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The 11 Best Small Dog Halloween Costumes

The leaves are beginning to turn color, and the line of anxious pumpkin spice enthusiasts waiting outside Starbucks is becoming longer. Whether we like it or not, autumn is approaching.

Halloween is one of the happiest days of the year for dog owners. Nothing induces more cuteness hostility than pets in costumes. It may be hard to find the right clothes for your dog, especially if it is an unusually big or small breed.

If you're looking for the greatest small-breed dog costume this season, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has you covered. Continue reading for our 2018 evaluations of the best small dog Halloween costumes.

Learn how to select the best costume and how to encourage your dog to enjoy it by reading to the end.


Rubie’s Costume Company- Overall Winner



  • Type of Closure: Pullover
  • Polyester and Synthetic Material
  • Recommended pet weight is between 6 and 10 pounds

The greatest Halloween costume for little dogs is this lovely Wonder Woman dress from Rubie’s Costume Company. This legally certified two-piece outfit is ideal for your petite yet powerful female dog.

Her attire is readily identifiable due to the metallic material with the iconic WW logo patch, the classic gold belt, and the blue skirt covered in stars.

In addition, the outfit includes a foam-based metallic tiara, making it pleasant for your dog to wear. The pullover design is simple to put on most canines, and the Velcro clasp provides a snug fit.

There have been reports that the sizing is somewhat wrong, so you must measure your dog precisely to ensure that you receive the correct size.


  • Officially authorized item
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Immediately identifiable
  • Effortless to wear


  • Sizes might be inaccurate


Pet Krewe Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch



  • Type of Closure: Hook and Loop
  • Polyester and Synthetic Material
  • Unspecified Pet Weight Recommendation

This Oscar the Grouch polyester outfit is a charming option for any toy breed. Although the manufacturer does not give a suggested pet weight, they claim it is suited for dogs with a chest circumference of eight to seventeen inches and a neck size of eight to fourteen inches.

This costume is constructed from superior, non-toxic materials that are not only safe for dogs but also comfy. It comes with an Oscar the Grouch hat that has drawstrings for a customizable fit. The bodysuit’s fuzzy closures make it simple to slip on and take off.

Nonetheless, this outfit is rather bigger than others on the list, so be careful to take accurate dimensions.


  • Simple to take off
  • Premium materials
  • Effortless to wear
  • Adjustable hat


  • Runs a bit large


Zack & Zoey Werewolf Dog Costume – Top Quality



  • Type of Closure: Hook and Loop
  • Polyester, cotton, natural fabric, and synthetic fabric make up the fabric
  • Recommended pet weight is between 6 and 10 pounds

This Zack & Zoey Werewolf Costume for Dogs is both charming and amusing. The checkered tunic and tattered pants of this three-piece ensemble give your dog the appearance of a full-fledged werewolf.

The “hands” are filled for a fluffy appearance and even feature claws made of felt. The hat contains an adjustable neck strap and ear openings for comfort and adjustability.

This is a simple uniform to put on your pet, making it ideal for dogs that dislike putting on clothing. It is available in many sizes, so choosing the appropriate fit should be simple.


  • Funny costume
  • Great design detailing
  • A hat that is comfortable to wear
  • Simple to put on


  • Finding the ideal match may be challenging


UPS Dog Costume California Costumes



  • Closure Type: Velcro
  • Polyester and Synthetic Material
  • Weight Recommendation: 6 to 20 Pounds

On Halloween, this charming UPS delivery driver costume will get chuckles and make your dog the center of attention everywhere it goes. This outfit is available in sizes X-Small to Large, so it should suit your pet.

This suit contains filled arms and hands that keep the detachable box in place, giving the appearance that your dog is a UPS employee delivering a delivery.

The costume is an officially licensed product with the UPS logo. It also includes a cute cap with elastics to keep your dog comfortable while wearing it.


  • Funny costume
  • Officially sanctioned
  • Cap is accommodating
  • Different size choices


  • Pieces are not connected (easy to lose)


Rubie’s Disney Lilo and Stitch – Stitch Costume for Pets



  • Type of Closure: Hook and Loop
  • Material: Polyester
  • Recommended pet weight is between 6 and 10 pounds

If you’re a Disney lover, you must splurge on this adorable Stitch space suit outfit. It is available in sizes ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large, so you should be able to find one that fits your dog well.

This costume includes a Stitch headpiece and a body suit that gives your dog the appearance of having four arms. Perfect for Halloween, the polyester material is comfy for your dog to wear for extended durations.

It features no zippers and only Velcro closures, making it extremely simple to modify to your dog’s size.


  • Funny design
  • Adorable hat
  • Adjustable fit


  • Exclusivity to Chewy


Serape from Rubie’s Costume Company



  • Closure Type: Velcro
  • Polyester and Synthetic Material
  • Recommended Weight for Pets: 6 to 10 lbs

This charming Halloween costume includes a classic Mexican rainbow poncho, a necklace, and a hat.

The hat features an elastic band under the chin to keep it on your dog’s head throughout the night, while the poncho is effortless to put on and take off. This attire is suitable for Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday, and parades.

There have been allegations that the Velcro is of low quality and that the chin strap breaks when pulled too far.


  • Colorful design
  • Three-piece ensemble
  • Simple to put on
  • Audience-pleaser


  • Velcro of inferior quality


Horror Stitch Dog Costume



  • Closure Type: Velcro
  • Material: Velvet
  • Weight Recommendation: 6.5 to 9 Pounds

Here is a second fantastic costume option for Stitch fans. This dog sweatshirt is both a Halloween costume and an attractive outerwear that your dog may wear throughout the season.

It is constructed from a velvet fabric that is gentle to the touch and non-irritating. It includes four leg openings and Velcro closures, making it simple to dress and undress your dog.

There have been instances of size inconsistencies, so ensure you take proper measurements. If you need to return this costume for a different size before Halloween, give yourself ample time to order it.


  • Very accommodating
  • Hoodie design is flexible
  • Gentle to touch
  • Simple to put on


  • Inconsistent sizing


Cowboy Rider Dog Costume Delifur



  • Closure Type: Velcro
  • Material: Polyester
  • Recommended Weight for Pets: 6 to 25 lbs

This charming cowboy riding costume is composed of a soft and breathable polyester fabric. For Halloween, it will change your dog into an adorable little horse.

Cowboy hat and triangular binder can be removed if desired. The hook-and-loop closure provides for a more personalized fit for your pet. This outfit is simple to put on and take off and is offered at a reasonable price.

There are reports that the sizes run small, so if you have any questions, you may want to contact the manufacturer.


  • Confortable attire
  • Simple to modify fit
  • Simple to put on


  • Size is wrong

How to Purchase the Finest Small Dog Halloween Costumes

If only selecting a Halloween costume for a small-breed dog was as straightforward as selecting the prettiest one.

Before clicking “Add to Cart” on any of the above-reviewed costumes, there are several variables to consider. Before you fit your dog into his Halloween costume this year, continue reading to find out what you must know.


The fabric used for your dog’s outfit should be breathable and pleasant. These two characteristics will ensure that your dog likes wearing its costume and does not attempt to escape by scratching at it.

When evaluating the material, you should also consider your location and Halloween preparations. When trick-or-treating with your children and your dog, you must consider the weather.

If you reside in a cool environment, you’ll want to wear clothing made from warm fabrics like velvet.

Closure Type

The sort of closure might determine whether or not your dog will fit into the outfit. If your dog falls into this group, it will be most comfortable with a costume that it can step into or one that can be secured with Velcro.

Your dog’s temperament

You know your dog the best, therefore you are aware of its limitations. On Halloween, you shouldn’t force your dog out of its comfort zone for the sake of photos or chuckles.

If your dog isn’t happy in garments that make it feel claustrophobic, opt for a simpler costume rather than one that requires you to squeeze your dog into it.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, you must approach clothes with caution, since anything new might terrify them.

How Can I Get My Dog to Love Its Costume?

No matter how hard you try or how much money you invest, you cannot compel your dog to like its outfit.

In addition to causing discomfort, forcing your dog to wear something it does not want can badly impact your connection. Your dog trusts you to take care of it and put it into positions only when it’s comfortable with them.

You may train your dog to wear their costume, but, we only advocate doing so when you’re not crossing over their limits.

  • Start as early as you can. The earlier you acclimate your puppy to wearing clothing, the more tolerant it will be as an adult. When you get a new dog, teach It when it’s young that wearing clothes is pleasant and nothing to be scared of. If your dog is already mature, consider introducing its Halloween costume long before October 31.
  • Start with basic outfits. As appealing as putting your dog into a tight-fitting clothing may be, not all dogs will be receptive to them, especially if they’ve never worn clothes before. So while you’re getting it used to clothes, start with basic and easy-to-put-on accessories like bowties or a simple vest.
  • Create good associations. You can educate your dog to not just tolerate but love costume time by building positive connections with clothes. Whenever you put on an accessory or article of clothing, for instance, giving your dog a reward and heaps of praise.


The Wonder Woman costume by Rubie is the most detailed Halloween outfit for dogs.

Our premium selection, the Pet Krewe’s Oscar the Grouch costume, has a somewhat higher price tag, but its adorable and comfy design more than makes up for it.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for choosing our website to learn about and research the best small dog Halloween costumes.

We hope that our evaluations have assisted you in selecting a Halloween costume for your dog this fall. Before Halloween, remember to give yourself and your dog plenty of opportunity to learn how to dress.

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