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The 8 Best Toys For Border Collies

Border Collies are among the most intelligent and popular dog breeds. These beautiful canines like working, playing, and being part of a family.

However, when they are not working, it is not unusual for individuals to seek out activities to occupy their brains and bodies.

This is when toys enter the picture. Toys may assist your Border Collie in obtaining the necessary exercise and mental stimulation they need.

In this article, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will examine the best toys for Border Collies. This article should help you select which toys will provide your furry buddy with hours of pleasure and happiness.


ChuckIt! Sports Launcher – Best Overall

The Chuckit! Sports Launcher is the greatest overall toy for Border Collies, in our opinion. Border Collies are renowned for their vigor and activity.

If they do not have jobs to perform or animals to herd, this sports launcher is the ideal method for them to release their excess energy.

This launcher functions as an extension of your throwing arm, enabling you to play with your pet without exhaustion.

The hands-free design prevents you from handling drool-covered balls and propels the ball up to three times farther than you can toss it without the launcher.

The ball is included with the purchase, and more balls are readily available on Chewy. The main problem we have with the Chuckit! Sports Launcher is not the gadget for throwing, but the balls.

They are susceptible to breakage. Prepare to purchase new balls for active canines such as the Border Collie.


  • Hands-free design to prevent contact with a wet ball.
  • Throws the ball up to three times farther than your arm alone.
  • Everything required to play is included in the purchase.


  • Balls shatter easily

Best Value Outward Hound Tail Teaser Toy

Outward Hound’s Tail Teaser is the most cost-effective toy available for Border Collies. Border Collies like pursuing prey. This is what makes this dog-designed cat toy so popular.

The cable is made of nylon, which makes it excellent for hours of play. The final toys are meant to imitate actual prey and squeak to keep your dog interested.

You’ll also like that the toys are replaceable if your dog destroys them, and that the toys themselves are inexpensive. The Outward Hound Tail Teaser Toy, like many other dog toys, is not indestructible.

If you have aggressive chewers, you should not leave the toy laying about. They might consume the cord, putting a stop to the pleasure.


  • Excellent method to engage with your pet
  • Toys look and sound like genuine predatory animals
  • Affordable


  • Heavy chewers might potentially destroy the cord

Trixie Chess Activity Game – Exceptional Option

As previously stated, Border Collies need mental stimulation. We propose the Trixie Chess Activity Game for this reason. This game is intended for dogs that are already adept at solving puzzles.

If your Border Collie has not yet reached this level, Trixie provides simpler game levels to prepare them. In this puzzle, there are doors, knobs, and sliders to open.

If your dog is successful, it will be rewarded with goodies. When a Border Collie can’t be outdoors burning off energy, puzzle games are a terrific way to keep them amused.

Many reviewers believe that this puzzle-loving dog’s level 3 toy is not challenging enough. If you have lower-level Trixie games sitting about the home, you may add extra hurdles to the problem.


  • When Border Collies cannot be outdoors, it keeps them engaged.
  • Treat hard work with sweets
  • Provides cognitive stimulation


  • Some dogs might find the game too simple.
  • Expensive

Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Toy

Puppies like soft toys. However, the Multipet Lamb Chop Squeaky Plush Toy is a wonderful option for Border Collie puppies. The appearance excites the predatory instinct of a Border Collie.

The sound of the squeaky drives them insane with a need to play, chew, and connect. Even pups like cuddling up with this plush toy when it’s time for bed.

This plush is available in three sizes, allowing it to grow with your dog and remain a beloved play and cuddling companion.

Unfortunately, this toy’s stitching may be a problem. If your plush comes with defects, request a replacement or take the effort to restitch and reinforce it yourself.


  • Excellent means to stimulate prey drive and play
  • Soft for canines
  • Three sizes available to grow with your dog


  • Poor stitching quality

The Burrow Hide & Seek Squeaky Plush Toy by ZippyPaws

A Border Collie will enjoy playing with the ZippyPaws Hide & Seek Squeaky Plush Toy on a wet day. This toy’s squirrels are equipped with squeakers.

They are concealed inside the tree trunk, and it is up to your dog to find them. You will even discover that the squirrels are detachable.

This makes playing fetch and other activities with your pet enjoyable. If the squirrels are damaged, replacements may be purchased.

This toy may not be as tough as puzzle toys, but it will engage and entertain your Border Collie for hours. As with most other toys, this one may be broken.

If your Border Collie is a heavy chewer, it may rip and shred the squirrel toy in its pursuit. Fortunately, the toy is affordable should this occur.


  • Keeps pets busy during inclement weather
  • Squirrels squeal and may be removed for use in other games.
  • Replacements are available for items lost or damaged


  • Heavy chewers may cause toy damage.

Joyful Pets Rock and Roll

The Jolly Pets Romp n Roll combines the finest of balls and pull ropes for Border Collies that like both.

This toy is constructed from robust materials, making it hard for your dog to destroy. Moreover, you’ll like the adaptability of this tug-of-war ball since it can also be utilized in the water.

Even if your dog punctures the toy, the form will be maintained. The greatest thing, though, is that this ball and rope are constructed from non-toxic, safe-for-chewing materials.

As with many toys of this sort, the rope is not very durable. Do not be startled if you discover that your Border Collie may quickly tear or unravel the rope.


  • The ball is fashioned from a resilient substance.
  • Non-toxic and pet-friendly
  • An adaptable toy that floats on water


  • The rope readily frays and unravels.

Kong Traditional Dog Toy

Even while they may prefer working, it does not imply that your Border Collie does not like chew toys. With the Kong Classic Dog Toy, you won’t have to watch your pet trash countless toys.

This robust natural rubber chew toy can withstand even the most aggressive chewers. Kong assures that their dog toys are appropriate for all breeds. You may also include cookies or peanut butter to maintain your dog’s interest.

This toy claims to be very durable, but no dog toy is unbreakable. This toy may be broken by persistent chewers. However, Kong provides an even more durable chew toy for these dog breeds.


  • Made from durable materials
  • Can be filled with peanut butter or snacks.
  • Features numerous sizes for different dog breeds


  • Can be harmed by strong chewers

Treat-dispensing Starmark Bobs-a-Lot dog toy

The Starmark Treat Dispensing Bobs-a-Lot Dog Toy is an excellent method to amuse canines. This toy has two chambers that can be filled with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble.

This toy’s purpose is not to be chewed. Your dog must wiggle and shake the toy in order for goodies to fall out. This is a terrific method to intellectually challenge energetic dogs like Border Collies.

The toy is weighted to prevent your dog from losing it and has a nonslip base for extended play. The Bobs-a-Lot may also be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Unfortunately, the shape of the Bobs-a-Lot precludes big treats or kibble from being placed inside. This may be frustrating for some canines. This item is also extremely noisy and should be regarded an activity for the daytime.


  • Serves up your dog’s favorite treats and food
  • Offers hours of enjoyment
  • Heavy and simple to clean


  • Unsuitable for big kibble or snacks
  • Noisy

Buyer's Guide

Now that we’ve revealed a few of our top toys for Border Collies, let’s go further into the factors you should take into account when making your selection.

This will allow you to purchase toys your dog will appreciate without spending time or money on stuff they do not like.

Variety of Toys

Border Collies are regarded as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. As working dogs, they get bored when given nothing to do.

Toys and activities are thus essential for this dog breed in the household. When it comes to toys, Border Collies seem to favor those that excite and engage them.

However, not every dog is identical. Perhaps your dog likes to begin its prey drive by chasing items. Alternatively, they may be driven by food and like the challenge given by puzzle games.

You know your dog best, so selecting a toy that you believe they will love is essential. If you are introducing a Border Collie puppy into the household, you should be prepared to provide them a variety of foods until you determine their preferences and begin to cater to them.


Border Collies dislike inactivity and boredom. This implies that every new toy must be able to survive hours of play. Your dog may be an avid chewer or a fond of rough play.

Choose toys that are not only compatible with the style of play your dog loves, but also made to withstand the abuse of an active Border Collie, in order to save money.

Consider the workmanship, materials, and design. This will help you select sturdy toys for your dog instead of spending time and money on those that don’t last a day.


The materials used to construct a dog toy influence its ability to survive an enthusiastic Border Collie’s attack. As stated in this evaluation, no toy is unbreakable.

Certain canines like discovering methods to disassemble objects. If this is your dog, the materials are irrelevant. If your dog just likes playing and having fun, however, high-quality materials are a great way to prolong the life of their favorite toys and keep them content.

Here are a few of the materials utilized in the manufacture of the above-mentioned toys to assist you understand why your Border Collie might like them.


Rubber is an excellent material for a Border Collie’s chew toy. It is durable and can withstand your dog’s play. It is also really rewarding for your dog when it chews on it.

Rubber also bounces beautifully, so it adds to your dog’s entertainment. You will also see that stressed and teething dogs prefer chewing on rubber to alleviate their discomfort.

The trick with rubber is to ensure that the items you purchase include only natural rubber or non-toxic rubber.


Certain dog toys may be constructed using nylon. As an alternative to polyester, this fabric is often utilized for softer dog toys.

This is due to the fact that nylon is the stronger substance. Nylon is also often used for chew toys since it can resist your pet’s play.


Rope is an excellent method to excite and include your dog in the fun. But did you know that a dog’s teeth may also benefit from rope?

The strands may be used as dental floss to remove plaque and food particles. You cannot just run to the nearest shop and purchase any rope.

A leash designed for your pets has not been treated with or exposed to any harsh or hazardous chemicals.

Polyester and Soft Fabrics

Polyester and plush are not the most durable dog toy materials, but they are ideal for some dogs. Not every Border Collie wants to run, pull, and chew for the whole day.

If you have a Border Collie that enjoys cuddling and unwinding, soft toys are an excellent option. However, always pay special attention to your pet’s stuffed toys. If your pet chews on them, they might be ruined and pose a choking danger.


When it comes to dog toys, safety is perhaps the most important factor. When making decisions, you should read everything.

Knowing the materials used in the toy’s construction, the brand name, and even the experiences of other dog owners may assist you in determining if it is safe for your Border Collie.

Again, always keep a close eye on your dog and their toys. When they begin to deteriorate, it is time to replace them.


1. What are the finest toys for my Border Collie?

Even though Border Collies have a reputation for being lively and bright, their preferences for toys vary. You must ultimately explore with several toys till you discover what he loves.

Invest in a variety of toys to discover which ones capture and maintain his interest if you’re uncertain where to begin. There is no use in purchasing a toy that seems entertaining if it does not interest your dog.

2. Are there any toys for dogs that are entirely indestructible?

The straightforward answer is no, unless your dog enjoys chewing on gold bullion bars. There will never exist an unbreakable dog toy.

There is always a large dog or a vigorous chewer capable of destroying any toy. Your dog may not be a major chewer, but he probably plays with his toys often.

But if he is an aggressive chewer, you should always choose a durable toy that can endure it. If you choose a high-quality, robust toy, it will survive far longer than a cheap, fragile one.

3. Is a single toy sufficient for my Border Collie?

No. According to the proverb, variety is the spice of life. Toys for your dog are vital for mental stimulation and overall health, therefore it’s always a good idea to provide a variety of playthings.

Dogs who are frustrated and bored are destructive and badly mannered. A few high-quality toys may safeguard your house and belongings from destruction.

However, make careful to rotate them to keep the game new. Even if your dog is only interested in one sort of play, you may provide variety by altering the size, shape, and taste of his toys.

4. Are certain items toxic for my Border Collie?

Yes, and sadly, some unscrupulous pet product manufacturers use these inexpensive materials. You must be attentive while selecting safe toys for your dog.

Stick to natural rubber, rope, cotton, polyester, and nylon. If you are uncertain about a product, do research utilizing reputable and impartial sources before making a purchase.


If you’re searching for the finest toy for your Border Collie, the suggestions BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has provided in this study are the best toys for Border Collies.

However, we believe that the Chuckit! Sports Launcher is the greatest overall toy for Border Collies. This toy provides hours of entertainment and puts you in the action.

It also helps your Border Collie concentrate their energy and provides them with the necessary exercise. The Outward Hound Tail Teaser Toy is a fun and affordable dog toy that we highly suggest.

Again, you may participate in playing without spending a fortune to keep your dog interested and content. Keep in mind that whatever toy you buy for your dog should reflect his preferences and personality.

Keeping this in mind, your dog will enjoy whatever purchase you make.

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