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What’S The Best Sifting Cat Litter Boxes ?

Sifting cat litter boxes reduces the workload of cleaning out your cat box and eliminates the need for a scooper, which can spread germs around your home.

However, there are numerous brands to choose from, making it difficult to select the perfect one for your home.

So we've chosen ten different brands to review for you so you can understand how they differ.

We'll go over the advantages and downsides of each brand on our best sifting cat litter boxes list, as well as how our cats felt about them.

We've also included a brief buyer's guide to explain how sifting litter boxes operate and what to look for if you decide to continue browsing.

Continue reading as BestForPets (bestforpets.org) examines the size, cleaning, convenience of use, and other factors to help you make an informed decision.


Best Overall: SpeedySift Cat Litter Box with Sifting Liners

The finest overall cat sifting litter box is the SpeedySift Cat Litter Box with Disposable Sifting Liners. Corrugated plastic is used in its construction to help make it lightweight and flexible.

It’s also incredibly configurable, and you may change the height of your cat’s entrance.

Lower entrances are preferable for elderly cats, however higher entrances help maintain litter in the box while your cat uses it.

The sidewalls are likewise changeable, and the system is simple to use, with liners catching and disposing of waste.

Our cats all enjoyed using the SpeedySift, and we found it to be effective and simple to use.

The only issue we encountered was that if your cat is a digger, it may dig too deeply and scratch the liners.


Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan – Best Buy

Our recommendation for the best sifting cat litter box for the money is the Pet Mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan.

Arm and Hammer is a well-known brand that has been producing essential products for many years.

This litter pan is made of sturdy plastic and comes with two conventional pans as well as a sifter. It’s simple to use, and the pans stack together to take up little room.

Furthermore, the plastic structure is antibacterial, which will aid in the prevention of bacterial transmission.

The one thing we didn’t like about the Pet Mate Arm & Hammer was that it was too tiny for larger cats. While using it, a few of our bigger lads had difficulties turning around.


Premium Choice VETRESKA Sifting Cat Litter Box with Lid Scoop

Our top-of-the-line sifting cat litter box is the VETRESKA Sifting Cat Litter Box with Lid Scoop Set.

It has a really appealing design that resembles a watermelon, so it will look great anywhere in your home, and it is covered, so you won’t have to worry about guests seeing a dirty litterbox.

The cover will also aid in odor control. Furthermore, the sturdy structure includes revised hinges for maintenance-free operation and an easy-to-pull-out tray for easy cleaning.

A litter-catching platform gathers litter clinging to your pet’s feet as it exits the box, keeping your floors and home cleaner, and it also includes a convenient scooper set that makes it easy to spot clean between sifts.

The VETRESKA was one of the most appealing little boxes we’d seen. However, it is a little little and is not ideal for larger cats.

Some of our cats were first frightened to walk through the door, so keep a spare handy while your animals grow used to it.


HUAXIAO 3 Sifting Cat Litter Box – Recommended for Pine Needles

The best sifting box for pine needles is the HUAXIAO 3 Sifting Cat Litter Box.

It has wide slots that allow larger media to fall through while still catching, and it has a novel three-tray arrangement that eliminates the need to empty one tray into another.

The trays stack in various directions. When you take the top one for sifting, you will discard the clumps and set the tray at the bottom of the stack.

You can sift forever, and cleaning one tray at a time is simple. The plastic structure feels strong and durable, and it should last for a long time.

The most significant disadvantage of Cat Litter Box is that it is not very huge, and some larger cats will not have enough area to turn around.

Another issue we experienced was that the four-inch short sides allowed the cats to kick a lot of litter into the floor.


Sifting Cat Pan Litter Box with Frame by SKEMIX

The SKEMIX Sifting Cat Pan Litter Box with Frame has two similar litter boxes and one frame that sifts the litter while also raising the edges to assist decrease the amount of litter that ends up outside the box.

This brand comes in a variety of colors, so you can find something that complements your decor.

It is made of a robust plastic with a polished finish that is scratch resistant, making it easy to clean and odor resistant.

The disadvantage of utilizing SKEMIX was that clumps would frequently attach to the perforations as we sifted.

Because the sifter takes more space inside the box, some larger cats may have difficulty moving around with it attached.

How to Choose The Best Sifting Cat Litter Box

In this section, we’ll go over what makes a good sifting litter box and what you should look for if you go shopping again.

Type of Sifting

Litter Boxes with Sifting

Two ordinary boxes and one sifting pan are used in the conventional sifting litter box. This style of litter box can be used in two ways.

Method No. 1

Place the sifter in a normal box and cover with a few inches of litter. When the box becomes soiled, lift the sifter out and remove the waste with it.

Dump the rubbish in the trash, then put the clean sifting box inside the second box and empty the litter from the first box to make room for your cats. Repeat as necessary.

Method No. 2

Allow your cat to use the first box with a few inches of litter until it is cleaned. Pour the soiled litter over the sifting pan in the second box.

Remove the sifter to clean it and make it ready for your cats. Repeat as necessary. Both procedures may appear to be similar, yet they are not.

The first approach is normally recommended by the manufacturer, and it involves leaving the sifting pan in the litter while your cat uses it.

The first way, in our experience, permits urine to enter the sifter slots, clogging them as it clots.

Stopped and unclean holes reduce its effectiveness and increase the amount of cleaning required.

The second method allows the pee and feces to clump and dry before attempting to sift out the litter, resulting in less mess and no blockage.

The disadvantage of both approaches is that they need you to pour a significant amount of litter from one box into the next, which creates a lot of dust.

Sifting Litter Boxes that Interlock

Three sifting boxes positioned opposite each other are used in interlocking style sifting litter boxes. When you stack any two sifting boxes, you get a solid floor.

You put litter in three stacked boxes and let your cat utilize them until it’s time to clean them.

Lifting off the top box allows you to sift out the waste, while the two remaining pans form a solid floor.

Once the rubbish has been disposed of, place the box in the bottom of the pile, facing the correct direction. Repeat as necessary.

Sifting litter boxes eliminate dumping, resulting in far less dust than traditional litter boxes. It also demands less back labour than alternative procedures.

However, in our experience, the slots get dusty and may even clog the sift holes, making it less efficient.

Because these holes are unclean, you will have to clean them before placing the box at the bottom of the stack on your floor, which will add to your workload.

If your cat urinates frequently or the litter is ineffective, urine can find its way through the layers and reach your floor, so use these with a mat or liner.

Litter Boxes with Automatic Sifting

Automatic litter boxes are frequently covered and contain a lever that allows you to sift the litter or roll the entire box.

Automatic boxes can be useful, but they frequently increase your workload. These enormous boxes will be more difficult to clean and will need to be disassembled.

The trapped odors are pleasant for your home, but they may create an unpleasant outhouse environment for your cat, which can be harmful, especially if you use fragrance-containing litter.

Another issue with automatic sifting boxes is that the sifting mechanism often takes up a lot of room, making your cat’s environment more crowded.


Liners are required for sifting litterboxes, but they can be used with practically any box to assist provide a barrier between the litter and the floor.

You can use them with conventional boxes to keep urine off the plastic, preventing odor absorption and making cleaning easier.

They can also be used on the bottom box of interlocked sifting boxes to keep urine from finding its way through the layers and onto the floor.


Another factor to consider while selecting a litter box is its size. Larger litterboxes are usually preferable because you never know how big your cat will grow or if you’ll get another that is.

Cats want to have plenty of space to move around, thus a larger area means less will be kicked out while scratching.

We recommend selecting a brand with at least one dimension of at least 18 inches.


When it comes to sifting cat litter boxes, we offer our top option for the best overall.

The SpeedySift Cat Litter Box with Disposable Sifting Liners is a huge box that sifts the litter with a simple yet effective design.

It comes with liners, so there’s no mess, and it’s fully customisable. If necessary, you can raise the entranceway and replace the walls.

Another wise decision is our finest value. The Pet Mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan is affordable, simple to use, and long-lasting.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you enjoyed reading these reviews and identified a few models you’d want to try.

If these ten best sifting cat litter boxes have made it easier for you to keep up with your cat, please share them on Facebook and Twitter.

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