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The 11 Best Rabbit Carriers

You will need a safe carrier every time you take your rabbit to the vet or on the road with them.

It's understandable that you'll want to leave your furry friend free in the car or carry your rabbit back to town in your arms, but doing both is a bad idea.

An unsecured pet has a much higher risk of death or serious injury in the event of a car crash. Taking your pet for a walk is a risky business.

A loud noise, such as a passing truck or a car horn, can frighten your rabbit, causing it to jump out of your arms and into traffic or other danger.

Whether you've been raising rabbits for years or just bought your first one, you must also buy a good rabbit carrier.

Top rabbit pets come in a variety of styles, materials, and manufacturers, just like the rest of the pet industry.

There are a lot of great ones out there; some are even better than others; and some simply don't fit.

Therefore, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has compiled reviews of the best rabbit carriers on the market in 2022 to assist you in making your purchasing decision.


Best Rabbit Carrier Bag: The Kaytee Come Along

While researching and writing this post, we looked at and compared a wide variety of rabbit carriers, and we can confidently state that this one from Kaytee is our top pick.

The bag’s sturdy nylon construction, ventilation-enhancing large mesh window, and convenient carry handle all contribute to its high quality.

Easy cleaning and disinfection are two features we like in this carrier, along with the addition of a zipped compartment for little items.

We found that the only real drawback was that it is a rather tiny pet carrier. Even though there are three sizes to choose from, the largest one still might not be adequate for a really huge rabbit.

This is undoubtedly 2021’s finest rabbit carrying bag.


  • A sturdy and long-lasting construction
  • Quick and simple access
  • Strong air circulation
  • Comes in 6 different hues
  • For compact stowage, it folds flat.


  • Size


Best Rabbit Carrier in the World from Living World

This compact animal carrier from Living World is ideal if you need to transport a pet rabbit and are on a tight budget.

It’s made from tough, chew-proof plastic and has a transparent plastic lid with ventilation slots. The rough inside is designed to keep your pet from sliding about as you move.

The fact that it disassembles so simply for washing and sterilizing is another plus. All things considered, this carrier offers the most bang for the buck.


  • Price
  • Safe for chewing plastic
  • Quick and simple access
  • Super simple to disinfect


  • Size
  • Make it last


Rabbit carrier by Kaytee

This is the second Kaytee carrier model to make our best goods list, and we couldn’t be happier with either of them.

This one is a more conventional cage-style transporter, but it’s just as sturdy, safe, and well-made as the others. It’s ideal for rabbits that are on the smaller or medium side, and it may be used in conjunction with our top pick, Katree’s Come Along Animal Carrier, to make the trip more pleasant for your pet.

This carrier is fairly transparent when used alone. Even if you don’t want to shell out for an extra external carrier, you can still provide your cat a darker, more private place by draping a towel over the cage.


  • Door is big and simple to use.
  • Safety and solace
  • Simple to clean and disinfect


  • Price
  • Design that exposes all


Carriers for Pet Rabbits, Petsfit DCC0132

If you want to carry your stuff with style, consider this soft-sided carrier as an alternative. It has a plush mat that can be washed in the machine, a big zippered opening in the front, breathable sides, and it folds totally flat when not in use.

The carrier’s spacious interior can accommodate a rabbit of any size with ease. It is 16 inches long. The carrier’s PU leather exterior and EVA interior make it durable and simple to maintain.

But we’ve heard complaints that the carrier’s zipper is weak and frequently gets snagged on the sides, so that’s our only real gripe with it.


  • Easily accessible, large flap
  • Waterproof Carpet Mat with Soft Surface
  • Shoulder strap
  • Can be folded into a small space


  • Price
  • Worn-out fastener
  • A zipper might become caught on


Rabbit carrier, MidWest model 1419SPB

As the standard form of pet container, this carrier has been successfully used for many years. It’s made out of tough plastic, features a big, lockable metal grill door, plenty of air flow, and is shipped fully assembled.

This carrier isn’t the most plush option available. However, if you want to transport your rabbit in a no-frills, old-school box fashion, this may be the way to go.

It comes in two sizes with your choice of blue, green, or red. In particular, the biggest one can accommodate rabbits of any size.


  • Concept that has already been successfully implemented
  • Carrier that is solid and well-made
  • Door is big and simple to use.


  • Not a really fashionable
  • Transportation case made of tough plastic
  • Hard flooring only


Collapsible Bunny Carrier from Petsmart

The typical pet crate has been updated with this hardcover collapsible pet carrier. It features a strong plastic bottom and top, soft ventilated sides, and is spacious enough to accommodate even the largest of rabbits.

Like the last carrier, this one has a zippered closure, making it easy to clean and store when not in use. It’s a modern take on the classic pet crate, and it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

It’s fairly pricey for a carrier and isn’t as durable as some of the others we’ve looked at. Several users have complained that the carrier’s zippers and mesh door break while in use, and we have our doubts regarding its durability.


  • Carrier that is both roomy and soft
  • Stylish
  • Simple to put away and maintain


  • Price
  • Make it last
  • There are several problems with the design.


The Ferplast Atlas 20 Rabbit Carrier

Crate-style pet transporters are common, and Ferplast offers one more option with this carrier. It looks to be well made, comes in two colors (pink and blue), and will be spacious enough for even the largest rabbits.

It is similar in design to other hard crate carriers in that it includes a metal grill door and a sturdy handle on top for portability.

This carrier is the priciest item we provide by a wide margin. If you need a no-fuss, long-lasting create-style carrier to take your rabbit on vehicle trips, this one could work for you.


  • Durable and well-made
  • Long-lasting construction materials
  • Model with a track record of success


  • Price
  • Not a really fashionable
  • Transportation case made of tough plastic
  • Hard flooring only

Instruction Manual

It’s crucial to have a rabbit carrier that’s comfortable for both you and your pet. You must always transport your pet in a carrier, whether you’re going to the vet, boarding your pet, or taking them somewhere else.

From our analysis of the items on the market, it is clear that consumers may choose from many different service providers. Several criteria (beyond price) should be taken into account while deciding on the finest rabbit carrier, the most important ones being:

Think About Its Size

Your rabbit needs a carrier that is large enough for it to sit up straight in and turn around in for its own safety. Depending on your starting point and destination, your rabbit may have to spend many hours in its carrier.

If your pet is cramped and unhappy in their carrier, you should reconsider using it.

If you have a really young rabbit, it’s important to think about how large it will develop in the future. A high-quality rabbit carrier, depending on the model, can survive for many years; as such, you should ensure that it will still serve its purpose in the future.


A rabbit needs enough of fresh air, so make sure your rabbit carrier has good ventilation. Even though rabbits are accustomed to spending the night in small spaces like tunnels and hutches, they still need lots of fresh air to breathe easily and feel at ease.

Do you find it simple to clean?

You should think about how simple it is to clean your rabbit’s new carrier unless you intend on utilizing disposable cardboard carriers.

Since you will be transporting your sick rabbit in the carrier, you should think about the mess it will produce and make sure it is easy to clean and disinfect.

How safe is it?

Rabbit owners are well aware of their pets’ propensity to destroy furniture and other belongings with their teeth. Your rabbit’s carrier should be sturdy and well-constructed; if it’s made of anything it can eat, it won’t endure the trip and your rabbit may even get out.

To keep your rabbit safe, the enclosure should have a latch that can be securely locked and should be simple to close.

Think about the entry

In addition to making sure your rabbit has plenty of room in its carrier, you should check that it can be easily placed inside and removed from its chosen container.

When your long-eared furry companion is sick, injured, or just afraid, the last thing you need is a carrier that requires you to reach in and tug on the rabbit’s limbs to pull it out.

If, on the other hand, you’ve ever tried to force a reluctant rabbit into a box or carrier, you’ll know how important it is to have an open, easy-to-access opening on your rabbit’s transport device.

What’s the load bearing capacity like?

Carriers for rabbits may be cumbersome on their own, but when you add a large rabbit to the mix, they become downright cumbersome to transport. Thus, you look for a model with a sturdy, conveniently placed carry handle that can support the weight of your rabbit.

If you need to transport many rabbits, look for a model that has a carrying strap or wheels.


Our reviews will help you think about the many pet carriers out there and prioritize the qualities that are most essential for you and your pet.

Before deciding on a certain provider, you should weigh the benefits and limitations of the items each service offers and the features offered by the service providers that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched to help you choose the best rabbit carriers.

Finally, here’s a rundown of the best options we’ve reviewed:

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