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The 9 Best Toys For Australian Shepherds

Anyone who owns or has owned an Australian Shepherd is aware of their intelligence and exercise requirements. Aussies, as they are popularly known, prefer having a job and mental stimulation to keep their minds active.

Australian Shepherd owners are well aware that a bored Aussie may be harmful. Toys and interactive activities are one method for combating such destructive and undesirable behavior. In this post, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) wall provides our top selections for the best toys for Australian Shepherds, so that your dog stays intellectually and physically fit. We will examine each product review in depth so that you can make the most informed decision when selecting toys for your cherished Aussie.


Classic Launcher Dog Toy Chuckit!

If you’re searching for something enjoyable for you and your Australian Shepherd, look no further. The Chuckit! Classic Launcher Dog Toy renders dogs unable of resisting the need to chase a ball. With the launcher, you can throw the ball to your Aussie from unbelievable distances.

This 26-inch launch arm includes one 2.5-inch ball, but more balls can be added if necessary. Thankfully, tennis balls are also compatible with the launcher. The ergonomic grip makes playing enjoyable for you and provides a wonderful workout for your Aussie.

This launcher allows you to throw the ball three times further and eliminates the need to collect a slobbery ball. Simply press down and throw the ball. The greater distance equals more workouts for your Aussie.

You may want to ensure that you have enough of tennis balls on hand, as the fuzzy ball included with the launch arm is not particularly durable.

However, you should be able to purchase the Chuckit! rubber balls separately, as they are often more durable. Despite this, we believe this toy is the finest overall option for Australian Shepherds due to its reasonable pricing and good exercise value.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip
  • Can use standard tennis balls if necessary.
  • Three times as far as throwing by hand
  • No squatting to recover the ball


  • The included ball is not durable.


Fantastic Starmark DuraFoam Ball Tough Dog Toy

The Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Tough Dog Toy is a foam ball that will offer your Australian Shepherd with sufficient exercise. This ball is suitable for usage in water, on land, and inside.

In addition, its modest weight allows it to travel long distances. This ball is soft yet robust and lacks a cover that your Australian Shepherd may remove. Additionally, the soft foam is soothing on teeth and gums.

This ball is available in medium or big sizes with an array of colors. When placing an order, you choose the size, but the color may be a surprise upon delivery. The medium ball has a diameter of 2.5 inches, while the big ball is 3.5 inches.

If you have a vigorous chewer, this ball may not last long, so make sure to check for any falling parts to safeguard your Aussie’s safety. We believe this ball is the greatest Australian Shepherd toy for the money, despite the ball being tougher than anticipated.


  • Soft yet robust
  • No covering to gnaw
  • Kind to the teeth and gums
  • Available in a range of hues
  • 2 sizes available


  • Not durable for vigorous chewers
  • The ball may be more difficult than expected


KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy is a sturdy and long-lasting chew toy designed for the most aggressive chewers. It is mild on teeth and gums and is recommended by veterinarians. It is composed of solid rubber and is available in medium and big sizes.

This Kong bone has four holes that can be stuffed with your Australian Shepherd’s favorite treats to give mental stimulation as he attempts to get the treats out.

Extreme chewers may have difficulty with its durability, and goodies may become caught in the corners. If this occurs, immerse the bone in warm water to remove any food particles that have become stuck. You may also use dish soap to remove goodies that have been trapped. This toy is a bit pricey, but it has a good level of durability.


  • Durable solid rubber construction
  • Four edges for filling candies
  • Excellent for dental health and brain stimulation


  • Not likely to withstand tough chewers
  • Candies may become lodged in crevices.
  • Expensive


KONG Puppy Dog Toy

The KONG Puppy Dog Toy is the most durable toy manufactured by Kong, a company renowned for its robust dog toys. This Kong is designed particularly for pups and functions as both a teething and exercise toy.

Your canine may gnaw on this Kong to its heart’s delight, or you can toss it for a game of fetch. The ball’s erratic bounce makes playing more enjoyable for you and your Australian shepherd. You may also load the Kong with goodies or peanut butter to provide cerebral stimulation for your new dog.

Please note that if you feed your dog peanut butter, it must be free of xylitol, as this sugar alternative is highly hazardous to canines.

Although the Kong is robust, it is not indestructible, so keep an eye on your dog as he chews. It may not withstand aggressive chewing, so be sure to get the correct size. This Kong is available in extra-small, small, and medium pink or blue sizes.


  • Designed exclusively for canines
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Excellent for chewing and fetch
  • For mental stimulation, can fill with sweets


  • Might not withstand heavy chewing


Frisco Rope with 5 Knots Dog Toy

The Frisco Rope with 5 Knots Dog Toy is ideal for fetch and tug-of-war games. It is constructed from a cotton-polyester blend, and the additional knots make it easier to grab while playing with your Australian Shepherd. It is designed primarily for large-breed dogs and may be used both indoors and outside for play.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, this toy will not suffice, since any string that is eaten might cause intestinal obstruction. You must carefully monitor your Australian Shepherd when it plays with this toy to prevent it from ingesting any strings. It is also prudent to store this item when you are away from home.

The 35-inch length of the rope makes it ideal for participation in their play session. A disadvantage is that knots can unravel quickly.


  • Ideal for games of fetch and tug-of-war.
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors
  • 35-inch rope length


  • Not for heavy masticators
  • Knots can be readily undone.


TRIXIE Activity Flip Board Strategy Dog Game

Due to the fact that Australian Shepherds are bright and inquisitive, the TRIXIE Activity Flip Board Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy is a fantastic toy for providing mental stimulation.

Your Australian Shepherd will receive rewards for successfully opening the compartments. The toy’s nonslip rubber feet hold it in place during play, and it’s also dishwasher safe.

This toy will challenge your Australian Shepherd, as the cones cannot be knocked over but must be raised. You may alter the placement of the goodies each time to increase the difficulty for your Aussie. You will also enjoy seeing your Aussie play with this toy.

Some dogs may figure out the toy quickly, while others may find it tougher. It may also be brittle.


  • Excellent for mental stimulation
  • Non-slip rubber feet hold it in place
  • Safe for use in a dishwasher


  • Possibly not tough for some Australians
  • May break easily


Log & Chipmunks ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy, Log

The ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy, Log & Chipmunks offers your Aussie a fun game of hide-and-seek. This interactive has three adorable chipmunks that can be concealed within the plush log. As a challenge, you can conceal one, two, or all three chipmunks.

This toy is machine-washable and constructed from fleece. This hide-and-seek game provides fantastic cerebral stimulation and will keep your Aussie entertained for quite some time.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, you should avoid this toy, since a heavy chewer will rapidly destroy it. If your Aussie enjoys mental stimulation, this toy is ideal.


  • Provides good mental stimulation
  • Soft and fluffy fabric
  • Select one, two, or all three chipmunks to conceal additional difficulties.


  • Not resistant to heavy chewing


Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy

What dog doesn’t like bacon? This bone’s taste makes it an ideal toy for Aussies. The ergonomic shape ensures that your Aussie can maintain a firm grasp while chewing, and the infusion of genuine bacon throughout the toy guarantees that your dog enjoys the delicious bacon flavor with every session.

This toy is useful for teaching since it assists with destructive or undesirable behavior. This chew toy will keep your Aussie busy for a considerable amount of time, and it is inexpensive. This toy will not stain carpets, however, it should not be consumed. If you observe your Australian Shepherd pulling off pieces of food, discard them immediately.

As each dog is unique, this toy may not appeal to all Australian Shepherds. This toy is composed of nylon, therefore if your Australian Shepherd has bad tooth hygiene, you should avoid it.


  • Ergonomic design for optimum grip
  • Bacon flavored
  • Outstanding for heavy chewers
  • Perfect for educational purposes


  • Not appropriate for Australians with poor oral hygiene
  • Some Australians might not be interested in the item.


As Seen On TV Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy

As Seen on Television The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy will make you chuckle while your Australian Shepherd plays. This ball’s “giggle” sound will catch your Australian Shepherd’s curiosity and encourage playtime.

The three holes in the ball provide amusing noises as your Australian plays without batteries. This toy is constructed of flexible and durable vinyl, and it will keep your Aussie in shape.

It is ideal for chewers and suited for dogs of all sizes. This toy is not indestructible, as we have previously indicated. If your Australian Shepherd is a big chewer, you may be disappointed with the durability of this item.


  • No batteries necessary
  • Made of elastic vinyl


  • Heavy chewers may easily ruin the ball.

Buyer's Guide

Don’t worry if you still have doubts about what to search for in the ideal toy for your Australian Shepherd. Let’s examine items to watch out for before making a purchase.


We cannot stress this point enough: no dog toy is genuinely unbreakable. When searching for a toy for your Australian Shepherd, you should keep his personality in mind. Is your Australian Shepherd a heavy chewer? Or does your Aussie prefer to play rather than chew?

If your Aussie is an aggressive chewer, you should seek the roughest possible toy and supervise play. Immediately dispose of the toy if it has been gnawed on. Especially applicable to rope toys. If strings from rope toys are ingested, they may induce intestinal obstruction or blockage.

Toy Content

This relates to your Aussie’s character. If your Australian Shepherd is a serious chewer, choose a toy made of rubber or nylon. Kongs are fantastic options for the destructive Aussie, as they are often durable. Rubber is preferable to nylon for heavy chewers since nylon can shatter and create digestive issues if ingested.

Toy Dimensions

The size of the toy is vital since you do not want your Australian Shepherd to be able to ingest it. Australian Shepherds are regarded to be medium-sized breeds, and the size of the dog that a toy is suited for is typically indicated on the packaging. If the toy has holes, ensure that your Australian Shepherd’s jaw or tongue will not become entangled. Always remember to monitor playtime.

Play Method

You may select from interactive toys, chew toys, puzzles, fetch toys, or all of the aforementioned. You know your Aussie the best, thus it is up to you to determine which sort of toy is optimal. If you and your Aussie like playing together, choose something exciting for your Aussie and entertaining for you, such as flying discs or the reliable Kong.


The Chuckit! Classic Launcher Dog Toy is the finest overall toy for Australian Shepherds since it gives fantastic exercise, is inexpensive, and is enjoyable for both of you. You may replace the included ball with standard tennis balls if necessary. The Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Tough Dog Toy is the finest value because of its adaptability, soft and durable construction, and exercise possibilities.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best toys for Australian Shepherds have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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