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The 6 Best Small Fish Tanks

Nano fish tanks are becoming increasingly popular because they make aquarium upkeep accessible to more individuals, particularly those with limited space. However, it is crucial to choose the appropriate tiny aquarium for your purposes.

Different species of fish, invertebrates, and plants have distinct requirements, thus it is essential to comprehend these requirements before selecting an aquarium. This will assist you in selecting the ideal aquarium for your area and preferences.

To assist you in selecting the best aquarium for your house, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled these reviews of the best small fish tanks on the market.


Lifegard Crystal Aquarium with Back Filter

The Lifegard Crystal Aquarium with Back Filter is the greatest overall small fish tank. This aquarium is composed of high-clarity glass and features precision-cut edges with invisible glue joints, allowing for maximum viewing from all three sides of the tank.

The fourth side has a concealed rear filter, a filtration system with filter media, and an adjustable directional flow, allowing you to configure this tank according to your aquarium’s demands.

This tank lacks a cover or hood, and as a result, some users have reported significant evaporation. It is essential to monitor your water levels and replenish them as necessary.


  • Crystal clear glass
  • Adroitly-trimmed edges with undetectable adhesive
  • Hidden back filter
  • Includes both filter pump and media
  • Adjustable water flow direction


  • No cover or hood


Koller Products Tropical 180 View Aquarium

Koller Products’ Tropical 180 View Aquarium is the greatest tiny fish tank for the money. This little aquarium is composed of durable plastic and has a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

The accompanying LED light offers seven color settings and a timer that can be adjusted, and the inside filter keeps the water flowing clean. It includes the initial filter cartridge required to get your aquarium up and running.

The LED light is powered by either three AAA batteries or a 5V power adaptor; however, neither of these things are included in the kit and must be purchased separately.


  • Best Value
  • Robust plastic
  • 180 degrees of viewing
  • A seven-color LED light with a programmable timer.
  • Contains an internal filter along with a filter cartridge


  • The LED light does not contain the required AAA batteries or power adaptor.


biOrb Classic LED Fish Aquarium

The biOrb Classic LED Fish Aquarium is a premium-priced, premium-quality small tank choice. This circular tank is composed of high-clarity acrylic, which is lighter and more transparent than glass and also provides superior insulation. A complete filtration system with filter media and an air stone is also included.

The base and lid are available in a variety of colors and have a seamless look. As with most of the biOrb goods, the products and separately purchased décor are interchangeable with the majority of other biOrb products, making it simple to get replacement components and filter media.


  • Highly transparent and lightweight acrylic
  • Contains a complete filtering system and filters media
  • Air stone for enhanced aeration of water
  • Contains an LED light
  • Continuity of look with color choices for the cap and the base
  • Components interchangeable with other biOrb products


  • Premium price


Marineland Portrait Blade Light Aquarium Kit

The Marineland Portrait Blade Light Aquarium Kit is a glass aquarium with a concealed filtration system and filter material included. The accompanying LED light is available in two colors, and the rounded edges of the tank improve visibility.

The sliding glass canopy facilitates the cleaning, maintenance, and feeding of the aquarium. This tank’s pedestal base gives it an appealing and noticeable appearance.

Some users have noted that the filter pump on this tank emits a buzzing sound, particularly when it is turned down, thus it may be required to operate the filter pump at maximum power to avoid this noise from occurring.


  • Contains a concealed filtering system with filter media
  • LED illumination with two color choices
  • Enhanced visibility due to rounded tank edges
  • The sliding glass canopy facilitates access.
  • Pedestal base imparts a pleasing aesthetic


  • The pump may create a buzzing sound


Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit consists of an etched glass aquarium with aluminum trim for a fashionable and practical design. This kit includes an LED light with an arched style as well as a complete concealed filtering system.

It even contains a variety of filter media for setting up your aquarium. The high-clarity glass means that you’ll always have an excellent view of your aquarium.

Some individuals claim that it is difficult to access the concealed filtering section. In addition, the inbuilt LED light is extremely bright, which is beneficial for plant development but might lead to an algal overgrowth.


  • Elegant and practical etched glass with metal framing
  • Contains a powerful LED light
  • Multiple types of filter media are included in a concealed filtering system.
  • Designed to preserve water quality
  • Crystal clear glass


  • Access to the filtration container may be challenging.
  • LED lighting may promote algal growth


Aqueon LED MiniBow SmartClean Aquarium Kit

Due to its acrylic construction, the Aqueon LED MiniBow SmartClean Aquarium Kit is a wonderful desktop aquarium that is lightweight. This package contains the aquarium, a complete filtration system, a hood with integrated LED lighting, and fish food and water conditioner samples.

The filter’s SmartClean technology enables you to replace the water in less than two minutes. The aquarium’s pedestal foundation gives it a high-quality appearance, and its lid and base are available in either white or black.

This tank is really tiny, thus it will not be suitable for most species. The bow front of this tank may somewhat distort the inside contents.


  • Translucent acrylic
  • Contains a comprehensive filtering system utilizing SmartClean technology
  • The hood is equipped with LED lights.
  • There are two possibilities for the pedestal base and hood color.


  • Very tiny
  • Possible to produce minor visual distortion

Buyer's Guide

Very few fish can endure living in a tiny tank, therefore it’s essential to have a specific plan for the sort of aquarium you intend to have. Some tanks are not designed to resist or sustain saltwater setups, while others are suitable for a small reef aquarium.

Additionally, you should select a tank with a filtering system that you are comfortable with. Similar to sump systems, back filters may be confusing or difficult to operate for certain individuals. Hang-on back filters may be too powerful for fish fry and small invertebrates, but internal filters are suitable for many species of fish and invertebrates.

Ensure that the tank you choose will not only fit in the given area but will also not be too heavy for the surface you wish to place it on. A gallon of water weighs around 8 pounds, therefore even a tiny tank may become rather heavy when filled with water, decorations, and substrate.


The Lifegard Crystal Aquarium with Rear Filter is the best tiny aquarium we tested overall. It is composed of high-clarity glass and includes a back filter with all the necessary components.

The cheapest little aquarium is the Koller Products Tropical 180 View Aquarium, which offers 180 degrees of tank viewing through the plastic with exceptional clarity and low weight.

For a quality tiny aquarium, we recommend the biOrb Classic LED Fish Aquarium, which has a seamless appearance, exceptional clarity, and everything you need to get your aquarium up and running. 

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best small fish tanks have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.


Do small fish tanks require daily maintenance?

No. Instead, weekly maintenance is required for these tanks. Once every week, remove the algae, refresh the water, and vacuum the substrate. As monthly maintenance, be careful to rinse filter media and replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do Small Fish Tanks Require Extra Equipment?

Absolutely. A heater, for instance, avoids water temperature changes, whilst a filter system cleans the water. The addition of aquarium lights and thermometers is also appreciated.

Which Fish Species are Suitable for Small Fish Tanks?

Candidates include Bettas, fancy guppies, freshwater shrimp, and chili rasboras. Before introducing the greatest possibilities into a tiny aquarium, you should conduct an extensive study.

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