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The 10 Best Rat Wheels

Rats were created to run hundreds of kilometers every day in search of food, shelter, and a partner. They don't have this much room to run in captivity.

As a result, they require a wheel to exhaust part of their energy. If they do not, kids may suffer health or behavioral difficulties. Rats that are bored or aroused may become destructive.

However, not all rat wheels are created equal. Some are superior to others in terms of quality. Some are better suited to several rats, while others are ideal for smaller cages. We'll help you find anything you're looking for in this article.

BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) reviews will help you learn more about specific models, while our buyer's guide will help you decide which option is the best rat wheels for you.


Small Kaytee Silent Spinner

We recommend the Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel for most rats. This wheel is specially intended to create minimal noise when used by your rat, which is especially handy if the rat’s cage is in your room.

Because rats are generally nocturnal, they will use their wheel at night. For durability and safety, the surface is composed of high-quality plastic.

Because of the high-quality design, your rat’s feet will be kept safe. This wheel can be used independently or in conjunction with a wire cage. There are other sizes available, but the tiny one is ideal for rats.

This wheel is very simple to clean because of its shape. It rotates swiftly and smoothly, making it ideal for rodents to scamper about on. It also encourages a proper running posture, which can help prevent injuries.


  • Quiet
  • Simple to clean
  • Plastic is strong and safe.
  • There are several sizes available.
  • Encourages a proper back posture


  • Larger wheels are less stable.


Small Kaytee Comfort

The greatest rat wheel for the money is the low-cost Kaytee Comfort Small Animal Exercise Wheel. It is affordable, yet it is still acceptable for a wide range of rat cages. It makes no loud creaking noises, which is important because rats frequently run at night.

This might be really handy if you are very sensitive to noise. It features a smooth running surface that will not snag your rat’s tail. It can readily mounted to a wire cage or used as a free-standing wheel.

Rats and other tiny animals can use the 8.5-inch wheel. The bigger one is preferable for rats and other larger animals.

However, because it is less expensive, this exercise wheel is of lower quality. While it is quieter than some other alternatives, it is not as quiet as others on the market. When the wheel begins to move swiftly, it may become rather noisy.


  • Quieter
  • A secure running surface
  • It may be used on a wire cage or on its own.
  • Rat-appropriate 5″ wheel


  • A little louder than some of the other alternatives


Silent Runner by Exotic Nutrition

If you’re seeking for the greatest workout wheel, go no farther than the Exotic Nutrition 43673 Silent Runner. The 9-inch size is ideal for smaller rodents such as rats.

The running surface is firm, with textured grooves that keep your rat’s tail from getting trapped. They give a lot of grip without the risk of harm. The wheels are designed without a central axel, which reduces the possibility of spinal cord or tail injury.

The wheel is significantly quieter than other choices because to the revolutionary ball-bearing arrangement.

It also creates a smooth running surface, making it simpler for the rats to run. The wheel attaches directly to the cage, eliminating the need for a free-standing wheel.

The beam apertures facilitate escapes and prevent your rat from falling out. It encourages your rat to run up against the solid wall, preventing the rat from falling out.


  • Rats will benefit from the 9″ size.
  • A stable running surface
  • There is no central axil.
  • Quiet


  • Expensive


Flying Saucers Made by Ware Manufacturing

The Ware 3283 Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is an appropriate exercise wheel for tiny pets, albeit it is larger than some of the other alternatives on our list. It is safe for the toe and tail of your rate.

Because it is a solid surface, your rat’s tail or toes will not be hurt. While it is bigger, it is not suited for larger pets because it is not designed to bear a lot of weight.

If you put too much weight on it, it will snap. However, because rats are little, this is an appropriate solution for them.

This wheel isn’t as silent as some of the alternatives. For example, it squeaks from friction after a short duration of usage. This product is also not very sturdy, therefore it is unlikely to withstand extensive usage.

However, because rats are so little, the wheel should be able to take quite an amount of wear. We wouldn’t use it for something much bigger.


  • Inexpensive
  • A smooth surface
  • Rather quiet


  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • Not as quiet as other alternatives.


Wodent Suncoast Sugar Gliders

The Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel is larger than other rat wheels, but it may be appropriate for some rats, especially if you have more than one. It contains a tail protection on both sides to keep your rat’s tail safe.

It is reasonably priced considering its size. It is, however, more costly than smaller rat wheels. The partial wall on one side makes rats feel more safe when exercising and keeps the rat from tumbling out.

It is tough to clean the wheel. To clean it properly, you must entirely disassemble it, which is not intended. It is tough and requires removing several pins from the back and re-inserting them, which is quite difficult.

The running track is a little shaky. If it falls out, it is tough to get it back into the groove. This makes disassembling it much more difficult.

This wheel is similarly enormous for a rat, although it may be useful in larger cages.


  • Tail-shield
  • For its size, it is inexpensive.
  • Partially constructed wall


  • Cleaning is a challenge.
  • Difficult to put together
  • Very huge


Metal Ware Manufacturing

The Ware 3275 Tread Exercise Wheel is about as ordinary as it gets when it comes to exercise wheels. It has the standard mesh-metal running surface. It’s safe for your rat’s tails and toes, but it’s not as comfy for rats to run on as other training wheels.

The surface, unlike others, is not solid. It is powder-coated for strength. It is, in reality, quite sturdy and can resist the majority of rat activity.

This wheel is really inexpensive. However, there are issues with this. For example, because this wheel is not adjustable, certain rats will not run well.

It will bow under some weight, especially if you have several rats racing at once. This wheel is also prone to falling off the foundation, which might be dangerous if your rat is utilizing it at the time.

In many circumstances, you may want to get a more costly wheel that can bear additional weight.


  • Steel powder-coated
  • Inexpensive


  • Less durable than other alternatives
  • The wheel cannot be lifted.
  • The wheel frequently slips off.


90013 Prevue Pet Products

The Prevue Pet Products SPV90013 Wire Mesh Wheel is a reasonably priced item. The thin metal mesh protects its tail and paws. However, because it is not substantial, it is not as comfy as other solutions.

If this is all you can afford, it does give exercise. However, there are better, less expensive solutions available. Instead, we recommend getting those.

This wheel comes in four various colors, so you may match it to your rat’s cage. The wheel may be mounted on the edges of a mesh cage or used on its own.

The rats will be racing right onto the mesh wire, which will eventually injure their paws. The mesh is not precisely fashioned onto the wheel. This results in extremely sharp edges that can poke your rats and potentially injure them.


  • There are four distinct hues available.
  • It is possible to hang it straight on the cage.
  • Inexpensive


  • Mesh wire mesh
  • Cleaning is a challenge.
  • Sharp corners


Every rat requires a wheel. The Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel is the best rat wheels BestForPets (bestforpets.org) tested. They are unlikely to create an accident and are pleasant to use for rats. It is also quiet and simple to maintain, making it ideal for most owners.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Kaytee Comfort Small Animal Exercise Wheel is an excellent choice. It is both comfy and sturdy. It is also far less expensive than alternative solutions. You may either attach it to a mesh cage or use it on its own.

Hopefully, our evaluations and buyer’s guide can assist you in sorting through the many exercise wheels available.

Buyer's Guide

A rat need an exercise wheel. However, the workout wheel you select is critical. They are not created equal. Many are of great quality, while others are not.

Choosing the wrong wheel might cause your rat to have painful feet and possibly injury. Furthermore, if you choose a low-quality wheel, you may have to make a lot of noise and spend hours cleaning.

In this part, we’ll assist you in selecting the most secure and appropriate alternative for your rat. No single wheel is ideal for everyone. Instead, you must select a wheel that is appropriate for your specific scenario.

Structural Beams

On these workout wheels, many sorts of support beams are commonly employed. You do not want a wheel with crossbars that extend all the way through the wheel.

These might cause harm to your rat when running. Tail injuries are prevalent while using these types of bars. Spinal injuries, on the other hand, are significantly more serious.

Side support bars that are arched to the side are preferred. Your rat is considerably less likely to become entangled and hurt by them.

No Bars versus. Bars

Some wheels have bars as well as solid running surfaces. Wheels with bars are even more popular and are frequently available at pet stores.

They can, however, cause significant injury since your rat can lose their footing rapidly and fall through the bars, perhaps resulting in fatal damage.

Because the wheel is still spinning after the animal becomes trapped between the bars, this might result in spinal damage.

These wheels are extremely deadly when there are more rats around. One rat can push the other through the bars, causing a spinal damage.

When more than one rat is running on the wheel, the wheel will continue to spin even if one of the rats falls through the bars. This is exceedingly hazardous, which is why we do not advocate wheels with bars of any kind.

Wheels with Mesh

Mesh wheels are quite safe, although they aren’t the ideal. They provide no gaps for your rat to fall through. Because the rat is less prone to lose their balance, injuries are less prevalent.

However, the mesh isn’t always beneficial to their feet. As you can expect, it may cause bruises and isn’t exactly comfy to walk on. However, some rats prefer hanging on and whirling upside down.

Wheel Saucers

Saucer wheels are among the safest kind of wheels available. Because the floor is firm, there is minimal chance of limbs and tails being trapped.

In their natural stance, rats can also run. They don’t have to arch their backs, making their workout significantly more comfortable. These wheels are ideal for groups of rats.

Wheels for Comfort

The flooring on these wheels are solid. As a result, they are exceedingly safe. The rat cannot fall through any holes or become trapped.

Multiple rats may run in these wheels at the same time without risk of damage, making them ideal for multi-rat cages. They are also quite comfy on your rat’s feet.

However, these wheels are tough to clean. To clean the wheel properly, you may need to disassemble it. Depending on the wheel, this might take a long time.

Most are not intended to be disassembled, despite the fact that they must be completely cleaned. Because they are normally heavier, these wheels might be a little noisier than other wheels. They might be quiet at first, but they quickly break in.

Is a Wheel Necessary for My Rat?

Every rat requires a wheel. Rats are built to chase for food and mates. They definitely cannot accomplish this while housed in cages that are barely a few feet long. However, their biological desire to run frequently and far remains.

They can only satisfy this requirement with an exercise wheel. Otherwise, the rats will be unable to achieve their exercise requirements, which may cause a slew of issues.

Rats, for example, that are unable to achieve their exercise requirements frequently develop destructive tendencies. They will get bored and uninterested. They may torture other rats, resulting in damage and diseases.

Do Rats Enjoy Wheels?

Rats enjoy wheels, despite the fact that they require them in captivity. One study discovered that even in the absence of an incentive, wild rats prefer to run on wheels. These rodents were already getting enough exercise.

They have to be on the go in order to find food, shelter, and reproduce. Nonetheless, when they got access to it, they opted to use the exercise wheel. It appears that rats enjoy using exercise wheels to some extent.

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