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The 9 Best Rabbit Toys

The health of your rabbit depends on three things:

For starters, all rabbits have the same need for delicious food. So, as long as you provide them with enough clean water and timothy hay, they will survive to old age.

Second, your rabbit needs a safe environment. Give them their own cage with hay and bedding, and if possible, another rabbit to keep them company.

However, playtime is arguably the most important factor in rabbit happiness.

Keeping your rabbit busy and having fun will not only help them stay healthy physically, but it will also help them move around better and feel better mentally.

This is why BestForPets (bestforpets.org) compiles ratings and reviews of the best rabbit toys on the market.

Our rabbits have tested, chewed, and cut out the final product to ensure its quality. Here are our top ten picks for toys your rabbit is sure to love. 

Shopping Advice for the Finest Rabbit Playthings

In light of the abundance of rabbit playthings on the market today, it’s important to familiarize oneself with the following hints and quick guidelines before making a purchase.

Usefulness of Rabbit Playthings

Rabbits are known to be among the most inquisitive and amusing animals even when they are found in their natural habitat. Your pet rabbit will love having toys to run, leap, and explore with, as well as toys to gnaw on and push about.

One of the main reasons to get toys for your rabbit is to give them something to gnaw on and exert their dominance over. When rabbits aren’t given enough to do, they might become restless and destructive.

This can include things like gnawing on your belongings or digging holes in your clothing. However, if rabbits are kept busy and active, they will significantly decrease or eliminate their destructive habits.

In addition, your rabbit needs to be chewing on something continually to keep its teeth at a healthy and controllable length. Toys can help your rabbit avoid painful episodes of malocclusion by simulating the natural way that barks and plant materials in the environment wear down your rabbit’s continually developing teeth and prevent dental issues.

A Checklist for Selecting Rabbit Playthings

Toys should include the following features to keep your rabbit safe:

  • Fabricated entirely from organic sources
  • Not constructed with softwoods, which can be fatal to rabbits.
  • containing no plastics, synthetic fragrances, or colours that might be harmful
  • Made to remain whole and not break into tiny parts that rabbits may swallow and choke on
  • Lacking jagged corners or loose threads

Practically anything that doesn’t endanger your rabbit’s health and safety may be turned into a toy. As a result, rabbits can play with the same kinds of toys that are designed for cats and dogs.

Classifications of Rabbit Playthings

A rabbit’s plaything options are practically limitless. Most commercial rabbit toys are produced from untreated hardwoods because rabbits naturally like playing with natural materials like sticks, roots, and twigs.

Finally, a rabbit will find amusement in anything that can be chewed or pushed around, be it an expensive wooden toy, your shoes, or a wicker ball.

Creating Your Own Rabbit Toys

If you’re in a bind and don’t have time to go buy a rabbit toy, here are some suggestions for things you already have around the house that may serve as toys for your rabbit.

  • Constructions made from cardboard boxes, such as forts and tunnels
  • Shopping bags made of paper
  • Rolls of TP or PT paper towel
  • Shredded printer paper fills a box (without ink on it)
  • Apple-tree twigs that have just been cut
  • Baskets made of untreated wicker


Peter’s Woven Grass Ball Toy Animal Small Animal Toy is our top pick because sometimes the simplest toys are the best.

Constructed with 100% natural fibers, this toy is a must-have for safe and enjoyable playtime and dental hygiene for your rabbit. It’s easy to buy a bunch of them because rabbits all love to play with them, and they’re not too expensive.

The Kaytee Perfect Chew Toy is a cheap way to find out what your pet rabbit needs to chew on.For the price of a cup of coffee, you can buy your bunny hours of enjoyment that will help keep their continuously widening teeth perfectly honed and problem-free with this toy, making it the best value toy of the bunch we’ve reviewed.

Rabbit toys come in a wide range of prices, and BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our guide has helped you pick the best rabbit toys. I hope your next toy purchase brings you and your bunny friends many hours of fun.


The Best Rabbit Toy Is Without a Doubt Peter’s Woven Grass Ball

Your rabbit is likely to have the most fun with the simplest of toys. For instance, Peter makes a fantastic Woven Grass Ball. Our rabbits adored kicking, prodding, and gnawing on this toy that was fashioned entirely from orchard grass clippings weaved into a 5-inch ball form.

Of course, a toy has to be more than just entertaining for it to earn our top rank; it also needs to be completely safe for rabbits and provide some sort of additional benefit to them.

Peter’s Woven Grass Ball is a natural grass toy that is perfectly safe for chewing because it has no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or pesticides. You may give your rabbit a tasty treat while also promoting good oral hygiene.

Finally, our bunnies haven’t found a single thing wrong with Peter’s toy that they don’t enjoy. Our rabbits love them so much that they often gnaw right through them, which raises our monthly pet care costs.

In conclusion, we recommend this rabbit toy as the greatest option on the market right now.


  • Produced using organically grown orchard grass
  • Lacking artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and pesticides
  • 100% risk-free for chewing.
  • Effective in promoting oral health
  • Competitively priced


  • Bunnies like tearing them to shreds.
  • Replacement costs are high if they must be constantly incurred.


Toy for Rabbits: Kaytee Perfect Chews, an Excellent Buy

The Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy is an inexpensive and fun method to keep your rabbit active and occupied. It’s one of the greatest rabbit toys for the money, and it costs less than a good coffee.

Let’s examine the reasons this product is the “greatest value” in our opinion:

The Kaytee Perfect Chews toy satisfies your rabbit’s insatiable curiosity with its wide array of shapes, sizes, and textures. Our play tester eyed the brightly colored toy with suspicion at first, but soon began chewing on it and throwing it about.

In conclusion, this toy from Kaytee is one of the few available for rabbits that is both inexpensive and engaging. In the case of white rabbits, there is only one potential drawback:

As your rabbit chews on the blocks, the natural dyes used to color them may transfer to its fur, giving it a rainbow of colors where its teeth would normally be.


  • Inexpensive
  • Offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures for chewing.
  • Clip for easy installation in your rabbit’s cage.


  • Chewing on blocks colored with vegetable dyes can transfer the pigment to your rabbit’s hair.


Premium Selection Oxbow Rabbit Play Post and Toys

The Oxbow Play Post has everything a child might want in a playset. This multi-tiered attachment may be a great addition to your rabbit’s enclosure, especially if your rabbit is young and active.

The Oxbow Play Post is a toy for children that consists of a wooden post secured to a further wooden foundation and adorned with colorful strings of blocks, balls, and tassels made from natural materials.

The Play Post is ideal for little or dwarf rabbits because of how much fun it packs into a compact area. Thus, it was just appropriate for our Holland Lop, but far too little for our Flemish Giant, who easily toppled it.

7.5 inches is how high it is measured. The Play Post is rather pricey for a rabbit toy, so be sure it will fit your rabbit before making a purchase. Although there are other options, we believe this is the finest rabbit plaything currently available.


  • Infinite potential for variety.
  • Post and base come together as one unit, making it simple to install in your rabbit’s cage.
  • There is zero necessary assembly time.
  • Toxin-free and designed specifically for rabbits.


  • This is a really costly item.
  • Quite diminutive


Bunny activity toys from Niteangel come in a trio of colorful, ball-shaped packages

The Niteangel Trio of Fun Balls Activity Toy is another another example of a straightforward, enticing rabbit toy that is quite similar to our top selection.

There’s a natural material in this set for your rabbit to love, whether it’s seagrass, water hyacinth, or rattan.

Each toy’s open weave construction also allows for the addition of food, hay, or treats to stimulate even more boisterous play.

Putting a few blueberries inside a water hyacinth ball and watching the bunnies smash it around the house in search of the treat is a fun family activity.

Simply put, there isn’t much to complain about with respect to these bunny toys, which are both entertaining and educational. The only possible drawback is that more discerning rabbits may reject a ball due to its construction.

The good news is that you would still have two more balls available from the original three.


  • The simple, organic design is 100% rabbit-safe.
  • There are three distinct varieties of grass available, so your rabbit may choose his or her favorite.
  • Because of the basket’s open weave, you may stuff it with hay, snacks, or even a meal.
  • Included in a three-pack.


  • Some rabbits have a severe aversion to one of these three organic substances.


Toy Rabbits from Living World that Teach and Treat

The Living World Teach N Treat, designed as an interactive and instructional toy for small dogs and birds, is possibly the most engaging item on our list.

Your rabbit may learn to forage, look, and listen for potential food sources with the help of three distinct obstacles.

Unfortunately, the results of testing this toy with our rabbits were inconsistent. Our little, inquisitive rabbit picked it up fast, but once he figured it out, he quickly grew bored. In contrast, our larger, older rabbit initially ignored the Teach N Treat, but later seemed to like it for its play value as much as its treats.

In sum, your rabbit’s temperament will determine whether or not this moderately priced toy is a smashing success. For rabbits, which are often just interested in food, this is an exceptionally good choice.


  • The use of interactivity promotes discovery through foraging and exploration.
  • Helps maintain mental and physical health in your bunny
  • Its fun factor is multiplied thanks to its three tiers of challenge.


  • All rabbits don’t have the same level of affection for this.
  • Contains a dearth of content beyond the initial learning curve


Puppy Chow For Peter

Peter’s Chew Toy combines the functions of a chew toy and a tasty reward for your rabbit by using dried apple wrapped around a natural hardwood dowel. Considering rabbits have an insatiable craving for sugary treats, it’s no wonder that they adored this toy throughout testing.

On the whole, though, it’s an odd toy. After your rabbit has eaten the dried apple wrapping, all that’s left is a wooden dowel, which no respectable rabbit would want to play with, making this one of the most costly alternatives on our list.

Can we finally reach a conclusion? It’s a nice thought, but it’s mostly just an expensive substitute for the odd treat you’d normally give your rabbit.


  • 100% pure, with no artificial additives
  • Safe for rabbits in every way
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums
  • Fruit is a favorite snack of rabbits.


  • When your rabbit munches on the apple, all that’s left is a stick.
  • The best course of action is probably to give your rabbit some treats and play with it.


Rabbit Toy, Rosewood Naturals Three-Pack of Play Balls

The Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls Rabbit Toy is, unsurprisingly, a set of three natural fiber balls designed for a rabbit’s amusement.

Rabbits love these toys, which are made from the same seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan as the rest of our selection.

The hollow balls of open weave may be stuffed with hay, treats, or food to make them more appealing to your rabbit pal.

The only possible drawback is that you can never be sure of finding another pair if your rabbit ends up really like them and you want to replace them.


  • Healthy teeth and gums are a result of regular chewing on natural fibers.
  • The open weave construction allows for the addition of fun food and toys.
  • Included are balls constructed from three different grasses.


  • Ordering irregularities


Snack-Dispensing Nite Angel Ball

We’ve highlighted three different types of open-weave ball toys that can be loaded with food or treats so far in our review.

The fact that they are made entirely of natural grasses means that there are no possible difficulties to worry about while giving them to your rabbit to play with, making them a favorite of both bunnies and their owners.

Instead, use the Niteangel Snack Ball Treat Dispensing Toy. Treats are gently released when your rabbit pushes and bangs this plastic and metal toy around.

The spring-loaded mechanism is iffy at best, and the adjusting opening seldom functions as smoothly as it should, but it’s a great idea in theory. Many other toys are available at similar costs, therefore we suggest looking elsewhere.


  • Ability to adjust the size of the hole and hence the degree of difficulty in distributing food
  • It takes a lot of chewing effort to break through hard plastic.


  • It’s too much trouble
  • A potential fracture risk
  • Way too pricey


Toy for little animals: the Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

The Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler, the last product we’ll be reviewing, is another example of a “good idea, terrible execution,” at least as far as rabbit toys go.

Let’s just go right to the point: your rabbit won’t get much use out of the Nut Knot Nibbler you bought it. Our bunnies totally disassembled the toy after only a few minutes of play, leaving splinters everywhere.

The product may be OK for other tiny animals, but we cannot endorse it without reservation for any rabbit.


  • Forms, both colorful and intriguing


  • Way too delicate
  • Almost instantly falls to pieces
  • Rabbits’ light gnawing fractured and destroyed it.

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