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The 10 Best Sugar Glider Cages

Sugar gliders resemble rodents, although they are marsupials, similar to kangaroos and koalas. They were named from their love of sweets and their ability to float in the air. From a distance, they seem like flying squirrels.

In captivity, a sugar glider may live for 12-15 years. You may help them live that long by feeding them properly. However, they will never be safe and comfortable unless they are housed in the proper cage.

Unfortunately, with so many cages that appear the same on the market, selecting the proper one can be difficult. Although cages may appear identical in size and style, they differ in material selection and quality of craftsmanship.

Hopefully, BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews of the best sugar glider cages will assist you in making the best decision. If you're not sure what to look for, consult our thorough buyer's guide for more information.


Kaytee My First Multi-Level Home

Do you need a whole beginning house for your pet? The Kaytee Multi-Level Small Animal Habitat might be just what you’re looking for.

The cage is large enough to keep your pet comfortable, measuring 30.5″ x 18″ x 30″. It also has ample room for toys and other accessories.

This multi-level cage also has shelves and ramps, allowing the sugar glider to easily jump and climb. The good news is that you can rearrange the furniture to make the room your own. The shelves and ramps also feature sturdy flooring to protect your sugar glider’s sensitive feet.

This cage includes 12-inch bar spacing to keep the cat from escaping. It also comes with a wire-based locking system for enhanced security.

You can clean and feed the cage easily through the front entrance. However, we thought it may benefit from a door at the top for easier access.


  • Multi-level
  • Spacious
  • Customizable
  • 12″ bar spacing
  • Ramps and a solid floor
  • Simple to access


  • Could benefit from a front door


Rat & Chinchilla Pet Products

The Prevue Pet Products Critter Cage is one of the most affordable sugar glider cages. It is made of wrought iron and has a dusty metallic rose, hammer tone finish for longevity. It also includes a wide front door for convenient feeding and cleaning.

You may maintain up to two sugar gliders in the 31″ x 20.5″ x 40″ room. Furthermore, there will be enough of space for them to run, jump, and climb. The lower shelf is also useful for storing toys, extra food, and other supplies.

The dogs may easily go from one level to the next thanks to the two chew-proof shelves and ramps. However, the wires are thin and readily bend. They are also vertical rather than horizontal, making climbing difficult for your arboreal marsupials.


  • Good value for money
  • Can accommodate two pets
  • Multi-level
  • Simple to access
  • There is a bottom shelf included.


  • Wires are readily bent.
  • The wires are vertical.


Midwestern Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage

The MidWest Critter Nation Cage is an excellent choice, although it is on the pricey side. It is made of robust metal and has an appealing gray-quartz hammer tone finish. It also comes in two sizes that are large enough to hold more than one sugar glider.

The single-story option is 36″ x 24″ x 39,” while the double-story option is 36″ x 24″ x 63″. To keep your sugar glider from escaping, both cages have 12-inch wire spacing.

They also come with movable shelves and ladders for simple leaping and climbing. The ramps and ladders are cushioned for your comfort.

The cage has lots of space for toys and other accessories. However, the stand has a bottom shelf for additional storage. The removable stand also has caster wheels to let you move the cage around. If shallow pans don’t bother you, this cage is for you.


  • Double doors with full width
  • Pans with no leaks
  • Metal frame structure
  • Spacious
  • Wire spacing of 12 inch


  • Expensive
  • Pans with shallow sides



The Mcage 3 Levels Animal Cage is 24″ x 16″ x 24″ in size. It is not the largest cage available, but it has enough space to keep your sugar glider comfortable. It also features two elevated platforms and ramps for your pet to jump and climb on for proper exercise.

You can feel confident that your pet will not escape with 38-inch gap between the bars. The cross-bar shape also facilitates sugar glider climbing. However, plastic zip ties may be required to conceal the large gaps between the bottom of the door and the cage.

Through the two front doors, you can simply access the cage for cleaning and feeding. Furthermore, if you wish to clean it, the tray slides out easily. If you have problems getting huge goods through the doors, you may also open the cage’s top.

The top handles make it easy to transport the cage. When not in use, it may be folded down to a small size for simple transportation. Overall, the Mcage 3 Levels outperforms comparable cages in its price range. However, we thought the structure might have been more robust.


  • 2 main entrances
  • Foldable and simple to assemble
  • O pens at the very top
  • Handles are included.
  • Priced reasonably


  • A large space between the entryway and the cage
  • Shaky bars


69-Inch Extra Large Wrought Iron YAHEETECH

Yaheetech is well-known for their stunning bird cages. Their sugar glider cage is large enough for your pets, measuring 31.89″ x 18.31″ x 69.09″. It is made of superior metal and has non-toxic hammer tone painting. It comes with 6 perches and 2 ladders.

When feeding and cleaning, you can simply reach the large cage through the two side-opening doors.

They are, however, equipped with heavy-duty locks to prevent your sugar gliders from escaping. Furthermore, the bars are spaced 0.4-inch apart, making it impossible for the dogs to slide out.

Transportation can be difficult with such a large cage. The removable stand’s rolling wheels, on the other hand, make it easy to move the cage from one location to another. The stand also has a lower shelf for storing additional food, toys, and other supplies.

The feeding windows on the YAHEETECH Sugar Glider Cage are many. However, zip ties may be required to keep your sugar gliders from fleeing.


  • Several feeding windows
  • Large enough to accommodate many gliders
  • There are six platforms included.
  • The stand has casters for mobility.
  • It comes with eight complimentary bowls.


  • It is difficult to move.
  • Zip ties are required for feeding windows.


PawHut Rabbit Rolling Small Animal Cage Pet

The PawHut Rolling Small Animal Cage elevates comfort to new heights. Your sugar gliders will have plenty of area to explore with a space of 20.5″ x 20.5″ x 44.75″.

They can also climb and jump using three platforms and three ramps. But the frosting on the cake is the hammock, which gives a comfortable spot for your pet to relax.

Aside from being roomy, the cage has many entrances for ease of cleaning and feeding. In addition, the bottom tray may be removed for easy cleaning. It has four universal wheels for simple mobility and two safety brakes to keep the cage in place.

PawHut Rolling is made of heavy-duty materials and has a solid steel frame to keep your dogs secure. With a bar spacing of less than half an inch, you may be confident that your pets will not escape.

The assembly instructions, on the other hand, are ambiguous, and none of the pieces are labeled. Furthermore, the ramps may benefit from extra cushioning to keep your dogs from slipping.


  • Strong steel frame
  • fewer than 12 inch bar spacing
  • It comes with a hammock.
  • There are several doorways.


  • Ramps have little traction.
  • Difficult to put together



The SUPER DEAL Small Animal Cage is carefully crafted in the United States. Each cage is also independently inspected to guarantee it satisfies the highest safety requirements.

With 0.47-inch grill bar spacing, your pet’s little paws are safe. Furthermore, their heads are unlikely to become trapped between the gaps.

You can fit a pair of sugar gliders and still have room for play in the 25″ x 17″ x 35″ living area. However, you won’t have much horizontal room.

But don’t worry, you get three height-adjustable shelves with ramps. This means your pet will be able to receive lots of exercise by jumping and climbing.

The cage’s robust metal construction keeps it from toppling over. When not in use, it may be folded for simple transport and storage. It also comes with firm rubber casters for convenient moving.

Cleaning and feeding are not difficult due to the huge entry doors. You may also rest assured with escape-proof patches. Small sugar gliders, on the other hand, can still fly through the wide bar spacing.


  • It has two enormous front doors.
  • Metal frame structure
  • Spacious


  • Broad bar spacing
  • There is very little horizontal space.


Amazon Fundamentals

Amazon Basics offers a single-story cage (36.02″ x 38.11″ x 23.23″) and a double-story cage (36.02″ x 63.39″ x 23.23″). The cages are well built to guarantee that there are no sharp corners or bars to injure your animal.

The cage includes full-width twin doors for convenient access when feeding and cleaning. You’ll appreciate how they open wide for simple cleaning.

You may reconfigure the area by removing shelves to make more place for your sugar gliders. The stand’s bottom shelf provides additional storage space for toys, food, and other supplies.

You can also easily relocate the cage thanks to the removable stand with four casters. The locking mechanism on the wheels makes it simple to secure the cage while not in use.

We thought the bar spacing might have been better on this cage. Furthermore, because the pan is shallow, droppings, trash, and other material may fall to the floor.


  • Can accommodate numerous sugar gliders
  • It has full-width double doors.
  • There are no sharp corners or bars.


  • Bar spacing of 34 inches
  • Shallow frying pan


A sugar glider may be placed in any cage, but not every environment will ensure their comfort and safety. Sugar glider cages are carefully constructed to accommodate the pet’s natural behavior. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that our assessments of the best sugar glider cages will assist you in finding the finest home for your pet.

We propose the Kaytee Multi-Level Small Animal Habitat as the finest alternative available. In our tests, this model outperformed all others.

However, if you are on a tight budget, the Prevue Pet Products Critter Cage is our best value option. You can keep your pet safe and comfortable without paying more than you can afford.

Buyer's Guide

Some people may tell you that you can keep your sugar glider in nearly any cage. That could not be further from the truth.

While it may be difficult to distinguish one cage from another based just on appearance, sugar glider cages are distinctively built. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a cage for your pet.


Sugar gliders are quite energetic and require a lot of area to move about. So, within your means, get the largest cage feasible. Vertical space is more important to them since they like jumping, climbing, and gliding from one tree to another.

As a result, a taller cage is preferable over a broader one. A sugar glider’s cage should be as tall as possible, although the conventional size is 20″ x 20″ x 30″, with a pair needing 24″ x 24″ x 36″.

Sugar gliders dwell in groups of up to 24 in the wild. They even sleep in groups of five or six people. Purchasing a pair of these marsupials is thus preferable to purchasing just one. When left alone, a sugar glider can become exceedingly lonely and even despondent.

Consider keeping a male and female together if possible. Otherwise, two men will get into a fight and injure each other.


Steel and iron are the ideal materials for sugar glider cage construction since they are sturdy and long-lasting. These are often coated with PVC for increased strength and longevity.

Some coatings are toxic to pets. After a few months, an epoxy coating, for example, will begin to flake off. Although it is the least expensive alternative, it will expose your pet to zinc toxicity.

Galvanized metals should also be avoided. If the pets urinate on the metal, the bars will corrode, endangering the sugar gliders. They may accidently lick the metal or brush their body against it when grooming themselves.


When not in captivity, sugar gliders are arboreal and enjoy gliding from one tree to the next. As a result, the design of their cage should include many floors to simulate the circumstances in the wild.

Your dogs’ physical and mental health will be maintained if they have ample area to climb and leap. Of course, the inverse is also true. A lack of physical activity can result in a variety of health problems.

When selecting a cage, choose horizontal bars over vertical ones. Horizontal bars make climbing easy for your marsupials. Furthermore, the greatest cages will contain accessories like ladders and ramps for simple moving from one floor to the next.

Some cages are customisable, allowing you to organize the area anyway you see appropriate.

You may make additional room for your pet by adjusting the shelves and pans. You may even build extra shelves to give your pet more places to perch.


You should be able to leave your pet alone at home without fear of harm. That means their cage should be safe enough to keep the pet inside and other possibly dangerous creatures out.

The bar spacing on the cages should be at least 12 inches apart. In addition to being escape-proof, the tiny spacing protects your pet’s sensitive feet from injury.

Sugar gliders are extremely intelligent creatures. They will discover a method to escape if you keep them in the cage for long enough. The door is typically the weakest link. As a result, the cage’s doors should feature metal locks.

Furthermore, be certain that the latch cannot be accessible from the inside. Sugar gliders will find a way to open them otherwise.


Make sure you can go inside the cage at any time of day. Cleaning and feeding will be easier (you will be able to reach all nooks and crannies). Take a look at a cage with a huge front entrance.

You should be able to go into the cage at any time of day to make cleaning and feeding easy. Consider purchasing a cage with a wide front or side entrance if you want to reach all nooks and corners.

Some cages will also have several doors. Others will have additional slots for you to slip the meal bowl through.


A sugar glider will require a variety of items, including toys and food. As a result, the cage should have adequate room to accommodate them. Fortunately, some cages offer a bottom shelf where you may keep such necessities.


Large cages are difficult to transport, especially when keeping your sugar glider. You should be able to transfer the cage from one location to another without waking the pet.

Many manufacturers tackle this problem by including a stand with caster wheels. The wheels may be removable from the remainder of the cage in rare circumstances.

Some cages can be simply folded. This implies they can be disassembled into smaller pieces for easier transportation.


Along with the cage, some manufacturers will provide other accessories. Ladders, toys, feeding cups, and ramps are examples of such items.


The location of the cage is important. Sugar gliders thrive at temperatures slightly higher than room temperature. As a result, keep the cage away from chilly drafts. They don’t like too much light, so keep the cage away from direct sunshine.

Sugar gliders may live in any warm area, but because of their social nature, they like to be near the activity. As a result, try placing the cage in the room where you spend the most time, such as the kitchen or living room.

Avoid using nonstick cookware in the kitchen because the gases it emits are dangerous to tiny animals.


Although they don’t make much noise other than the odd bark, the toys they play with can be annoying. If you acquire noisy toys, like as bells, make sure you remove them at night to keep the noise levels under control.


Purchase the most affordable cage you can afford. However, never jeopardize your pet’s health or safety. Cheap cages are often formed of inexpensively coated materials. They don’t last long, and some of them might be harmful to your sugar glider.

Because you only need to buy a cage once, pick a nice one that will ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

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