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How To Buy The Best Tartar Removal Products For Cats

You recently discovered that your cat has tartar on its teeth. How could this have happened? Your cat's saliva contains a range of microorganisms that adhere to teeth and gums.

These bacteria feed on food particles in your pet's mouth before transforming into a sticky substance a few hours later.

Plaque is the sticky substance that is relatively easy to clear with everyday oral care. Plaque, on the other hand, builds and hardens into tartar if left untreated.

Is it feasible to turn the situation around and have a tartar-free cat? Sure. Tartar removal treatments for cats are available that efficiently prevent and eliminate tartar formation.

This article features ten of the best tartar removal products for cats that have been thoroughly researched, cross-checked, and tested.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) trust that this guidance will assist you in determining whatever tool you require.


Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste – Overall Winner

Virbac is recommended by veterinarians for home oral care products.

Because of the brand’s over 30 years of leadership and experience, their products are among the most trusted in the market.

The Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste is one dental remedy for tartar eradication. The toothpaste contains C.E.T Dual Enzyme, which helps to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque.

It contains no foaming agents and will not damage your cat if it is swallowed. This enzymatic toothpaste is compatible with Virbac’s C.E.T toothbrushes.

To make brushing simpler, Virbac toothpaste comes in tempting tastes such as seafood, vanilla mint, malt, and beef flavor. If you have many pets, you can use this paste on your dogs as well.

Because it is effective, safe, and versatile, we recommend Virbac C.E.T toothpaste as the finest overall cat removal solution for cats.


Dental Formula Cat Water Additive – Premium Choice by PetLab Co.

What if you had the ability to wash your pet’s teeth every time they drank water? The PetLab Co. Dental Formula Water Additive For Cats makes this feasible.

The primary constituents are sodium benzoate, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium sorbate, all of which are commonly found in toothpaste.

Sodium benzoate inhibits bacteria growth, but sodium bicarbonate inhibits and cleanses plaque and tartar. Potassium sorbate promotes bone mineral density and gum health.

Shake the bottle before using for optimal effects. Then, for every 8 oz. of drinking water, use one teaspoon of the water formula.

Because the additive has no odor or taste, felines are completely ignorant of its existence. This solution contains no alcohol, detergents, or potentially toxic carbohydrates.


Dental Cat Treats for Feline Greenies

With the Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats, you can indulge your feline while also cleaning their teeth.

They are manufactured from natural ingredients, are veterinarian-approved, and are irresistibly delectable.

Natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are used to create these oven-roasted chicken flavor bites.

They are not only a healthy, balanced food for your cat, but their crunchy texture also eliminates tartar buildup, cleans teeth, and freshens breath.

If you’re concerned about calories, each goodie contains less than two. Feline Greenies Dental Treats come in a variety of tastes, including salmon, tuna, and catnip.


DentaLife Dental Cat Treats by Purina

Purina DentaLife Dental Cat Snacks are tasty treats that provide daily dental care. These treats are a simple and efficient method for removing tartar from your pet’s teeth.

DentaLife snacks have a crunchy and porous feel that aids in the cleaning of the teeth’s sides.

Plaque and tartar are scrubbed away when the tooth penetrates the crisp and airy-textured treat.

These treats contain probiotics, which aid with intestinal health in addition to maintaining mouth cleanliness. They’re also high in calcium and taurine and have a tasty salmon flavor.

You can give your pet up to 17 treats each day if it weighs 5 pounds or more. These treats, however, should not be used in place of your cat’s regular food.

Furthermore, the manufacturer warns against feeding these snacks to cats weighing less than 5 pounds.


Zymadent Cat Dental Wipes by VetWELL

The VetWell Zymadent Cat Dental Wipes make it simple to remove tartar from your cat’s teeth.

The wipes have a rough surface that grabs and removes stubborn debris, tartar, and plaque from your cat’s teeth.

Furthermore, the wipes contain active substances like as Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Sodium Hexametaphosphate, which are useful in tartar and plaque reduction.

These unique wipes are manufactured in the United States to ensure safety and quality.

When compared to brushing your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, they are gentler on your cat’s gums and much easier to use.

With peppermint and spearmint, the VetWell Zymadent Dental Wipes also prevent odor-causing growth and freshen your pet’s breath.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Tartar Removal Product

Cat Tartar Remover Product Categories

Tartar removal treatments come in a variety of shapes, but they all help to decrease tartar in your cat’s teeth. Here are the several tartar removal products.

Toothpaste for Pets

To naturally break down microorganisms, cat toothpaste contains enzymes rather than fluoride. Furthermore, the toothpaste is tasty and safe to consume.

It comes in a variety of flavors, including tuna, meat, poultry, malt, and mint.

Dental Care

Dental treats boost cat dental health by slowing down and preventing tartar formation. They not only taste delicious, but they also scrape out tartar without bothering your pet.

Wipes for your teeth

These act by removing the biofilm and plaque that has accumulated on the cat’s teeth. Ingredients in dental wipes break dissolve the minerals that produce tartar.

Dental wipes, on the other hand, are not as effective as brushing and are best suited for calm felines.

Additives to Water

When added to a cat’s water bowl, liquid water additives help prevent tartar. These chemicals, however, are more effective at freshening a pet’s breath.

Furthermore, water additives should never be used in place of regular brushing and proper oral hygiene.

Related Issues

How Can I Prevent Tartar Buildup in My Cats?

A dental care program is essential since plaque and tartar form hours after a meal. Brush, rinse, or wipe your cat’s teeth and gum line on a daily basis.

Tartar can also be prevented by using dental treats, dental chews, and water additives.

Is it permissible to use human toothpaste on cats?

No. Ingredients in human toothpaste should not be consumed. Some components, such as baking soda, can cause stomach upset if your cat consumes them.


You must practice good oral dental hygiene to eradicate plaque and tartar.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends the Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste since it is both safe and effective in preventing plaque formation.

It cleans the teeth, freshens the breath, and helps to minimize plaque and tartar formation.

Consider the Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats if you’re seeking for dental cat treats that help prevent tartar buildup.

We genuinely appreciate your time in reading thus far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this article will assist you in selecting the best tartar removal products for cats.

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