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The 17 Best Tear Stain Removers For Pets

Tear stains are an ugly and inconvenient problem for both dogs and cats.

Many cat and dog owners can attest to the fact that the collection of dried tears (also known as eye muck) can harbor bacteria and form crust, leaving behind the infamous reddish-brown streaks.

If this sounds all too familiar, don't worry! By providing your pet with cleaner, healthier eyes, the correct tear stain removal products can save the day.

There are many different types of tear stain removers on the market, so BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of our best tear stain removers for pets to help owners choose the best one for their pet.


TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover is the best overall tear stain remover

  • Type of stain remover: liquid foaming cleanser
  • Soap and paraben free is a unique feature.
  • Designed for: Dogs and cats

TropiClean’s Spa Tear Stain Remover is at the top of our list. Not only is it effective, gentle, and natural, but it also does not require the use of a cotton pad, unlike many other removers.

You just need a pea-sized amount, so a single bottle will last for a long time. It has a lovely blueberry vanilla aroma that should not bother your pet’s sensitive nose (unless they hate blueberries or vanilla, of course).

Containers are available in 8oz, 1 gallon, and 2.5-gallon sizes and can be used in the same way as conventional shampoo.

Utilization Ease

You’ll be astonished at how easy it is to apply the lotion onto your pet’s face and gently scrub like a regular shampoo. Simply wet your pet’s fur, apply the stain remover, wait a few minutes, and rub it out!

The main disadvantage is that it requires some lathering, which can be messy, and you must be careful not to get it in your pet’s eyes. Even if the components are all natural and non-irritating, your dog or cat may not appreciate it pouring into their eyes.

This product is also effective when combined with the tear stain removal comb. After applying the lotion and properly rinsing, you may want to use the comb to remove any remaining crust.


This treatment is good in removing the stain on your pet’s fur as well as breaking down the thick crust that accumulates around their eyes.

While it may take several treatments, those brown streaks and crust will fade with time, leaving your pet looking clean and healthy.

In addition to eliminating stains, the coconut and oatmeal ingredients in this lotion exfoliate and rehydrate the skin. It is also kind to your pet’s eyes.


  • All-natural substances are used.
  • Remove tear stains effectively
  • Skin is rehydrated.
  • It smells amazing.
  • The product is long-lasting (a little goes a long way)


  • While lathering, things can become a little sloppy.


Best Tear Stain Remover on a Budget: Pets & Goods Tear Stain Remover Comb

  • Combs are used to remove stains.
  • Chemical and liquid free is a distinguishing feature.
  • Designed for: Dogs and cats

These tear combs have 65 teeth with rounded tips that will not scrape or irritate your pet’s skin. They are available in two sizes and are ergonomically built for ease of use.

They’re also cheap and potentially long-lasting, which makes them good value for money, especially since you won’t need to refill or replace them as frequently as other removers.

Utilization Ease

These combs are easy to use, and their tiny rounded teeth make combing through fur smooth and effortless.

They can be used wet or dry, however soaking the fur beforehand can help soften any crusty pieces.

The best part is that no chemical solution is required, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything in your pet’s eyes.


These combs’ tiny tooth structure makes them good at removing dried tear stains. Their rounded tips are soft yet strong enough to remove stubborn gunk from your pet’s eyes.

These combs are also effective tear averters when used on a daily basis. Crusted tears can breed bacteria over time, but frequent combing keeps the fur clean and prevents a buildup of tears.

One small drawback of these combs is that they do not completely remove discolored fur.

While normal combing will remove part of the crusted fur, you may wish to use a natural liquid cleanser like TropiClean’s Spa Tear Stain Remover to help the process.

This is especially true for dogs with white fur, as the stains are more visible.


  • Excellent value
  • Simple to use
  • Prevents crusty tears
  • There are no chemical cleaners.


  • Does not remove stains from fur (can use in combination with a lotion or liquid cleanser)


Scobuty Tear Stain Remover Wipes are the most user-friendly tear stain remover

  • Cotton wipes are used to remove stains.
  • Made from organic cotton, this item is one-of-a-kind.
  • Designed for: Dogs and cats

These stain removers are made of organic cotton and feature aloe and vitamin E to help heal your pet’s skin. 100 unscented wipes are included in each tub.

Utilization Ease

These wipes are incredibly easy to use due to their small size. They are 5.4 cm in diameter and make wiping around the eyes a breeze without the need for cutting or resizing.

The package is extremely sturdy, so the wipes stay consistently moist for a longer period of time. The tub’s size is excellent for travel, and the wipes dispense easily.


These wipes effectively remove eye gunk while causing no irritation to your pet’s eyes.

Their natural formula aids in the removal of mucus while also limiting microorganisms, making them an excellent tear stain remover.

Depending on the severity of your pet’s tear problem, it may take several applications to provide the best results.


  • Simple to use
  • Effectively removes tear stains
  • Size is adequate.
  • Durable packaging (sealed well)


  • A little costly


TrueBlue Eye Wipes are the best premium tear stain remover

  • Cotton wipes are used to remove stains.
  • Textured wipes are a unique feature.
  • Designed for: dogs and cats

Natural components such as chamomile, aloe, and cucumber are used to pre-moisten these wipes. Each container comes with 50 wipes.

Utilization Ease

The design of these wipes makes them simple to use. These pads are slightly larger than conventional pads and can be used around the eyes as well as on your pet’s face if necessary.

If the pads are too large for your pet, cut them in half or quarters. Some customers may object to the sizing since they do not want to deal with the hassle of cutting the wipes.


These pads are great tear stain removers due to their textured quality and high degree of wetness.

Because witch hazel is also a natural disinfectant, these wipes not only successfully remove tear stains, but they also alleviate inflammation when coupled with aloe and chamomile.

While they are effective at gently removing tear stains, they are pretty pricey; if you’re searching for something more affordable, Pets & Goods Tear Stain Remover Comb may be the ideal choice.


  • Non-irritating and gentle
  • Textured (for more effective cleaning)
  • Aromatic fragrance
  • A sufficient amount of moisture


  • A larger size may not be suitable for every pet.
  • In comparison to other items, it is expensive.


Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads are ideal for a variety of pets

  • Cotton wipes are used to remove stains.
  • Since 1961, breeders and groomers have employed this exclusive recipe.
  • Dogs, cats, horses, and birds are all welcome.
  • Pre-soaked pads make up this tear stain remover. The pads are tiny and come in packs of 90 or 180.

Utilization Ease

These pads are simple to use because to their smoothness. They can also be folded over to accommodate small eyes or difficult-to-reach locations.

Because these pads are pre-soaked, they are easy to apply and can be used without putting your pet in the bath.

One disadvantage of this product is that it is a little thin, which can impair longevity depending on the type of fur you have.

They’re also odorless, so if you’re seeking for a spa experience, you might need to mix these wipes in with other grooming activities.


These pads are wet and excellent at removing tear stains and hardened eye gunk because they are made with a soothing solution. You may even notice that your pet’s eye function improves as a result.


  • Well-priced
  • calming properties
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used on a wide range of pets


  • The pads are a little thin.


Cliny Eye Cleaner for Dogs and Cats is the best at restoring eye health

  • Lotion-based stain remover
  • Medicinal mix that decreases inflammation and improves eye health.
  • Designed for: Dogs and cats

This liquid treatment comes with a dropper applicator and may be easily removed with Q-tips, cotton balls, rags, or dry wipes.

Utilization Ease

This tear stain remover’s dropper approach makes it convenient and simple to use. Apply it to a cloth or cotton applicator and gently clean your pet’s eyes.

The veterinarian recipe also includes panthenol, which softens the crust created by your pet’s tears and makes it easier to remove.

One disadvantage is how rapidly the product can run out: a substantial volume of lotion is sometimes required in one sitting to produce the desired effect. As a result, one bottle may not go very far.


This product has the advantage of preventing tears as well as removing stains. It contains boric acid, a natural disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent.

It also contains taurine, which aids in the healing of the eyes and retina.

This solution is thus more of a therapeutic all-in-one product, aiding in the cleansing of your pets’ eyes while preventing infection and potential tear problems.


  • Simple to use
  • Inflammation is reduced.
  • Disinfects
  • Stain removal that works


  • The product is quickly depleted: one application necessitates a significant volume of product.


Squishface Wrinkle Paste is the best in removing moisture

  • Cream based stain remover
  • One-of-a-kind feature: removes moisture
  • Designed primarily for dogs

Squishface is a topical treatment used to treat wrinkled skin wrinkles and areas where moisture collects. The item seen above is a two-pack, however you can purchase them separately. Each tube contains 2 oz.

Utilization Ease

This thick cream’s consistency makes it simple to apply. It has no aroma and is easy to apply without the use of harsh chemicals.

Simply clean the area, apply a small amount of cream (about the size of a pea for tear stains), and wipe away any excess. For the best effects, reapply the cream every 24 hours for roughly a week.


The capacity of this solution to deal with excess moisture is where it shines.

It not only relieves your pet’s skin discomfort, but it also prevents tear stains from appearing. After repeated applications, it also eliminates the stains.

One disadvantage of this medicine is that it may be more effective on wrinkled animals such as bulldogs.

While it may be effective on other dogs, it may not be the ideal option for tenacious tear stains that aren’t caused by moisture.

Check out the Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads if you need something that will work on a variety of animals.

The other difficulty is that it must be applied everyday for a week or more, necessitating constant maintenance – which is why you may need to get a two-pack!


  • Takes away moisture
  • Stops excessive crying
  • Wrinkled skin is restored
  • Simple to use


  • Frequent application is required (every 24 hrs)
  • Designed primarily for dogs, but may not be suitable for all species.


John Paul Pet Ear and Eye Wipes are the best multipurpose tear stain remover

  • Cotton wipes are used to remove stains.
  • pH balanced for dogs is a unique feature.
  • Designed for: Dogs and cats

These stain remover pads are cotton rounds measuring 7″ by 7″. Each container comes with 45 wipes.

Utilization Ease

These wipes are gentle, soft, handy, and simple to use. They can be folded in half because they are a little larger.

Because of their bigger size, they can also be used to wipe other areas of your pet’s face and ears at the same time.


These wipes are non-irritating, mild, and excellent at removing discolouration and eye gunk.

One disadvantage is that they are drier than some other cotton wipes on the market, which means they may not be as good at softening eye gunk.

The greater size can also be difficult if your pet has small eyes or a small face.


  • Simple to use
  • Skin is conditioned and soothed.
  • It absorbs odor.


  • The pads are a little dry.
  • Larger sizes may necessitate alterations.


Arava Pet Eye Wipes are the best for soothing itchy eyes

  • Cotton wipes are used to remove stains.
  • Contains a one-of-a-kind combination of Dead Sea minerals.
  • Designed for: Dogs and Cats

These wipes contain chamomile, aloe, Lion’s Tooth, eyebright, vitamins D, E, and B5, as well as a proprietary blend of 26 Dead Sea minerals. 100 unscented wipes are included in each tub.

Utilization Ease

These wipes are tiny and convenient for removing extra eye gunk. The pad’s design and thickness also allow you to effortlessly remove crusted eye gunk with only 1 or 2 wipes.

These are also carefully designed to avoid infections and potential tear stains.


Arava eye wipes soften and remove eye gunk while also alleviating dryness and itching.

Their eyebright, Lion’s Tooth, and aloe combination is also intended to soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, and protect the eye from dangerous acids and pollutants.

These wipes also contain 26 Dead Sea minerals, such as sulfur, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and others, which aid in the maintenance of healthy skin and the balance of pH levels.

While these are effective in soothing and removing eye gunk, they do not completely remove soiled fur produced by tears.

Despite the added minerals and herbs, they also contain a few unnatural substances, such as propylene glycol, which may irritate the eyes.

Consider TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover if you want something completely natural.


  • It relieves itchy, irritated eyes.
  • Simple to use
  • Anti-allergic


  • The wipes are a little stale.
  • Not entirely natural, and some substances may cause eye irritation.


Petlab Co. is the best for long-term tear stain prevention. Chews for Clear Eyes

  • Food supplement stain remover
  • Working from the inside out is a unique feature.
  • Intended just for dogs

These dog snacks are made with natural ingredients like chamomile and cranberry. Each container has 30 chews.

Utilization Ease

These chews are simple to use and may be given to your dog in the same manner as any other treat or biscuit. You can give your dog 1 to 4 chews every day, depending on their size.

These are the simplest of all stain removers because you only need to feed the chew to your dog. However, keep in mind that flavor is subjective, so your dog could not enjoy the taste!


These chews work by addressing inflammation and boosting eye health to reduce excess tears. Herbs like eyebright, for example, are used to treat eye inflammation.

Because it works from the inside out, it may take a little longer to see results than other tear stain removers.

However, depending on your dog’s breed, you can observe improvement in as short as 3 to 5 days. You will notice fewer tears and clearer eyes when they are working properly.

The main disadvantage is that these chews may not be suitable for all dogs. You’ll probably have to try for a week or so to see whether there’s any improvement.


  • Tears are reduced from the inside out.
  • Simple to administrate
  • Tear prevention over time


  • A little costly
  • Only for canines

What You Should Know About Tear Stain Removal

Before we get into our tear stain remover product reviews, let’s go over the most important information about tear stains and how to choose the best remover for your pet.

What Gives Rise to Tear Stains?

Tear stains are caused by excessive tear production in pets. It is also caused by the animal’s inability to empty tears from their system, which is known as epiphora.

While this is natural for most dogs and cats, it can potentially indicate a medical condition.

What Should I Do About Tear Stains?

Tear stains can sometimes be handled from the inside out by changing one’s diet, but they frequently require external grooming and upkeep to be removed.

That’s why we’ve developed a list of useful products below so you can confidently select what will work best for your cat.

Choosing the Most Effective Tear Stain Remover

There are several sorts of tear stain removers. Before you go online and buy the first product you see, consider the following criteria.

Type of Stain Remover

Cotton pads, liquid cleaners, lotions, combs, and supplement chews are all options for removing tear stains. As a result, it is critical to evaluate which type is appropriate for your particular pet.

To assist you, we’ve researched the various kinds in further depth below. Overall, you’ll want to select one that is safe, agrees with your pet, and is long-lasting.

Utilization Ease

Most tear stain removers are simple to use, however others differ in procedure and may necessitate additional processes.

We evaluated the following items based on how simple they are to apply on your pet and whether they require several applications.


Some items, predictably, do better than others. This varies based on the breed of your pet, as well as the type and length of their fur.

We investigated at how long the products last and how successfully they remove tear stains from pet fur. We also looked into whether the items could help avoid future tear stains.

Money Well Spent

When it comes to tear stain removers, the price range is very wide, but this depends on the type of remover.

Cotton wipes, for example, can cost between $10 and $20, lotions between $10 and $15, combs between $5 and $10, and chews between $10 and $40.

When determining value for money, consider how frequently you’ll need to clean your pet’s eyes and how much tear staining product you’ll need.

Purchasing the Best Tear Stain Remover for Pets

Choosing the best tear stain remover for your pet might be difficult. With so many different sorts to pick from, each with their own distinct effectiveness, it might be tough to decide which to use.

We’ll go through the important characteristics you should be aware of before you start working on those pesky dried tears.

Which Remover Is Best: Liquid, Wipe, Chew, or Comb?

One of the first decisions you should make before attempting to remove the unattractive tears from your pet’s eyes is the sort of stain remover to use.

There are numerous items on the market, the most common of which being cotton wipes. But are these the best options? This is discussed further below.

Stain Remover Liquid

Foaming cleansers, lotions, creams, and dropper formulations are all examples of liquid stain removers. They can frequently be massaged into the fur or skin to remove stains while also breaking away crusty hard parts.

Advantages: effectively cleans the fur without the need for several wipes. As a result, they are also a more environmentally friendly solution.

Their concentrated compositions can also increase their effectiveness and longevity. If you choose a liquid remover, make sure the ingredients are as natural as possible.

Cons: may be slightly less convenient than a pre-soaked wipe. If it’s a thin liquid, there’s also the chance of it getting into your pet’s eyes.

Value for money: as shown in our list, this varies, but certain liquid removers go a long way, making them good value for money.

Review the instructions to see how much is needed (a pea-sized amount or more) during each application to guarantee you’re getting the best value.

Wipes made with cotton

The most popular tear stain removers on the market are cotton wipes.

These are available in a range of sizes and have been pre-soaked with particular formulae meant to soften and remove caked-on eye gunk.

However, not all cotton wipes are created equal. Some are completely natural and contain calming components, whereas others contain a combination of chemicals and natural elements.

When selecting a cotton wipe, look for products that use all-natural components that seek to prevent future tears as well as remove stains.

Another important factor to consider is the moistness of the wipes, as drier ones are less effective.

The best cotton wipes will include the following features:

  • Each wipe has enough moisture.
  • Strong packing (which retains moisture and has an easy dispenser)
  • Soothing, disinfecting, and stain-removing natural components
  • Size is adequate (anything bigger than 2-5 inches may require cutting)
  • There are no strong scents.

Advantages: convenient and simple to use. You can travel with cotton wipes depending on the packing type.

You may also wipe your pet wherever you want without having to rinse them in the water, for example. Wipes are also more sanitary for individuals who prefer not to get their hands filthy.

Cons: They can be wasteful, especially if used every day. In terms of moisture and effectiveness, they might also be hit or miss.

Value for money: Wipes are generally good value and around the same price, but it’s important to verify the amount of wipes in each tub. Check to make sure you’re not paying too much for merely a few pads without sacrificing quality.


Combs are an easy and effective technique to remove tear stains, and they are frequently used in conjunction with other solutions. All it takes is regular combing around the damaged area on your part.

If you want to reduce your pet’s exposure to irritants, you could start with a comb and see how far it gets you. Make sure you get a comb with rounded teeth so it doesn’t irritate your pet’s skin.

The combs should be mild yet strong enough to glide through your pet’s fur and remove caked-on eye gunk without causing too much tugging or pushing.

Advantages: simple to use and preventative through frequent grooming. They’re also cost-effective and potentially long-lasting if properly maintained.

The disadvantage is that, while they can efficiently remove stains, they cannot clean the fur itself.

Value for money: Combs are affordable and long-lasting, making them a good value for money. When purchasing a pack, it’s a good idea to make sure you receive a variety of sizes.


The ‘inside-out’ option is the last but not least. These are chews that help to enhance your pet’s immune, reduce inflammation, and minimize excessive tear production in the eyes.

Tear stain chews are also intended to encourage eye health, so if you’re concerned about irritants getting into your pet’s eyes, this could be a good place to start. Simply feed your pet for a week or two and keep a close eye on the results.

When selecting a good pet chew, make sure the components are as natural as possible and that there are no additives.

Advantages: extremely simple to use. All you have to do is feed and watch your pet. In some situations, they also address the underlying reason of excessive tear production, making them beneficial to overall health.

Downsides: chewing can take a little longer to work. In the meanwhile, you may need to find an other method of removing the crusties.

Value for money: Because chews are more expensive, they may be less valuable in other ways. Furthermore, if your dog is huge, you will need to feed them frequently.

Consider whether chews are the best long-term solution or whether they should be used with other ways.

How to Ensure Long-Term Success

After you’ve begun using your preferred tear stain remover, evaluate its efficiency and determine whether you need to combine or alternate between sorts.

Every pet is unique, as we all know. What works well for one dog or cat may be disastrous for another. Furthermore, certain animals are more prone to tear marks than others, necessitating additional long-term care.

Consider the following points to ensure that you can deliver the most effective long-term solutions.

Changing or Combining

Just because you’ve chosen cotton wipes doesn’t mean you have to use them forever.

You should even attempt all four ways stated above to determine whether they perform well alternately or in combination.

For example, the comb can be used in conjunction with a liquid foamy cleaner.

The chews may also be useful for routine maintenance in addition to external removers, implying that you won’t have to do as much wiping, cleaning, or combing.

If your first pick isn’t completely satisfactory, experiment with combining or switching product kinds for maximum effectiveness.

Keep an eye on and check in with your pet

It’s all well and well if you’re pleased with the results, but what about your pet? It’s tempting to become so concentrated on making your pet look cleaner and tidier that you overlook their reaction to these tactics.

In certain cases, it will be obvious whether your pet likes or dislikes what you’re doing; nevertheless, they may exhibit less obvious indicators later on.

Check in with them frequently and keep an eye out for indicators of discomfort such as increased scratching, squinting, or other symptoms of a reaction to the product.


Tear stain removers can save the lives of cats, dogs, and other pets who have excessive tear production.

Unwanted eye gunk and its reddish-brown aftermath can be eliminated with the correct remover, allowing your pet to enjoy the benefits of healthier and clearer eyes.

Choosing the finest tear stain remover can be difficult at first, but the diverse range means you have a variety of options to choose from.

Based on our research and testing of the items listed above, we recommend TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover and Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads as the two most prominent and reliable products for your consideration.

Check out the list of the best tear stain removers for pets on BestForPets (bestforpets.org) to find the best one for your beloved furry friend! 


We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about tear stain removers so you can feel assured when caring for your best companion.

How Long Does the Average Tear Stain Remover Take to Work?

Stain removers can work nearly instantly, but in most situations, multiple treatments are required before you notice full benefits.

Some owners may need to wipe or clean their pets’ eyes on a daily basis, while others may only need the remover on occasion.

But if you’re patient and persistent, you’ll see results sooner or later. You’ll most likely create your own unique method of cleaning and preventing tear stains that is exclusive to your pet over time.

Is there a remover that completely removes tear stains?

Complete eradication is never guaranteed.

There are numerous elements that influence whether the stain will remain or disappear, such as your pet’s fur type, the frequency and harshness of their tears, and so on.

Some removers do entirely remove the unattractive reddish tint over time, however this varies each pet. For greatest effectiveness, it is preferable to use a mix of therapies.

You could also see your veterinarian to see if you can find out what is causing the tear stains.

Many of the products appear to be designed specifically for dogs. Can They Also Be Used on Cats?

Many tear stain removal products on the market are intended for both cats and dogs.

Some are specifically for dogs because they are more frequent, but many goods, notably wipes and lotions, can be used for both.

Chews, on the other hand, are slightly different, so read the label carefully because some components may be toxic to both cat and dog.

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