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The 10 Best Sheep Shears And Clippers

Shearing is an important part of the season, whether you have a few sheep or a herd of thousands. If you shear your own flock rather than hiring a professional shearer, you must use shears that are efficient, effective, and safe.

While dog clippers can ultimately shear a single sheep, they aren't trustworthy for shearing wool since they lack force and the blades aren't built to cut through the fleece.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) have identified the best sheep shears and clippers available, spanning all budgets and meeting the demands of every farmer, regardless of flock size.

You will also discover a guide to some of the most significant characteristics, allowing you to choose the sheep clippers that best meet your needs.


550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers Anbull

The Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers include a 550W copper motor and are a mid-priced electric clipper. The shears offer a variable speed range of up to 2,600RPM, allowing you to alternate between full cuts and cleaning up.

Anbull claims that the supplied blade is made of vanadium steel and can shear up to 2,000 sheep.

Air vents prevent overheating, and you also receive a carrying bag and a variety of supplies such as a replacement blade, brushes to clean the blade and motors, and lubrication oil.

Although there are less expensive electric shears on the market, the Anbull 550W is still fairly priced, has sufficient power, and a solid variable speed feature, making it one of the best overall sheep shears and clippers available.

However, since it is a hefty equipment, it may induce weariness after prolonged usage. They also need considerable expertise to achieve a clean and clear cut, hence they are better suited to professional or experienced shearers.


  • Shears with six speeds.
  • The vanadium steel blade is razor sharp.
  • A good selection of accessories and extras


  • Heavy
  • It takes time to master.


Dragro Sheep Clippers 500W Upgraded

The Dragro Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W are an update to Dragro’s 500W sheep clippers. They feature a 500-watt motor with variable speed settings ranging from 1,800 to 2,400 RPM.

Six speed options allow you to shear at a high pace for the most of the time before switching to a reduced speed for precise cuts and shearing around sensitive regions.

These are extremely reasonably priced specialist sheep clippers that can shear one or two sheep at a time.

This is another pair of clippers that comes with a travel case and accessories, including a replacement blade, cleaning brush, lubricating oil, carbon brushes, and a wrench.

Because of the lesser power of the 500W engine, the Dragro Upgraded Sheep Clippers grow heated rapidly. If you’re cutting more than one or two sheep, you’ll need to stop often to maintain the blade and keep the engine from overheating.

As long as you aren’t shearing hundreds of sheep in a single day, the cheap price and good accessory set make them the finest sheep shears and clippers for the money. They lack a little power and grow heated rapidly if used for extended periods of time.


  • Cheap
  • There are six different speeds to select from.
  • Excellent accessories set


  • Heat up rapidly
  • Under severe usage, the blades shatter.


Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine by Oster

The Oster Climpaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine is a heavy-duty clipper with speed settings ranging from 700 to 3,000 RPM.

Oster’s newest edition strengthens the clipper body and claims that the new robust housing is shatterproof while being lighter than previous generations.

When blasting through numerous lambs in a day, an additional 400 to 500 RPM makes a tremendous difference, and when you do need to focus on cleaning up, they give the ease of being able to slow the pace and take your time.

The added power and durability of the new Clipmaster clipping machine come at a price, and this is the most costly device on our list, but if you’re shearing hundreds of sheep at once, the extra money makes the operation go a lot faster.

You will need to lubricate often, but you may utilize this time to relax your arms since the Oster clippers are hefty. You receive a travel case, which is rather flimsy for the money you pay for the clippers. A brush, lubricating lubricant, and an intake screen are also included.


  • Heavy-duty clippers for tough tasks
  • Variable speed range of up to 3,000 RPM
  • Housing made of shatterproof glass


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Accessories that are underwhelming


Package 4000c Premier Clipper

The 4000c slick shearing clippers are included in the Premier 4000c Clipper Package. Slick shearing allows you to show off your muscling, and since this form of shearing is often used for shows, you’ll need a pair of shears that are exact, effective, and don’t leave a mess behind. The Premier 4000c clipper kit is not intended for large-scale shearing.

It lacks changeable speed settings and must be lubricated every three minutes. The engine is very noisy for a pair of smooth shears, but it seldom slows down even under high load, allowing for a consistent cut all the way across the body.

The clippers are pricey, but they come with a travel bag that is elegant enough to bring to fairs and exhibits. It also contains a nice bottle of lubricating oil, which will be needed often.


  • Design that is light in weight
  • Does not slow down under load
  • Beautiful carry case


  • Expensive
  • There are no variable speed settings.
  • Lubrication is required on a regular basis.


Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers TakeKit

TakeKit Sheep Shears Professional Electric Animal Grooming Clippers are low-cost clippers with a low-powered motor that do a good job of one-time shearing but are not suitable for shearing several sheep.

The high-quality steel blade is of good quality, and there are six speed settings (up to 2,400 RPM) to pick from depending on your degree of competence or whether you are tackling a thick fleece or cleaning up around delicate areas. 2,400 RPM is somewhat slower than the peak speed of most other clippers, implying that it will take longer and more effort to cut through dense fleece.

You receive a carry kit, a screwdriver, and a cleaning brush as extras. You also receive an oil container, but there is no oil in it, so you will have to obtain it yourself.

The clippers may get hot if you attempt to shear too many sheep in one session, and the lesser power of the motor means that you can anticipate some severe vibrations when cutting, but their inexpensive price and decent quality make them appropriate for shearing a single sheep.


  • Cheap
  • There are a few extras included.


  • It becomes heated.
  • Vibrations are really strong.


Apelila Electric Sheep Shears with 6 Speeds

The Apelila 6 Speed Sheep Shears Electric Clippers contain a 320-watt motor and six variable speed settings with a maximum speed of 2,400 RPM.

They are reasonably priced, and Apelila boasts that they can butcher up to ten sheep in an hour, however they warn that you should slow down to prevent overheating the engine.

In comparison to professional versions, the 320-watt motor is underpowered. This implies that it is more prone to overheat and experience more vibrations than higher-powered motors.

It is also the reason why the maximum speed of the shears is 2,400 RPM, which is somewhat lower than the others on the list. You do receive a good travel bag, as well as a cleaning brush, an empty oil bottle, and a screwdriver for maintenance.

Although they are low-cost shears, they grow hot rapidly, requiring frequent pauses if shearing more than one or two sheep, and their lack of power means they struggle with very thick wool.


  • Cheap
  • A good carry case


  • 2400 RPM is the maximum speed.
  • The 320W motor heats up rapidly.
  • It is basically only appropriate for one or two sheep.


Electric Professional Sheep Shears Beetro 550W

Beetro produces many electric sheep shears types, including one with a 500W motor and these, the somewhat more powerful Beetro 550W Electric Professional Sheep Shears.

Because of the greater power, the professional sheep shears have a maximum speed of 2,600 RPM and don’t become as hot as lower-powered shears.

The speed is adjustable with six different settings. Higher power levels are excellent for cutting through the bulk of the wool, while lower power settings provide more accuracy and detail.

A sturdy carrying bag is included, as well as a spare steel cutting blade, replacement copper brushes, a screwdriver, and lubrication oil. The Beetro is competitively priced, but not the lowest model on our list, and it runs quietly than many others.

Although the extra power is useful, the lower speed settings are a little weak and will struggle to cut anything but the thinnest covering.

Additionally, the extra power does not completely prevent these shears from overheating, so if you’re cutting several sheep, you’ll need to take regular breaks and allow the cutters to cool.


  • Cheap
  • Good accessories
  • 2600 RPM is the maximum speed.


  • Lower speed settings are ineffective.
  • Does it overheat?


Professional Heavy Duty Electric Shearing Clippers Sheep Shears Pro 110V 500W

The Sheep Shears Pro 110V 500W Professional Heavy Duty Electric Sharing Clippers include a 500-watt motor that can cut at rates of up to 2,400 RPM in six different settings.

It is intended for use on agricultural animals, but by changing the blade, it may also be used to shear alpacas, llamas, and goats.

The accompanying blade is adequate for shearing sheep, and you also receive a travel bag, a container for lubricating oil (no oil is provided), and a pair of carbon brushes.

These shears are more costly than many clippers with comparable features and power and speed ranges. Furthermore, although the shears themselves are well-made, the accompanying blades are prone to breaking quickly.

If you’re cutting a lot of sheep, you’ll need to take many intervals to let the engine to cool down, and you’ll need to be prepared for regular blade oiling sessions to maintain a good-looking cut.


  • Shears are long-lasting.
  • It includes a spare blade.


  • Blades wear out soon.
  • More pricey than comparable models
  • It has overheated and needs a rest.


Sheep Shears Pet & Livestock HQ 380W

The Pet & Livestock HQ 380W Sheep Shears are a medium to high-priced pair of electric shears that have a 380W copper motor that spins at 2,500 RPM. Because there is no changeable speed option, first-time shearers may trouble with the pace at first.

Pet & Livestock states that, although having a considerably lower power motor than other lower-priced shears, they are not prone to overheating and do a speedy job of complete shearing.

You receive a travel bag, a replacement skin-safe blade, and the power cord is significantly longer than most other versions, extending just over 18 feet.

The additional rope length helps you to shear comfortably and without having to constantly move yourself and your sheep. Additionally, the skin-safe blades avoid nicks and wounds on your cattle.

These are pricey shears that lack the variable speed settings seen in others. Furthermore, although the shears do not overheat, certain elements of them are prone to breaking. They are also hefty, which may take some getting used to if you are used to lighter clippers.


  • Avoid overheating.
  • 18-foot power cable


  • Expensive
  • Some examples of broken parts
  • Heavy


Grooming Kit for HONGNAL Pro Pet Clippers

The HONGNAL Pro Pet Clippers Grooming Kit is really affordable: it is the lowest item on our list. They are also marketed as safe for use on sheep.

These battery-powered clippers indeed employ a 5,000mAH Li-ion battery, which HONGNAL says will last up to 8 hours before needing to be recharged.

It can reach speeds of up to 7,000 RPM and is quieter than other clippers since it is powered by a battery rather of a more powerful and noisier motor.

When you purchase the grooming kit, you will get the clippers, battery, charging cable, and 5 combs to allow you to trim to the desired length.

Although the clippers are touted as ideal for sheep, they aren’t strong enough to cut through wool effectively unless you cut often or only want to neaten up and clip away a few stray hairs.

When used on sheep, the motor struggles with the thick hair, which means it will likely grow quite hot, necessitating many rests and perhaps resulting in uneven and messy cuts.


  • Cheap
  • Because it is battery-powered, it is cordless.
  • 4 blades are included.


  • Not strong enough for wool
  • When used on thick wool, it overheats.


Hopefully, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) evaluations have assisted you in locating the set the best sheep shears and clippers that meet your needs. If you can afford it, the Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers with a good blade and a good variety of speed settings are worth the little extra money, but for those on a tight budget and with a relatively small number of sheep to shear, the Dragro 2021 Upgraded Sheep Clippers 500W are inexpensive, include some decent accessories, and have a good range of speeds.

Buyer's Guide

Shearing sheep is not only necessary for selling or processing the fleece, but it is also necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your flock.

Shearing sheep is a time-consuming and difficult process that is usually done once a year, particularly if you have a flock of dozens or hundreds of sheep.

Farmers with large flocks often hire professional shearers to assist with the operation, however electric shearers may still be required to clear off any matted hair or to cut sheep who missed shearing day.

When Should Sheep Be Sheared?

The procedure of removing thick wool from sheep is known as shearing. It is usually done once a year, just before the hot summer months. In any event, shearing should not be done until the hard winter months have passed.

If you display your sheep or raise club lambs, you may need to shear them more often. These cuts must be accurate, not for the quality of the removed fleece, but to allow you to properly show off the sheep, and it is common for a show sheep to be cut often, necessitating shears that give higher accuracy but do not necessarily need to manage such thick wool.

What Happens When a Sheep Isn’t Sheared?

Shearing is essential for the health of your flock.

A sheep with too much wool is unable to regulate its body temperature. It will be unable to cool down in hot weather, which may lead to dehydration and overheating, and can even be deadly if the temperature increases significantly.

The wool, particularly around the tail, might get saturated in urine and coated with excrement. This is not only unpleasant, but it is also unsanitary, and it may attract flies and other pests. Flystrike may cause infection, which can make sheep extremely sick and cause illnesses.

Some sheep have so much wool that it restricts their mobility. Allowing the wool to grow down to the legs may make general mobility difficult, and a long fleece runs the danger of being snagged on fences and preventing the sheep from passing through tight spaces.

Shearer Characteristics

So shearing is crucial, and if you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll need a good set of shearers to help the operation go faster and more easily.

They can protect the sheep from harm and stress, and they perform swiftly without requiring you to take frequent stops to allow the engine to cool down. Some of the most significant qualities to look for when purchasing electric sheep clippers are as follows.

Motor Force

The majority of high-quality shearers are driven by an electric motor. This means they need a power wire, but it also means they have a more efficient motor than cordless, battery-powered gadgets.

The power of the motor varies somewhat, although it may vary from a low-powered 300-watt motor to a strong 600-watt or even larger motor. In general, a more powerful motor will operate at lower temperatures, lowering the danger of overheating.

It will also run at faster rates, making it simpler to cut through thick wool without encountering any cutting troubles or challenges.


Another crucial aspect is speed, which is measured in rotations per minute. A high speed is defined as 2,600 RPM, although low-power settings might be significantly lower at 1,000 RPM.

When cutting a whole fleece, high power is best employed, but it is also best used by experienced shearers since errors are simpler to make and more difficult to correct at higher rates.

Lower speeds are ideal for precise cutting, reducing the strain on the motor if it is overheating, and cutting around sensitive regions. Novice shearers should begin with lesser rotations before progressing to higher rotations.

Variable Frequency

A few current shears have fixed speed, which means they will, for example, run at a constant 2,600RPM pace. The whole shearer has been developed and configured for this speed, so it should give constant power and efficient outcomes at high speeds.

It is great in the hands of an experienced shearer for going through dozens of sheep. It may not be ideal for fine work.

Other shearers feature a variable speed option that allows you to pick between up to six different speed settings, which is good for beginners since it allows them to practice at lesser speeds before making the step up.

These adjustable shears are especially useful since they may be used at high speeds to cut the majority of the fleece and then reduced to finish delicate places.

Selecting a Shearer

Consider the following aspects when selecting the proper electric shearer for your cutting requirements to guarantee you obtain the finest gear for you.

How Many Sheep Will You Shear?

Shearing a small number of sheep might take an hour or so per animal. A lower power motor may be appropriate since there is less risk of overheating.

If you have dozens or hundreds of sheep to shear, you’ll want to spend as little time as possible on each one while yet doing an excellent job on all of them.

A greater power motor provides constant performance and should not struggle when loaded. You should also evaluate the quality of the shearer’s blades, since low-quality blades can dull rapidly.

Are You a Skilled Shearer?

Experienced shearers are not only faster, but also more exact and less likely to nick the skin. The most experienced and proficient shearers may use a high-speed setting to cut a full sheep, even the problematic places.

Shearers who are new to shearing should start with less power and progress to a more powerful motor as they acquire expertise and become more efficient.

What Kind Of Cut Do You Require?

A general cut involves shearing a sheep for comfort while simultaneously removing as much fleece as feasible in a single pass. This increases the resale value and usefulness of the fleece while decreasing total shear time.

It requires high-speed cutting and razor-sharp blades. Club lambs are shorn more often and have shorter wool. They are also considerably shorter, and the wool should be cut to a consistent length, which necessitates the use of a more accurate electric clipper.

Is It Possible to Shear a Sheep with Horse Clippers?

Horse clippers are made specifically for use on horses. You may be possible to purchase a sheep blade for horse clippers, but the engine won’t be powerful enough to cut more than one or two sheep, and they may struggle with thick wool.

Shears are used to cut sheep.

Shepherds and shearers strive to reduce sheep cuts and nicks because flock welfare and shearing outcomes are important. However, minor nicks do occur. These tend to heal rapidly and without incident.

Can I Cut My Dog With Sheep Shears?

One of the primary distinctions between sheep shears and dog clippers is that dog clippers include extra safety measures that protect you from injuring your dog.

As a result, although it is feasible to trim the hair, it is typically preferable to use specialist dog clippers for the process.

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