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The 10 Best Spill-Proof Water Bowls For Cats

Cats, unlike dogs, have a mild thirst drive and are not renowned for falling quickly in love with their water bowls. In addition to their tendency to make it difficult for their owners to pick a water dish, some cats like playing with their food and water bowls.

Kittens and young cats are more prone to play with their dishes, although mature cats are not adverse to sometimes knocking the bowls around.

You may use spill-proof bowls to limit spills and prevent your furball from attacking the food and water containers, so making it easier to clean up the messes caused by flimsy dishes.

The sheer number of spill-proof bowls may make you wince at the thought of studying each one, but BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has simplified the process by providing in-depth assessments of the best spill-proof water bowls for cats.


Elevated Hepper NomNom Spill-Proof Cat Bowl

Are you exhausted from cleaning up after your cat? The Hepper NomNom Spill-Proof Elevated Cat Bowl is your solution. We deemed the NomNom to be the greatest cat water bowl due to its smart design and simple maintenance.

It consists of two stainless-steel bowls and a plastic base with a tiny channel to collect food and liquid spills. Unlike many of its rivals, the bowls and base of The NomNom are dishwashing safe.

Hepper used small 10-ounce bowls to reduce whisker fatigue. Whisker fatigue is an issue when bowls are too deep and your cat’s whiskers continually contact the bowl’s side. The base is composed of sturdy plastic to deter cats from nibbling on the bowl, and it can withstand the abuse of destructive cats.

Hepper recommends filling the base’s moat with water to create a barrier between the water and food and the ants. Nonetheless, a few customers claimed that the ants circumvented the trench by burrowing beneath the bowl and entering via the holes in the base.

Although this is the sole disadvantage of the product, we recommend filling the bowls only at feeding time to avoid attracting ants.


  • Simple to clean
  • Moat captures food and liquid.
  • Bowls with shallow depths avoid whisker fatigue.
  • Base and bowls made of stainless steel.


  • Ants can enter via the holes in the base.


Necoichi Ceramic Raise Water Bowl for Cats

The Necoichi Ceramic Elevated Cat Water Bowl is the greatest water bowl for the money and is perfect for cats with arthritis and movement concerns. The raised dish eliminates the need for your cat to bend its neck to drink. It is microwave and dishwasher-safe, however, it is questionable how many cat owners will really microwave their cats’ water.

The painted measurement lines on the interior of the bowl are our favorite feature. Many cat parents are concerned that their felines are not fully hydrated because cats are infamous for avoiding their water dishes.

With the bowl’s measuring lines, you can determine how much water your cat consumes on a daily basis, as well as how much medicine or vitamins to combine with water. The bowl includes a little lip to prevent water from spilling, but it is not as efficient as a platform beneath to collect the water.

Although it is not truly spill-proof, we had no other reason to choose another brand. Necoichi is an unbeatable value in terms of both quality and price.


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Elevated dish
  • Measurement lines for portion management
  • Non-skid base


  • Bowl’s lip does not prevent leaks


UPSKY Dog Bowl

When rearing a small kitten, it is tempting to use a miniature water dish for the animal. Unfortunately, hyperactive cats frequently scatter their little dishes across the kitchen. With the UPSKY Dog Dish, you can educate your kitten to drink from a bigger, practically untippable bowl.

It has a floating bottom that only releases water when the cat taps the top with its nose or paw. The distance between the water release holes and the lip is sufficient to avoid spillage, and the container is suited for use in vehicles. Unless the reservoir’s floating bottom is depressed when traveling on uneven terrain, water remains in the reservoir.

The UPSKY dish efficiently keeps water off the floor, but your kitty may require some time to adjust. The majority of animals should figure it out within a few days. Some consumers reported that the floating bottom collected water, although the item can be disassembled and cleaned to prevent smells or tainted water.

If the bowl is cleaned at least once every week, the water will remain sanitary and fresh. There is an illustration in the Torus product description illustrating how to disassemble and clean the bowl.


  • Prevents spillage
  • The base is sufficiently weighty to avoid tipping.
  • Ideal for travel and automobile use


  • Some cats have design difficulties.
  • Dishwasher incompatible


PetHaven Food and Water Dish for Dogs and Cats

The PetHaven Dog Bowl is an excellent device for indoor and outdoor water consumption. The double-walled stainless steel construction generates a pocket of air between the inner and outside walls, which keeps the water colder. Similar to other Yeti bowls, but significantly cheaper.

It is one of the heaviest bowls we evaluated at 2.25 pounds, and most customers were impressed when their pets attempted to knock it over. The non-slip rubber gasket aids in its stability, but it lacks a raised lip or channel system to prevent spillage. If you just fill the dish halfway, you can prevent spillage, but little cats may find it too deep.

The PetHaven bowl is advertised as dishwasher-safe and simple to clean, however, one customer reported that the paint peeled off in the dishwasher.

However, the majority of cat owners were satisfied with the dish, and the paint issue was uncommon. Given that the bowl does not require disassembly, we recommend hand-washing it with soap and water rather than placing it in the dishwasher.


  • The bowl’s density protects it from toppling.
  • Non-slip base
  • Maintains coolness for hours


  • No anti-spill lip
  • Too deep for little kitties


PetSafe Healthy Gravity Refill Waterer for Dogs and Cats

The PetSafe Healthy Gravity Refill Dog and Cat Waterer are comparable to other gravity-feeding water systems, however, it is distinguished by its stainless steel insert and big cleaning aperture. There are 64-ounce, 128-ounce, and 320-ounce bowls available.

You may fill the bowl with regular filtered water, or you can purchase Healthy Pet Water Filters that fit the reservoir. It is sad that the filters are supplied separately, but if you already use filtered or distilled water, this should not be a problem.

Although the bigger aperture of the bowl makes it simpler to clean, the reservoir and bowl must be cleaned by hand because they might be damaged in the dishwasher.

The stainless steel bowl is more hygienic than other brands, although it is more expensive than other versions. The water control valve replaces the water supply after the cat drinks, although some customers experienced trouble with the valve sticking.


  • Bowl made of stainless steel that is detachable
  • BPA-free container


  • Expensive
  • Dishwasher incompatible
  • Heavier than competing designs
  • The water control valve may clog


Pearl Replenish Waterer with Microban from Petmate

The Petmate Pearl Replendish Waterer with Microban is a BPA-free plastic gravity feeder. It has a Microban foundation that is resistant to germs and a reservoir bottle with an extra-wide aperture to make cleaning easy. The bottle must be cleaned by hand, however, the base may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The carbon filter in the base eliminates impurities and maintains the freshness of the water. Although this model is less expensive than other gravity waterers, with the exception of our number 9 selection, it is still overpriced for an inferior water bowl.

Despite the fact that the majority of reviews for the Petmate Pearl are excellent, a number of users had filling issues with the bowl. Some have stated that the carbon filter slows the water flow, however, if you fill the reservoir with filtered water, you may use the base without the filter.

The greatest problem with the product is the reservoir’s form. When the spherical container is full and slick, it is difficult to handle and flip over.


  • Fewer pricey than some rivals
  • Base of germ-resistant plastic
  • Base dishwasher-safe


  • Inadequately designed reservoir
  • Water flow problems
  • Water is difficult to fill and discharge
  • Too costly for the caliber


UPSKY Double Dog and Cat Bowls, Stainless Steel, Premium

The UPSKY Double Dog Cat Bowls use a similar design concept as our top selection, but its quality and performance are worse. The dual bowl system is affordable, but the base is lightweight and may be moved by a medium-sized cat.

The bottom of the base lacks a non-slip surface, and the channel system meant to catch food and water is worthless if the base is moved by your cat. The base collects some food and water drops, although it is more effective for cats than for dogs. If your hyperactive dog attempts to take his feline friend’s food, the kibble will fall to the floor.

The most prevalent issue regarding UPSKY bowls was the stainless steel quality. Although pure stainless steel should not rust, the UPSKY metal bowls are composed of thinner metal with an inside that seems a bit darker.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer has not verified that the interior of the bowl is coated with aluminum, numerous cat owners have claimed that the coating flaked off after being cleaned in the dishwasher. Similar to our number nine option, we recommend utilizing this as a temporary remedy.


  • Inexpensive


  • The base is incapable of holding messes.
  • Too little
  • Slides easily
  • Steel of inferior grade

Buyer's Guide

When your cat slurps up water, we tested some amazing water dishes that keep your floor and pet dry. We only listed bowls that do not require an electrical outlet to work. Although several of the fountain-style watering stations we met were functional and aesthetically beautiful, they were impractical since they were unable to work after a power loss. If you’re not satisfied with the bowls we’ve examined, you may use this guide to select the appropriate bowl.


As with our top selection, we discovered some inexpensive bowls that will last for years. However, the least expensive bowls were typically not as robust as the competition, and some were better suited for temporary or emergency usage.

The elevated bowls and gravity waterers are the least-priced options for those on a budget. Slow-feeder bowls are more costly and must be thoroughly cleaned to be safe and functioning.

Water Volume

Since cats consume less water than dogs, the bowl’s water volume is less crucial for cats than for dogs. If you plan to leave your cat at home for more than two days, a larger bowl is required.


If you are in the market for a robust, spill-proof bowl that is constructed to last, you may expect to spend more for a premium unit than for a standard bowl. Review a number of customer reviews to determine the product’s durability.

Base Weight

A lightweight bowl is enticing to a cat that enjoys batting its bowl about. Products with heavier bases are sturdy and able to withstand your cat’s forceful swipes.

No-Leak Effectiveness

Every bowl manufacturer has a unique strategy for making spill-proof bowls. Sadly, some of the designs do not produce the expected outcomes.

Our top option, the Hepper NomNom bowl, features a basic design that is more effective than many of its competitors in containing spillage. In addition to the NomNom, we discovered that the slow feeders are the most effective bowls for preventing spillage and damp flooring.

Travel Friendliness

The majority of water bowls are not portable. When traveling, you must keep the water bowl empty until your cat is ready to drink. The Torus, UPSKY dog bowl, and Heininger travel bowls are superior options. You may avoid using a filthy gas station bathroom to refill the reservoir by keeping them full.

Feline Preferences

It’s aggravating when you purchase a luxury product for your cat, only to have it rejected after one glance. A costly water dish is pointless if your cat does not like the design, but some goods require a few days or even weeks for acclimatization.

When you purchase a new spill-proof bowl, set it in the same location as the old one, but relocate the old bowl to a different room. If your cat continues to use the same dish, you may need to try a different model.


When cats do drink from their water dishes, it is convenient to have a spill-resistant bowl to minimize the mess. In all of our product reviews, the Hepper NomNom is our top selection for the best spill-proof water bowls for cats. It controlled water and food spillage more well than competitors, and its low-profile design is more discreet and aesthetically pleasing than other versions. The Necoichi Ceramic Elevated Cat Water Bowl is our budget-friendly bowl of choice. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciated the written measures on the bowl that allow you to calculate how much water your cat drinks daily.

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