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The 10 Best Rabbit Nail Clippers

In their natural habitat, rabbits maintain their nails short by burrowing, running, and scratching virtually everything. Have you observed any of these actions in your own rabbits? If so, they may be exhibiting signals that they require your assistance in trimming their nails!

A veterinarian can swiftly and effectively trim your rabbit's nails, but you probably won't want to pay for a monthly or bimonthly visit. By learning how to clip your rabbit's nails at home, you may save time and money while maintaining the health and happiness of your rabbit.

However, how can one learn to cut a rabbit's nails? Moreover, what are the finest clippers for the job?

In today's post, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) will talk in depth about the best rabbit nail clippers.


Hertzko Angled Rabbit Nail Clipper – Overall Winner



No other nail clipper we evaluated was as user-friendly as the Hertzko Angled Blade Nail Clipper. This is partly because to its highly ergonomic design, which has visible marks on both blades to assist you line up a precise cut.

Additionally, the Hertzko’s razor-sharp stainless-steel blades are made to last, which is a crucial feature because it’s quicker to purchase a new pair of nail clippers than it is to attempt to sharpen a dull set.

Considering that the Hertzko nail clippers have a rubberized grip that is both comfortable and nonslip, it is simple to see why they are our top pick.

Possibly the only disadvantage of these marvelously excellent cutters is their price. These rabbit nail clippers are on the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum, but their longevity and efficacy make them well worth the cost.

Overall, we believe this to be the finest rabbit nail clipper of 2020.


  • Angled blade offers the most efficient and pleasant method for trimming nails
  • Extra sharp stainless-steel blades hold their edge very well
  • Slip-resistant rubberized handles prevent accidental pruning injuries
  • Indentations on blades make it simple to see where one is cutting


  • On the pricey side


Rabbit Nail Clippers by H&H Pets – Best Price



The H&H Pets Nail Clippers may very well be the best rabbit nail clippers for the money for rabbit owners on a budget. They are a superb low-cost alternative to our top recommendation because to their mix of sharpness, longevity, and user-friendliness.

Specifically designed for tiny animals, these ergonomic and lightweight shears offer non-slip rubberized handles for comfort and easy clipping. Their stainless steel blades are pre-sharpened and retain their edge very well.

Their only real disadvantage? Additionally, you will need rather tiny hands to utilize them comfortably. The narrow thumb and finger openings are not very accommodating for those with bigger or meatier hands.


  • Inexpensive
  • The blades are composed of stainless steel that is both sharp and robust
  • The scissors’ nonslip handles make them pleasant and simple to use


  • Small openings for the fingers and thumb


Simply Pets Rabbit Nail Clippers – Top Quality



These nail clippers from Simply Pets were designed by two qualified veterinarians, a claim that cannot be made about many animal grooming items.

Originally developed for use with cats, their streamlined shape and extra-sharp blades make them an excellent alternative for rabbits as well.

It is evident from the appearance of these nail clippers that they were created with efficiency, comfort, and durability in mind.

In contrast to other nail clippers, which contain additional cushioning or thin metal, the Simply Pets trimmers are streamlined and minimalist. Thick stainless steel and non-slip rubberized handles make these scissors ideal as rabbit nail clippers.

These premium features do not come without a premium price. Be prepared to spend a little additional money to incorporate these nail clippers into your rabbit’s grooming regimen.


  • Designed by veterinarians
  • Blades made of thick stainless steel are incredibly sharp
  • Rubberized handles are nonslip and pleasant
  • Suitable for use by hands of all sizes


  • Expensive


Professional Bunny Nail Clippers by Harzara



The Harzara Professional Pet Nail Clippers, like our top option, include comfortable rubberized handles and sharp stainless-steel blades, although the blades on the Harzara are straight rather than angled.

This makes them an excellent option for those who need comfortable, high-quality clippers but dislike the tilted blade design.

The extra-large finger holes on the Harzara clippers are one of its finest qualities. It is great to have a choice that is acceptable for people of all sizes, since many tiny animal nail clippers appear to be made with little hands in mind.

The only improvement we would want to see is in their sharpness. The tested pair of stainless steel-made blades were not honed uniformly over their full length.


  • Extra-large finger holes
  • Rubberized grips are highly slip-resistant and comfy
  • Includes a carrying bag for convenient storage


  • It is necessary to sharpen blades more evenly and consistently


These are the Shiny Pet 04 Rabbit Nail Clippers



The Shiny Pet Nail Clippers are little clippers for small animals, making them ideal for individuals with small hands. The razor-sharp blades of professional grade are placed on non-slip rubberized handles, making them safe and easy to use.

They provide a lifetime money-back guarantee, making them a viable alternative to the ones we’ve already presented.

Available with either a flat or an angled blade, you may select the style that is most comfortable for you and your rabbit. In spite of this, the broadest point of the handles of these nail clippers is just 2.6 inches.

People with little hands will find them to be rather pleasant to use, whilst others with larger fingers will be unable to do so at all.


  • Precision-honed stainless steel blades
  • Rubberized non-slip grips
  • Available with either flat or angled blades
  • Ideal for those with tiny hands


  • Extremely minute grips
  • Unsuitable for those with bigger hands


Poodle Pet Bunny Nail Trimmers



The Poodle Pet Nail Trimmer might be the most careful solution for clipping your rabbit’s nails. A particular blade design makes it less likely that these “safety shears” would cut into the quick — the sensitive area of the rabbit’s finger from which the nail develops.

With non-slip handles and razor-sharp stainless-steel blades, you can be confident that clipping your rabbit’s nails will progress without incident.

The Poodle Pet Nail Trimmer, like many nail cutters meant for tiny animals, is also fairly compact. Designed to be used with just one finger and the thumb, bigger hands will find them difficult and burdensome.

These are advised for those with tiny hands; individuals with larger hands should instead select one of our top recommendations.


  • Blades of evenly honed stainless steel
  • The design of “safety shears” avoids cutting into the quick of the nail
  • Non-slip grips are pleasant and prevent accidents


  • In bigger palms, little clippers seem awkward and unpleasant


Bepets Nail Shears



Bepets Nail Clippers provide decent clipping at dirt-cheap costs and are less costly than even our “best value” option. While the sharpness of the blades appears to fluctuate from set to set, the tested pair of clippers was more than capable of clipping nails without a difficulty.

This should not come as a surprise, given that the stainless-steel blades are supported by a handle design that makes it simple to provide the necessary pressure for trimming.

The handles of the Bepets Nail Clippers are described as being rubberized, however we did not find them to be as non-slip as many of the other tools we evaluated. Be cautious to keep your hands clean and dry while clipping your rabbit’s nails if you choose to purchase them.

Notably, these clippers come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Even if they aren’t completely sharp on the first try, you can return them for a replacement pair and try again.


  • Extremely affordable
  • 100% cash-back assurance
  • Handle design accommodates all hand sizes


  • Inconsistent quality
  • It does not appear that grips are nonslip


Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer by Kaytee



The Kaytee Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer is small, affordable, and simple to use, but it is not the finest rabbit nail clipper we evaluated. With a length of about four inches, they are among the smallest and sharpest nail clippers in our study.

Despite the fact that we’re not major fans of the Kaytee clippers, we have to say that the pair we tested was really sharp. However, this sharpness seems to be wasted when coupled with grips that are neither pleasant nor slip-resistant.

The Kaytee is another very affordable alternative for clipping your rabbit’s nails; however, there are superior clippers available if you’re ready to spend a bit more.


  • Extremely sharp blades of stainless steel
  • Concise and easily maneuverable


  • Inconsistent production quality
  • The handles are composed of a smooth plastic material
  • Predisposed to hazardous slippage when cutting


Pet Republique Nail Clipper



We had great hopes for the Pet Republique Nail Clipper, as it was the only clipper in our evaluation with a half-moon blade design.

At first appearance, these rabbit nail clippers appear to be an excellent alternative; they include sharp stainless-steel blades, ergonomic non-slip handles, and a compact form for easy maneuverability. Unfortunately, compared to the other clippers on our list, they are not a good bargain.

The Pet Republique clippers, which are more expensive than the majority of products on our list, just do not justify the premium price.

The Pet Republique Nail Clippers are comfortable, simple to use, and have sharp blades for painless trimming; nevertheless, there are too many alternative good solutions available at a lesser price for us to endorse them entirely.


  • The half-moon blade shape makes it simple to see your rabbit’s nails while you clip them
  • Sharp stainless-steel blades
  • Non-slip grips are accommodating for both little and big hands


  • Unreasonably pricey in relation to its features
  • Offers little beyond cheaper cutters found elsewhere


Ware Groom-N-Kit



First-time pet owners are usually tempted by all-inclusive packages. After all, wouldn’t it be good to have all of the necessary grooming tools in a single, affordable, and easy package?

While the concept is excellent in principle, it seldom lives up to expectations in practice. Variety packs, like as the Ware Groom-N-Kit, are more often than not a repository for badly produced products that couldn’t sell on their own. Consequently, they are doomed to disappoint.

The accompanying nail clippers are neither sharp enough to cut your rabbit’s nails safely nor big enough for anybody other than a young kid to use.

In conclusion, these nail clippers should not be used to cut your rabbit’s nails. Select an other alternative from our reviews.


  • Includes a brush and comb


  • Clippers are too diminutive
  • The handles seem like they are about to snap at any minute
  • The blades are not sharp enough to clip nails securely

Buyer's Guide

Before choosing a set of nail clippers for your rabbit, we advise reading our recommendations and guidance on how to choose the most suitable ones for your needs.

Should You Trim Your Rabbit’s Nails, Or Should Your Vet Do It?

Regarding clipping your rabbit’s nails, this is the million-dollar question. Can you learn to clip your rabbit’s nails in a safe manner at home? Or should this work be left to vets and trained groomers?

With the average rabbit’s nails needing to be trimmed every four to six weeks, grooming fees may rapidly pile up.

As suggested by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it may be advisable to have your veterinarian demonstrate the safest manner to cut your rabbit’s nails.

Anyone can learn to maintain their rabbit’s claws properly cut to a reasonable length with a little amount of professional instruction and the right method.

How to Choose the Finest Rabbit Nail Clippers

Three characteristics distinguish excellent nail cutters from average ones:

  • Non-slip grips keep your scissors just where you need them, without the need for sliding or repositioning. Inexpensive nail clippers frequently lack this function, which can lead to severe mishaps.
  • Without sharp blades, you will be more likely to chip or crack your rabbit’s nails while using nail clippers.
  • Even when you apply the force required to trim your rabbit’s nails, the nail clippers will remain intact due to their durable materials and construction.

Variations on Nail Clippers

Large and small animal nail cutters are available in three primary varieties:

  • Scissor-style clippers function just as their name suggests. Because they cut from both sides, they are superior for rabbits with strong and robust nails, such as enormous breeds.
  • Guillotine clippers have a single blade that is placed across an aperture, making them a quick and useful solution for tiny and feisty rabbits.
  • Advertised for use on both large and small pets, grinders are inappropriate for rabbits because to their high vibration speed and unpleasant noise.


In our evaluations, the Hertzko Angled Blade Nail Clipper is superior to all other nail clippers in terms of use and performance. The razor-sharp blades made clipping our rabbit’s nails quick and painless, and the angled shape prevented wrist strain. As a rabbit nail clipper, we offer our highest recommendation.

The significantly less expensive H&H Pets Nail Clippers are the ideal substitute for our top recommendation. Even though they lack the slanted tips that make our top selection so user-friendly, they are extremely sharp and perform great for clipping our rabbit’s nails.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) would like to thank our visitors for selecting our website to learn about and research the best rabbit nail clippers.

Is there a pair of rabbit nail clippers on our list that stands out as the best? We hope this article has provided you with all the knowledge you need to pick the finest rabbit nail clipper. Best wishes for your future bunny nails!

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