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The 11 Best Toys For Blind Cats

Blind cats require a little more dexterity when it comes to finding toys than their sighted counterparts.

Products that stimulate the cat's hearing and smell are essential for blind cats.

The ability to smell is crucial for cats to navigate and communicate with their environment. A blind cat can still have a good time and appreciate life; they just need to find other ways to do so.

Here are some reviews of BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) best toys for blind cats, as well as some tips for keeping your cat safe and happy. These appeal to cats' senses and provide them with what they need to stay healthy.

Information for Buyers: Choosing the Best Toys for Your Blind Cat

Blind cats are loving felines that may live full lives despite their visual impairment because they are highly attuned to their other senses and rely on familiar routines and environmental cues to get about. Care for a blind cat requires some special considerations, though.

Blind cat playthings and supplies

If you want to play with your blind cat, the best toy is one that requires interaction between you two. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationship with them, and it also improves their playtime by allowing you to include real-world noises and scents into their imaginary world.

Anything from banging them on the floor to clicking your tongue or swishing or rubbing them against different materials to just talking to your cat and having them track your voice are all things that a toy can’t accomplish.

Your blind cat will have no trouble locating catnip toys. Thanks to their acute sense of smell, cats can track down these objects no matter where you put them. Your cat may enjoy a game of “find the treat” if you hide them.

You can keep your cat occupied with an activity center, a play mat, or a tower while you’re out of the house. Although blind cats share the same enthusiasm for cat toys as sighted ones, they may require some assistance locating their favorites.

Catnip toys, leaves, and snacks may be successfully concealed in tunnels, on perches, and beneath mats. Keeping your cat’s play area in the same spot is ideal once your pet has settled into it. Blind cats are frequently confused when furniture and other household items are moved about.

Blind cats might enjoy playing with a ball and track toy because the balls produce noise as they roll along the tracks. Scratching posts are necessary, but if your cat finds their way there, maintain them in a single location. You may scratch on a post yourself, put out nutritious food, or use catnip to attract cats.

Instructions on Caring for a Blind Cat

Even if your cat isn’t blind, you might find these suggestions helpful. Paying close attention to the little things may make a huge impact in the health and happiness of your cat.

  • In terms of your home’s layout, consistency is key. Blind cats, like other cats, benefit greatly from having a regular schedule and consistent environment in which to navigate.
  • Do not rearrange your cat’s furnishings, toys, and scratching posts unless absolutely necessary.
  • Blind cats have the same natural instincts as sighted cats, they merely rely on sound and scent to locate their prey.
  • If you have a blind cat, even if you only have one cat, you should provide numerous litter boxes. The standard recommendation is one litter box for every two cats in the home. As blind cats can only use their sense of smell to find the litter box, having more than one choice in more than one area is ideal.
  • Cats require furnishings much like dogs do. If your cat is blind, though, you’ll want to keep the furnishings at a low, accessible height. Furniture that doesn’t require visual clues is essential for the blind.

Blind Cat Maintenance

Because of the difficulty in finding homes for them, shelters frequently put to death cats with specific requirements, such as those who are blind.

Cats that are visually impaired were not born that way, and they deserve the same chance at happiness and fulfillment as sighted cats if only their owners would show them some compassion.

Maintaining a regular schedule, keeping objects in their usual locations, and showing patience may greatly aid a blind cat in becoming acclimated to its new environment. It is well-known that cats have the ability to learn their way around by memorizing their surroundings.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews will be helpful in guiding you to the best toys for blind cats available today. In summary, the best overall toy for blind cats is the Bergan Catnip Storm Cat Toy.

The toy’s fixed balls mean you won’t have to worry about your cat scattering them around the house, and it will keep them entertained for hours by stimulating their hearing and scent.

SunGrow Kitty Crinkle Balls are the cheapest toy option for blind cats. Blind cats can easily catch and play with these wrinkled balls.

The Cat’s Meow motorized chase cat toy is the best choice. If you and your cat both love interactive games, this arcade game lets you join in the fun by giving you control of the toy.


The Best Cat Toy, Hands Down, Is the Bergan Catnip Hurricane

  • Catnip, a fun way to get some exercise
  • Packaging, cardboard, and paper

The Bergan Catnip Hurricane Cat Toy was voted the best all-around toy for blind cats in 2002 due to its ability to stimulate your cat’s senses and prevent mental decline.

There is catnip in the toy to pique your cat’s interest, and the balls produce noise as they roll around the toy’s rails. It will astound you how effortlessly your cat “catches” the balls.

There is no risk of the two balls rolling away from your cat when they play with the Hurricane Cat Toy because of the tracks that hold them.

In addition, the toy’s nonslip rubber feet ensure it won’t move about the room. One drawback is that the catnip’s fragrance may fade with time, and the centerpiece cannot be removed to replace it.


  • Utilizes the auditory and olfactory systems
  • The tracks contain the balls.
  • There is no need to worry about slipping thanks to the rubber feet.


  • In time, the scent of catnip fades.
  • There is currently no alternative to catnip.


SunGrow Cat Crinkle Balls: The Most Cost-Effective Option

  • Crinkle, and some physical activity are two features of this toy.
  • Substance: n/a

Blind cats can benefit from the noise and movement of the SunGrow Kitty Crinkle Balls, and they won’t break the bank.

They are inexpensive and come in bulk packets, making them the greatest option for blind cats. Since most cats like playing with and chasing after balls, the notion is easily grasped.

These are unique in that they are wrapped in crinkly foil, making them easier to track for blind animals.

Don’t be alarmed if you discover dozens of these little balls strewn over the home. Regularly rescuing them from beneath the couch may be necessary.

Your cat may break them in no time if she plays too hard. They can be easily and cheaply replaced, though.


  • Inexpensive
  • Now sold in bulk quantities
  • Blind cats can chase after them because to the crinkly sounds.


  • To be replaced on a regular basis
  • Simple to misplace beneath seats


A Motorized Pursuit Cat Toy That’s the Cat’s Meow and an Excellent Option

  • Squeaky, digital, and an excellent form of physical activity, this toy has it all.
  • Materials: plastics, polyester, and synthetic textiles

The Cat’s Meow Motorized Chaser Cat Toy is the best option for blind cats. This is a digital, interactive toy. When a cat is able to stalk the “prey” that is concealed under a mat, it satisfies the cat’s innate desire to hunt.

It may be used on any type of flooring and produces noise as it moves, making it easy for your cat to follow its progress. It’s permanently fastened, so it can’t disappear (shh, don’t tell your cat).

You may stop the fun at any time by switching off the motion feature. Your cat may take out some of its pent-up energy on the scratch-resistant toy.

The Cat’s Meow Chaser Toy has two major flaws: its high asking price and the fact that it is battery-operated. There are no batteries provided; the toy operates on three C-size batteries.

Unfortunately, these batteries don’t last very long either, so you’ll need to make frequent battery purchases to keep it working.


  • Simple on/off switchability
  • Helps cats locate their prey by mimicking its noises
  • Tolerates scratches
  • Works in any environment


  • Expensive
  • Using batteries is necessary


The Tower of Tracks Cat Toy by Petstages

  • Physical Activity Toy
  • It’s made out of plastic (polypropylene)

Three levels of tracks carry rolling balls in this cat toy from Petstages called the Tower of Tracks. It’s a ball-containment system, like many of the other toys on this list.

The balls may be batted and pawed at while spinning and rotating thanks to the non-skid bottom. Blind cats often have trouble with prey toys because they chase the prey, but eventually give up on it because there is no scent or sound to guide them. The toy doesn’t move around, and the sound it creates is easy to track.

The balls in this toy are spun by your cat, so there’s no need for batteries. A wonderful way to engage your cat in play if it’s having difficulties getting started is to move the balls around. The toy doesn’t weigh a ton, so it may be taken with you wherever you go.

Some cats may damage or destroy this toy by lying on top of it as if it were prey. There have been reports of it breaking under the use of particularly large cats due to its fragile plastic construction.


  • Containing balls in rails
  • Skid-proof sole
  • Easily relocated in different rooms


  • To get the balls rolling, some human assistance might be needed.
  • Not very sturdy


Crunchy Pickle Catnip Plush Toy by Petstages

  • Feline Attraction: Catnip Filled Toys
  • Polyester, a manmade synthetic fabric

If you’re searching for a straightforward toy option for your blind cat, catnip toys are a great alternative.

With their acute sense of smell, cats will never misplace these playthings. In a similar vein, the Petstages Crunchy Pickle Kicker Plush makes use of their acute sense of hearing by crinkling when handled.

Don’t be shocked if your cat never lets go of this toy; the velvety fabric makes it ideal for cuddling, especially for cats that enjoy comfort objects.

If your cat plays too roughly with this plush toy, it might end up with stuffing all over your home, as is the case with every soft toy. The surface of this one is scratch-resistant, although it will wear out with time.


  • Frays when squeezed
  • Catnip-like aroma
  • Gentle and reassuring


  • Will fall apart if scratched too much


The Hot Pursuit Motion Cat Toy by SmartyKat

  • Electronic, physical activity, and audible play features
  • Synthetic Plastic

With the SmartyKat Electronic Concealed Motion Toy, you can give your cat a variety of prey noises by selecting from two different speed levels and swapping out the wand.

The exercise and mental stimulation provided by the continuous changes in direction may keep cats entertained for hours. This is a glowing, light-up trackable toy.

The versatility of this cat tree makes it a good choice for households with more than one cat, while it won’t increase its attraction to blind cats.

As soon as your cat finishes playing with the toy, the automated shut-off will kick in to save the batteries, so you can put it down and go about your day.

This plaything has a flimsy cover that won’t hold up to much abuse. Buyers have also noted that there are instances in which the toy emits noise even when it is inactive. If you have a cat, you’ll know if this is a good or bad thing.


  • Facilitates a variety of tonal alterations
  • Ideal for households with more than one cat.
  • With an integrated safety shut-off mechanism.


  • Scant protection
  • Produces sound without actual movement


The Scratch Snuggle and Rest Cat Scratcher from Petstages is the perfect way to relax after a long day

  • Feline Attraction: Catnip Filled Toys
  • Substances: Cardboard and Paper

The Petstages Scratch, Snuggle, and Relax Stage of Life Cat Scratcher is a multi-sensory station like a corrugated cardboard dish for your sightless cat.

Cats with limited vision will find the textured surface soothing. Because of its bowl form, it provides a soft landing for napping and scratching without risk of injury to your cat.

It’s important for cats to keep their claws in excellent condition, and scratching may be a relaxing activity for them. Your cat will have no problem discovering their preferred scratching location because the scratcher has been loaded with catnip.

Unfortunately, the scratcher’s central cardboard cannot be replaced and the product is sold exclusively as a whole. Because cardboard degrades and wears out with time, you should plan on replacing this unit on a regular basis.


  • Designed to serve as both a scratching post and a comfortable perch
  • Saturated with catnip
  • Provides your cat with a relaxing place to rest


  • Is subject to periodic replacement


Purrfect for Cats: The SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Activity Play Mat

  • Physical Activity Toy
  • Rubber, polyester, and synthetic cloth

One could say that a Ripple Rug is the ideal multi-purpose toy for blind felines. This multi-functional mat may be used as a bed, scratching post, or play area.

It’s made from cloth that’s been folded and has openings for your cat to crawl through; it also has the ability to gather loose fur so that it doesn’t get tracked about the home.

The mat is large enough to accommodate numerous cats at once and can be easily cleaned by vacuuming.

Although blind cats find Ripple Rugs to be quite entertaining, you will need to introduce your pet to the mat because it does not produce any noise or have any scents incorporated in it.

But once they do, they’ll probably spend a lot of time there. The mat isn’t attractive, but if it keeps your cat occupied, it might be worth the price.


  • Convert your bedroom into a fun place to play with this convertible bunk bed!
  • Capable of housing many cats
  • Easy to disinfect
  • Gathers stray fur


  • Not appealing to the eye
  • Need to aid sightless cats in locating it.

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