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The 10 Best Toys For Blue Heelers

The Australian Cattle Dog, often known as the Blue Heeler, has a natural talent for herding and is very clever. It is a powerful, nimble, and athletic dog with inexhaustible energy.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together a list of the best toys for Blue Heelers to help you meet your dog's need for physical activity and mental stimulation.

Our reviews of toys for Blue Heelers will help you choose the best toys for your furry friend to keep him or her happy and entertained.


Kong Classic Toy, Large – Best Overall

Blue Heelers like chewing and have a great deal of energy, so they may chew for hours. A traditional Kong toy is great; it is made of all-natural rubber and is very resilient, allowing for extensive gnawing without breaking.

When tossed for a game of fetch, the Kong’s unusual form causes it to bounce in unusual ways. If your Blue Heeler enjoys food-filled puzzle toys (and most do), you may fill the traditional Kong with treats.

In conclusion, the traditional King toy is the perfect toy for Blue Heelers since it satisfies their urge to chew and their endless energy.


  • Extra resilient for prolonged chewing and play
  • Fill the inside space with snacks to occupy your pet.
  • Presented to reduce separation anxiety
  • Made in America using internationally sourced components
  • Simple to clean


  • Can get quite unpleasant after a time.

Best Value Nylabone Power Chew Dog Chew Ring

The Nylabone Power Chew Dog Ring is the most affordable toy that we recommend. It is crafted from super-durable nylon with a chicken-flavored coating, making it ideal for Blue Heelers that gnaw all day.

This enormous dog chew toy is distinct from others in that it can be rolled around the floor or ground while playing fetch. Additionally, it is ideal for your pet’s gums and teeth, helping them to remain clean and healthy.


  • Extremely durable for extended use
  • Chicken flavored
  • Ridges and nubs assist your dog’s teeth stay clean.
  • The distinctive form is ideal for tug-of-war.
  • Reduces your pet’s stress levels


  • Natural flavoring is problematic.

Premium Option: Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Lure

The Flirt Pole V2 With Lure from Squishy Face Studio is the best dog toy for your Blue Heeler for a number of reasons.

First, utilizing the flirt pole to play with your pet is loads of fun, and most Blue Heelers adore them. Second, it is a fantastic exercise that will help your dog release some of their pent-up energy.

Depending on the skills and instructions you are teaching your Blue Heeler, the flirt pole may be an effective training tool. This amazing toy may be used with dogs of any size and, dare we say it, even cats.


  • Excellent toy to stimulate your Blue Heeler’s activity.
  • Includes a bungee cord to avoid whiplash injuries.
  • Contains less than 1 pound
  • Made in America


  • Considerably pricey
  • Dog and owner are required for play.

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone – Best for Puppies

Another fantastic Blue Heeler toy from Kong is the Goodie Bone, which is designed specifically for pups and earns our “best for puppies” award.

Similar to human infants, your Blue Heeler dog may experience teething, and the Goodie Bone from Kong will provide wonderful comfort.

You may freeze it to relieve your dog’s sore gums while they play and chew. Similar to the normal, iconic Kong toy, this one may be stuffed with food for your Blue Heeler to dig out.


  • Reduces gum irritation brought on by tooth eruption
  • Made for pups
  • Randomly distributed in two hues


  • A relatively dull toy if your dog is not a chewer.
  • Your grown dog will need another toy.

The Ocean Creatures of Tuffy Larry Lobster Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Some Blue Heelers like chewing and playing with noisy toys, but their powerful teeth and jaws allow them to destroy them within hours.

That is not the case with Tuffy’s Larry Lobster Squeaky Plush Dog Toy! This durable squeaky toy is constructed from numerous layers of bonded fibers.

Whereas most dog squeaky toys have a single seam, Tuffy’s toys have seven seams and are reinforced with webbing around the edges.

The Larry Lobster will quickly become one of your dog’s favorite toys since it can endure rigorous play.


  • Extremely resilient chew toy with squeaker
  • Filled with non-hazardous fibers
  • Soft edges are safe for your pet’s gums


  • Similar to other squeaker toys, it quickly turns sticky.
  • Considerably pricey

Mammoth Cotton Blend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy

When does a rope cease to be a rope? When the tug-of-war toy is enjoyable for you and your Blue Heeler! This natural cotton rope toy is constructed from extra-heavy rope and has five huge knots.

That means you’ll have a firm grasp on one end of the leash while your Blue Heeler easily pulls on the other. This toy is also suitable for Blue Heeler pups who are teething or in the chewing period.


  • 100 percent natural cotton
  • Extra durable for extended use
  • Significant rope thickness for a secure grip
  • Extra-large and lengthy for bigger dogs


  • Not ideal if your Blue Heeler doesn’t enjoy tug-of-war
  • Will become quite soiled quickly from drool and grime.

Classic Flying Toy by Kong

Since Blue Heelers like running and can be trained to catch a frisbee, the Kong Classic Flyer is an ideal toy for them.

This toy resembles a frisbee but is considerably more sturdy, so it will last much longer without developing holes or bite marks.

Additionally, it is flexible and gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth. It can be thrown as precisely as a frisbee, but it is not intended for aggressive chewers.


  • Durable frisbee-like dog toy
  • Supple and gentle for gum protection
  • Rubber is non-toxic and safe for everyone.


  • Not designed for prolonged chewing

Toy Goughnuts for Aggressive Chewers

Similar to many other dog breeds, Blue Heelers like chewing fiercely. This necessitates a sturdy chew toy, and the Goughnuts are among the most resilient available.

The Goughnuts Dog Toy is advertised as the “last chew toy your dog will ever need” and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

If it breaks, the firm will send you a replacement unit at no cost. In addition to being female-led and veterinarian-recommended, the Goughnuts organization does not make little pieces that might damage your pet.


  • Extremely resilient chew toy
  • Unlimited replacement coverage
  • Available in sizes for medium and big canines
  • Designed to prevent loose fragments from being ingested.


  • Expensive

Peteast Dog Watering Mat

Although not a toy per such, the Peteast Splash Pad will provide your Blue heeler with hours of squishy, splashing enjoyment throughout the hotter months.

Due to the fact that Blue heelers like water, this will be a wonderful gift for your pet and a welcome relief from the summer heat.

The water level is adjustable, and the BPA-free, 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate is puncture resistant. Nevertheless, it is prudent to trim your Blue Heeler’s nails before to let them to play, just in case.

The water connection to the Splash Pad is compatible with pipes without threads, allowing for a simple and speedy installation.


  • Keeps your dog cool throughout the summer
  • Enjoyable to use with your dog and children
  • 100% harmless ingredients utilized in production
  • Simple to install and use in minutes
  • Puncture-resistant rubber


  • Utilizes a great deal of water
  • Not a fantastic winter toy

Chuckit! Extreme Rubber Ball Dog Toy

Even high-energy Blue Heelers need a strong rubber ball to pursue. These balls are supplied by Chuckit! Exceptionally durable balls that float in water, have a strong rubber core, and bounce extremely high.

They are also constructed with a bright hue so that you can locate them if you toss them too far or they bounce crazily. They come in packs of two, which is convenient if your Blue Heeler is an aggressive chewer.


  • Durable rubber with a very thick core.
  • Bright hues for easy identification while playing
  • Excellent for dogs that like chewing and playing fetch.


  • Some Blue Heelers will devour them quickly.
  • Fairly pricey, given the size

Buyer's Guide

Depending on the breed, Blue Heelers have more energy than three dogs combined and need regular stimulation, exercise, and play.

Choosing a dog toy that meets all of these criteria is essential if you want your dog to be happy and healthy. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind while purchasing a toy for your Blue Heeler.

Blue Heeler toys must be durable

Blue Heelers consume weak, poorly constructed infants in a matter of days or even hours. Because of this, it is imperative that you pick toys that are particularly robust; otherwise, your dog will rapidly destroy them.

Toys should cater to the herding and chasing instincts of the Blue Heeler

Because Blue Heelers have been raised as cattle dogs for generations, they automatically herd and pursue everything. When purchasing a toy for them, you must keep this in mind and choose something they can pursue.

Toy Blue Heelers must float

The majority of Blue Heelers like being near and in water, whether it is a lake, stream, or ocean. If so, acquiring toys that float is a need. Additionally, it is prudent to seek for waterproof goods.

Stitched Toys for Your Blue Heeler Must Be of High Quality

Anything you buy for your Blue Heeler that is sewn should be well-made, with extra-heavy stitching, heavy-duty materials, and webbing for added durability. If you give your Blue Heeler a low-quality embroidered toy, they will destroy it and may get harm if they ingest the stuffing or other chewed-off portions.

Toys for Blue Heelers should be vividly colored

Blue Heelers have a propensity to misplace their toys, making it necessary to choose bright, colorful toys. Thus, when they eventually go misplaced, you will be able to immediately locate your dog’s favorite toys.


1. What are the greatest toys for their level of activity?

Blue Heelers like toys that allow for gnawing or fetching. As working dogs, they want to remain active the majority of the time, whether they are chewing furiously or sprinting.

2. Is the fragrance of a toy important?

Yes. Dogs rely on their sense of smell substantially more than their sight or other senses, therefore toys with enticing odors are considerably more entertaining and intriguing. This is vital for all dogs, but particularly for Blue Heelers due to their high level of activity.

3. Are lasting toys superior than inexpensive, disposable ones?

Yes. Blue Heelers are powerful chewers, thus toys that are somewhat durable for the majority of dog breeds may still be destroyed within minutes. It is usually preferable to get anything that can tolerate hostile conduct.


The Kong Classic is the best toy for your Blue Heeler since it is sturdy and appeals to his natural instincts.

The Nylabone Power Chew is an excellent deal and will provide your Blue Heeler with plenty of chewing time.

Our top pick is the Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole, which is enjoyable for you and Blue. Finally, the Kong Puppy Goodie Bone is ideal for pups and reduces their teething discomfort.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that your Blue Heeler enjoys the toy you chose for them from this list of the best toys for Blue Heelers, and that you two have hours of fun playing, romping, and enjoying it together.

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