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10 Best Saltwater Fish Foods – Reviews & Top Picks

The best meal for your saltwater fish should closely resemble the food they would consume in the wild.

It is important to provide variety in the diet you feed your fish, as this will have a significant impact on their general health and energy. The type and maturity of the fish will also have a big influence on the diet.

Although most saltwater fish like to eat raw sprouts, they can be trained to accept high-quality commercial prices.

Providing your fish with a single commercial feed is fine, but they will thrive on a wide variety of foods, so it's best to supplement their main meal with other foods.

Choosing the best food for your saltwater fish can be a challenge, but you got this! BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has done the research and compiled these reviews to save you time while shopping for the best saltwater fish foods for your aquarium.

Buyer's Handbook

There are literally hundreds of types of saltwater fish that are kept in home aquariums, and they all have somewhat different dietary needs. However, it is recommended to provide as much variation in the fish’s diet as possible by providing new items on a regular basis.

Fish, like any other pet, need a diet that’s rich in nutrients if you want them to live long, healthy lives. There are fish species that will only eat food that floats, while there are others that will only eat food that sinks. Remember this when searching for fish food.

Foodstuffs for fish of various varieties

There are as many distinct kinds of fish food as there are fish species. Different types of fish, such as carnivorous, omnivorous, and herbivorous fish, have varying dietary needs. The following are the most frequent shapes and sizes of fish food.

  • Flakes. These are the most widely accessible and well accepted variety, and they are perfect for little fish. In most cases, they’ll float for quite some time before making their way to the tank’s floor. The biggest problem is that these flakes readily break up into finer particles, which might cloud the water in your aquarium.
  • Granules. Granulated food often sinks slowly, so it’s accessible to all of the fish in the tank. They are often in bite-sized slices, making them appropriate for little and medium-sized fish. If they aren’t entirely consumed, these granules can make a mess and even block your water filter.
  • Fish pellets sink gradually and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate fish of varying sizes. This is not always the case, though, as they can potentially create blocked filters if not entirely devoured by your fish.
  • In a freeze-drying process and then frozen. Feeding freeze-dried bloodworms and mealworms to carnivorous fish is a common practice. Carnivorous fish, of course, benefit much from live worms as well.


Tetra’s freeze-dried bloodworm fish meal is the best food we’ve found for saltwater fish. In addition to providing a healthy dose of protein and stimulating natural foraging behavior, feeding fish with mosquito larvae is completely risk-free as they contain no artificial flavors or colors.

Shrimp Pellet Tropical Fish Food by Aqueon is the best value in high quality saltwater aquarium fish food.You can rest assured that your fish is getting the best value thanks to nutrient-rich shrimp pellets and premium whole fish meals from herring and salmon.

Finding the optimal diet for your saltwater fish can seem like an uphill battle. If you are having trouble finding the right saltwater fish food, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our in-depth reviews can assist you in finding the best saltwater fish food for your fish. 


Tetra BloodWorms Freeze-Dried Freshwater Fish Food – Best Overall

Tetra’s freeze-dried bloodworm fish food is loaded with the protein your saltwater fish need to keep healthy and active. It’s the best option for feeding saltwater fish because it’s easy to find, cheap, and nutritious.

The meal is attractive to both carnivorous and omnivorous fish in terms of look and texture, and it also provides the fish with the protein they need.

For smaller and medium-sized saltwater fish, the diet produced with mosquito larvae is a great choice. Finally, the bloodworms are 100% natural and safe for any fish to consume because they include no additives.

Due to the freeze-drying process, the worms within the container may become slightly powdery. This can quickly make the water in your fish tanks unsanitary and unpleasant due to the absence of food for your fish. In addition, numerous reviewers have mentioned that the product’s lid is hard to open and leaks while closed.


  • Strongly protein-rich
  • Arouses the hunter-gatherer impulses
  • There are nothing synthetic in here.


  • A weak power that can readily be broken
  • The container’s lid doesn’t seal well and is difficult to open.


The Finest Quality Tropical Fish Food Is Aqueon’s Shrimp Pellets

Our research indicates that Aqueon’s Shrimp Pellet Tropical Fish Food is the most cost-effective food available for saltwater fish. Both top- and bottom-feeding fish can benefit from this pellet-based meal, since it is made to drop gently to the bottom of the fish tank.

In order to create the pellets, we use shrimp meal in addition to high-quality whole fish meal sourced from herring and salmon. Your fish will stay healthy and energized on this diet, and their immune systems will get a boost from the usage of only natural components that have been processed without the use of any artificial colors or preservatives.

Bottom-feeding fish will love this food, but other fish will likely find it unappealing due to the pellets’ tendency to sink quickly. They take longer to dissolve and might cause a mess in your tank because they are made with whole-wheat flour.

Additionally, the pellets are on the big side, which means they might not be appropriate for tiny fish. The pellets are too big and can be a nuisance to clean up, which lowers the overall quality of the meal.


  • Inexpensive
  • Not containing any synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Natural shrimp, herring, and salmon fish meal.


  • Possible rapid demise
  • Dissolves slowly; may lead to a mucky aquarium.
  • If you have a little fish, you shouldn’t feed it a big fish pellet.


Food for saltwater fish, sinking vegetable rounds by Omega One

Omega One’s Sinking Veggie Rounds are the best option for feeding saltwater fish. Fresh ocean kelp, hand-harvested in the Gulf of Alaska, is used in the food’s formulation, and the food’s low ash level ensures it won’t cloud your fish tank.

Also, the high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 in this food will assist your fish avoid illness. The pellets’ high protein content from sources including salmon, halibut, krill, and shrimp will help your fish maintain a healthy sheen.

Even though they have a minimal ash percentage, the pellets will nevertheless cloud the water if left in for too long. They’re not in the top two because of the artificial coloring and preservatives added to the meals.


  • Made with kelp that has been picked by hand
  • Intense in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Encourages the use of bold hues


  • Expensive
  • Enhanced with synthetic flavors and preservatives.


The Tetra BabyShrimp Food for Saltwater Fish

Tenrec BabyShrimp When it comes to roughage, your saltwater fish will thrive on the whole shrimp, shell and all, found in commercial fish food. Fish can develop major health issues from a lack of roughage, and this meal is a great supply.

It’s made entirely of natural, whole, freeze-dried shrimp with no added colorants, preservatives, or fillers and is enriched with vitamin C to help your fish maintain a strong immune system.

Nonetheless, a lot of people say their fish wouldn’t eat it. The freeze-dried shrimp will not drop to the bottom, making them inedible to any predators that rely on eating whatever is at the bottom of the food chain. Also, it’s not something you want to rely on every day; rather, it’s a nice treat every once in a while.


  • Supplies Necessary Roughage
  • With added vitamin C fortification
  • There are no artificial flavors or preservatives.


  • Not a sinker
  • Not a good choice for a regular diet


One Omega Sinking Shrimp Pellets, a Saltwater Fish Food

A wonderful source of roughage for your fish, Omega One’s sinking shrimp pellets are created with 100% whole, fresh shrimp.

The salmon skins included will maintain your fish’s skin fresh and vibrant, and the pellets’ plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 necessary fatty acids will keep your fish fighting fit. The meal has a minimal ash level, so it won’t make your aquarium water cloudy.

In addition to wheat and gluten, this product also contains fillers and binders that fish should avoid. There are also synthetic additives like dyes and preservatives within. As a result of their rapid sinking, top-feeders can’t use the pellets.


  • Constructed with entire shrimp
  • Intense in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Very little ash


  • Contains artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors.
  • Fast sinking pellets

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