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The 10 Best Remote-Control Dog Toys

Looking for a dog toy that operates with the press of a button? Then you may be interested in purchasing a remote-controlled dog toy.

Remote-controlled dog toys are a fun choice for pet owners whose dogs are often faster than them. When you reach critical levels of tiredness but your animal companion is just getting started, a remote-controlled toy may save you.

There are several solutions available, but which is the best? BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has produced a list of the best remote-control dog toys and published reviews to provide you with the necessary information.


Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine Ball Launcher – Best Overall

The Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine is our top selection for the finest remote-controlled dog toy. This plastic ball launcher is a compact, lightweight toy designed for outdoor play. The rechargeable battery permits simple and constant exercise time.

Additionally, the toy includes programmable settings, allowing you to pick between three launch intervals. You may also customize the distance parameters according to your dog’s running style and energy requirements.

Some pet owners have remarked that it is not as durable as anticipated. If you pick this toy, you will need to be a little more careful with it.


  • Regenerative battery
  • Configurable settings
  • Lightweight


  • Less durable

Best Value Cheerble Smart Bone Interactive Dog Toy

Cheerble’s Smart Bone Interactive Dog Toy is the most cost-effective remote-controlled dog toy. It is composed of polycarbonate plastic and includes replacement tires, so it has the ability to survive for a very long period. It is designed for interactive play and responds to the touch of your dog.

You will have a great deal of control over this toy due to its configurable settings and manual control software. You may customize aspects such as speed, swerve, and acceleration to tailor the Cheerble Smart Bone Interactive to your living area. Similarly, the app provides complete control of the toy, enabling you to play with your dog.

A few pet owners have commented that the application is more complex than expected. If you have a high level of technological proficiency, this may not be a problem for you. However, if technology is not your biggest talent, you should anticipate spending additional time learning how to use the software.


  • Configurable settings
  • Replaceable tires
  • App-enabled for easy operation
  • Affordable


  • Some remark that the application is difficult to master.

Swift Paws Home Remote-Control Flag Course – Highest Quality

The Swift Paws Home Original Remote-Control Toy Flag Course is an excellent option. This flag course for your dog is constructed mostly of plastic parts and rope, making it both entertaining and comprehensive.

It is an excellent method to provide your dog with both an outlet for excess energy and a cerebral challenge. The battery is both rechargeable and durable.

The optimal time to complete this course is 90 seconds, but the battery lasts 10 minutes each charge! Integrated safety elements guarantee that your dog will not be injured in the event of an accident, so you can relax during playing.

This enables you and your dog to enjoy ongoing, uninterrupted pleasure. Remember that the Swift Paws is a costly product.


  • Offers both mental and physical stimulation
  • Regenerative battery
  • Integrated safety features


  • Expensive

Idogmate Dog Ball Launcher – Best for Puppies

Puppies will like playing with this toy. The ball launcher is perfect for exhausted pet owners whose hyperactive pups just want to play! With a rechargeable battery, it provides limitless entertainment.

After placing the balls inside the toy, your dog will be able to recover them. This may be a lifesaver if you’ve been playing fetch all day and your arm is fatigued. We hope you have sufficient energy to use the remote!

The remote provides an easy method for adjusting the speed settings and pausing and resuming playback. In addition, the toy’s sturdy construction makes it ideal for exuberant pups who may be unaware of their own power.

Some pet owners remarked that the launch power was less than what they had hoped for.


  • Regenerative battery
  • Modifiable velocity settings
  • Durable design


  • Lower launch power

Skymee Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

The Dog Camera Treat Dispenser by Skymee is a more cost-effective alternative to remote-controlled dog toys. Even better, the cheaper price does not correspond to worse quality.

This toy is meant to launch snacks for your dog, but this is not its sole purpose. In addition, it has a camera, two-way audio, night vision, and a motion sensor.

These features are convenient for pet owners who work away from home and cannot be with their animal companions at all times.

You can view and talk with your dog from a distance using the camera and two-way audio. The application enables you to give your dog a treat regardless of your location, whether you are at the workplace or on a beach.

This toy’s sole drawback is that it must be plugged in to function, meaning that it cannot move or observe other locations. If your dog is not within range, you cannot use the toy.


  • Affordable
  • Includes camera, audio, and handy app
  • With night vision and a motion sensor


  • Plugged in need for operation

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Built-In Laser Toy and Alexa

You’ve definitely heard of laser pointers being used to amuse dogs, but you’ve likely never seen such a sophisticated laser toy. The Petcube Play 2 is an excellent laser toy.

It provides two-way voice for conversation, a high-quality camera, motion and sound alerts, and a variety of viewing angles. You may even record or photograph adorable moments!

The application enables you to play with your dog anywhere. You may regulate the laser pointer to engage your pet in play, or you can set it to turn off automatically.

Some pet owners have noticed that the laser is difficult to see on video, which makes playing with their dogs more challenging. Nevertheless, the automated mode is accessible if the laser is difficult to see.


  • You may communicate with your pet through the toy.
  • Includes camera for pet monitoring
  • Utilizing a practical app for operation


  • On camera, the laser point is tough to discern.

Skymee Owl Robot

The Owl Robot is another fantastic remote-controlled dog toy offered by Skymee. This adorable-looking robot is a treat-dispensing interactive dog toy that is ideal for engaging your dog in play and distributing rewards.

It can be controlled by an app on your smartphone and has a camera and two-way audio, enabling you to play with your dog regardless of your location.

Nonetheless, some users have stated that the app’s interface is difficult to use. If you are technologically inept, this item may need a little more effort on your part. But if you get the hang of it, it may be the most entertaining dog toy ever.


  • Includes camera and simple app
  • Provides treatments
  • Offers bidirectional communication


  • Some argue that the app’s interface is difficult to use.

Linksus Smart Pet Camera

Does your pet want to play? Does your dog appreciate treats? Obviously, he does! With the Linksus Smart Pet Camera, why not provide him with both?

This toy offers your dog with both entertaining activities and tasty goodies, two of his most beloved things. You may participate in the fun through a handy app that allows you to maneuver the robot and provide snacks.

With the camera and two-way audio, you can also monitor your pet anytime you like. On the negative side, some have stated that the robot may be difficult to operate. Practicing with your dog may need more time, but isn’t that part of the fun?


  • Includes a camera and practical app
  • Provides treatments
  • Offers bidirectional communication


  • Managing the robot might be challenging.

PupPod Rocker Treat-Throwing Camera Dispenser and Puzzle Dog Toy

PupPod’s Rocker Training Treat Tossing Camera Dispenser & Puzzle Dog Toy is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a toy that doubles as a useful training tool.

It gives many levels of training activity for your dog, with each level building upon the last. This toy offers cerebral stimulation to dogs that need a challenge.

The remote-controlled reward dispenser is equipped with a camera that allows you to see your dog’s training in action.

However, several noted that the video feed’s quality was inconsistent. This might make it tough to observe your dog or play with a remote.


  • Excellent training aid
  • Convenient app control


  • Several reports indicate that the video stream is sporadic.

PetSpy Treat dispensing system with camera

Dog Treat Dispenser by PetSpy is an additional alternative for releasing treats.

Using capabilities such as a camera and two-way communication, you can check on your pet companion while feeding them a reward.

In addition, you may take video and images of your dog anytime they do something really wonderful. While attempting to assemble the toy, a number of consumers have reported experiencing significant difficulty.

If you choose this option, you should pay careful attention to the instructions and maybe seek the aid of friends.


  • Two-way interaction
  • Camera enables users to shoot video and still images


  • Difficult to construct

Buyer's Guide

Reading reviews of the best remote-controlled dog toys is a terrific way to restrict your selections, but how can you choose just one?

At this step in the planning process, it is essential to evaluate your dog’s and your own individual requirements.

Choose a Toy That Suits Your Dog

Consider the breed, size, age, and energy levels of your dog. You should consider these elements while selecting a dog toy in order to meet your dog’s demands. For example, if your dog is a senior with little energy, you may not like one of the more intensive toys.

Since he may determine the degrees of action in the game, he may prefer a game with a more tranquil and engaging atmosphere. A ball launcher, on the other hand, may swiftly tire him.

Choose a Toy that Suits You

Consider your personal requirements in addition to your dog’s. Do you want a remote-controlled dog toy so that you can rest while your dog expends excess energy?

In this instance, a ball launcher may be the best option. This toy will allow your dog expend a great deal of energy without requiring you to do the same.

Do You Desire to Monitor Your Pet or Interact with It?

If you are often away from home and want to keep your dog occupied while you are at work, a dog toy with a camera and two-way audio may be the best option, particularly if the toy can be controlled from your smartphone.

Consider the Costs

Unfortunately, most remote-controlled dog toys are not inexpensive. On average, you should anticipate spending between $100 and $200.


We hope that these reviews of the best remote-control dog toys have helped you narrow down your choices.

The Hyper Pet GoDogGo Fetch Machine is our top selection owing to its use and adaptability.

Cheerble’s Smart Bone Interactive Dog Toy is an excellent alternative for a more economical solution, however the Home Original Remote-Control Toy Flag Course from Swift Paws is the superior option.

Whatever product you choose for your dog, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes you like it!


1. What can a robotic dog accomplish that a real dog cannot?

Generally, robot dogs are designed to do certain tasks, such as conversing with the owner. The user may teach a few high-end, sophisticated robot pets, whose technological skills differ across models.

They improve as technology advances, and a basic model is immobile and has limited face movements, like as eye and mouth opening and shutting.

Others are able to detect and obey the owner’s vocal orders. Although robot dogs will not replicate the characteristics of a genuine pet and will have their own benefits, there are disadvantages connected with a real dog.

However, the decision to own any or both of these pets is a personal one (real & robot).

2. What tricks is the robot dog capable of performing?

The majority of robot dogs walk with a clumsy gait, but some incorporate wheels for a more comfortable user experience. Aside from this, a robot dog can execute other typical acts, like singing, sitting, begging, and dancing. A few superior variants may acquire personality.

3. Is there a possibility that the robot dog may turn against the user?

No, it will not turn on you and conquer your universe. Simply relax and have fun with your robotic pet. If you ever feel worried, just remove the batteries and everything will return to normal.

4. How simple is it to learn and use these robotic dog toys?

The trainability and usability of a robotic dog is more important than its longevity or appearance. It will take an eternity for a robot dog to be taught and to comprehend speech and touch sensors. In general, a high-quality robot dog is simple to operate since it comes with a handbook detailing how to react to human directions.

Additionally, one must observe the maximum age of the robot dog. For example, if the robot toy is intended for children aged 5 and older, you should avoid buying it for your 2-year-old child since it would be difficult for them to engage with it.

5. What are the three most important aspects of a robot dog?

The three major components that make this toy a flawless robot dog are the controller, the sensors, and the mechanical components.

  • The Controller, sometimes referred to as the toy’s “brain” since it is controlled by a simple computer software.
  • Sensors will allow the robot to perceive its environment.
  • Pistons, motors, wheels, gears, and grippers will enable the robot to move, rotate, grasp, and lift.

6. How long will this robot dog last?

You have compiled a list of many types of robotic dogs that are sturdy and long-lasting based on consumer feedback. The aforementioned robot dogs are scratch-resistant, composed of excellent materials, and sturdy. Avoid acquiring low-cost and low-quality robot dogs.

7. How is a CHIP utilized in the great outdoors?

CHiP functions well on paved roads with a smooth surface. The rollers on wheels will hinder performance on gravel or unpaved surfaces.

Therefore, the majority of manufacturers developed CHiP wheels to be interchangeable / detachable, releasing outside wheels.

However, the CHiP can only function on smooth pavements, and the device employs infrared light with a frequency of 940nm. This frequency allows the CHiP to work outside, albeit with a range of less than a few feet.

It is also susceptible to interference in bright sunshine, and one may operate this robot outside with minimal tracking abilities using the CHiP software. Always note that this CHiP is not waterproof and that it must never get wet for the robot dog to work properly.

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