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How To Buy The Best Scratching Posts For Kittens

Cats with claws will always have the desire to scratch. As a result of a cat's natural desire to scratch things, they will require scratching posts unless you want to surrender your favorite furniture to your feline.

When you start looking for cat scratchers, you'll immediately learn that there are far more options than the traditional cat pole.

Because of their small size, kittens may require more specialized scratching posts. It is critical to pick a stable and durable scratching post so that they do not knock them over and injure themselves.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed the best scratching posts for kittens so you can find one that your kittens will feel comfortable using while keeping them safe.


PETMAKER Cat Scratching Post with Toy, 19.3-Inch

The PETMAKER 19.3-Inch Cat Scratching Post with Toy includes three rope-covered pillars for scratching your kitten. It also includes three different ball toys made of varied materials, so your kitten will not grow bored.

The construction is difficult to topple because it is supported by three pillars. When your kitten has finished scratching and playing with the toys, it can relax and lounge on the highest perch.

We particularly like how this scratching post uses neutral hues, which allows it to blend in with most decor.

One thing to keep in mind is that due to their smaller size, kittens may outgrow this scratching post, especially if they are larger cat breeds.


  • Color and design are both neutral.
  • A number of scratching posts
  • Very strong
  • It includes a perch.


  • Large cat breeds are not permitted.

Premium Choice ZEZE Paradise Park 32-in Carpet Cat Scratching Post

The ZEZE Paradise Park 32-in Carpet Cat Scratching Post is a fantastic scratching post with a plethora of extra features. The vivid and vibrant hues will appeal to some cat owners.

Others may not enjoy how tough it will be to arrange it in a room without the colors clashing with the surrounding furniture. Whatever your design tastes are, there’s no doubting that this is a fun scratching post.

It features three sisal poles and two platforms, each with a ball toy. It also features a large perch where your kitten may sit and watch or lay down and relax.

It’s also a great choice for multi-cat families because it has enough functions to keep two cats occupied at once.


  • 2 attachments for ball toys
  • It has a perch.
  • Ideal for multi-cat households


  • Colors that are really vibrant

Sunflower 23.2-Inch Sisal Cat Scratching Post by Catry

The Catry Sunflower 23.2-Inch Sisal Cat Scratching Post‘s colorful design and form are the first things we like about it. Plants add life to a room, and this scratching post complements houses with houseplants.

Jute fiber circles the base, allowing your kitten to stretch while scratching. The flower is made of sisal and serves as a bed. You can change the orientation of the flower to suit your kitten’s tastes.

This adorable cat scratching post also has a bee attachment to the blossom, so your kitten may swat it and keep itself engaged for longer.

Some consumers have complained that the structure might become shaky and unsteady after prolonged use. As a result, this scratching post is more appropriate for kittens and smaller cat breeds.


  • Various scratching positions
  • The flower serves as a bed.
  • It comes with a swatting toy.


  • Large cat breeds are not permitted.
  • Can be shaky

Playtree 18-Inch Sisal Cat Scratching Post by Penn-Plax

Despite its distinctive shape, the Penn-Plax Playtree 18-Inch Sisal Cat Scratching Post scratching post does not require assembly. As a result, you can easily let your kitten play with it as soon as it arrives.

It includes four arms, allowing your kitty to climb from a safe height. Each arm contains a toy dangling from it, enticing your kitten to stalk and pounce.

Because the sisal does not run the entire length of the pole, cats may prefer the toys than the scratching post.

As a result, if you’re trying to discourage and redirect your cat from clawing at furniture, you could be better off finding another scratching post.


  • Excellent for climbing
  • 4 toys are included.
  • A broad and robust foundation


  • There isn’t enough sisal.

EZ K&H Products Kitty Sill Cradle Window Scratcher

The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Scratcher Kitty Sill Cradle is a one-of-a-kind choice to consider for cat owners.

The foundation is made of cardboard, which cats enjoy scratching. It’s curved to make scratching more comfortable, and the form also cradles your cat.

This board is designed to be attached to glass windows. It can sustain up to 50 pounds when correctly placed, so even large cats can use it.

Along with scratching, cats can lounge on it and comfortably monitor outdoor activity from inside. When your kitten isn’t using it, simply flip it up to make it take up less space.

We recommend this product for households with several dogs and little children. If your cat needs some privacy away from dogs or youngsters, you can mount this scratching board to a difficult-to-reach position on a window.

Overall, this is a straightforward design with no extraneous features. It is, nevertheless, an excellent choice for interested cats who enjoy observing what is going on outside.


  • Excellent for kitties who require privacy.
  • It takes up no room.
  • Can accommodate huge cat breeds


  • There are no other features.

Buyer's Guide: How to Select The Best Scratching Posts for Kittens

You may have realized that there are some themes or components that they all have in common after reading our reviews of various best scratching posts for kitties.

When purchasing for a scratching post, keep the three factors listed below in mind.

A broad foundation

Make certain that the scratching post has a wide base. Kittens can be quite energetic and active, so avoid purchasing a scratching post with a little base that your cat could easily knock over.

If your kitten is always knocking down scratching posts, consider a wall-mounted option like the Frisco Wall Sisal Cat Scratcher.


A heavier scratching post may be inconvenient at first, but it will save you a lot of time and trouble when compared to returning a light scratching post.

Lighter scratching posts may not be able to resist the energy of an energetic kitten. If you have a kitten who claws more violently than others, they may move across the floor or be knocked down.

A scratching post should be heavy enough to prevent it from sliding around. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a scratching post that is heavier than your cat.


Keep an eye on your kitten’s scratching behaviors and preferences, as some cats enjoy stretching and scratching.

You should purchase a scratching post made of sisal or cardboard that is the appropriate height or length for your cat to stretch while still rubbing its claws.

If you have a larger cat breed, such as a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll, make sure to get a taller scratching post that they can grow into so you don’t have to buy another one.

Materials for Scratching

Some cats are particular about the scratching material they use and will only scratch on certain surfaces. Textures that are commonly used include sisal, cardboard, carpet, and wood.

Observe your cat to learn about their surface preferences so that you may choose a scratching post that they will enjoy and use.

Additional Benefits

Kittens are easily bored, thus scratching posts with additional features and attachments, such as hanging toys and perches, can be beneficial.

These elements can make cats more attracted to their scratching post, distracting them from scratching furnishings. It’s also lovely to see cats appreciate and become connected to the items you buy for them.


From all of our reviews, the PETMAKER 19.3-Inch Cat Scratching Post with Toy is the greatest scratching post for kittens. The design and supplementary toys make it suitable for a wide range of kittens.

The Catry Sunflower 23.2-Inch Sisal Cat Scratching Post is a close second due to its unusual shape and excellent height, as well as its low price.

Scratching posts can be very beneficial to your kitten’s health, so use BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) evaluations of the best scratching posts for kittens as inspiration to select one that he or she enjoys.

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