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10 Best Scratching Posts For Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats have a lot of claws and a lot of cat. These gentle giants nonetheless require exercise to keep happy and healthy, yet many scratching posts fall short.

We combed through the reviews to bring you the best scratching posts for Maine Coon cats.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that this collection will assist you in comparing possibilities and selecting the best scratching post for you.


Best Overall: Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher

Nothing beats the pleasurable rip of scratching paper for your cat.

We considered the Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher to be the finest overall scratching post for Maine Coon cats due to its sleek modern design, adjustable angles, and enticing but robust cardboard scratch zones.

It is built around a gently curved scratching surface that helps cats to stretch while scratching. The post is also quite versatile, with a variety of assemblies possible.

Each play option allows your Maine Coon to scratch from a different angle, allowing them to utilize new muscles and engage their brains while scratching and playing.

The variety of scratching angles also allows it to endure longer than traditional cardboard scratching posts, with wear and tear distributed evenly throughout the entire surface of the scratcher.

The 21-inch height paired with the tilted shape makes it excellent for huge cats who need a lot of space to stretch.

The Hepper Hi-Lo Scratcher is an excellent choice for most Maine Coon cats, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

Cats who love completely vertical scratching may prefer a taller post-style scratcher.

Best Price for Way Basics Incline Cat Scratcher

Another excellent choice for cat owners seeking for a cardboard scratcher is the Way Basics Incline Cat Scratcher.

The Way Basics scratcher is a triangular scratching post that may be placed against a wall for a near-vertical angle or flat on the ground for a mild inclination.

It has an intriguing cardboard scratching surface that cats will enjoy playing on, and it is scented with organic catnip to direct attention to the scratcher and away from your furnishings.

It was the greatest value option we discovered on the market.

Because of the cardboard design, it is less durable than some of the other options offered, especially if your cat has a favorite scratching region.

With a height of little over 17 inches, it is also one of the shorter options on this list, making it less suitable for larger Maine Coons.

Large Vertical Cat Scratcher by PetFusion

The PetFusion Large Vertical Cat Scratcher is a sophisticated triangle scratcher constructed of crunchy and pleasant cardboard.

Its slightly concave sides provide steep angles, which many cats like playing on. The design also includes an inner cubby for cats to rest in and explore.

It is available in two sizes, with the large measuring just over 21 inches. The height combined with the tilt makes it tall enough for almost all Maine Coon cats.

It is also simple to twist and flip, extending the life of the cardboard. The lack of variety in angles is one disadvantage of this design.

Some cats will be delighted to scratch at the same location indefinitely, but many will become bored and less aroused by the symmetrical pattern.

Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge by PetFusion

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, another excellent choice for a flat-scratching cat, has a beautiful curved shape with various different angles and surfaces.

It is made of stacked cardboard, which cats will enjoy ripping apart. Cats of all sizes will love stretching and scratching on its generous 34-inch length.

The scratcher can be flipped over, extending its longevity. The main disadvantage is the absence of vertical possibilities, which limits it to cats who prefer to scratch horizontally.

Catry Contemporary Jute Cat Tree & Condo

The Catry Modern Jute Cat Tree & Condo, at 29 inches tall, is a suitable balance between a towering cat palace and a too-tiny scratching post.

It has a cat condo and perch joined by a 13-inch jute-wrapped scratching post, which is at an appealing height for many Maine Coons.

The scratching post’s tallest point is 26 inches above the ground.

The nook below and the perch above are ideal for mid-sized cats to relax and explore, making it a fantastic three-in-one package.

Despite its benefits, this tree has a few downsides. It only has one vertical scratcher, and if your cat likes to stretch to reach it, it is only accessible from one side.

This means that wear and tear will occur considerably more quickly.

Although the tree is a good height for larger cats, many reviewers complained that the perch and condo were too small. This limits the functioning of the largest cats.

Choosing The Best Scratching Post for Maine Coon Cats: A Buyer's Guide

It can be difficult to determine what your cat will actually utilize when looking for a scratching post. Maine Coons are large cats, thus a scratcher that won’t wobble or tip is essential.

It is also necessary to have sufficient scratching space to be beneficial. This means that the classic vertical post has adequate height for your cat to stretch out fully.

Because the cat isn’t extending to full vertical height on an inclined scratcher, that height can be significantly lower. More length is beneficial on a horizontal scratcher.

If your cat is assaulting inappropriate locations in your home, you may frequently measure their preferred height to determine how much space is required.

In addition to height, each cat has different scratching preferences. Cats scratch in order to sharpen their claws and to get some exercise.

Most cats like stretching when scratching, and some angles are more appealing than others. Cats have material preferences that differ from one another.

Cat Scratcher Types

There are numerous methods for sharpening claws. Scratchers and scratching posts are sometimes used interchangeably, but their meanings differ slightly.

Scratcher is an all-purpose term for a claw sharpening toy. A scratching post is a tall vertical pole designed for cats to polish their claws on.

Scratching posts allow cats to extend their legs, but they can be irritating for elderly cats and uninteresting for all cats.

Poor quality scratching posts are also prone to wobbling or being too short for effective sharpening.

Scratching boxes, also known as pad scratchers, are frequently made of cardboard and are filled with angles and shapes designed to keep cats engaged.

Wall scratchers are attached to or lean against walls, whereas scratching mats are placed on the floor.

Finally, cat trees are combo toys that have perches or hiding areas as well as scratching posts or other types of scratchers.

Materials for Cat Scratchers

There are numerous materials available for scratchers. One of the most prevalent materials is sisal. Sisal is a strong natural fiber that is suitable for long-lasting scratching posts.

It can be woven into a fabric or wrapped around a post with sisal rope. Some cats enjoy sisal, but many others find it too rough.

Jute is a fiber that is comparable, although it is softer and less durable. It’s an excellent option for cats who have sensory difficulties.

Cardboard scratching posts are typically constructed from multiple layers of dense cardboard bonded together.

Because most cats enjoy the sound and sensation of ripping through paper, cardboard scratching posts are popular.

However, unlike sisal, cardboard wears out rapidly. Cardboard scratching posts can also scatter shreds across the area, necessitating periodic vacuuming.

Finally, carpet is frequently found on cat trees. Cats who dislike the noise of cardboard frequently prefer soft carpet. Carpet scratching posts can be difficult to come by at times.

Scratching Posts: How Long Do They Last?

No toy is indestructible, and scratching posts, in particular, will not survive forever.

Although cardboard scratching posts are typically described as consumable, a decent cardboard scratcher should last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Other types of scratching posts should endure for a few years, with sisal being the most durable. This is one of the reasons why sisal is commonly used to wrap cat trees.

When purchasing scratchers, make sure the construction is sturdy.

A high-quality scratching post should survive until the scratching zones wear down, however a low-quality post may frequently become unsteady and unsafe much sooner.


Whatever your Maine Coon prefers, these scratching post reviews will assist you in selecting the best scratcher for your needs.

Because of its fantastic design and five setting choices, we determined that the Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher was the finest overall scratcher.

If you’re looking to save money, the Way Basics Incline Cat Scratcher is our top pick.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our reviews of the best scratching posts for Maine coon cats have helped you choose one.

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