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The 7 Best Raccoon-Proof Cat Feeders

There is no doubt that raccoons are thieves. There aren't many creatures who can steal like that.

Having saying that, they can be a nuisance to pet owners. Larger dogs can keep them at bay, but cats are a different story. Cats are too little to keep raccoons away from their food. So, what is one to do?

Purchasing a raccoon-proof cat feeder is one of the best choices you can make. Unfortunately, no cat feeder is specifically intended to keep raccoons from stealing your treasured pet's food.

With that goal in mind, we set out to find cat feeders with features that prevent raccoons from accessing the feeder's contents.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) discovered automatic cat feeders as a result of our search. Automatic cat feeders, as opposed to regular feeders, save you the trouble of having to feed the cat personally during mealtimes.

Instead, simply program your cat's mealtimes into the auto feeder, and the machine will only release food at certain times.

As a result, a raccoon on the prowl will find nothing in the dish, leaving it with no choice but to scavenge elsewhere.

Furthermore, automatic cat feeders are built to be extremely durable in order to prevent hungry cats from breaking into the feeder.

The 7 best raccoon-proof cat feeders are reviewed here.

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PetSafe Programmable Cat Feeder – Best Overall

Healthy Pet Simply Feed - PetSafe Automatic Feeder

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The PetSafe programmable cat feeder is an ideal choice for pet owners looking for an affordable and reliable way to feed their cats. It ranked first on the list of best raccoon-resistant cat feeders due to its superior design and sturdy construction.

One of the most notable features of this feeder is its programmable function, which allows you to schedule your cat’s mealtimes precisely. With the preset mode, you can set up to 12 mealtimes per day, making it an excellent option for cats with irregular feeding schedules. Additionally, the “instant feed” feature allows you to override your established feeding schedules and feed your cat immediately.

This feeder also has a “slow feed” option that dispenses food gradually over 15 minutes, promoting healthier eating behaviors in cats on a diet. You can also adjust the portion size of your cat’s meals between 2 tablespoons (18 cup) and 4 cups.

Thanks to its conveyor design that prevents clogging, the PetSafe programmable cat feeder is both pet-proof and raccoon-proof. You can purchase a power cable for an additional cost, but it is powered by batteries that can last up to one year.

This item comes with a one-year warranty and is easy to clean. You can place the BPA-free plastic feeder parts and the stainless steel bowl on the top rack of the dishwasher for simple cleaning. PetSafe has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle innovations for nearly three decades, and they guarantee the quality of their products.

The PetSafe programmable cat feeder is an excellent investment for pet owners seeking a dependable and efficient method of feeding their cats. Its adjustable portion sizes, slow-feed options, and pet-proof design make it a must-have for cat owners.


Highly adaptable

Large storage space

Several functions for your convenience

Raccoon-resistant construction


It is not prone to jamming.

Warranty period: 12 months


It only works with dry cat food.

Best Value Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food

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This programmable cat feeder from Cat Mate is an excellent purchase for pet owners in search of a dependable and cost-effective way to feed their cats. It is one of the finest raccoon-proof cat feeders on the market, and its design makes it highly customizable and versatile.

This feeder is distinguished by its nozzle-like conduit dispensing system, which permits ration sizes as small as two tablespoons. This makes it perfect for cats on a restricted diet or for dispensing rewards. Additionally, the detachable dispenser contributes to the feeder’s anti-raccoon properties by falling off when a determined raccoon attempts to access it.

In contrast to other automatic cat feeders that designate meal portions in containers, the Cat Mate C3000 utilizes a “feed units” system, with each unit containing 10 grams of food. This provides greater portion control flexibility, allowing pet owners to tailor their cat’s food to their dietary requirements.

The C3000 is highly customizable, with a fundamental preset function that allows you to select the times at which food is distributed. It also has a “manual feed” mode for feeding your cat immediately, an “extra feed” feature for days when your companion needs an extra snack, and a “frequent feed” mode for overweight cats who need to consume more frequently during the day.

The feeding basin, dispensing nozzle, hopper, and lid are all dishwasher-safe, making it simple to sanitize the feeder. The pet-resistant snap lock on the hopper closure prevents rodents from gaining access to the food, while the self-closing feed nozzle prevents spillage and messes.

When the batteries are removed, the feeder loses all of its preprogrammed protocols. However, the batteries have a reasonable 9-month duration, so this is a minor inconvenience.

The Cat Mate C3000 is an excellent option for pet owners looking for a customizable, dependable, and inexpensive cat feeder. It is a must-have for cat proprietors due to its distinctive design, anti-raccoon qualities, and versatile nutrition options.


Several functions for versatility and convenience


Innovative concept to prevent unauthorized entry

Durable construction

Simple to clean

Excellent battery life

Excellent value


When the batteries are removed, the preset programs are lost.

Premium SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder

SureFlap Sure Petcare SureFeed

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The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder is an excellent purchase for cat owners seeking a dependable, secure, and adaptable feeding solution. This feeder is designed to prevent raccoons and other animals from eating your cat’s food, making it one of the most raccoon-proof feeders available.

The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder functions through the use of an RFID collar tag that is connected to the feeder. The feeding receptacle will only open when it detects the chip in the cat’s collar, ensuring that only cats with this collar will have access to food.

This characteristic makes it an excellent option for households with multiple cats, particularly if one of the cats requires a special diet.

The selective feeder contains up to 13.5 fluid ounces of wet or dry food, and the lid seals with a neoprene rim to help retain moisture and keep food fresh. This feature is ideal for cats on prescription diets because it allows for portion control and aids in weight management.

The SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder is recommended by veterinarians and is compatible with microchip numbers with 9, 10, and 15 digits.

The feeder opens when the microchip ID of the assigned pet approaches, and closes when the pet moves away. The feeder’s one-button programming feature makes it straightforward to program.

This feeder is ideal for pet enthusiasts and cat lovers, making mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone. It comes with a three-year warranty, giving pet owners peace of mind.

In conclusion, the SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder is an excellent purchase for pet owners seeking a safe, secure, and versatile cat feeding solution. It is an excellent option for households with multiple cats, cats on prescription diets, and those in search of a raccoon-resistant feeding solution.


Innovative design

Prevents both raccoons and unauthorized pets from entering.

Simple to use

Simple to clean

Ideal for restricted diets

Can accommodate both wet and dry meals.

Available in a range of colors



Automatic Pet Feeder WOPET

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera

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The WOPET smart pet feeder is a technologically advanced solution for pet owners who want complete control over their pet’s feeding schedule. This feeder is not only programmable but can also be remotely controlled via smartphone.

The feeder’s easy-to-use LCD display allows you to schedule mealtimes and manage portion sizes. You can customize the amount of food dispensed for each meal, ranging from 2 teaspoons to 412 cups.

A distinctive feature of the WOPET smart feeder is its voice recorder, which allows you to record a message to remind your pet of mealtimes. This personalizes your pet’s feeding schedule and ensures they never miss a meal.

This intelligent feeder provides internet connectivity and is compatible with other smart devices. It has a wide-angle 720P camera that allows you to watch your pet and communicate with them via your phone’s microphone.

This feature is particularly useful for pet owners who are frequently away from home.

The WOPET smart feeder is designed to be both functional and reliable. It has a dual power supply system consisting of a power cord and backup batteries, ensuring that your pet will always be fed, even if the power goes out.

With a 7L/29-cup capacity, this feeder can feed both cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes for several days, making it ideal for short vacations or long work hours. It supports 2.4GHz networks.

Overall, the WOPET smart pet feeder is an excellent investment for pet owners who want to provide their pets with a nutritious and personalized diet. Its intelligent features, voice recorder, and dual power supply system make it a convenient and dependable solution for feeding pets of all sizes.


Smart feature enables remote control.

Simple to set up and program

Control and convenience to the max

To remind your cat of their meals, use the voice recording option.

Reliable – operates even when the power goes out.

It includes a webcam.

Feeder with a large capacity – holds up to 20 cups



It only stores dry food.

Smart Automatic Cat Feeder by PetSafe

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

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The PetSafe automatic feeder is a technologically advanced and user-friendly solution for pet owners who want complete control over their pet’s feeding schedule. It is a sophisticated unit equipped with cutting-edge features for increased convenience and efficiency.

This feeder includes a mobile application that enables you to remotely feed your pet at any time and from anywhere. The app requires an iPhone or iPod device running iOS 9.0 or later, or a compatible Android smartphone running Android 6.0 or later.

You can schedule up to 12 meals per day for your pet and dispense meals in portions ranging from 1/8 cup to 4 cups to meet your pet’s specific dietary requirements. You can adjust the portion sizes to accommodate your pet’s unique dietary needs and preferences.

The feeder also includes a “slow feed” mode that dispenses food steadily over a 15-minute period to prevent digestive distress.

In the event of a power disruption or Wi-Fi interruption, the optional battery backup ensures that your pet will still be fed at the next scheduled time.

With its dishwasher-safe lid, hopper, stainless steel bowl, and bowl holder, it is easy and convenient to clean the feeder. The feeder is made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, ensuring its durability and safety.

Even though the PetSafe automatic feeder lacks a camera and does not alert you when food is running low, it is still an excellent purchase for pet owners who value convenience and adaptability.

The PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle innovations for nearly three decades, and their U.S.-based customer care team is available six days a week to answer any questions you may have.


Intelligent functionality

Highly adaptable

Allows you to feed the cat from a distance.

Strong construction



It does not include a camera.


VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders

VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders - Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

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The Voluas automatic feeder is a dependable and adaptable feeding solution for pet owners who want to ensure that their pets are fed on a regular schedule, even when they are away from home. This portable feeder is equipped with a variety of convenient and effective features.

You can schedule between 1 and 4 meals per day, with 0 to 40 portion options, to automatically dispense food for your pet. The feeder is appropriate for all breeds of cats and dogs.

The feeder can be powered by either a 5V adapter USB power cable or a portable 3 D-cell battery-powered feeding station. This adaptable option ensures that your pet will not go hungry during power outages.

The voice recording feature of the Voluas automatic feeder allows your pet to hear your voice at mealtime, fostering a strong attachment and encouraging healthy eating habits. You can record up to ten seconds of audio for your pet.

The LCD display on the feeder makes setup and programming a breeze. The feeder’s detachable and washable components promote a sanitary environment for your pet’s food.

The high-capacity food storage container can hold up to 4L/16.9 cups of dry food, which is sufficient to feed most pets for several days. This feature enables you to easily feed your pet during extended weekends and brief business trips, giving you peace of mind that your pet is well-fed and content.

The Voluas automatic feeder is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a dependable and adaptable feeding solution for their pets. It is a wise investment for pet owners who value convenience and peace of mind due to its user-friendly design and flexible power options.


Customizable feeding schedule with up to 4 meals per day and 0-40 portion choices

Voice recording feature to call your pet for mealtime

High-capacity food storage container holds up to 4L/16.9 cups of dry food

Wired or battery power options provide flexibility

Intuitive LCD screen for easy setup and programming

Removable and cleanable parts for maintaining a healthy environment


Limited to dry food only

Suitable for only certain cat and dog breeds

Higher cost compared to some other automatic feeders

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeders

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeders

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The PETLIBRO AIR automatic cat feeder is ideal for pet owners who want to ensure that their cats, dogs, and small animals are fed on a consistent schedule. This feeder is constructed of durable stainless steel and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, making it a dependable and long-lasting option.

You can program up to six meals per day with 1-16 portions per meal, allowing you to tailor your pet’s feeding schedule to their dietary needs.

The PETLIBRO AIR automatic cat feeder also includes a press-to-lock mechanism on the top lid, which prevents your pet from stealing food and ensures they consume a healthy, balanced diet.

The control panel cover on the PETLIBRO automatic cat food dispenser prevents accidental button presses, ensuring that the feeding schedule is adhered to. This feeder is also equipped with an anti-ant feature, protecting your pet’s food from ants and other insects.

Flexible and convenient, the PETLIBRO AIR automatic cat feeder can be powered by either D cell alkaline batteries (not included) or wall power. With a battery life of 180 days, it can be placed anywhere without the need for cumbersome cables.

The PETLIBRO AIR automatic cat feeder is an excellent option for pet owners seeking a reliable and adaptable feeding solution for their pets.

It is a wise investment for pet owners who value convenience and peace of mind due to its user-friendly design, anti-ant feature, and flexible power options.


Flexible feeding schedule with up to 6 meals a day and 1-16 portions each.

Press-to-lock button on the top lid prevents pets from stealing food.

Control panel cover prevents accidental button presses from pets.

Anti-ant feature keeps food fresh and free from pests.

Can be powered by batteries or wall power.



Buying Guide

As previously stated, no cat feeder is designed with raccoon resistance as its primary objective. However, there are raccoon-proof feeders on the market whose design makes them pest-resistant. These automatic cat feeders are resistant to raccoons.

Automatic cat feeders dispense food only at predetermined times, which means you can program the machine to dispense food only during the day as raccoons are typically active at night. When raccoons discover that there is no longer any cat food to scavenge on your property, their nocturnal visits will almost certainly cease.

Another advantage of automatic cat feeders is the convenience they provide, as you do not have to worry about your cat missing meals while you are away. Additionally, some models allow for remote food dispensing.

Therefore, automatic cat feeders are the best option if you are tired of rodents eating your cat’s food.

However, as previously stated, the design and quality of automatic cat feeders can vary significantly. Therefore, you must know what to look for in an automatic feeder to find the model that best meets your needs. In this section, we will discuss the most essential considerations when searching for an automatic cat feeder.

1. Ease of Use

You do not want a device that requires you to consult the manual every time you want to program your cat’s feeding schedule. You need one that is easy to operate. The best automatic cat feeders can be programmed in under two minutes.

2. Food Versatility

Unfortunately, not all automatic cat feeders are compatible with both dry and wet cat food. In fact, the vast majority only handle dry food. If you frequently switch between wet and dry food, make sure the device you purchase can store and dispense both types.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Check to see if the parts of an automatic cat feeder are dishwasher-safe, as this will make maintenance much easier. Avoid feeders with intricate designs, as they can be difficult to clean.

4. Smart Features

Not all automatic cat feeders are smart. The level of control provided by smart feeders makes them extremely convenient. They communicate with your mobile devices and connect to your home Wi-Fi to enable remote control. This allows you to instruct the device to dispense food at any time, regardless of predetermined meal schedules. Some smart cat feeders include a camera that allows you to remotely monitor your cat.

5. Price

As you might expect, automatic cat feeders are significantly more expensive than standard feeders. Therefore, if you decide to acquire one of these devices, be prepared to pay.


When seeking for a raccoon-proof cat feeder, automatic cat feeders are wonderful solutions to explore. They are not only strong, but they can also outwit raccoons.

With so many auto cat feeders on the market today, selecting the best one can be difficult. Fortunately, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) buyer’s guide can assist you in narrowing down your choices.

If you want to skip that headache totally, we recommend the PetSafe Programmable Cat Feeder . It is functional, easy to use, holds a huge amount of food, and is reasonably priced.

Consider the Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Cat Feeder if you want the most bang for your budget. When you consider all of the impressive features included with the C3000, the pricing is a steal.

The other best raccoon-proof cat feeders mentioned in the preceding assessments are also solid choices. Choose the one that best meets your needs and tastes.

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