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15 Best Scratching Posts For Huge Cats

Dogs are need to bark. Birds have to fly. And cats have to scratch.

While you appreciate your cat for its cuddling temperament, lively behavior, and angelic looks, you despise it when it scratches on the furniture.

You absolutely despise it. Of course, if you had to prioritize the meaningful objects in your life, your cat would take precedence over a sofa or lounge chair.

Your cat is a family member, a snuggling buddy, and a lifelong companion. However, you must still handle the scratching issue with your cat.

When your cat begins to use your furniture as a personal toy, many cat owners are forced to find a solution. Maybe a scratching post?

But which type of scratching post is best for a big cat? The top %product_count% best scratching posts for huge cats weighing 12 pounds or more are discussed in this article by BestForPets (bestforpets.org).


Premium Choice Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree & Condo

  • Seagrass, memory foam, and synthetic wood are among the materials used.
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • Yes, assembly is required.

Sometimes you want to do something special for your cat. Our top option for a high-quality scratching post is the Vesper Modern Cat Tree & Condo.

This ultimate scratching toy has many scratching posts, two lounging platforms with memory foam cushions, and a cubby hole.

Your giant feline can climb into the cubby hole and curl up for a sleep. The strong base ensures that your cat can play comfortably on all levels.

One disadvantage of this cat tree is that it is enormous and hefty; it weighs around 43 pounds.

While the overall weight makes it stable for a larger cat, it will be more difficult to move if you desire to relocate it within your home or apartment. Before you buy, make sure you have enough space for this condo.


  • Cat entertainment
  • Durable, will not tip over


  • Heavy
  • It takes up a lot of room.


SmartCat Sisal Cat Scratching Post – Best Scratching Post Made of Sisal

  • Sisal fabric, engineered wood
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • Yes, assembly is required.

While many scratching posts are made of durable cardboard, some utilize a more traditional covering that cats adore: sisal cloth.

The SmartCat Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post is our pick for the best sisal-covered large cat scratching post. The square-shaped woven sisal-covered post allows your cat to choose which side to scratch.

Sisal fabric does not fray as quickly as rope form, which is a benefit. With a solid square base and a height of 32 inches, this is great for a larger cat who likes to scratch and stretch.

The 16 x 16-inch base is made of wood but is not covered. This may cause scratches on your wood floor. This scratching post works well on carpeted surfaces.


  • Height allows the cat to extend to its full potential.
  • It is available in neutral colors.


  • The item must be put on a carpeted floor.


Mushroom Cat Scratching Post by PetnPurr – Cutest Scratching Post

  • Sisal rope, engineered wood
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • Yes, assembly is required.

Some scratching posts are desperate to be recognized! The PetnPurr Mushroom Cat Scratching Post is our top pick for the cutest scratching post.

The post is intended to resemble a little cluster of mushrooms of varying sizes. Your larger cat can stretch with the higher 24-inch mushroom or scratch with the shorter one.

The base is coated in a soft green cloth, which adds to the overall mushroom-patch appearance. The attached toys are the greatest part of this scratching post: a dangling ball and a mouse toy!

Your cat can switch between scratching the sisal rope-covered mushrooms and playing with the toys.

There have been reports of this kit not including all of the screws required for assembly, therefore a small tool kit may be useful.


  • Design is cute but not ostentatious.
  • Because of its small size, it may be placed anyplace in the house.


  • It is not appropriate for lounging.
  • There have been reports of missing hardware.


Scratcher for Cats Alpha Paw

  • Cardboard, metal legs with a rubber grip
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • Yes, assembly is required.

The Alpha Paw Cat Scratcher comes up next. The scratching pad is constructed of thick, robust cardboard, which your cat will enjoy scratching.

The innovative design allows you to adjust the angle of the scratching post in five different ways to meet the needs of your huge cat.

Changing the position of the post also lessens boredom because the cat now has varied angles to scratch.

Furthermore, altering the location of the scratching post makes it easy to fit in different spaces of your home.

However, because this scratching post is built of a specially designed curved cardboard pad, you’ll need to buy another once the cat has exhausted it.


  • It can be positioned at five different angles.
  • Modern style


  • The cardboard pad cannot be replaced.
  • A little pricey


Ultimate Cat Scratcher with Catnip – Best Scratcher Plus Lounge by PetFusion

  • Materials: Cardboard
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • No assembly required.

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratch Lounge Toy, our top pick for a cat scratcher plus lounge, will provide your huge cat with a touch of modern luxury.

This cat scratcher is made of recycled ultra-dense cardboard and was meant to be switched over once one side has been extensively used, resulting in a longer-lasting toy because the cardboard cannot be replaced.

Your cat can stretch out and lounge on this toy when it is not clawing. Its 34-inch length and wide base make it suitable for a larger cat to rest.

This scratcher is available in three neutral hues that go nicely with the decor of the room, as well as USA organic catnip leaf. Because this scratcher is a little wider, it should be put where it won’t get in the way.


  • Design that is modern and stylish
  • Scratching can be done on both sides of the toy.


  • Once worn out, cardboard cannot be replaced.
  • It takes up space.


Dimaka 34″ Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post with Toy

  • Cardboard, sisal rope, and plush
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • Yes, assembly is required.

Dimaka Tall Ultimate Cat Scratching Post is a simple scratching toy for your cat. This tall scratcher is ideal for larger cats and allows them to stretch, play, and scratch.

The scratcher is made of natural woven sisal and chemical-free plush and has a toy connected at the top of the post. This stimulates your giant cat’s muscles and allows it to bat at the dangling plush ball.

They receive some exercise while also being entertained. A winning mix! Another advantage of this scratching post is that the sisal rope can be replaced, so you don’t have to buy a new one when it wears out from use.

Remember that sisal rope frays, leaving sharp fibers surrounding the post. In addition, because of the height of the post, some more weight could be put to the base to ensure it remains sturdy while your larger kitty is having fun.


  • When sisal wears out, it can be replaced.
  • Height is ideal for larger cats.


  • Extra weight at the base is required for stability.
  • Sisal rope frays.

Natural Sisal FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher Mat – Best Scratch Mat

  • Sisal, a natural and biodegradable material
  • Mat type of mounting
  • No assembly required.

The FUKUMARU Cat Scratcher mat is an excellent solution for cat owners looking for a modest scratcher for their cat. This mat is available in brown or cream and has not been treated with oils or chemicals.

This can be used by your cat to scratch, play, or sleep. It includes a non-skid latex bottom to keep it from moving about and hurting your floor. You don’t have to worry about your larger cat knocking it over because it’s a mat.

Do you take your cat on vacation? This mat is convenient to transport on travels! This mat is better suited for a larger, less energetic cat. When playing with the mat, a hyperactive cat may continue to elevate it.


  • Eco-friendly and long-lasting
  • Lightweight, making it easy to move or travel with.


  • When played with, the mat can raise.


Best Wall Mounted Scratcher – 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

  • Aluminum and sisal rope
  • Mounting Style: Wall mount
  • Yes, assembly is required.

Our top pick for wall-mounted scratchers is the 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post.

This sleek and minimalist toy can be mounted to the wall at any height, making it suitable for larger cats who require something higher up to stretch fully.

Because it is wall-mounted, this scratching post will not take up much space in your home. It also assures that your larger cat can exert considerable force on this post. This, however, means that it cannot be easily transported.

The post is made of natural sisal rope, which cats enjoy scratching! After a lot of use, sisal rope can break apart, but you can get a replacement pack with a sisal rope post and a jute rope post for wall mounting.


  • Larger cats will benefit from this.
  • It does not take up much room.


  • Sisal rope can become tangled.


PetPals Cat Tree Tower with Scratching Posts – Best Mini Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

  • Paper rope and felt produced by hand
  • Mounting Style: Freestanding
  • Yes, assembly is required.

Cat scratchers that double as trees provide the best of both worlds for a cat. Some cat trees, on the other hand, are rather enormous and will not fit in your home.

This is why the PetPals Cat Tree Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching Posts is our top pick for a tiny cat tree. This paper rope cat tree features two plush covered perches for your cat to sit or lounge on.

The larger perch is ideal for a snooze or relaxation for a larger cat. Because the base is weighted, your larger cat can scratch and stretch without worry of tipping over.

Because paper rope is not as sturdy as sisal or jute rope, this toy may wear out faster than other posts.


  • Large cats will benefit from the sturdy weighted base.
  • A smaller size


  • Paper rope wears down faster.

How to Choose the Best Scratching Posts for Large Cats

Why Are Scratching Posts Necessary?

Cat scratching is natural, yet it is frequently misunderstood by their owners. They are not scratching out of spite (at least, not generally), but for a variety of innate reasons.

Scratching allows your cat to stretch and build its muscles physically. They can also use it to sharpen their nails. Scratching is also a technique for them to establish their territory and relieve stress.

Furniture and rugs are frequently the most accessible items to scratch for indoor cats.

However, rather than penalizing your cat by having them declawed, which might have long-term bad consequences, present them with an alternative: an appropriate scratching post.

Purchasing a Scratching Post

You may still have questions about what to look for in scratching posts after reading this review of our top scratching posts. Here are a few more pointers to aid you with your first (or second) scratching post purchase.

Examine the materials

Scratching poles are often constructed of natural sisal or cardboard. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Sisal is a great scratching substance for cats.

Sisal fabric is preferable than sisal rope since the strands are sharp and may discourage your cat from utilizing the post.

Cardboard is a popular choice since it can be created from recycled materials, making it a more environmentally responsible option.

When the cardboard pad on some scratchers wears out, it can be replaced; however, the cardboard pad on others cannot be replaced. This means you’ll have to buy another brand-new scratching post, which isn’t cheap.

There is some assembly necessary

Most scratching posts will need to be assembled. Some only take a few minutes to put together, while others take a little more time.

While you want to do anything for your favorite kitty, think about how much effort you want to put into assembling the scratcher.

Consider purchasing multiple scratching posts

Cats prefer a range of activities. Having one scratching post is a wonderful start, but having two is an even better alternative. If you can afford it, get two different scratching posts.

For example, you may have one vertical, free-standing scratching post, one scratcher, and one couch scratcher. Having a variety will aid your cat’s muscles and keep him amused.

A costly scratching post is not necessarily the finest

Have you ever purchased an expensive organic Egyptian cotton bed for your cat and they still decided to sleep in the bathtub?

Consider this when shopping for a scratching post. There are several that cost more than $100, but this is never a guarantee that your cat will enjoy it.


Providing your cat with a scratching post allows it to express its natural inclinations. It will also protect your furniture!

Given the variety of scratching posts available for larger cats, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) recommends trying the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratch Lounge Toy or the SmartCat Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post.

Both come highly recommended and are more entertaining than your living room couch.

BestForPets hopes you enjoyed our reviews of the 15 best scratching posts for huge cats on the market. We wish you the best of success in selecting the model that is best suited to your kitten friend’s needs.

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