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The 9 Best Rabbit Playpens

A rabbit playpen is a great tool for indoor training and an essential piece of outdoor safety, as it allows your rabbit to experience the excitement of exercise anywhere.

Do you want to take them away? Also, they are great for bringing new rabbits into your home or teaching your current litter new tricks.

However, do you know how to choose the right running rabbit? If not, don't worry; BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has researched, tested, and tested many different types of playpens so you don't have to.

You can choose the best rabbit playpens for your rabbit and your finances by browsing through our extensive selection.

Check out our buyer's guide if this is your first time buying a rabbit or using a play pen.

It has all the information you need to know about creating a safe and happy environment for your rabbit in its playpen.

Buying Advice

There are a number of factors to think about while settling on the best rabbit playpen for your pet.

Here, we’ll go over some of the most important factors to think about when deciding on a playpen for your pet, such as the size of the space, the type of dog, and the type of playpen.

Which Size Rabbit Run Should I Get?

When deciding on a rabbit playpen, more space is always preferable. The biggest playpen you can afford is always the best option.

Smaller rabbits will benefit from the increased space, and a higher playpen is necessary to prevent larger rabbit breeds from just hopping out.

Instances Wherein Rabbit Cages Can Be Used

Rabbit owners may put their playpens to many uses beyond just keeping their rabbits safe.

You’ll most frequently see them in these three contexts:

  • In order to contain. Smaller rabbits that can’t easily push the gates open may only need a playpen as a living quarters. You may finish the setup by adding the necessary accessories, like as a litter box, food and water bowls, and toys. You have created a cheap and effective rabbit habitat.
  • Purpose: teaching kittens how to behave. As such, a temporary enclosure, such since a playpen, is great for this task, as it allows you to keep your rabbit in one spot while you train it to use the toilet there.
  • Repopulating your rabbit population involves bringing in new rabbits. The bonding procedure with a rabbit can be time-consuming and challenging. In particular, this is the case if your first rabbit feels endangered in its area. Keep the bunnies apart in the beginning using a playpen to avoid this problem completely.

Design Varieties for Children’s Play Areas

If you look around, you’ll discover that playpens may be found in just about any material you can imagine, from plastic and wire to mesh and wood to metal and even metal wire.

The primary distinction between playpens is whether they are quickly folding or take substantial setup, regardless of the specific materials or features.

Foldable playpens are convenient, but a permanent enclosure is better if you want to use it as your rabbit’s primary living place.

Features You Should Look for in a Playpen

We evaluated each rabbit playpen based on the following characteristics and features:

  • Is there enough space in the playpen? If a rabbit can’t jump over it in three steps, it’s too little. A smaller rabbit’s permanent cage has to be big enough to hold food, drink, and litter.
  • Rabbits are known to gnaw on whatever they can get their teeth on, thus a sturdy build is a must for their enclosure. Although mesh playpens are lightweight and practical, they are not recommended for rabbits due to their short lifespan.
  • Playpens for rabbits should be lightweight and simple to assemble and disassemble, especially if you want to use it as a temporary roaming space. That implies you won’t need any specialized equipment or intricate directions.
  • Is your playpen meant to be a short-term fix, or a long-term one? If you only plan on using the pen for fun once in a while, a lightweight, foldable option could be preferable. However, a heavier and more sturdy pen should be used for long-term habitation.
  • Is it safe to leave a child in the playpen? Is it possible for your rabbit to escape by chewing a hole in it or rearranging the structure? Your rabbit’s playpen must provide 100% safety from escape at all times.

Is It Possible to Construct Your Own Rabbit Run?

If you’re the DIY variety, you might be thinking if you can construct your own rabbit playpen.

Made of not much more than wire grates and connectors, most playpens are simplistic in their construction.

Making your own may be as straightforward as zip-tying wire grates together — but, with many playpens available at relatively low costs, you won’t likely save much money by doing so.

However, if you have a knack for construction and want to give your rabbit a unique play area, consider constructing it yourself.



The Kaytee Pet-N-Playpen is our top pick for the best rabbit brush pen because it’s so adaptable, well-built, and affordable. We think it’s the best option if you’re looking for a single playpen that can accommodate rabbits of different sizes.

As an alternative to our top pick, the Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Animal Play Set is a great choice for bunny parents on a budget.

It’s not as big as some of the other toys that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviewed, but the price is so low that it’s the best rabbit playpens for first-time rabbit parents.

Always keep in mind that your rabbit’s health directly correlates with your own happiness.


Playpen for Rabbits by Kaytee: Our Top Pick

The Kaytee Pet-N-Playpen was our top selection after it proved itself in a series of tests with live rabbits. With the Pet-N-Playpen, we could tell that our bunnies were having a fantastic time as they hopped around and nibbled at each other.

The Pet-N-modular Playpen’s panels snap together in a number of configurations to provide a nine-square-foot play space. The space was large enough for our Flemish Giant rabbit to run, loaf, and bounce about in!

Kaytee’s rabbit playpen was the quickest and least complicated to set up of the several models we researched. The interlocking panels simply slip into place, making for a lock that is strong enough to withstand nibbling rabbits yet simple enough for humans to undo.

When you consider that you can protect your floor from spills by placing a plastic mat below the playpen, it’s simple to see why we recommend this particular model.


  • Includes a huge, modifiable play area
  • No-tools-required assembly for a quick and simple set up
  • A plastic pad is included for use in preventing damage to your floor.
  • Can be used both indoors and out.


  • It is not uncommon for rabbits to gnaw on the plastic base.


A Great Deal on a Prevue Rabbit Run

This Prevue Pet Products 7-square-foot circular playpen is a bright and cheery choice that will please both parents and their young children.

It’s not quite as large as our top selection, with eight panels spanning 13″ by 9″, but the price more than makes up for its little size.

What features of the Prevue Pet Products playpen make it the most cost-effective option for keeping rabbits? The fact that it can be joined with other sets to create a wider playing area and the ease with which it can be assembled are two of the main reasons we recommend it.

Although the walls may be taller, this could serve as a suitable playpen for rabbits of a lesser size.


  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Simple, fast, and tool-free assembly
  • The order of the panels is completely flexible.


  • Since the barriers are so low, the rabbits may be able to escape.
  • Limitations in the size of the play area


This Marshall Small Rabbit Playpen is an Excellent Option

The Marshall Small Animal Playpen is perfect if your rabbit was able to easily hop over the fence of the previous enclosure.

Even though it’s more expensive than the other playpens we looked at, the best in class 29-inch-high panels will keep your rabbit safely contained.

For smaller bunnies, we don’t simply offer this playpen as a place for them to exercise sometimes, but as a place for them to live permanently.

It’s also a fantastic place to introduce a new rabbit to the household or begin the litter-training process without triggering territorial issues between the existing rabbits.

This is, essentially, the best rabbit playpen available, but its price tag is pretty high. We can confidently suggest it for anyone who have the financial means to do so, as it is both high-quality and flexible.


  • Ample 9 square feet of play area
  • Playpen for your rabbit with a fence that is 29 inches high.
  • Including both a cover and a mat
  • Quick, hassle-free, and tool-free assembly


  • A lot of money.


Rabbit Cage by Tespo

The Tespo Pet Playpen is the largest rabbit playpen we reviewed, with 12 huge plastic panels. Every one of its twelve panels is a lofty 28 inches in height, making it one of the best choices for keeping rabbits in.

We recommend it to anybody who wants to have numerous bunnies in their playpen, despite the fact that it is somewhat more expensive than smaller choices.

If there’s one area where this Tespo product falls short, it’s in how simple it is to put together. The Tespo playpen isn’t as simple to assemble and disassemble as other options on the market.

It comes with a mallet and cable ties, but you may need to use additional hardware to assure its stability.

The Tespo is a great option for a rabbit run that you can leave up for part of the year. But if portability and convenience are paramount, we suggest you search elsewhere for a playpen.


  • The living space is about 20 square feet, making it quite big.
  • The playpen’s 12 panels allow for a wide range of customization.
  • Contains all essential hardware for assembly.


  • A lot more complicated to assemble than typical playsets.
  • It’s not as transportable


Rabbits’ Playground in the Heartland

The MidWest Small Animal Pen is ideal for newborn and smaller rabbits due to its short side panels. It is the tiniest playpen we reviewed, with a height of only 15 inches and a floor space of only 6 square feet.

It has advantages despite its tiny size since it is the best playpen for little kids. The fact that it folds up so little makes it convenient to bring along on trips.

This is a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for a portable cage that’s easy enough to use for your rabbit on excursions. However, if you need a playpen for something except a baby, we advise you to search elsewhere.


  • Compact and foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Strong metal framework
  • Guaranteed by the maker for a full 12 months


  • Insufficient in size for typical rabbits.
  • Large animals cannot be contained due of the low walls.


The RYPET Pet Cage is the Perfect Solution for Your Small Animal

The RYPET is the only fabric playpen that we’ve reviewed, and it stands out from the crowd. This see-through and airy playpen has the potential to have the quickest assembly time of any playpen we examined since it unfolds like a laundry basket.

However, this playpen’s simplicity comes as a cost; rabbits may easily nibble through the polyester covering. Too much chewing on this cage, which is not made from natural fibers, might easily make your rabbit ill to its stomach.

The RYPET playpen is the simplest and most portable cage available, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on your rabbit to make sure it doesn’t try to chew on the plastic.


  • Polyester fabric that allows airflow
  • Allows for 10 square feet of free space.
  • The auto-opening feature almost eliminates the need for assembly.


  • Larger rabbits can easily escape through the small walls.
  • Most rabbits would break through the thin fabric.
  • In fact, some rabbits enjoy eating polyester.

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