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11 Best Top Entry Litter Boxes

It is critical to select the best litter box for your cat. Cats can be picky about litter box training, and you want to make them as comfortable as possible.

Every cat has a different litter box preference, and it may take some trial and error to locate the best litter box for your cat's needs.

We've examined some of the best top entry litter boxes for cats on the market to make things easier for you. There are numerous sizes and patterns to pick from.

This comprises plain or fancy-looking litter boxes that can blend in with the surroundings. Cats may not care about the color of their litterbox, but they do care about its general size and shape.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) is here to assist you locate the best litter box for your cat while minimizing accidents around the house or in inappropriate settings.


PetSafe Automatic Self-cleaning Litter Box – Overall Winner

  • Self-cleaning: Yes
  • Type of entry: top entry
  • Dimensions: 20.4 11.7 28 inches

One of the best litter boxes for cats on the market is the PetSafe automated self-cleaning litter box. It has a unique and modern design that serves both the owner and the cat.

You won’t have to worry about manually scooping up your cat’s litter; instead, you can enjoy the self-cleaning design of this litter box.

For several weeks, the tray does not need to be emptied or refilled. It lasts longer than many other types of litter boxes.

It is leak-proof and includes odor-controlling crystal cat litter that absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste.

This litter box differs from others in that it employs second-generation technology that can link to Wi-Fi.

It contains a tracking monitor that links to both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to track how frequently your cat uses its litter box.


  • Bring litter.
  • Controlling odors
  • Intelligent technology


  • Bulky
  • Expensive


Best Value BARMI Foldable Top Entry Cat Litter Box

  • Self-cleaning: No
  • Type of entry: top or door entry
  • Dimensions: 20L 16.1 15 inches

The BARMI litter box has a unique design that allows your cat to enter through the top or a door that only opens in and not out.

This prevents litter from spilling out of the litter box, which is especially useful if you have a cat who likes to cover its feces with litter.

To make cleaning easier, the litter box has a scoop and a pull-out draw design. This litter box comes with almost everything you need to keep the litter box clean and appealing to your cat, making it the greatest cat litter box for the money.

It is portable and can be folded and transferred effortlessly. The self-closing entrance door helps to eliminate odor, and the litter box has odor-absorbing devices.


  • Door that automatically closes
  • Hygienic
  • Best overall value


  • Bulky
  • Cats may be confused by the door.


Premium Choice LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  • Self-cleaning: Yes
  • Type of entry: top entry
  • Dimensions: 25.25 11 19.5 inches

The LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box is our top pick. It has a waste-removing automated scooping rake. This keeps the litter box clean and fresh at all times.

Its low-maintenance design may go scoop-free for up to a week, reducing the need for daily human scooping.

After the rake has removed the trash, the receptacles with carbon filtration assist in keeping the mess and stink contained. Using high walls and a paw cleaning ramp, the litter box also helps to keep the surrounding environment clean.

This also prevents cats from picking up litter and walking it about the house. It also comes with an attachment that fits an internal vacuum hose, making cleaning a breeze.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rake for waste removal


  • Gives the cat little privacy
  • Litter can be kicked up against the walls.


Large GENERIC Cat Litter Box with Lid

  • Self-cleaning: No
  • Types of entrances: top and side entry
  • Dimensions: 20.08 16.14 14.96 inches

The GENENIC litter box is the ideal private litter box for cats of all sizes and shapes. The portable design facilitates folding and assembly, and it folds up smaller for simpler storage.

Its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and bring with you if you desire to bring your cat. The litter is kept in the slide-out drawer, and a scoop is included for cleaning.

If you want to undertake a thorough cleaning, you can unscrew the entire litter box. The one-way design allows your cat to enter by the top or side door but only exit through the top.

It reduces the quantity of dust and litter that your cat may transport from the litter box.


  • Portable
  • Simple to clean
  • Reduces dust and litter loss


  • Bulky
  • It may be tough to completely reassemble.


Smart Paws Litter Box with Top Entry

  • Self-cleaning: No
  • Type of entry: top entry
  • 22.83 x 15.94 x 12.99 inches

The Smart Paws top entry litter box is appealing and well-designed. Both cats and kittens can fit easily in the medium size.

To keep the flooring clean, the top entryway can assist reduce the quantity of cat litter that falls out. The elegant design is adaptable to almost any environment while remaining trendy.

To facilitate cleaning, the lid can be clipped off. A scoop and pocket are also included in the litter box so you don’t have to worry about losing it if you store it elsewhere.

The overall design quality and shape are good, while being basic and economical. One disadvantage of this litter box is that you must physically remove and clean it every day.


  • Elegant
  • Pocket and scoop
  • High-quality


  • Daily cleaning is required.
  • It has no effect on odor.


Round Top Entry Cat Litter Box by IRIS USA

  • Self-cleaning: No
  • Type of entry: top entry
  • 20.5 14.75 14.38 inches in size

The IRIS USA cat litter box is excellent at preventing litter dispersal while being inexpensive and simple to use. The spherical shape facilitates cleaning, while the tall walls and one-entry door help to limit litter spread.

The little pores in the lid aid in the removal of litter that becomes entangled in the paws of cats after use. The lid detaches, and the lightweight construction makes it simple to discharge old litter into a container and then pour in fresh litter.

Because the material is on the low end, scents may be absorbed into the plastic over time. If you keep the litter box clean on a daily basis, it should survive for several years.

Because some cats may struggle to jump out of the top, it is best suited for medium to large cats who are slender enough to fit through the opening.


  • Reduces trash spread
  • Affordable
  • Simple to clean


  • Material that absorbs odors
  • Small entrance hole
  • Designed for larger cats

Choosing the Best Top Entry Litter Boxes: A Buyer's Guide

Before purchasing a litter box for your cat, you should investigate all of your options. Every cat has a varied preference for the type of litter box they will use.

The most crucial component of purchasing a litter box is ensuring that it satisfies all of your cat’s needs. It is pointless to purchase a litter box without first determining what benefits it will provide you or your cat.

Will My Cat Use a Litter Box with a Top Entry?

Some cats prefer a fully enclosed litter box, while others prefer an open litter box. It also depends on your cat’s shyness, as some prefer more seclusion than others.

Consider the overall cost, quality, design, and convenience of the litter box. Some top entry litter boxes may be too tall and bulky for your kitten to access and exit comfortably.

As a result, uncovered and flat litter boxes are preferable. A tall and enclosed litter box, on the other hand, will work for an adult cat who can jump.

Some litter boxes also have a one-way entrance that allows them to leave from the top rather than the side. This is ideal for cats who dislike jumping into the litter box because it has two entrances.

Tips for Purchasing Cat Litter Boxes:

  • If you have dogs who annoy the cat while they use the litter box, or if you have a dog who enjoys eating cat poop, an enclosed litter box with a top opening is a smart way to discourage this behavior.
  • Color and design are also key considerations. If you want a litter box that complements the surroundings or even blends in with the décor, opt for one with a matching color and elegant design. If you opt to position the litter box in an area where few people will see it, the overall design will probably be unimportant.
  • The sort of litter box you purchase is determined by the age and size of the cat. Your cat should be able to easily access and exit the litter box. The last thing you want to discover is that your cat has become entrapped in the litter box.
  • Liners, scoops, and litter are commonly included with litter boxes. This should be taken into account when shopping for a litter box that is worth the money. It may be inconvenient to have to purchase the attachments separately.

What Characteristics Characterize a Good Top Entry Litter Box?

The following three litter boxes are among the best in the category out of all ten top entry litter boxes:

What Are Your Alternatives?


The size of the litter box is determined by the size of your cat or kitten as well as their personal preferences. Some cats like litter boxes that are somewhat smaller than them, while others prefer a lot of space.

Many enclosed top entry litter boxes are too small for kittens. Litter boxes are typically available in three sizes: small, medium, and big. There aren’t many top-entry litter boxes that are kitten-friendly.


  • Double entrance: two doors for convenient entry and egress.
  • Covered: to give your cat some privacy.
  • Uncovered: improved accessibility.
  • Plain: can be used in almost any household without standing out.
  • Lavish litter boxes are normally more expensive, but they look better than simple litter boxes.


The PetSafe automatic litter box stands out among all of the stunning top entrance cat litter box designs.

The advantages of smart technology and self-cleaning design help both the owner and the cat. If you’re wanting to save money, the BARMI Cat Litter Box Foldable Top Entry is our top pick.

Although each litter box has advantages and disadvantages that may help your scenario. 

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes this post has assisted you in locating the best top entry litter boxes!

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