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The 17 Best Toys For Cockatiels

Cockatiels are bright birds with a sense of humour. To live a long and happy life, they require a lot of stimulation both inside and outside of their cages.

Even though these fascinating birds can fashion a toy out of nearly anything, they can also be rather harsh on their toys or rapidly weary of them.

Engaging your cockatiel with fantastic toys is often more difficult than it appears. However, there are now hundreds of toys available to keep your flying buddy entertained.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has narrowed it down to ten of the best toys for cockatiels on the market.

Read through the reviews and the buyer's guide at the bottom to learn about what to look for in a cockatiel toy.


Best Overall: Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy

Foraging is an essential aspect of a cockatiel’s wild life. Although they may not have to forage to survive in captivity, they will always have the desire to do so.

This Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy is made to satiate that craving in cockatiels and other foraging birds.

The toy is crafted of high-quality natural materials that mimic those found in their natural habitat.

The interior material is shreddable, which has been shown to be an effective stress reliever for most birds, particularly those suffering from separation anxiety.

The toy is available in a variety of sizes, however some of the larger ones may startle some birds.

The toy hangs from the enclosure’s top, but it can also dangle from the side. It is brightly colored to tempt your bird to try it out.

Personalize the toy by putting your bird’s favorite treats inside. They can nibble and peck their way through the spaces on each side of the pineapple to find the rewards.

Hide them well, and your bird will be occupied for hours.


  • Fibrous substance aids in the prevention of beak overgrowth.
  • Separation anxiety can be alleviated by shredding.
  • To attract the bird, use bright colors.


  • Large proportions can frighten some birds.


Best Value JW Pet Activitoy Birdie Disco Ball Toy

It is no myth that birds are drawn to bright, shiny things, and this toy capitalizes on that acute interest. The Birdie Disco Ball is available in small to medium sizes.

It has a hook at the top to hang from the top of their enclosure’s sides. A colorful disco ball sits in the center of the toy, and a bell dangles beneath it.

Although the toy is intended for any bird, it is more effective for smaller species such as cockatiels and parakeets. The disco ball’s varied surface reflects light, enthralling birds.

When they figure out how to ring the bell, it becomes much more interesting. The plastic is very sturdy, but if your bird is harsh with their toys, you will have to replace it sooner or later.

The plastic hanger is secure and will not fall and injure your bird. The toy is mostly made of plastic.

It has been safety tested and found to be devoid of any dangerous compounds to birds, including the paint. It has proven to be one of the top cockatiel toys for the money for many people.


  • Budget-friendly solution with high value
  • Suitable for lesser bird species
  • Safety tests were performed in a separate facility.


  • Not very long-lasting


Prevue Pet Coco Hideaway Bird Toy – High-Quality Option

Mimicking your bird’s natural habitat is an excellent method to encourage interaction and make them feel more at peace in their enclosure. Prevue Pet’s premium product does just that.

Prevue Pet created this toy out of a coconut, carving a hole on the side for a small bird species like a cockatiel to hide inside. They can use the small wooden rope ladder to climb up to it and huddle up anytime they need to rest or take a break.

This toy has two attachment points for attaching to their enclosure or another perch. Both fasteners are little metal carabiners that twist tightly shut once in place to ensure they never tear or fall.

This toy is made entirely of natural Hevea wood and coconut shell, with a natural sisal rope. All of the materials used are environmentally friendly and safe for your bird.

Its textured landscape stimulates involvement and provides good foot and beak exercise for your avian buddy.


  • 100% natural materials
  • The textured terrain makes the cockatiels feel at ease.
  • Securely and safely fastens to enclosure


  • The entrance is fairly narrow and cannot accommodate larger birds.
  • The ladder is relatively short.


Flying Trapeze Bird Toy by Super Bird Creations

Super Bird Creations’ trapeze bird toy is one of the premium toys available for your cockatiel.

This toy allows your bird to play in so many different ways that it’s like getting three or four toys in one. Because the toy is quite little, it is preferable to acquire a larger size for a cockatiel.

The trapeze toy is made up of four rope and chain lines that connect at the top in a pear link cage connection, allowing it to swing from the enclosure’s roof.

At the bottom, they all work together to support a natural seagrass mat that your bird can walk on, rest on, or dangle from, depending on what they want to explore. Many birds use it as a swing and sway for hours on end.

The chains and ropes are all brightly colored, with some sporting moveable beads and others sporting dangling porcupine balls and various hoops and toys.

While interacting with the toy, your bird will enjoy chewing on them and moving them about.

The nicest feature about this toy is that it encourages your bird to move and build muscle. It improves their balance and coordination while also allowing them to forage.

Except for the seagrass mat, all of the components are recycled and plastic. If your bird is picky about fibrous materials, the seagrass mat may not last long, and the toy will be rendered unusable.


  • Colorful chains and toys captivate and fascinate for hours on end.
  • All materials are recyclable and safe.
  • Secure connections enabling birds to climb all over the place


  • Toy is too small.
  • Some birds are unafraid of the seagrass mat.


Birdie House of Mirrors JW Pet Activity Toy

This birdie horse mirror, another Activitoy gift, prepares your bird for carnival-style fun. This gadget uses mirrors to shape your bird’s view based on how they see themselves.

Many birds find mirrors fascinating, and if your bird is one of them, these entertaining mirrors will provide hours of pleasure.

The toy is modest to medium in size and constructed completely of plastic, including the mirrors.

Making the mirrors out of plastic may appear cheesy to some, but it is far safer than putting any form of glass in a bird play.

Because the mirrors are made of plastic, they might become clouded, making reflections difficult to discern.

Another safety feature is the easy-bolt attachment, which allows you to hang it safely anyplace in their enclosure.

This toy will keep you entertained for hours. Instead of being ordinary mirrors, each one is unique. The one on the left side depicts your bird in a “wacky” manner.

The one in the center makes your bird appear very short, while the one on the right makes them appear quite tall.

Cockatiels, for example, are fascinated by this and love traveling from one mirror to the next, attempting to figure out the distinctions.


  • Materials that are safe
  • Mentally train your bird
  • Simple bolt attachment


  • Reflections can be obscured by clouded mirrors.


Kaytee Forage-N-Play Bird Toy with Ladder

The Kaytee Forage-N-Play Ladder Bird toy keeps your feathery buddy entertained both mentally and physically.

The toy’s design is intended to arouse your bird’s desire to investigate and put their investigative abilities to use. It also stimulates their natural need to forage.

This toy has six ladder components that can be rearranged to fit practically anyplace in their container. Materials with varying textures can be found ascending and descending the ladder.

Some of these are wooden ball caps, while others are bits of shredded paper from which they can scavenge for food. If they like playing with and foraging on the paper, you may need to change it.

This ladder is perfect for medium-sized birds such as cockatiels as well as conures and lovebirds.

The vertical arrangement with varied parts encourages the birds to continue getting exercise while also relieving cage boredom, which can lead to undesirable behaviors.


  • Various textures of interest
  • Encourages physical activity and cerebral stimulation
  • Can be installed anywhere in the enclosure.


  • To sustain interest, parts must be replaced.


Super Bird Designs Toy Rainbow Bridge for Birds

The Super Bird Designs Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy is designed to assist your birds learn balance and lower leg exercise.

Some chains and bells are hung between some of the sticks and beads to encourage your bird to play with it.

There are three sizes available, albeit it is designed particularly for larger birds such as parrots.

Depending on how you wish to position it, the Bird Bridge may easily connect to the sides or top of their enclosure. The carabiners are made of metal and can be opened and closed.

This technique ensures that they will remain securely closed and attached, but it also makes it more difficult to put or move them once affixed.

The colors on these beads vary widely, as do their sizes. It makes it more difficult for your bird to traverse, providing them more exercise and physical interest.

All of the materials are safe for birds and are intended for chewing and perching. The majority of the beads and wooden parts are made of pine.


  • This allows your bird to chew.
  • Colors are appealing.
  • Promotes physical activity


  • Designed for larger parrots
  • Difficult to attach


Birdie Basketball Toy by JW Pet

The Birdie Basketball Toy is another toy from one of the most recognized makers of bird toys. The size ranges from small to medium, making it ideal for cockatiels and parakeets.

All of the pieces are made of safe plastic, so if your bird chews on them, they will not be damaged. Because the plastic isn’t very sturdy, you may need to repurchase the toy if your birds start messing with it.

To attract your bird to the toy, the basketball hoop comes with a bright red hoop and basketball.

The ball is fastened to a bar that runs across the middle of the hoop, preventing it from becoming lost or becoming a hazard to your bird.

The back of the basketball hoop also serves as a mirror, which attracts most birds as they examine their reflections.

This toy helps birds exercise a little, but it is primarily useful for providing healthful enjoyment.

Every time you pull the basketball out of the hoop, it stimulates their brain by giving them a challenge to solve.

Birds appreciate moving parts and having the opportunity to change the appearance of objects.


  • Promotes mental stimulation
  • Contains moving parts
  • The toy is brightly colored and has a mirror.


  • Plastic is inexpensive and easily broken.


Foraging Star Bird Toy by Bonka

The Bonka Bird Toy is the ideal toy for foraging birds. This toy resembles a birdie version of the Mad Hatter, with fragments of paper protruding from all sides.

Each of these toys is produced from materials with slightly varying colors, so each time you get a new one, it will be little different and entertaining for your bird.

This tiny to medium-sized toy is ideal for cockatiels and other small birds such as budgies and lovebirds.

The bits of paper protruding out the side are all different colors, allowing your bird to chew and scavenge as much as they want.

This is until they have removed the majority of the papers, at which point you can easily replace them. All of the materials are suitable for birds, and each item is made of wood or paper.

The toy is roughly 6 inches high and 6 inches broad, and it fits comfortably inside the cage thanks to the top carabiner. A bell is also affixed at the bottom for audible enjoyment.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Materials that are completely bird-safe


  • Excited birds have a short lifespan.


Sunrise Rope Bird Toy by Wild Harvest

The Wild Harvest Sunrise Rope Bird Play is billed as an 8-in-1 toy with a variety of exciting and engaging elements for your bird.

There are several strands of rope created from a natural fiber that is completely safe for birds.

There are various items and baubles strung on the rope to help your bird climb and to offer them something to chew on and move around with.

They are encouraged to play by the wooden beads. It measures around 9 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, making it ideal for parakeets and cockatiels to climb and play on.

The tamper-resistant latch on the carabiner makes hanging this toy simple. It is simple to hang from the enclosure’s top or side.

The tamper-resistant lock also makes moving or removing the enclosure difficult.


  • It is simple to hang the toy.
  • Natural materials are safe for birds.


  • Tamper-proof lock tough to relocate

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Cockatiel Toy

Cockatiel and other bird toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. It is your responsibility to locate items that will keep your bird safe, entertained, and healthy.

However, what distinguishes one toy from another?


The toy’s safety is the most critical consideration. Birds are tough little creatures that can fall or dangle without getting damaged.

Most birds, on the other hand, chew on anything they can get their beaks on, relishing the sensation of breaking things apart or moving them around.

If the item’s material is dangerous or toxic to birds, and they are likely to gnaw on it, the toy can cause major health problems for your cockatiel.

Because it does not require a layer of paint, plastic is generally the most commonly utilized synthetic material.

Most paints are hazardous to birds because they contain a variety of compounds that are difficult for them to break down.

Some metals are also harmful to birds, which is why only small carabiners are usually made of metal.

Natural materials are the safest for your bird. Your toy should be constructed of fibers, grasses, or wood.

All of them are natural foraging and chewing materials for birds in their natural settings. It is not only safe for them to consume it, but it can also help their intestinal health.


Purchasing a toy should feel like exactly that: an investment. Toys created too inexpensively will reduce the amount of time it takes your birds to destroy them.

You must pick toys that will not break if your birds peck or bite at them.

Even if your bird enjoys staring in mirrors, it is preferable if they are made of plastic rather than glass.

If the bird decides to attack their reflections, they risk shattering the glass and injuring themselves.

Creating Your Own

If your bird has partially destroyed a toy, you do not have to buy a new one. You can save money on new sets of toys by being ready to repair, restring, or restuff some of their toys.

Meeting Their Instinctual Needs (Foraging, Gnawing)

Birds have strongly entrenched impulses that must be satisfied to some extent or they may experience cage boredom and become dangerously restless.

Most of them must forage in the wild to build their nests and obtain concealed food. Even if your birds aren’t building a nest, they’ll be looking for delicacies concealed in stacks of paper or wood.

Gnawing is necessary for birds because their beaks can overgrow if they don’t have something to work on. Getting them a chew toy looks like getting them anything with wooden components.


The Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy is ideal for encouraging birds to gnaw and forage in a safe manner. Tearing it to shreds can also be a terrific stress reliever for them.

Perhaps your bird is rough on their toys, therefore you need to pick them something inexpensive. The Birdie Disco Ball meets these requirements while also being visually and audibly exciting.

Keeping our pets happy and satisfied frequently makes us happy as well.

Getting your cockatiel toys that will keep them healthy, encourage physical activity, or test their intelligence is a terrific way to accomplish this.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes we’ve provided you with enough best toys for cockatiels to meet your and your feathered friend’s entertainment needs.

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