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The 9 Best Stackable Rabbit Cages

Your rabbit's health and well-being depend on you providing a comfortable, safe environment in which to rest, eat, and cuddle.

But what should a conscientious rabbit owner do if their rabbit population suddenly outnumbers their available cage space?

Investing in a stackable rabbit cage or a multi-story hutch will help you maximize the space available.

Instead of cramming too many rabbits into one cage, you can save space and allow each pet to roam more freely if you build their habitat vertically.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) researched and evaluated a variety of rabbit cages to bring you these recommendations for the best stackable rabbit cages available.

Find the best rabbit cage for your needs with our comprehensive guide that includes recommendations for multiple sizes, price points, and other criteria.

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Here are some things to consider and questions to ask while shopping for a rabbit cage that can be stacked:

Why Get a Rabbit Cage That Can Be Stackable?

There are a variety of rabbit enclosures available, including open-top fences, do-it-yourself designs with wire grates, and custom-built plastic cages.

Stackable cages are a great option for rabbit owners who are limited on square footage or who just want to provide their pets as much outside room as possible without disrupting the overall design of their home.

The living quarters of any rabbit may be improved with the addition of a two-tiered stackable rabbit cage, and this is true even if you have plenty of room. In order to make your rabbits happier and provide them a better quality of life, it is recommended that you create several spaces for them to use for different activities, such as play, eating, using the restroom, and sleeping.

Even while a stackable cage may cost more than a plastic cage with only one level, it is a better long-term investment in your rabbit’s health and happiness.

A Variety of Stackable Rabbit Cages

There are two primary types of stacking cages. Some will be prefabricated; they are designed to house one or two rabbits, and typically include tiers or other distinguishing characteristics.

Some, like kennels at the vet’s office or rabbit cages on a farm, come unassembled and feature a far more basic and functional design.

Numerous materials are suitable for constructing each of these cage varieties. Prefabricated cages are often made of hardwood and wire, whereas DIY cages are typically made of steel or aluminum wire.

Assembled cages are designed with efficiency and mass production in mind, whereas pre-built cages are a “luxury” alternative for rabbit housing that provides your pet more flexibility in how they may live inside their enclosure.

Flooring, a litter box, and a cushioned, cozy spot for your rabbit to sleep down are common additions to a completed cage that make it more rabbit-friendly.

In Search of the Perfect Stackable Rabbit Cage

You should always keep these four criteria in mind while shopping for a rabbit cage, regardless of the design you end up going with for your bunnies’ living quarters.

  • Your pet rabbit will likely chew and nibble on the cage’s exposed surfaces, therefore it’s important that the cage be well-made to withstand its teething. Try to find cages that have this in mind and that have reliable locking systems and sturdy construction.
  • Rabbits are known to jump around their cages at great speeds, which can cause significant vibrations in the stable’s floor and walls. The heavier the stacking cage, the better it is for your rabbit’s safety; nevertheless, this might be a hassle when it comes time to transfer.
  • Your rabbit’s health depends on their having enough of area to exercise and run around in. If you want a happy, healthy rabbit, make sure its cage is big enough for it to stretch out, stand on its hind legs, and do at least three hops.
  • Your rabbit’s cage should have front and top-loading doors for the most ease and safety while putting and removing your pet. Make sure your rabbit can easily fit through any apertures you create.

Setup and Use of a Stackable Rabbit Cage

The assembly of your stackable rabbit cage will be a breeze if you choose a prefabricated unit. Just finish assembly in accordance with any instructions provided.

For the most part, all you’ll need to supply is a water bowl, food dish, and some new hay. Once that’s done, your rabbit’s cage will be ready for usage!

All rabbits and small animals need special adjustments for safety and comfort in wire cages that need additional installation. The wire floor of this sort of cage is a major contributor to the development of sores and blisters on your rabbit’s hocks.

Wood, cloth, or laminate flooring is recommended over bare wire floors to avoid this. Then you just need to furnish it with the essentials—food, drink, and a litter box—for your pet to feel at home.


The Trixie Natura Rabbit Cage, which has a pitched roof, comes in three different sizes, and provides a complete home for every rabbit, is BestForPets (bestforpets.org)’s top pick for the best stackable rabbit cages.

Its premium construction and design make it the best rabbit cage we’ve ever seen, and the fact that it’s reasonably priced only adds to its appeal.

You can save money if you’re handy by building your own LITTLE GIANT Wire Rabbit Hutch. You’ll need to have the right kind of litter and protective water for the base, as well as put everything together yourself.

However, Little Giant is so cheap that you can put more effort into making it rabbit-friendly.


Best Overall: The Trixie Natura Stackable Rabbit Cage with Sloped Roof

The Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch offers premium rabbit housing at a fraction of the cost of comparable products. This rabbit run comes in two sizes and three color options, and may be used indoors or out thanks to its many doorways and ramps.

There is a wide range of possible configurations for this rabbit cage, making it a versatile alternative for sheltering one or two rabbits.

The Trixie Natura hutch is a beautiful stackable rabbit cage that looks great in any house. It comes basically pre-built and requires very little installation.

We like how you can pack it quickly and easily with the top hinged open for easy access to your rabbit. One rabbit may easily hop down the ramp connecting the two floors, and a secure gate can divide the area in the house in two.

In a nutshell, it’s a great choice for anyone who own any kind of rabbit and comes with a lot more posh features than you’d expect for the price. If you’re looking for a stacking cage for your rabbit, this is the one to get.


  • Pick from three different tones to complement your existing furnishings.
  • The availability of two sizes makes it suitable for rabbits of all sizes and shapes.
  • A Convenient Access to Exit and Entry
  • Includes a lot of necessary hardware and is simple to complete putting together.
  • Use on both levels; a ramp is included.
  • Using a locking grate, you may create a private staircase dividing the two levels.


  • Two-story maximum prefabricated stacking


Wire Rabbit Cages, Stackable, Little Giant Size, Cheapest Price

The Little Giant galvanized steel stackable cages are a good option for rabbit owners on a tighter budget who need low-cost, long-lasting housing solutions.

While their basic style leaves space for improvement in terms of comfort and liveability, their low cost and roomy chambers make them among the finest stackable rabbit cages available.

Though building of each 24-by-24-by-16-inch cage is a significant undertaking, the accompanying wire clip pliers and hardware make the process a breeze.

We like the sturdy design and practicality of this 8-pound steel cage, which won’t topple even when piled four high. The door’s spring-tension latch is user-friendly, too, with a vinyl rim to avoid pinching.

The Little Giant Wire Rabbit Hutch is inexpensive enough that you can afford to spend a little more on accessories without breaking the bank, and it serves as a sturdy foundation for creating a more pleasant living environment for your rabbit.


  • A sturdy, long-lasting structure that won’t topple over easily
  • Roomy enough for any rabbit, even the biggest varieties
  • A door can avoid injuries and failed efforts to flee.
  • What a steal that is!


  • If the floor of the cage is made of wire, the animal’s hocks will become irritated.
  • Doesn’t include a litter box or a dish for collecting waste.


Premium Choice: The PawHut Stacked Wooden Rabbit Cage

With a design that’s very similar to our top selection, the PawHut Stacked Wooden Rabbit Hutch provides a plush environment for rabbits to rest, play, and eat.

We think the premium price is well justified by the space-saving and feature-rich layout, which has doors for convenient access on each floor.

Considering that two rabbits or several small animals may live happily in the PawHut rabbit hutch, its relatively low price becomes even more understandable.

If you choose, you may keep the gate between the two levels unlocked and provide a ramp for people to use to get back and forth. Because it comes with two removable trays, this hutch may be used in either a sanitized or a less sanitary manner to collect litter and pee.

If you’re ready to spend a little more money up front, this is the greatest stackable rabbit cage you can buy. However, the exorbitant price tag will make this option unfeasible for rabbit owners on a smaller budget.


  • Two rabbits can comfortably live in this home.
  • A variety of top, front, and side apertures
  • The two-tiered system’s pull-out trays facilitate cleanup.
  • Two rabbits may enjoy a game of hopscotch across the ramp.
  • Indoors or out, the small and aesthetically pleasing design will impress.


  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of putting together before use


High-Quality, Sturdy, and Stylish Rabbit Cages for the Home

The Homey Pet Heavy Duty Pet Cage is the best option for those in need of a stackable rabbit cage. With its enormous internal space, open top access, and sturdy all-metal construction, this cage is ideal for accommodating the demands of larger breeds that smaller cages cannot.

This cage was originally intended for canines, but with a little rearranging of the pull-out tray, it can be used with rabbits with no problem at all.

Given its roughly 40-pound weight for a single tier of stacking, the fact that this cage is placed on casters makes it incredibly portable.

This cage is ideal for big rabbits for indoor/outdoor use because to its wider bar spacing; but, if your rabbit weighs less than 10 pounds, you should look elsewhere.


  • Space within is enormous
  • A durable heavy-duty build.
  • Extra-wide top-mounted gate
  • Easily moveable thanks to the caster-mounted design.
  • Builds to a maximum of three levels


  • Too much space between the bars for rabbits.
  • Quite cumbersome and a great deal of assembly is needed.


Comfortable Bunny Cages for Your Home or Pet Shop

The Homey Pet Stackable 43-inch Cage is related to the heavy-duty cage we discussed in our earlier review, but it has a door and floor that are better suited to larger rabbit breeds.

It’s a practical and transportable choice for indoor/outdoor rabbits thanks to its top and front access doors, as well as its pull-out tray for simple cleaning.

This cage is both robust and cumbersome due to its all-metal design. It is the heaviest and most substantial of the stackable rabbit cages we looked at, coming in at about 60 pounds once completed.

It’s recommended that you enlist a friend’s assistance in putting this together.


  • The largest rabbit hutch you can stack
  • With both a front and a top entrance, this house is quite convenient to go in and out of
  • Floor tray that can be removed for easy cleaning.


  • Rabbits under 10 pounds in weight cannot fit through the bar spacing.
  • Extremely cumbersome and finicky to put together

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