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The 11 Best Step For Cats

Cat stairs can be a great addition to your home and provide your feline friend with added mobility, whether you have a kitten, an older cat, or a kitty who is recovering from surgery.

A suitable set of stairs will provide your cat with the confidence and ability to reach your couch, windowsills, or bed.

There are numerous features to consider when shopping for cat steps to ensure your cat's comfort and safety. Given the number of options available, making a decision can quickly become overwhelming.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) created a thorough collection of reviews for the best step for cats on the market to help you limit down your options.

With these suggestions, you'll be able to take steps that will put both you and your cat at ease!


Overall, the Solvit PupSTEP Plus Cat Stairs are the best



If you’re looking for a set of cat stairs that is safe, durable, and affordable, this is the model for you!

These stairs are constructed of heavy-duty plastic, and while they are rated to support up to 120 pounds, they feel as though they could support significantly more.

These steps feature small side rails for the safety of your cat and rubber feet on the bottom to prevent the steps from sliding away from your couch or bed.

The steps have a non-slip material on them for added safety, allowing your feline companion to easily climb up and down.

The rear legs fold in for easy storage, and the hard plastic material means you won’t have to spend much time cleaning these stairs.

Because the actual steps are quite large, they may not be suitable for kittens. Additionally, the rear folding supports lack locking mechanisms, which means they may collapse if you or a larger pet runs into them.

These, on the other hand, are sufficiently sturdy for your cat to use safely!


The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stair is the best value on the market



If you’re considering purchasing a set of stairs for your cat but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stair may be a good option.

This two-step stairwell is ideal for assisting your cat in reaching low areas such as couches or windowsills.

It’s constructed of what appears to be extremely durable plastic and features rubber feet to help prevent sliding.

The steps are carpeted to keep your cat safe. Although there are no guardrails, the steps should be sufficiently wide for your cat to feel secure while using them.

These stairs require some minor assembly and do not fold, so storage may be an issue if you lack the necessary space.

They are simple to clean and will only require a light wiping every now and then. They do not reach the heights of our top pick, and their inability to fold keeps them from being our top pick.

However, we believe that, given their price and durability, these are the best cat stairs and steps for the money.


Foam Pet Stairs – A Premium Choice in Pet Supplies



If money is no object when it comes to cat stairs, the Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs is without a doubt the most opulent option.

These cat steps are the most resembling to stairs of any on our list. The five-step option is rated for up to 190 pounds, ensuring that these will withstand continuous use.

The entire exterior is upholstered in lambswool, which provides a non-slip surface for your cat and a piece that looks great in almost any room.

Because the cover is removable for washing, cleaning will require a little more than a simple wipe down.

These steps will assist your cat in reaching approximately two and a half-foot-high surfaces, and the bottom is made of a non-slip rubber material.

There are no guardrails, but they are sufficiently wide to give your cat a sense of security when using them. Additionally, these steps do not fold for storage.

Although the additional cleaning required and the higher price tag kept these stairs out of our top two picks, they are definitely worth the money if you’re willing to do some extra cleaning.


Foam Pet Steps by Petmaker



These steps are constructed entirely of high-density foam and are concealed by a slipcover. These do not fold for storage due to their construction.

Cleaning these requires removing and washing the cover, which takes a little longer than cleaning plastic stairs. The cover will create a non-slip surface for the safety of your cat.

However, due to the lack of guardrails and the narrowness of these steps, your cat may feel unsafe while using them.

They are extremely lightweight, but you may have difficulty maneuvering them due to the lack of handles or a convenient place to hold them.

We expected higher-quality materials for the price, and we’re not sure how well the foam will hold up, especially if your cat uses it as a scratching post!


Trixie Pet Stairs Made of Wood



These cat stairs are visually appealing due to their natural wood construction. Given the material used, we expected these to be more robust, but they ended up being quite flimsy.

They do, however, appear to be sturdy enough to withstand a cat. Because these stairs are not foldable, you may run out of storage space once they are assembled.

Because the treads are detachable, you can easily store cat toys or other items inside. Unfortunately, the removable treads cause them to wobble slightly when in use, which may make your cat feel unsteady.

There is a non-slip covering on these steps for your cat’s safety, but there is no guardrail. Additionally, because these stairs lack rubber feet, they should be used only on carpet or other non-slip flooring, and they provide access to surfaces up to about a foot and a half tall.

Guide to the Purchaser

When shopping for the ideal set of cat stairs, there are a few critical features to consider. To begin, check to ensure that the steps are safe for your cat to use. Sturdy, non-wobbling steps will make your cat more comfortable and reduce the likelihood that they will avoid them.

Stairs that include guardrails and are not too narrow will help build your cat’s confidence and will also encourage use. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the treads are made of or covered in a non-slip material to avoid your cat slipping.

You must consider the type of flooring in your home, as stairs without rubber feet are incompatible with hardwood or tile floors and may slide around when in use. After ensuring that the stairs are safe for your cat to use, you must consider your own needs — as we all know, your cat comes first!

You should look for easy-to-clean stairs, which are typically made of hard plastic and only require a quick wipe down. While cloth coverings are more attractive, they frequently require removal, machine washing, and reinstallation.

You should also consider storing the stairs, as non-folding steps can be difficult to store when not in use, when you have company, or when you require additional space.


There are numerous options for cat steps and stairs, and attempting to incorporate all of the characteristics you desire now and in the future can be challenging!

The Solvit PupSTEP Plus Cat Stairs are our top pick for safety, convenience, and durability. They’re durable, safe, and will last a long time for you and your cat.

If you’re looking to save money but still want a high-quality set of cat steps, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) highly recommend the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stair, as they offer excellent value for money while still providing a high level of durability.

Choosing the best step for cats can be a bit of a headache, but these reviews should help you make the best choice for you and your kitty.


When can kittens start climbing stairs?

A set of stairs or cat steps can really help a kitten go about their business of being a kitten by keeping them safe and assisting them in getting where they want to go.

Your baby cat is ready to use cat stairs as soon as he or she can confidently hop up and down a step.

In fact, non slip pet stairs for cats can be beneficial because their bodies have not yet fully formed, which means they can easily injure themselves when jumping or climbing on their own.

Is it possible for my cat to fall down the stairs? And what should we do?

While cats are drawn to stairs, it is possible that they will trip and fall. Uneven steps, wooden surfaces, water spills, and an incline that is too steep can all cause your kit to slip.

If your cat has fallen down the stairs, you must act quickly. The first step is to examine your pet for any obvious injuries and seek veterinary advice if you discover anything unusual.

If your cat appears to be fine, keep an eye on them for a few hours to make sure there’s nothing else going on.

If you notice any of the following symptoms: disorientation, reluctance to move, stiffness in any of their limbs, decreased appetite, difficulty breathing, or signs of pain, take them to your veterinarian immediately.

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