge of what your cat or kitten would love.


None of the toys reviewed in this article are significantly pricey. This is ideal for owners of anxious cats who are also on a tight budget.

You may feel confident about adding one or more of the items on this list to your cat’s toy box. There are more costly toys available, but that does not imply they are always the best option.


1. Would hemp or CBD oil help my cat relax?

It is becoming increasingly acceptable to provide hemp oil or CBD oil to cats to soothe them. The two oils are derived from the same plant, none of which is psychoactive, and yet they are very distinct.

Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains no CBD. CBD oil is produced from other sections of the hemp plant, and it contains no psychoactive THC.

Due to legal difficulties in certain areas, you will likely get little assistance from the veterinary community about these drugs. If you decide to take this path, you will discover an abundance of things to explore, including hemp oil for dogs.

If you are contemplating feeding your pet hemp oil for anxiety, you should evaluate the product’s quality control and dosage. Food should include the required amount of hemp oil.

While it’s exceedingly uncommon to give a cat too much hemp oil, you should read the instructions to determine the optimum quantity to provide. As long as it is unscented, there is a significant probability that your cat will consume it.

2. Can I alleviate my indoor cat’s nervousness without the use of products?

Certainly, training and playing with your cat may help lessen anxiety. An indoor cat need more playtime than an outdoor cat, which expends energy via natural means. Use a clicker and always give positive feedback and engagement while training an apprehensive cat.

Other cats like training using common rewards. Playtime expends the surplus energy that contributes to a cat’s nervousness, and strengthens the link between you, which reduces fear and anxiety.

3. What are pheromones and how can they help cats feel at ease?

Why can pheromone products be a solution for your cat’s undesirable habits, worries, and anxieties?

Pheromones are chemical signals generated naturally by cats (and all other animals) that elicit certain reactions from members of the same species.

Some pheromones may instruct cats to become startled, excited, attached, nervous, or calm. The appropriate pheromones may relax your cat.

Synthetic pheromones, such as those generated by nursing mother cats or facial pheromones that they rub and release on surfaces when they feel comfortable in a place, are used in soothing goods to help a cat feel safe and secure.


This analysis of the best toys for cats with anxiety will help you choose the best products that will enable your cat to play while also calming them.

Your cat can snuggle whenever they want with the Petstages Purr Pillow. The purring noises give them the sensation of being with other cats, which may be quite reassuring for cats with separation anxiety.

The Petstages Snuggle Buddy Unicorn is not only our greatest value option, but it is also perfect for nervous cats that want a calmer environment.

This toy employs soft materials and a warming component to comfort your cat rather than making purring noises. If you need to reduce your cat’s anxiety, any of these solutions will help.

If none of these toys is suitable for you and your cat, try one of the others on BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) list, and you’ll quickly discover the perfect method to allow your cat to play while remaining peaceful.

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Deborah R. Fletcher, DVM, is a skilled veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience dealing with companion and exotic animals. She has experience caring for a variety of animals, including household cats and dogs, reptiles, birds of prey, and even primates. Dr. Fletcher is a valuable part of the BestForPets team, where she contributes to their aim of providing pets and their owners with the finest possible treatment and services.

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