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10 Best Rimless Aquariums – Reviews & Top Picks

Rimless aquariums, sometimes referred to as "seamless" aquariums, may be of interest if you are looking for a sleek, modern aquarium.

There are no plastic frames or thick borders that interfere with the crystal clarity of these super clear, super clear iron glass aquariums.

Although rimless aquariums are more expensive, they are well worth it if you want a crystal clear tank for tropical fish and exotic plants, whether they are from freshwater or saltwater.

For the quality and features these rimless tanks offer, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed and selected a few of the best rimless aquariums.

How to Choose the Best Rimless Aquarium for Your Money

Defintion: What is a “rimless” tank?

Standard glass aquariums have a blue-green tint to its glass panels, whereas rimless aquariums are built with low iron glass, giving them a better degree of clarity and transparency.

With this, rimless tanks seem sleeker, less bulky, and thinner than regular glass tanks. The panels of most low-iron rimless aquariums are connected using high-grade silicone.

A wide variety of rimless aquariums are available, including those that include a heater, a water filter, and a light. Tanks that do not have an overhanging lip usually come with a leveling pad that may be used to keep the glass panels from being strained.

What are the advantages of an aquarium without a rim?

  • An aquarium with a smooth surface and a tidy look is desirable.
  • A clear vision without any obstructions
  • You can easily tell when the water level is low and needs to be replenished.
  • The aquarium is less likely to accumulate filth and dust.
  • Instead of conventional thick glass, this version is made with higher-quality low-iron glass.


The LANDEN 20C Frameless Low Iron Aquarium is our overall favorite rimless aquarium as it comes in a variety of sizes, is made of high quality low iron glass and has a clean and simple design.

To start a saltwater aquarium, we recommend the LANDEN 40C Borderless Aquarium with Rear Filter Room as it has everything you need and is still reasonably priced.

Hopefully you’ve found the BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews helpful in finding the best rimless aquariums for your individual case.


Rimless Aquarium Tank – The Best All-Arounder

  • 6-inch by 11-inch-by-14-inch sizing
  • 16-gallon bucket
  • Included in the package is a nano foam leveling mat.

Landen 20C Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank is finest overall because it has a wide range of sizes, ranging from a 0.2 gallon tank up to a 72-gallon tank.

Ultra-white, 6mm heavy-duty glass with a high light transmittance and low iron content, and 91 percent transparency make this tank exceedingly transparent. Glue joints are produced in a regular and discreet manner at a typical right angle, giving it a smooth appearance.

A black nanofoam leveling pad is included with this rimless tank so that it may be put on a variety of surfaces.


  • Low-iron glass is used in its construction.
  • In a variety of sizes, from little to large.
  • Almost nine out of ten
  • A nanofoam mat is included.


  • Expensive

40-Centimeter Rimless Aquarium with Rear Filtration Chamber | Best Price: LANDEN

  • 75 x 15.75 x 15.75 inches in size
  • 16-gallon bucket
  • Features: Space for filtering that is built right into the design

The LANDEN 40C Rimless Aquarium with Rear Filtration Chamber is the greatest rimless tank for the money since it is not only reasonable for what you receive, but it also has an integrated filtration area and water flow chamber. Internal filtration is made easier with this tank’s integrated filtration area, which is tucked away towards the rear.

There are three independent filter chambers in this area, one for carbon, one for filter wool, and the third for a skimmer (which must be purchased separately).

Saltwater and freshwater aquariums alike can use this filter because it is available in two distinct sizes: 10 gallons and 16 gallons.

With a beveled border and low iron glass, this tank provides a clear view of the aquarium’s interior, allowing you to monitor your fish.

Silica gel in the glass joints ensures a smooth and clean look, while the filter system is removable and the output flow nozzle may be modified or removed.


  • Elegant and uncluttered style
  • The filter system is also included, as well as space for a skimmer
  • Affordable


  • The fish’s swimming area is taken up by the internal filter.

Rimless Fish Tank by Ultum Nature Systems – The Best Option

  • 17.66 x 8.66 x 8.66 inches
  • Six-gallon buckets
  • Features a nano-leveling foam mat in black colour.

For its sleek modern style and conventional cube shape, which easily fits on an office desk or other tiny areas, the Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Aquarium Fish Tank is our top pick.

This rimless tank is available in four different sizes, however it is only suitable for little fish. Overall, the tank’s quality is excellent, with a 91 percent clarity from the diamante glass, a smooth look from high-grade German silicone, and 45-degree mitered corners.

A black nanofoam leveling pad is also included, which may be put below the tank to make it stable and level on most surfaces.


  • 91% of the time, it is crystal clear.
  • Crafted from the finest materials.
  • Looks of the present day


  • Scaled-down

Curved Corner Aquarium Glass Rimless by GankPike

  • It has dimensions of 8 inches wide by 11.78 inches long by 11.78 inches high
  • 8-gallon bucket
  • Capabilities Include: Thermometer; Light; Heater; Protein Skimmer

Low iron glass is used to create this 8-gallon GankPike Curved Corner Glass Rimless Aquarium. With its reef-friendly fish, this tank is best suited to saltwater aquariculture. In the back of the tank, there is room for filtering media, and the tank has a curved corner. An LCD digital thermometer, a cover, and a protein skimmer are all included in the purchase of this aquarium.

These extras, though, might make the aquarium appear hefty and clumsy. A 91.5 percent visible light transmittance is achieved thanks to the use of low iron glass.


  • 5% of the time is very clear.
  • Affordable
  • Everything you need for a saltwater tank is included.


  • The look of a hefty person
  • Most marine fish are too tiny to fit in this aquarium.

 Rimless Desktop Aquarium by JBJ.

  • 6 x 10.6 x 10.2 inches in size
  • 10-gallon bucket
  • LED light and a filter are included.

You can’t go wrong with the JBJ Rimless Desktop Flat Panel Aquarium. There are two color options for the Lyra 9 watt LED lighting fixture. An electrical outlet is required since the filter’s cable is so short that it can’t run very far from this tank. For the filter, you’ll need to buy filtering material separately, and the lighting system has an adjustable brightness level.

A rimless tank made of low-iron glass appears to scratch more easily than other rimless tanks made of low-iron glass.


  • There are many brightness levels on the included light.
  • Contains a filtration system.
  • It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks


  • The glass is readily chipped and scratched.

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