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The 7 Best Shampoos For Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are stunning, industrious dogs who serve as herders, search-and-rescue dogs, and service animals. The Australian Shepherd is capable of meeting any difficulty.

These canines adore spending time outside and can become pretty filthy as a result. Combined with their long and glossy fur, this necessitates a little more grooming to keep Australians looking their best.

Their double-layered coat consists of a silky, downy undercoat and a tough, water-resistant outer layer. They are also susceptible to skin allergies, which can cause itching and skin irritation.

To maintain the integrity of the natural oils, you must use a shampoo that penetrates both layers and reduces shedding. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) suggests the best shampoos for Australian shepherds based on the opinions of dog owners like you!


Overall Winner: Skout’s Honor Probiotic Unscented Dog Shampoo



  • Life stage: All
  • Breed: All
  • Hypoallergenic, tearless, soapless, and cruelty-free

The best shampoo overall for Australian Shepherds is Skout’s Honor Probiotic Unscented Dog Shampoo. The hypoallergenic shampoo contains avocado oil to relieve inflamed skin and kefir probiotics to promote healthy skin.

This shampoo has anti-itch, anti-odor, and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are no sulfates, parabens, colors, dyes, or GMOs in the shampoo. In addition, it is ideal for all skin types and problems, such as itching, dryness, irritation, and excessive shedding, and is cruelty-free.

Even though this shampoo is designed for sensitive skin, it is advisable to discuss your dog’s unique skin concerns and shampoo alternatives with your veterinarian. Some reviewers did not find this shampoo to be effective for their pets.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Aids in moisturizing the dog’s dry skin
  • Probiotics


  • Some pet owners had to bathe their dog twice to achieve the desired results


Best Buy: Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Oat Flour and Honey



  • Life stage: Adult
  • Breed: All
  • Features: Oatmeal

Burt’s Bees Oatmeal with Colloidal Oat Flour Dog Shampoo is the most cost-effective shampoo available for Australian Shepherds.

This shampoo contains natural components like as honey and colloidal oat flour to deeply condition the skin and coat to relieve inflammation and itching. The shampoo is pH-balanced and free of synthetic perfumes, parabens, chemicals, petrolatum, and phthalates.

This shampoo won’t remove topical flea and tick medicines when used as indicated. This shampoo is formulated for adult canines. There is also a specific shampoo for puppies. Several reviews stated that it does not foam effectively and may exacerbate skin conditions.


  • Oatmeal with honey
  • Formulated to soothe skin
  • pH balanced


  • Not lathering well
  • A few individuals claimed that their skin issues did not improve


Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Medicated Dog Shampoo – Exceptional Selection



  • Life stage: All
  • Breed: All
  • Antibacterial and soap-free

The Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Medicated Cat & Dog Shampoo is the best shampoo available for dogs. This shampoo is formulated to treat skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and yeast, while also cleansing and deodorizing the skin.

The antiseptic recipe does not contain soap and relieving itchy skin disorders using chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole.

All Vetnique products are produced domestically. This shampoo relieved the skin inflammation of several reviewers’ dogs, but others found it to be overly harsh and drying.


  • Medicated
  • Soapless
  • Includes treatment for bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections


  • Perhaps too abrasive for dogs with delicate skin


Best for Puppies: Burt’s Bees Tearless Puppy Shampoo with Buttermilk



  • Developmental stage: puppy
  • Breed: All
  • Features: Tearless

The Burt’s Bees Tearless Puppy Shampoo with Buttermilk for Dogs is an excellent shampoo option for pups. The mild chemicals cleanse your puppy’s coat without drying it, and the pH-balanced formula with buttermilk soothes skin.

In addition to regulating and retaining moisture, honey strengthens hair follicles to promote growth.

The shampoo is 97% natural, cruelty-free, and has no sulfates or dyes, so you may confidently use it on your dog.

Although the mixture is tearless, use caution when applying it near your dog’s eyes and nose. Several reviewers noted that the shampoo lacks sufficient foam and needs multiple cycles to adequately wash their dogs.


  • Sour cream with honey
  • Tearless
  • No sulfates or additives


  • Not lathering well


Buddy Wash Lavender & Mint Original Shampoo & Conditioner for Dogs



  • Life stage: Adult
  • Breed: All
  • Features: no soap

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is a mild two-in-one product developed with components of cosmetic quality.

The shampoo contains plant ingredients and essential oils to clean and fragrance your pet. Aloe vera, lavender, and mint assist in soothing sore skin.

The alcohol-free, coconut-based liquid contains wheat protein as a natural deodorizer, so it will not dry out your dog’s skin when used frequently.

The shampoo has not been tested on animals and is safe for use on humans when administered as prescribed. Overall, reviewers were delighted, however noted that the shampoo had a strong aroma.


  • Botanical extracts and essential oils
  • Alcohol abstinence
  • Naturally deodorizing


  • Strong fragrance that some may find overbearing


4-Legger Hypoallergenic Organic Lemongrass and Aloe Dog Shampoo



  • Life stage: Adult
  • Breed: All
  • Hypoallergenic and animal cruelty-free

For an organic clean, 4-Legger Organic, Hypoallergenic, Lemongrass & Aloe Dog Shampoo is devoid of harmful or unnatural ingredients. Even for sensitive canines, lemongrass functions as a natural cleaner and aloe vera soothes the skin.

The shampoo is certified organic by the USDA and contains essential oils that support naturally healthy skin without washing away natural coat oils.

Without detergents, thickeners, parabens, preservatives, or sulfates, the concentrated solution is simple to lather and rinse. 100% biodegradable, sustainably sourced, and environmentally friendly shampoo.

However, some reviewers complained about the shampoo’s consistency and strong odor.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • USDA-approved organic
  • Essential oils


  • Shampoo has a very watery consistency
  • Strong odor, not suitable for those with sensitive noses


FURminator Ultra Premium DeShedding Shampoo for Dogs



  • All life stages
  • Breed: All
  • Features: De-shedding

FURminator DeShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo for Dogs is a shampoo specially created to condition, clean, and de-shed your dog.

Omega fatty acids, calendula extract, and papaya leaf extract aid in enhancing the coat, promoting healthy skin, and decreasing shedding.

The recipe is created in the United States and is devoid of parabens, chemical dyes, and synthetic colors. Although some reviewers found the shampoo to be effective, others claimed it was no different from previous shampoos they’ve tried and did not prevent shedding.


  • Elimination formula
  • Calendula and papaya leaf extract, as well as omega fatty acids
  • Made in America


  • Mixed findings on the overall efficiency

Factors to Consider

Australian Shepherds have a double-layered coat that requires specific care to avoid shedding and allow nutrients to enter the thick coat and reach the skin beneath

 With proper grooming, the coat of an Australian Shepherd can have less shedding, more smoothness and luster, and healthier skin.

Before bathing your dog, it is essential to properly brush away loose hair and debris. Otherwise, you might not achieve optimal results with ANY shampoo.


If your shepherd has itchy or dry skin, it is advisable to use a moisturizing shampoo that will not irritate or further dry down the skin.

It is better to use fragrance-free shampoos or shampoos with smells derived from natural and non-irritating substances, such as plant extracts, because scented shampoos frequently include chemicals that might cause irritation.

Soothing Components

Dog shampoo must gently wash the skin and coat without taking away the natural oils that keep the skin and coat healthy.

Assisting your dog’s skin to become less inflamed and itchy with calming components like as oatmeal, honey, and vitamin E, but be sure to consult your veterinarian about the best solutions for your dog’s specific needs.

Puppy Recipe

Shampoos for dogs are formulated differently for a purpose. It is not advisable to use shampoo formulated for adults on a dog.

The majority of puppy shampoos are less unpleasant if it goes into your dog’s eyes and are less harsh on energetic puppies that (yet) do not sit still during bath time. When your dog reaches maturity, you can transition to an adult food.


If your dog enjoys playing in rubbish, dung, mud, or other nasty substances, you may want to use a deodorizing shampoo. Instead of disguising offensive odors with rich flowery aromas, these effective shampoo solutions eradicate them.


The coats of Australians are long and prone to matting. If your dog’s long hair is prone to tangling, you may wish to invest in a conditioning shampoo that provides hydration and manageability.

You may wish to use a second shampoo and conditioner to replace natural oils and aid in detangling if your dog is prone to knots and mats.


Long, attractive, and sensitive-skinned Australian Shepherds require more care. Skout Probiotic Odor-Free Dog Shampoo is our top selection because its hypoallergenic nature makes it the finest shampoo overall for Australian Shepherds.

For the greatest value, select Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Colloidal Oatmeal. Vetnique Labs’ Dermabliss Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Dog and Cat Shampoo is the best shampoo for treating skin conditions.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for visiting our website to learn about and consult on the best shampoos for Australian shepherds. We hope that you choose the best shampoo for your dog.

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