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The 7 Best Ramps And Stairs For Dachshunds

Dachshunds are lovely, but they occasionally have difficulty moving around. If your Dachshund enjoys snuggling on the sofa, jumping in and out of the car, and climbing into your bed, you should probably invest in a ramp or a set of pet steps.

In reality, Dachshunds require adapted equipment to prevent spinal injuries caused by excessive leaping or climbing! The items on this list will assist your dog in securely ascending and descending stairs.

Here are the best ramps and stairs for Dachshunds suggested by BestForPets (bestforpets.org)


Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs

The Best Pet Supplies Foam Steps are a wonderful starting point if you’re searching for a basic set of stairs to let your Dachshund climb onto your couch or bed. Overall, we found these steps to be the best for Dachshunds.

The steps are constructed of a soft, lightweight, yet solid foam that supports your pet’s weight while being simple to maneuver and kind on their feet.

There are three possible heights, allowing you to select the ideal set for your needs. These steps are compact and space-efficient, making them ideal for tiny flats and cramped bedrooms.

If a stain penetrates the cover, the foam is more difficult to clean. However, a detachable cover makes it simple to remove hair or dirt from steps. These steps are also excessively steep for certain animals, thus older or less nimble Dachshunds may have difficulty navigating them.


  • Stairs made of lightweight material with a detachable cover
  • Three heights are offered.
  • Space efficient


  • Could be too steep for certain animals
  • Foam is difficult to clean


Pet Gear Bi-Fold Car Ramp

If you have a playful puppy or a dog who enjoys traveling, the Pet Gear Bi-Fold Car Ramp may be your best option. This ramp is meant to be placed on a vehicle’s bumper or tailgate, but it may also be used on a solid sofa or another surface.

Its lightweight, the collapsible form makes it ideal for on-the-go use, and its ability to attach to any climbing destination makes it suitable for a broad variety of heights.

The ramp’s surface is covered with detachable treads that can be washed and cleaned independently, making it simple to remove mud, debris, and other contaminants.

The sole disadvantage of this type of ramp is that it is not suitable for use on all surfaces. On a softer surface or in a less solid place, you’ll need a ramp that can stand on its own. However, it will suffice for a car, a couch, or a mattress.


  • Transportable for active dogs
  • Variable height
  • Foldable for usage at home or in the vehicle


  • Requires a solid surface for placement.


PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Ramp

If you prefer a ramp that seems more like a permanent piece of furniture, you may want to try the PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Ramp, our premium option. This ramp is made of solid wood, making it strong and appealing. It is suitable for even the oldest and least mobile Dachshunds due to its mild slope.

This ramp has a carpet surface that is comfortable for your dog’s paws and folds up for convenient travel and storage. It is suitable for dogs up to 120 pounds, making it an excellent option if you have many dogs and want to ensure their safety.

This type of ramp has a pretty wide footprint, with a 70-inch length that occupies a great amount of room. Some reviewers remarked that the carpet’s slipperiness makes it less suitable for their dogs.


  • Elegant wooden structure
  • Gradual, gradual inclination
  • Foldable to facilitate storing
  • Safe for up to 120 pounds


  • Unstable carpet
  • Large foothold


Best Pet Supplies Linen Covered Foam Steps

Consider the Best Pet Supplies Linen Covered Foam Steps if you like stairs with a fashionable and appealing appearance. These stairs are coated with a fleece that resembles linen and is available in two hues, gray and brown. They are available in two sizes, making them appear custom-made for your house.

The foam stairs are small and lightweight, with the top step collapsing into a cube for storage. Additionally, the cover is easy to clean.

The flip-top design and lightweight foam are not suited for dogs going faster than a brisk stroll, according to several reviews. Rubber grips can be placed at the bottom of the stairs to prevent slipping on hard surfaces; nevertheless, carpet is recommended.


  • Elegant linen cover
  • Folds into a little cube
  • Simple to clean


  • Shift beneath fast-moving dogs
  • Slippery on firm surfaces


Merry Products Collapsible Ramp

If you value adjustability, the Merry Products Collapsible Ramp might be a smart choice. This ramp folds up for storage and may be adjusted to one of three heights. It features durable construction and rubber wheels that make it easy to move. However, this design has certain shortcomings.

The ramp is not extremely tall, especially considering the complaints of several reviewers regarding the steepness of the steepest option. The carpet is also sufficiently slippery to cause some dogs difficulty. The wheels are only located on one side of the ramp, making it stable while not in use.


  • Variable height
  • Sturdy design


  • Slick carpet
  • Not very tall
  • Having a 20-inch height gradient

Buyer's Guide

What Should I Consider Regarding Ramps and Stairs?

When purchasing a ramp or stairs for your Dachshund, seek for elements that will make them more functional, such as a mild inclination and tiny steps. Your ramp should be the same height as or slightly shorter than the surface it leads to. Also, consider footprint; if you live in a tiny home, a set of steps that requires a great deal of area may be inconvenient.

Consideration must also be given to the significance of traction and stability. Fabrics or treads that prevent slipping can make your stairs safer and more likely to be utilized. A steady ramp or set of steps will encourage your Dachshund to utilize it frequently and feel secure while doing so.

Are ramps superior to stairs?

There are several ramps and steps on the market, and it might be difficult to choose the right one. The milder slope of ramps makes them excellent for older or less nimble dogs.

However, the majority of Dachshunds enjoy stairs as long as the steps are modest and not too steep. Stairs are often more movable, less expensive, and use less floor space, making them more practical for owners.

Do Dachshunds Need Ramps?

If your Dachshund can already jump onto the couch, you may question if you need steps. However, because Dachshunds have such long bodies that are not ideal for jumping and climbing, ramps and steps are an excellent alternative.

Over time, jumping on a couch or bed can cause damage to your Dachshund’s spine, leading to health problems, suffering, and a limited lifetime. The acquisition of a ramp will ensure the safety and happiness of your dog.

How Do I Motivate My Dog to Utilize His Ramp?

If your dog disregards the ramp, he may typically be trained to utilize it. Start by acquiring a durable ramp. Unstable or narrow ramps or steps are likely to frighten away your dog.

Utilize rewards and encouragement to encourage them to use the stairs. Initially, you may provide a goodie on each stage. Reward your dog for demonstrating interest. Consider teaching your dog to walk on a foldable ramp’s flat surface before placing it against a sofa.


Your Dachshund will live longer and be healthier if he can climb to a comfortable surface, regardless of the ramp you use. Overall, we adored the Best Pet Supplies Foam Stairs due to their sturdiness, affordable pricing, and variety of size possibilities. The Pet Gear Bi-Fold Car Ramp is a terrific alternative that performs well and has a great price if you’re looking for a way to stretch your cash. We propose the PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Ramp for something a bit more luxurious.

We honestly appreciate your time in reading thus far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) believes this article will assist you in selecting the best ramps and stairs for Dachshunds for your needs

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