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The 8 Best Reptile Misting Systems

Maintaining the proper humidity levels in the environment of your pet reptile is essential for their comfort and health. Inadequate levels can result in a variety of diseases, including skin and shell ailments, shedding difficulties, and respiratory concerns.

A simple spray bottle may be used to maintain the humidity level of a reptile's habitat. The disadvantage is that you will have to do the task manually. In addition, you will be required to spray the cage many times every day, a task that can soon become tedious. Additionally, your pet will suffer while you are away.

Utilizing a misting system is the most effective way to solve this issue. This gadget may be adjusted to maintain optimal humidity levels within a reptile's enclosure. Prior to purchasing a system, it is essential to establish that it has proved itself capable of doing the required tasks.

After examining the several misting systems available on the market today, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled a list of what we think to be the best reptile misting systems. Consult these reviews to choose the best misting system for you and your pet.


MistKing Starter Misting System V4.0

MistKing’s 22251 Starter Misting System is the most premium misting system available. This high-quality mister can handle just about any configuration.

Even though it only comes with one nozzle, its design allows for up to ten nozzles, allowing the device to adjust humidity levels in large habitats or several cages with ease.

The 22251 has one of the most sophisticated controllers in the business of misters. This controller, known as the ST-24, may be configured to suit the requirements of 10 distinct events. The duration of an event can be adjusted to hours, days, or weeks. Additionally, you may set the length of sprays for that particular event, ranging from seconds to hours.

The ST-24 controller also has an internal battery to guarantee that it continues to work even in the event of a power loss.

The only disadvantage of this misting system is that it demands you to do maintenance on your habitat. For instance, you will need to modify a bucket to act as the water reservoir for this system. However, it should not be too difficult to manage.

MistKing 22251 is our top-recommended misting system because of its multiple features, sophisticated controller, and dependability.


  • Advanced controller
  • More flexibility and control over functions
  • Numerous nozzles
  • High-quality


  • DIY installation is required.


Automatic Zoo Med Reptirain Habitat Mister

The Reptirain Automatic Habitat Mister from Zoo Med is an excellent choice for folks on a budget. It is a programmed misting system with three misting nozzles, one of which is attached to the central unit and the other two to the mister’s tubing. This function enables you to mist several or bigger enclosures.

The Reptirain is compatible with both AC and DC power, allowing you to either plug it into an electrical outlet or use batteries. The option to convert between AC and DC power can be a lifeline, particularly during protracted power outages, as the machine can now operate on battery power.

AC is however the most convenient method of powering the system (plugging into a wall outlet).

The Reptirain enables for the programming of spray intervals and durations. The machine may be programmed to discharge mist every three, six, or twelve hours. For the spray durations, the enclosure can be misted for 15, 30, 45, or 60 seconds.

This guarantees that you can build up a misting routine that precisely matches the humidity needs of your pet reptile. The hooks and suction cups included with the Reptirain make installation simple for any style of enclosure.

However, the difficulty with this misting system is that the quality of the goods you receive cannot be guaranteed. Despite this, the Reptirain is one of the most cost-effective misting systems for reptiles.


  • Programmable
  • Operates on both AC and DC
  • Simple to use
  • Multiple nozzles


  • Inconsistent quality


Zoo Med Repti Fogger

Zoo Med’s Repti Fogger is a misting device that uses ultrasonic technology to spray a fine mist throughout the habitat. For this reason, the Repti Fogger employs a single foldable hose. The tube is extensible, allowing it to conform to a variety of postures.

The Repti Fogger’s ultrasonic transducer is its most notable feature. The transducer creates sound waves with a high frequency that split up water into an incredibly thin mist. In addition to improving humidity levels more effectively, fine mist also prevents water from accumulating on the terrarium floor. Moreover, it adds atmosphere to the cage.

You have the option of leaving the Repti Fogger on a low setting all day for a consistent humidity level or turning it up to its highest setting for a strong dosage. This characteristic makes the Repti Fogger suitable for a broad range of reptile species and environmental circumstances. Additionally, it is appropriate for regions with arid temperatures.

As you might expect, the Repti Fogger is one of the most expensive misting systems on the market due to its unique characteristics. Despite this, it remains a viable alternative for those in need of a quality misting system.


  • Ultrasonic use for fine mist
  • Greater regulation of relative humidity
  • Creates atmosphere
  • Does not result in water pooling


  • Pricey


MistKing Ultimate Value Misting System V4.0

MistKing’s 22252 is a very effective and high-quality misting system. The standard model comes with one nozzle, but its architecture enables for up to 20 nozzles to be installed simultaneously. Consequently, it is suitable for large or numerous enclosures. The 22252 is frequently utilized in big botanical gardens and zoos because of its dependability and power.

This misting system includes the ST-24 controller, possibly the most sophisticated controller on the market. This is due to the fact that you may program this controller for up to ten distinct events simultaneously, saving you from having to enter new instructions every time you wish to modify an event.

It also includes a battery to guarantee that the machine continues to operate even if the power goes out, ensuring that your pet is always comfortable.

The 22252 is simple to set up because it has a comprehensive reference handbook.


  • Powerful
  • Suitable for huge enclosures
  • Advanced controller
  • Internal battery


  • Time-consuming to set up


Coospider Reptile Fogger Terrariums Humidifier Fog Machine Mister

The Coospider fogger for Reptile Terrariums is a high-quality mister with a three-liter water reservoir. This indicates that once it is filled, you may expect it to last a long period. It is also reasonably priced, making it a wonderful alternative for those on a tight budget.

However, because this mister is not automated, you may not be able to establish spray timings and durations. You have the option of attaching an external device that automatically powers the system at certain periods.

This mister compensates for this limitation by allowing you to modify the fog production rate, giving you greater control over the humidity levels in your terrarium. In addition, it operates quietly, unlike the majority of misting systems, which emit a continual hum that can be bothersome.

This fogger comes with extendable tubing so that it may be adapted to your enclosure. It also has an indicator light that illuminates when the reservoir is running low on water, indicating when it needs to be refilled.


  • Large reservoir
  • Pleasant pricing point
  • Adjustable emission of fog
  • Expandable tubing
  • Alert system


  • Non-automatic


BaoGuai Reptile Mister Fogger

This BaoGuai mister fogger is a simple and effective misting system that is worth considering, especially if you are on a budget.

First and foremost, it operates silently, so you will not have to endure the infamously annoying background hum that is typical of misters. It comes with up to four feet of tubing and two suction cups for simple and basic installation.

However, this mister fogger is not automated, so you will have to manually manage the spray durations and intervals. However, it has been shown that keeping the mister on a low setting for up to 12 hours will effectively fulfill humidity needs.

This misting system has a water tank that is rather large at 2.5 liters. In addition, the machine is fitted with a failsafe that shuts it off when it runs out of water.

This reptile mister fogger from BaoGuai performs a superb job of maintaining ideal humidity levels inside an enclosure despite lacking automation. As a result, it is an excellent solution for those in need of an inexpensive and convenient misting system who are willing to participate in the machine’s operation.


  • Silent
  • Affordable
  • Simple installation
  • Safety measure


  • Non-automatic

Buyer's Guide

The following considerations are crucial while searching for the right misting system.

Dimensions of Water Storage

If a mister has a small tank, you may prefer to utilize a manual spray gun, as you will need to replace the tank frequently.

Choose misters with tanks containing at least 2 liters of water for your convenience. If you wish to mist many enclosures or have a large terrarium, you should search for misting systems with even larger tanks.

You may also consider creating your own tank and attaching it to the mister.

Length of the Exhaust Pipe

Fortunately, the majority of misters include output pipes that are many feet in length, making them suitable for misting expansive enclosures. However, this is not always true for all systems. Prior to purchasing a mister, it is essential to evaluate the length of its pipes.

Cut-Off Function

Since the mister will eventually run out of water, you must seek a system that automatically shuts off when this occurs. Misters that continue to operate after running out of water pose a significant risk of self-destruction.

Control Functions

The better a mister is, the more control it grants you. Advanced settings on misters allow you to tailor their operation to your needs. This guarantees that you can offer optimal settings for your pet reptile’s species.


Misting systems allow you to supply your pet reptile with the humidity it requires to flourish. However, these systems vary greatly in their capabilities and quality. Before acquiring a misting system, you should do your research to ensure that you choose one that will serve you well.

This requires comparing and contrasting the many brands available on the market. MistKing’s 22251 Starter Misting System is the most well-equipped misting system currently available on the market. Consider Zoo Med’s Reptirain Automatic Habitat Mister if you are on a budget since it is an economical and convenient gadget. 

In the end, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best reptile misting systems. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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