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The 10 Best Shock Collars For Large Dogs

The use of shock collars is contentious, yet many trainers swear by them. However, it is difficult to discover one that is effective for all types of dogs, as a shock that may kill a Chihuahua may have no effect on a Great Dane.

It is so important to select one that works for your unique dog. If you get a quality one, you may be able to gain a training advantage, whereas a subpar one could derail your efforts or even damage your dog.

In the reviews that follow, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will explore some of our top recommendations for the best shock collars for large dogs, as well as a few that you should not put on your pet.


PetSpy Dog Training Shock Collar – Overall Superiority



The PetSpy P620 was designed to be operated blindly, allowing you to focus on your dog rather than the remote each time you wish to provide a correction. To this purpose, the buttons are distinguishable by touch, so after a few minutes you should be able to devote your full focus to your dog.

The remote has a range of 650 yards, allowing you to train your dog to roam without a leash from a distance. Additionally, you can select from three distinct training modes, each with sixteen intensity levels.

The collar will handle mutts weighing up to 140 pounds, so unless you have a genuinely enormous dog, this should fit him well.

The corporation includes a training eBook, but it cannot replace an experienced teacher. Expect a maximum of two days per charge due to the battery’s short life.

When it’s fully charged, though, the PetSpy P620 is the greatest shock collar we’ve seen for large dogs, deserving of our top slot.


  • May be utilized blind
  • Has a 650-yard range
  • Three instructional modes
  • 16 various intensity levels
  • Fits canines up to 140 pounds


  • Reduced battery life
  • The included ebook is of little use


Pet Union Dog Training Shock Collar – Best Price



The Pet Union PTOZ1 does not have the same range as the PetSpy collar placed above it, but it is a comparable collar with a reasonable pricing. In fact, it is our pick for the most affordable shock collar for large dogs.

The PTOZ1 has a range of only 300 yards, roughly half that of the PetSpy, but its battery life is far longer. However, you will need to look at it to use it because the buttons all feel identical. The wide LCD screen makes it simple to use, and it functions equally well throughout the day and at night.

This collar has four options as opposed to three, and each can be personalized from 1-100. In our perspective, not all modes are winners, but it’s wonderful to have options.

It is completely waterproof, so you may leave it on while swimming or training in the rain.

We feel that the Pet Union PTOZ1 is not nearly as good as the PetSpy, but for the price, you may be prepared to compromise some capabilities.


  • Outstanding value for the cost
  • Extended battery life
  • Large LCD screen
  • Four training modes
  • Absolute waterproofness


  • Limited scope
  • Must examine the buttons to operate


SportDOG E-Collar — A Premium Option



If you are a professional trainer, the SportDOG Brand 425 may be the ideal tool for correcting undesirable behaviors. However, frequent users may find it excessive in terms of both the functions it provides and the price it demands.

You may simultaneously train three dogs with a single controller, albeit you will need to purchase three individual collars. This is ideal for instructors of group classes, but if you’re a regular proprietor, you could find it overwhelming.

Additionally, you may personalize the buttons to your taste, and each purchase comes with a comprehensive manual and instructional DVD. Again, this may be daunting, and you may not be willing to perform the necessary research to maximize the worth of this collar.

It is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, making it ideal for hunting dog training. The battery life is excellent, and it takes around two hours to recharge.

Ultimately, the SportDOG Brand 425 is the most advanced and possibly the best shock collar for large dogs on the market. However, if you never learn how to utilize these functions, they will be of little use.


  • Can train three dogs concurrently
  • Excellent for professional coaches
  • Buttons are adjustable
  • Includes a comprehensive manual and instructional DVDs
  • Rapid recharge and long battery life


  • Extremely intricate
  • Highly costly
  • Perhaps too scary for some proprietors


DOG CARE Shock Collar for Dogs



The DOG CARE TCO1 remote is long and slender, and it fits well in your hand. In addition to being pocketable, the keypad has a security lock to prevent inadvertent shocks.

One controller can operate a staggering nine dogs, but it sounds like a recipe for pandemonium to us. Nonetheless, the possibility there if you can pull it off.

When you need to grab your dog’s attention, the shock button is large and properly labeled, so you should have no trouble locating it.

The TC01 costs nearly the same as the Pet Union PTOZ1 but does not deliver quite the same value. The lower shock settings are scarcely perceptible, while the highest one provides a rather strong jolt, so you’re caught between two extremes.

Additionally, the battery life of the collar is short. After a few months, it will no longer keep a charge unless it is plugged in.

We enjoy a handful of the DOG CARE TC01’s features (and we love the pricing), but they need to iron out a few glitches before they can plan to advance up these rankings.


  • Slim construction
  • A safety lock prevents unintentional discharges.
  • The shock button is prominent and simple to locate.
  • Good value


  • Shocks are restricted to extremes only.
  • The battery is not durable.
  • Multiple dog management appears to be a prescription for catastrophe


PATPET 320 Shock Collar for Dogs



The PATPET 320 has a 10-second automatic shutdown that stops shocking the dog. This is to prevent unintentional continual shocks, such as those that could occur if the remote was left in a pocket.

While we appreciate the inclusion of this safety feature, we don’t believe you should ever need to zap your dog for 10 seconds.

The corrective modes vary from 1 to 16, and your dog should begin to feel it around level six. The higher levels are more likely to result in pain and bewilderment than in behavior improvement.

In some cases, the vibration and sound modes may be more effective than the shock mode. The vibration may be set to a fairly high level, allowing you to grab your dog’s attention without harming him.

The proximity of the buttons is advantageous for those with small hands, although it might lead to errors under pressure.

The PATPET 320 can be a helpful tool for behavior modification, but because it may be more successful when not used as a shock collar, it is difficult to put it higher than fifth.


  • Automatically turns off for safety
  • Sound and vibration modes perform admirably
  • beneficial for people with little hands


  • Shock mode is inferior than the other two modes
  • High settings can be excruciating
  • Simple to press the incorrect button


Flittor Shock Collar Model DT102



You can configure the Flittor DT102 to remember your settings from one training session to the next, so you won’t have to spend a great deal of time tinkering to discover a configuration that works. It retains three settings, allowing you to use it with up to three different dogs.

The LCD screen is large and clearly displays the settings, reducing the likelihood that you will shock Fido more than intended. It is also quite bright, allowing for night training.

Unfortunately, the shock setting can be inconsistent, especially for dogs with longer hair. This can entirely derail his training, as random corrections are likely to leave him bewildered.

Additionally, it is relatively difficult to put on, and if not done correctly, it can fall off. Even if you properly fit the collar on your dog, it won’t take much for it to break due to the plastic’s excessive rigidity.

The Flittor’s remote is one of the most user-friendly we discovered, but the collar falls short of the same caliber, causing us to place it at the bottom of the list.


  • Memory function stores configurations
  • Clear and user-friendly LCD display
  • Appropriate for night training


  • Shock mode operates inconsistently
  • The collar is challenging to don
  • Dogs with tenacity can shatter it


Large-Dog Bousnic 320B Electrical Shock Collar



The Bousnic 320B follows to this principle, however it only causes issues.

The remote does appear straightforward, and it is simple to operate if you stare at it the entire time. Unfortunately, your remote should not be your primary focus while training.

The buttons are all quite similar, making it difficult to find the correct one quickly. They are similarly sized, making it simple to make mistakes unless you recall the layout.

This remote allows for simultaneous management of two dogs, and unlike other solutions with comparable functionality, it contains two collars. Obviously, it is on the more expensive end of the range, so adding the second collar is more for convenience than for value.

Additionally, transferring from one dog to the next is cumbersome and you may not be able to do so in time to provide a reprimand.

Although we admire the Bousnic 320B’s efforts to simplify training, they end up making it more difficult, thus we were forced to penalize them.


  • Includes two collars
  • Can train two dogs concurrently


  • Buttons are deceptively similar
  • Rather costly
  • Changing between dogs is cumbersome


TBI Pro Dog Training Collar TJ-1



The TBI Pro TJ-1 remote is bright green, making it simple to locate when needed. The orange color of the shock button stands out against the green background, allowing you to immediately spot it during training.

It is true that green and orange is an unpleasant combination, but it is also effective. The shock button is likewise easily accessible regardless of whether you’re staring at it or not.

Unfortunately, it appears that the layout and aesthetics of the remote were given more design care than the collar’s function.

The range is pretty limited, so unless you have a very small yard, you should not use it outdoors. It does not appear to be waterproof either. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about keeping it dry, as it will likely stop functioning after a few weeks regardless of your efforts.

The style and layout of the TBI Pro TJ-1 remote should be imitated by other manufacturers. For its part, the TJ-1 should consider how to replicate the longevity of other collars.


  • Bright green hue makes remote control simple to locate
  • Shock button designed to minimize inadvertent activation


  • Very poor range
  • Not waterproof
  • Poor resilience
  • Fairly ugly


FunniPets Dog Shock Collar



In many ways, a shock collar that doesn’t operate at all is better to one that only works intermittently, because then your training will be consistent. This model from FunniPets contradicts that assertion, as it is impossible to predict whether it will carry out your commands.

To be fair, a portion of the issue may be attributable to this device’s terrible battery life. Even in standby mode, it will need to be recharged at least every other day.

However, if you can get it to function, you will likely be put off by the remote’s complexity. It has far too many buttons, and it can be difficult to get the settings just perfect, particularly when teaching numerous pets.

It claims to be waterproof, however the maker warns against prolonged submersion in water, which is not particularly encouraging.

Although you do receive two collars for a reasonable price, this is insufficient to make up for the FunniPets’ other flaws.


  • Two collars at a discount


  • Infrequently effective.
  • Awful battery life
  • Remote is quite complex
  • Not very watertight


Waterproof Slope Dog Shock Collar



If you purchased a collar labeled “Slopehill Waterproof,” what would you anticipate it to be able to do? If you responded, “survive in water,” you are likely to find this contraption as perplexing as we did.

It has the same problem as the FunniPets collar, in that it is extremely inconsistent. However, even when it works, there is typically a wait of a few seconds, during which your dog has likely stopped performing the undesirable activity.

The collar’s clasp is constructed of low-quality plastic and will surely break if your dog is even slightly rowdy, but the good news is that you may not mind if your pet returns without it.

However, the battery life is excellent, so there is that.

Overall, the Slopehill Waterproof does not offer much that is worth recommending, and unless it undergoes a significant redesign, it should not expect to rank much higher than last on this list in the near future.


  • Superior battery life


  • Shock function has a delay of one or two seconds
  • Infrequently causes jolts
  • Not waterproof
  • The clasp is constructed of cheap plastic

Priorities to Consider When Purchasing a Shock Collar

When purchasing dog training collars, you cannot simply select the first item that seems ideal. When purchasing anything for oneself, you always take your time to find the best, correct?

The same should be done when purchasing a training collar for your dog. However, purchasing the best dog shock collar is more difficult than it sounds. When selecting a shock collar for a large dog, there are numerous considerations to make.

Before purchasing a training collar for large dogs, it is crucial to consider the following elements and their significance.

Diverse Training Modes

It is crucial to remember that the best dog training collars will always provide a wide range of training modes and intensities. Because medium and large dogs are stronger than small dogs, this element is significant.

They may not respond to a certain training mode, which is why you need several. Thus, you may evaluate each alternative to determine which is most effective for your dog.

The majority of current shock collars include levels for each mode. Thus, the intensity of the static shock can be adjusted. This makes it easier to establish the optimal training level for your dog and ensures that the corrections won’t injure him.

Availability and Style

This subsequent element is self-explanatory. A dog training shock collar is tested on a daily basis. If something is not sturdy, it will break easily. This item is a complete waste of money, thus there is no use in purchasing it.

Therefore, the greatest dog shock collars are always durable. Thus, they will be able to resist frequent use for months or even years, allowing you to receive your money’s worth.

But it is not all that matters. You must also ensure that it has a good design. A collar with an unusual design will likely cause your dog discomfort. No dog owner would want such for their pet, so you must seek out comfortable alternatives.


An electric shock collar should always be simple to use, because otherwise, working with it is a hassle for both you and your dog. Always seek for solutions that are efficient and convenient in the majority of circumstances.

For instance, the button layout should be intuitive and easy to manipulate. The collar should also have a respectable range so that you are not constantly required to chase after your dog for it to function.

In addition to standby modes and security locks, several of the best electric dog collars also feature standby modes.


Lastly, always remember to purchase an electronic dog collar with a long battery life. If your dog training collar dies every time you walk outside to use it, it’s not very practical, is it?

It is your responsibility to get a rechargeable dog shock collar that is durable. So that nothing goes wrong during a training session, your e-collar should always be reliable in this regard.

Shock Collars and Their Performance

The majority of people are already familiar with dog shock collars. A training collar can be used to train and correct your dog’s behavior. However, it is also vital to understand how this works.

Due to the fact that it is a dog training collar, you will have control over it. Therefore, you are responsible for the inputs and ensuring that the timing of the corrections is accurate.

There is a receiver on the collar and a transmitter, which is the remote held by the dog owner. This remote allows you to communicate with the collar and adjust your dog’s behavior.

Signals allow the two components to communicate with one another. The distance these signals travel depends on the type of collar being used. Now that we have a better understanding of how the device operates, let’s move on to the fundamentals of obtaining one.

How Should a Shock Collar Be Used on Large Dogs?

Using one of these devices involves much more than pressing a single button and hoping for better behavior from your dog. Working with giant dogs is a complicated and lengthy process that differs from the norm.

This is due to the fact that larger men are always stronger and more stubborn. They will accept each correction with grace and continue doing whatever it is they are doing. You must know the appropriate words to prevent this from occurring.

With a dog training collar and the proper commands, it is possible to teach your dog a variety of behaviors.

Having purchased an e-collar and wishing to begin training with it, the following are some of the things you should emphasize teaching the large dog:

If he already knows basic orders such as sit, stand, wait, and follow, you should teach him other commands. These are some of the most fundamental skills that all canines should possess.

Stop barking excessively. Most huge dogs tend to be very loud. Electric shock collars are an effective means of addressing this issue. Put the device on the large dog and correct his behavior anytime he barks excessively.

Walking instruction and off-leash training are also vital. You may teach your dog these by yelling “NO” and activating the device anytime he strays too far from you. He will eventually stay by your side on his own.

Train him not to make messes. Huge dogs can occasionally leave behind large messes. When this occurs, you should admonish your dog verbally and with the collar. A few repetitions of this will teach him not to make messes again.

Most dogs enjoy jumping on people, which is a bad habit you should break. When you expect guests, have your dog wear his shock collar so you can discipline him if he leaps on them.


The PetSpy P620 has topped the list of the finest shock collars for large dogs due to its user-friendliness and exceptional range of motion. It can also hold dogs that weigh up to 140 pounds, which makes it perfect for almost every breed.

Second place goes to Pet Union PTOZ1. The huge LCD display makes it incredibly user-friendly, and the lengthy battery life allows for unlimited practice.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our readers for visiting our website to read about and research the best shock collars for large dogs.

The process of purchasing a shock collar for your dog is not simple, but we hope our reviews have made it easier for you to select a reliable collar. Ultimately, it’s for your dog’s own good, even if he doesn’t appreciate it at the moment.

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