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The 11 Best Rat Cages For Pet Rats

Whether you're a first-time rat owner or already have several furry friends, you may be considering different cages for your pets. The typical assumption of the rat's spatial requirements is turned off.

For example, even a guinea pig cage is too small. They asked for a huge outside play area. Having professional escape artists on staff also greatly improves safety and security.

Here are the best rat cages for pet rats on the market today, selected by BestForPets (bestforpets.org) for your convenience.

Ideally, you'll be able to find the perfect suit for your beloved creatures with the help of our reviews.


Best Small Animal Cage: Prevue Pet Products Rat Critter Cage

We ultimately decided to go with the Prevue Pet Products Rat & Chinchilla Critter Cage since it was the best of the bunch. Like us, you probably agree. It’s the perfect size and has all the bells and whistles, meeting the requirements of virtually any rat.

This cage’s bars are wrought iron with a dusty rose hammer stone finish. Tight wire spacing and sturdy ramps make it impossible for animals to climb out or chew through. There is a shelf at the base for convenient organization of your rat’s stuff.

It consists of a pair of ramps, a grille, and a metal platform. The cage has a removable plastic tray that can be cleaned quickly and simply. You can simply access the cage within, whether to remove the rats or add more food, thanks to the large entrance.

Size-wise, this item is 31″ x 20.5″ x 40″, thus it can accommodate up to three rats. More may necessitate a more sizable dwelling, nevertheless.

In conclusion, we consider this to be the best rat cage on the market in 2018.


  • This is ideal for up to three full-grown rats.
  • Simple to clean
  • Harsh, iron bars


  • This is not a place for rats ages 4 and above.


Affordability and Comfort in Kaytee’s “My First Home Habitat”

Incontestably, it’s true that rat cages can cost a good penny. The Kaytee My First Home Habitat Multi-Level for Small Animals is a good option if you’re on a budget. If you just have two adult rats, this is the greatest rat cage you can get for the price.

The plastic footing is extra-thick to keep bedding off the floor. The plastic base and metal bars form a compact unit that won’t come undone. The cage’s door is locked by a wire-based locking mechanism.

With the included food dish, this affordable house is perfect for a young family. Because of its spacious design, this cage is ideal for growing baby rats.

Heavy chewers may cause serious damage to the cage’s plastic inside, but plenty of toys will keep them from doing so.


  • Containment-enhancing deep base.
  • An ideal first residence
  • Connecting mechanism based on wires


  • The possibility of rat damage to interior plastic


The Deluxe Small Animal Cage from MidWest Critter Nation is an Excellent Option

The MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage is an excellent option if you require a large enclosure for a number of small animals.

It’s ideal for housing up to six rats and well worth the additional cost. The bottom shelf provides even more space for storing your tools and materials.

The metal wire used to make this cage is extremely sturdy, and it has a sleek gray hammertone finish. Even newborn rats will be safely contained within the bar-spaced enclosure.

The two garbage containers cannot leak. The ramps between levels include protective padding to make the ascent comfortable and easy.

There is no way for your rats to access the locks since they are critter-proof. All four of the doors may be opened all the way for optimal accessibility. Isn’t that the best of all possible worlds? It’s completely tool-free. Getting it up and running takes no time at all.


  • Holds up to six adult rats
  • Chew-proof
  • There are four operable doors.
  • Someplace to put things


  • Pricey


Security Cage by Yaheetech

Choose the YAHEETECH Metal Cage if your rat has grown to adult size. The cage’s vertical bars make it inappropriate for rats younger than 6 months. As a result, children are not permitted and should not attempt to enter the facility (adults only, thanks).

Easy access to the remainder of the cage is provided by two doors that act as entryways and close securely. The bottom slides out to reveal a litter box made of sturdy plastic that is easy to dump and clean.

It’s convenient that it has its own bowl and water bottle so you don’t have to buy those separately.

This crate can be rolled around simply wherever it’s needed thanks to its swiveling wheels. The entire exterior is resistant to corrosion, so it won’t rust even if it gets wet often. Your adult rats will love spending their days in this cozy habitat.


  • Two potential points of entrance
  • Free snacks and a drink are offered.
  • Corrosion-free
  • Full spherical wheel rotation


  • Adult rats alone.


ZEN Rat Cage

If you’re looking for a cage for a little pet, the ZENY Rat Cage is an excellent option. This cage is made of metal, and it features a curved form with two doors. There are easy-to-use slide latch locks installed for security.

The litter’s bottom tray comes out for easy cleaning and restocking. The structure boasts four wheels that rotate in all directions and move effortlessly.

You may encourage your children’s physical development by letting them climb up and down the three levels of platforms.

It has a great setup, and it even includes a dish and a water bottle for your pet. You have everything you need to get started with keeping rats. The cage may be folded down into a compact size when it is not in use.


  • Functioning with a single lock
  • Wheels that go in a complete circle
  • Conveniently stows away when not in use


  • All mature audiences only.

How to Choose the Finest Cage for Your Pet Rat

If you’re preparing to purchase all the equipment needed to care for rats, you may be relieved to learn that the cage is likely to be the most costly item.

Given the low initial investment required by rats, the necessary equipment list is short. You can get by with just a water bottle, food dish, hiding places, hammock, and sleeping bag.

Different Cages for Rats

The number of rats you plan to keep will be the primary factor in deciding which cage is best for you.

Countable Individuals

You can get by with buying a cage with only one level, provided it has sufficient height and climbing room. Many standalone units are mobile or provide dedicated storage space for your rat’s accessories.

Conveniently Stackable

For many uses, stackable units are ideal. You may secure each individual compartment in several stacking pieces. There are a few reasons why you might want to separate your rats: males from females, territorial disputes, and illness.

If your animals are of the same sex, you can safely let them run free together and only separate them when necessary. The same holds true for when you’re cleaning the cage and want to keep the rats from escaping.

Stackable, Multi-Tiered Structures

Rats thrive in multi-story cages because they have so much room to run about and explore. The cage itself can serve as an exploration area if hammocks and other fun tunnels are hung around it. The use of a multi-tiered cage can also aid in the general fitness of its inhabitants.

Cages that aren’t rat-appropriate

You might have thought this when you first brought your new pet rat home from the pet store or breeder. After all, they are probably rather little and don’t necessitate much room for themselves.

Once you’ve seen how quickly they move around, though, you’ll know that they’re high-energy creatures. To be content, they require a great deal of room to run, leap, and tunnel.

I can’t even begin to fathom how dull it would be to be confined to a tiny, windowless room with nothing to do all day.

Cages for Rabbits and guinea pigs

Rats, unlike rabbits and guinea pigs, have a built-in need to climb. Also, unlike rabbits and guinea pigs, rats don’t have the same body structure, therefore they don’t develop as fat or bulky as other animals do as they age.

Your rat is more likely to jump through the broader bars of a cage meant for a rabbit or guinea pig since they are slim and agile.

Small Animal Habitats, Like Those for Gerbils or Hamsters

The naked eye may not reveal much of a size difference between rats and gerbils or hamsters, however this is not the case. Despite popular belief, rats can multiply even the toughest sizes by a factor of three.

The largest hamster, the teddy bear kind, is still much smaller than a fully grown rat.

The huge amount of chewing strength that rats possess is constantly put to use. Plastic gerbil cages might make your rodent sad since they don’t allow enough room for exercise and exploration.

In addition, the wiring and plastic used in typical gerbil or hamster cages are not as sturdy.

As adults, rats have a hard time squeezing through the tunnels. It’s risky if your rat gets caught in the tunnels, especially if you have a substantial right. The freedom of movement within the cage increases their odds of success.

What’s the Deal with the Bar Interval?

If you think rats can’t fit through a small hole, even the chubbiest of them can probably do so with ease. If they do, it might be disastrous for both your possessions and your rat if they get into any type of mischief.

It is crucial that your rat cage has the appropriate bar spacing to keep your pet safe while you are gone. Rats do best with bar spacing between 0.6 and 1.0 inches apart.

Subterranean Rats and Human Habitat

Two cubic feet of area is required for a single rat. Everyone requires a comfortable amount of room to move about in, play, and sleep.

Each pet ride you provide should have twice as much room allotted for it. There are many different styles of rat cages, from a single unit to a series of stacked units, but all of them should have several levels for the rodents to explore.

The Time for Rats and the Floor

Even rats, confined as they are, require time spent in the great outdoors. Your ratties will feel most comfortable in their cage when they are free to exercise normal behavioral patterns associated with being in a dwelling.

However, rat populations have been shown to decline when rats are confined to an indoor environment.

Daily cage-free time for rats should be at least one hour.

Rats Need Constant Company

Keep in mind that rats need company, as they cannot survive without at least one other rat. These animals are very sociable and benefit much from collaborating with others.

When you take into account the fact that they require companionship, you can see why a bigger cage is necessary.

Various Cage Add-Ons and Hardware

Rodents have a strong preference for dark, enclosed spaces like tunnels, mazes, hammocks, and burrows. A rat’s cage has to be spacious enough to accommodate the many accessories available for the pet.


The Prevue Pet Products Rat & Chinchilla Critter Cage is a great product, and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with it. If you only have three adult mice, this cage will meet all your needs. It’s great for both first-time pet owners and seasoned professionals.

Try Kaytee My First Home Habitat Multi-Level for Small Animals if you are on a tight budget. A group of rat friends can have a great time here. It is inexpensive, has many levels, and is easy to maintain.

How many you have and their individual needs will determine the path you choose. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) helps you decide on the best rat cages for pet rats for your needs.

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