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The 14 Best Ragdoll Cat Trees

Ragdolls are one of the world's most popular cat breeds. These adorable felines are both attractive and friendly, making it easy for them to find their way into our hearts while taking over our homes.

It is your responsibility as a pet parent to keep your Ragdoll happy, healthy, and content. If not, they will ensure that you are penalized appropriately.

Cat trees are fantastic additions to any home with cats, particularly Ragdolls. The true question is, what kind of cat tree is ideal for this cat breed?

In order to save you from a bored kitty who blames you for their condition, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has decided to tackle this subject and examine the best Ragdoll cat trees.

Check out our favorite cat trees to choose one that your Ragdoll will enjoy.


BEAU JARDIN Cat Tree for Large Cats – Overall Winner

  • Particle Board is used for the frame.
  • Sisal Rope as a Covering
  • 30 pound weight

The Beau Jardin Cat Tree for Large Cats is our pick for the best overall cat tree for Ragdolls. This cat tree is intended for large cats, such as your Ragdoll.

This tree’s overall height is 32 inches, making it ideal for cats who prefer to stay near to the ground. The upper perch has velvety padding and is spacious enough to accommodate cats of all sizes.

The two condos are spacious and luxurious for kittens who want to slumber alone. The scratching posts are made of sisal, which allows your cat to mark this cat tree as their own.

The massive planks used in construction provide additional stability for huge breeds. The plush cushioning is the only real drawback to this cat tree.

This material does not appear to be as sturdy as one would think and is utilized inside cat condominiums instead of reinforced sides for lifespan.


  • Ideal height for more grounded kitties
  • The condo and perch are suitable for large cats.
  • Thick boards for strength


  • Plush padding isn’t extremely long-lasting.

Trixie Baza Cat Tree – The Best Buy

  • Wooden framework
  • Carpet as a covering
  • 8.02 pound weight

The Trixie Baza Cat Tree is our recommendation for the best Ragdoll cat tree for the money. This cat tree is inexpensive while providing your Ragdoll with enough space for a comfortable and peaceful day.

The Trixie hammock, with its one level and exceptionally soft plush material, is the ideal spot for your cat to nap.

If your cat wants to scratch, the sisal-wrapped scratching poles give them enough space to keep their claws sharp while avoiding harming your furniture.

You’ll also discover a toy supplied to keep your Ragdoll entertained as they enjoy their new perch. This cat tree is great for Ragdoll owners with little living space.

It is compact and can easily fit into most rooms of the house. However, keep in mind that this cat tree weighs only 8 pounds. While it may be strong enough to hold huge cats, vigorous play may cause it to collapse.


  • Luxurious carpeting
  • Included are sisal scratching posts.
  • Perfect for small houses or apartments


  • Not very durable

Go Pet Club Cat Tree and Condo – Premium Selection

  • Wooden framework
  • Plush Fabric as a Covering
  • 40.8 pound weight

If you want to spoil your cat, the Go Pet Club 62-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo is the way to go. This cat tree has everything your kitty could ever want.

This cat tree, which includes many perches, caverns, hammocks, jelly rolls, and scratching posts, is excellent for a spoiled puss or a home with multiple cats who need to lounge around.

Raised ledges on each perch prevent cats from falling asleep. The entire condo is covered in artificial fur, making your Ragdolls feel like they’re sleeping on cloud nine.

If your Ragdoll is energetic and likes toys, the included hanging rope will keep them entertained for hours. The only real disadvantage of the Go Pet Club Cat Tree & Condo is its size and weight.

If you’re looking for a cat tree that takes up little room and is easy to move, this isn’t it. This should come as no surprise given that it is our Premium Choice Ragdoll Cat Tree.


  • Super soft for cats
  • Suitable for several cats
  • Perch edges have been raised to prevent mishaps.


  • Regarded as huge and weighty

FEANDREA Kitten Cat Tree – Best for Kittens

  • Wooden framework
  • Plush Fabric as a Covering
  • 11.9 pound weight

The FEANDREA Cat Tree is an excellent method to occupy active kittens, provide them with ample scratching surfaces, and provide them with their own snug refuge.

You and your Ragdoll kitten cat can spend hours playing with the removable ball toys. They can assault the balls, climb, and be boisterous on their own while you’re too busy to play.

Because of the staircase-like construction that allows for easy ups and downs, pet owners need not be concerned about their young Ragdolls or even elders navigating this cat tree.

This wooden cat tree is low to the ground and sturdy enough for even the most energetic kittens. When it’s time to relax and curl up for a nap, they’ll appreciate the soft plush fabric covering.

The scratching posts made of sisal are great for teaching your young Ragdoll where to sharpen their claws. The size is the most significant disadvantage we discovered with this cat tree.

It’s fantastic for when your Ragdoll is young, but don’t expect it to grow with them.


  • Kittens adore these toys.
  • Perches that are soft and cuddly
  • Scratching areas are included.


  • Small— will not work as an adult.

PetPals Perch Cat Tree Shaped Paper Rope Bowl

  • Engineered wood for the frame
  • Paper Rope with Fleece as Covering
  • 17.2 pound weight

The PetPals New Paper Rope Natural Bowl Shaped with Perch Cat Tree‘s distinct design appeals to both cats and their owners.

This cat tree is made of paper rope and fleece and is designed to be soft and warm for cats, making it ideal for cool mornings and the winter months.

Another alternative for Ragdolls who like to stay on the ground and avoid higher places is this tree. They can scratch without leaving their favorite perch thanks to the sisal scratching posts.

While this cat tree is attractive in the home, it does have a few drawbacks. The perches on this cat tree are fairly close together since they were designed to be smaller and out of the way.

If you have several cats, this tree might not be the ideal option. It also only carries up to 25 pounds, making it unsuitable for larger Ragdolls or those that struggle with weight.


  • Design that is one-of-a-kind
  • Soft and comfortable for cats


  • Perches are grouped together.
  • Only accommodates cats weighing up to 25 pounds.

Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts from Amazon Basics

  • Engineered wood for the frame
  • Jute and carpet as covering materials
  • 15.43 pound weight

The Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree is intended for Ragdoll cats who enjoy scratching. This cat tree is stable and sympathetic to your feline pals, with seven jute-lined scratching posts.

This cat tree also has various levels for your cat to explore, and the upper-level bed is plush and cozy for when they want to relax. Because of its solid structure, you’ll feel at ease and worry less about tilting while your cats play on this cat tree.

While this cat bed is inexpensive, Ragdoll owners should consider their cat’s size. This cat tree’s upper-level bed is a little undersized. If you have a huge ragdoll, this region may not be suitable for them.


  • A number of scratching posts
  • There are several levels to explore.


  • The cat bed is a little on the small side.

77-inch Armarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo

  • Manufactured wood for the frame
  • Material of Coverage: Faux Fleece
  • Weight: 58 lbs.

The Armarkat Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo is designed for larger cats such as Ragdolls. If your Ragdoll enjoys exploring and does not mind being elevated, this multi-level play and rest space will be an excellent addition to your home.

The tree is made to be strong so that larger cats can enjoy spending time on it. With roomy tunnels and perches, your cat will have enough of space to spend the day without becoming bored.

If you have numerous cats, this tree is an excellent addition because it can withstand a lot of weight. The most significant disadvantage of this cat tree is its price.

While it does provide a nice location for cats of all sizes to relax and have fun, the price is not particularly affordable.


  • Sturdy
  • Cat can play in a variety of areas.
  • Fabric that is soft


  • Pricier than competitors on the market

FEANDREA Big Cat Multi-Level Cat Tree

  • Wooden framework
  • Material of Covering: Plush
  • 40.34 pound weight

The FEANDREA Multi-level Cat Tree is maybe the most durable on the list. This 40-pound tree is intended to keep larger cats comfortable and provide a play space for them.

You can easily allow many Ragdolls to enjoy the fun on the soft, fluffy padding with multiple cat caves, hammocks, and perches.

When the urge arises, they can also enjoy scratching on the sisal scratching posts. This cat tree also includes an additional safety function. It can be mounted to the wall to aid prevent tipping, which can be dangerous to your Ragdoll.

While the additional safety element is essential for preventing tipping, large cats may struggle with this cat tree. Certain pedestals and perches are flimsy.

While ensuring that this cat tree is appropriately erected can help, huge breed cats may still encounter problems.


  • Cats have several caves and perches.
  • Scratching posts are included.
  • Soft material covering


  • Certain perches are flimsy.

Large Cat Play Perch in New Cat Condo

  • Wooden framework
  • Covering: Sisal
  • 30 pound weight

The New Cat Condo Large Cat Play Perch is the final item on our list. This condo was built with security in mind. This cat tree, made of real wood, can support the weight of numerous large breed cats and should be suitable for your Ragdoll.

The two scratching surfaces are covered with sisal rope to last longer for your cat’s demands and delight. Each perch is also covered in soft carpeting to make this tree more comfortable.

The nicest feature of this cat tree may be for the pet owner. This product comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, saving you time on building.

The most serious issue we had with this cat tree was the covering of the scratching posts. The covering on this tree is relatively thin, in comparison to the majority of the other cat trees we studied.

If your cat enjoys scratching and does it frequently, the covering may be inadequate to meet their demands.


  • Sturdy
  • Excellent for huge cats.


  • Scratch post covering is insufficient.

Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Best Ragdoll Cat Tree

When selecting the best cat tree for your Ragdoll, keep in mind that every cat is unique.

While most Ragdolls are considered floor cats who do not like to climb, others are daredevils who enjoy spending time perched on high places.

Our is why this assessment includes both low-to-the-ground and multi-level cat trees and condos. We want you to select the greatest one for your Ragdoll, not what other people think is ideal.

Ragdoll cats are often calm and affectionate. While they may prefer to spend time in your lap, having a place to sit and unwind is essential.

A decent cat tree can help with this. A nice location to snooze is something your Ragdoll enjoys, whether it’s a perch on a tree or a cozy cave. However, a decent cat tree may provide you and your Ragdoll with much more.

Let’s look at a few points to consider when picking which cat tree is perfect for your Ragdoll so you can reach your objective of keeping them happy.

Posts for Scratching

Ragdoll cats, like all cats, scratch. They may be one of the most relaxed cats around, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sharpen their claws on your furniture if necessary.

When selecting a cat tree for your cat, one with scratching posts is excellent. The material utilized for cat tree scratching posts is primarily sisal, jute, and carpet.

The main issue is coverage, regardless of your opinion in a post covering topic. To withstand your cat’s scratching desires, a decent scratching post should have a strong coating.

A large cat, such as a Ragdoll, will tear through thin coverings and return to your furniture in no time.

Your Ragdoll’s Size

As a Ragdoll cat owner, you understand the size of these wonderful animals. Males can weigh up to 20 pounds, although most females start at 10 pounds and max out at 15 pounds.

Those are remarkable cat sizes. It is critical to consider the size and weight of this breed while selecting a cat tree.

When it comes to larger cats, a sturdy cat tree built of strong materials is frequently the best option.

Whether your cat is a climber who requires a tall tree or a Ragdoll who enjoys average heights, inspect the construction material before making any decisions.

It is also crucial to consider the dimensions of the cat tree’s perches, beds, and other accessories. Certain locations may be too tiny to handle a greater Ragdoll’s size.

Instead of forcing your cat to squeeze into tiny places, buy a cat tree that is appropriate for its weight and size.

Cat Tree Dimensions

While you may desire an intricate cat tree in your home, it may not be feasible. Cat trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some are designed for single cat households, while others can readily accommodate many cats. Your house will not increase.

That is why it is critical to get a cat tree that is appropriate for your environment. Massive cat trees with numerous tiers are not appropriate in small apartments.

Before making your purchase, consider the amount of space you have available for your cat’s new play area.


Some cat trees come with toys, as evidenced by the reviews above. These toys are given to keep your cat entertained while they explore the perches and ledges of their cat tree.

If you have a toy-obsessed Ragdoll, a cat tree with these additions will be ideal for your cat. There’s no need to pay on bigger or better cat trees to impress a Ragdoll who thinks playing is beneath them.


The Beau Jardin is BestForPets‘ (bestforpets.org) recommendation for the best overall cat tree for Ragdolls.

This tree includes everything you need to keep your Ragdoll happy and is large enough to accommodate larger cats. If you’re on a tight budget, the Trixie Baza is both inexpensive and well-made.

Go Pet Club is the place to go if you’re ready to splurge on a Ragdoll. Whatever you choose, either of these best Ragdoll cat trees will keep your Ragdoll happy and let them continue to rule over your family.

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