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The 4 Best Rimless Aquarium Tanks

A rimless fish tank not only complements your aquascape but also improves your living space. No distracting embellishments; only plain beauty.

Fish and vegetation take center stage! However, which is the best?

Here are BestForPets (bestforpets.org)'s favorite examples of the best rimless aquarium tanks.

Let’s dive in!


Penn Plax Vertex Nano Aquarium Kit

Why We Enjoy it

  • The vertical design is great for conserving space in confined places.
  • From the front, the elegant rounded corner shape is absolutely seamless.
  • Also included is a filter with variable flow, a heater, and a lid


This rimless nano fish tank is adorned with strong, durable glass and unusually rounded edges. The integrated filter features an adjustable flow to suit sensitive fish species like betta fish, as well as space for your own media.

A movable cover is used to prevent evaporation and safeguard fish that may do acrobatics. This 2.7-gallon nano tank features a stylish design that will complement any surroundings.


Marineland Portrait LED Glass Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallon

Why We Enjoy It

  • The hidden, three-stage, back-panel-mounted filtering system
  • Design with the aesthetically pleasing curving front corner
  • Includes a slidable glass canopy for accessibility


The Marineland Portrait is perhaps the most popular rimless 5-gallon fish tank on the market today, and for good reason — this tank is a real eye-catcher!

An elevated pedestal foundation safeguards the surface underneath, while the accompanying LED rail light and innovative filtration system (with the adjustable flow for fragile fish) keep your system operating smoothly. A fantastic, cost-effective all-inclusive set.


Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit

Why We Enjoy It

  • Best quality for the price compared to all other rimless glasses. 10 gallons
  • Elegantly rounded front edges for uninterrupted viewing
  • Provides extra space from front to rear, which is perfect for aquascaping.


The craftsmanship and elegant design of the Penn Plax 10-gallon fish tank are certain to wow! The front and sides of this stunning aquarium are made from a single piece of curved glass, and there is no trim to detract from its aesthetic appeal. Comparable tanks have been sold for more than twice the asking amount.


SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium

Why We Enjoy It

  • Acrylic is used without flaws in the construction.
  • Clearer, lighter, stronger than glass, and watertight
  • Three back panel color choices are available


Without a frame, this acrylic fish tank is lighter, cleaner, and up to 17 times stronger than a glass tank. It is ideal for fish tank owners searching for a bigger alternative. Clear, cobalt blue or black backs are available, depending on your desire. This device was created with the fishkeeper in mind, and the manufacturer backs it with a long guarantee.

Buyer's Guide

Which Size and Shape is Best?

This is a crucial question to consider while selecting a tank.

The two primary styles are vertical and horizontal.

Additionally, there are square cube designs that can offer a contemporary touch.

However, the design you pick ultimately depends on how well it matches the location where you intend to install the aquarium.

Smaller tanks are ideal for offices and nightstands with little space.

Larger aquariums can house more fish and lower maintenance costs (depending on various factors such as stocking density, filtration, etc.).

Ultimately, the optimal solution depends on the kind and quantity of fish you wish to house.

Regarding filtering…

Filtering a Tank with No Rim

You go to great lengths to remove the unattractive black trim, just to be disappointed by the large black filter inside the tank. What do you do? You can conceal your filtration system.

For bigger tanks:

Glass lily pipes linked by transparent tubing to canister filters buried beneath the aquarium’s cabinet are favored by pros. These are often placed on the side of the aquarium rather than the rear so that they do not obstruct the view.

Smaller tanks might be more difficult.

Undergravel filters are likely the least noticeable, but not everyone desires to use gravel. A black backdrop can be good for concealing filters, but black is not desired by many. If you’re like me, you may consider planting the aquarium densely and stocking it gently to eliminate the need for an electric filter.

Or, you may just attempt to conceal the filter with plants or rocks, which might be pretty effective depending on the configuration.

However, to each his own.


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hope that this article has helped you explore the best rimless aquarium tanks, whether it’s on a little scale with the Penn Plax Vertex Nano Aquarium Kit or a grand scale with the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium!

What is your favorite aquarium without a rim?

Leave a comment below to inform us!


Why are Tanks without Rims so Expensive?

The reason why rimless reef aquariums are more expensive than conventional tanks is that they employ thicker glass. Due to the lack of structural support given by the rim, rimless aquariums must acquire the necessary strength elsewhere. In this situation, the tank’s sidewalls will provide the majority of its structural strength.

In addition to requiring more material, rimless tanks are more complex to install than typical rimmed tanks. Typically, the edges of a tank are chamfered to give it a sleek and smooth appearance. The price of the tank is impacted by the additional labor required to construct it.

Rimless vs. Rimmed Aquariums?

Both rimmed and rimless aquariums have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you may select either one. Alternatively, rimless aquariums are the most aesthetically pleasing option if you’re looking for a tank purely on its appearance. However, attractiveness comes at a steep price.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, rimless aquariums provide greater viewing options. This is especially noticeable when utilizing the tank as a rimless saltwater tank. Rimless tanks provide more viewing angles since they appear to be constructed of a single piece of glass.

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