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The 11 Best Rabbit Hutches

It can take a long time to find the right place for your rabbit. There are many choices available; some are better suited to one rabbit, while others can accommodate multiple.

Some prioritize the protection of rabbits, while others prioritize providing ample space for exercise.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has identified the best rabbit hutches, and they are all great in their own way.

As part of our review process, we always make sure to point out the negatives of each vehicle as well as the positives.

Remember that although your rabbit will spend most of its time in the cage, it will greatly benefit from being given a jog, a fenced yard, or even your home to play and exercise.

Advice on Buying a Quality Rabbit Cage

Now that you know what to expect from the best, worst, and most average rabbit hutch options, it’s time to narrow down your selection to the one that best suits your needs.

While there are many considerations when picking out a hutch, the welfare of your rabbits should always take first. To help you pick the right rabbit hutch, here are a few more factors to think about:


Keep your rabbits safe from harm by enclosing them in a rabbit hutch. This is the hutch’s primary purpose, therefore if you have any reservations about its security, you should not buy it.

The entrance to your pen should be simple for you to reach, but difficult for intruders like humans or animals. Even if the pen doesn’t come with a lock, the option to attach one is a necessary addition to the hutch.


Rabbit hutches have a wide price range. Having a run and a separate sleeping room adds a little bit to the cost. It’ll cost you more for those rabbit hutches that appear like they might double as guest rooms at a fancy inn.

We would argue that you are making the appropriate choice if the hutch you are considering is more expensive because it is made from high-quality materials.

You should think twice before shelling out big bucks for something that serves no practical use but makes your garden appear beautiful.


Many stores provide rabbit cages with two or even three tiers. The tiers come in handy for separating rabbits or merely providing more room for the animals.

The ramp that the rabbits will utilize as a transitional device should be the only thing you have to worry about when shopping for a rabbit hutch that is on many levels.

Some ramps will have anti-slip while others will not, and the ramps will come at a variety of angles. Your rabbit might get wounded if you build a ramp that is too steep and does not have any anti-slip elements.

There is a risk that your rabbit will get hurt, and there is also a potential that he or she will be unable to use the ramp to access the upper floors.


It’s very recommended that a rabbit hutch include an easily removable tray. If possible, you should avoid daily hutch cleanings.

It’s considerably less of a hassle to slide out a tray, clean it, and then slide it back in. Be wary of any exposed wood that hasn’t been covered with a tray.

The Kaytee type, like many others, has an issue with urine seeping through the wood and into the basement. It’ll be a pain to clean this up, and the odor is probably here to stay.

Total Rabbit Count

Picking a hutch that’s too small for the breed and number of rabbits you intend to keep is a bad idea. Most hutches won’t specify whether they’re meant for a single rabbit or a colony because there is such a wide range in rabbit breeds and sizes.

This is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. There should be either many hutches or hutches that can be joined together to form a larger rabbit home if you plan on keeping more than one rabbit.


Prior to placing an order, make sure you measure all of the units. The hutch’s location in your house or garden should be carefully planned out, with sufficient room designated for it.

The Trixie Small Animal Hutch is a bit longer than some of the other stacking units, but it’s still a great choice. This is due to the fact that it serves as a fantastic rabbit run. Narrow, tall units are typically the best option when working with limited floor space.


Where, if anywhere, will your rabbit’s new home be located? There are also outdoor rabbit hutches that can withstand the elements.

It’s possible that the hutch’s top will be covered in shingles similar to those used on roofs. A hutch like this can be used indoors if required, but it usually isn’t.

Lighting and air circulation are particularly important for indoor hutches. You don’t want your rabbits to be sitting in the dark if the lighting inside isn’t as good as outside.


Buying a new rabbit cage will be a thrilling adventure. It is the highest aspiration of rabbit owners to provide a safe, cozy environment for their pets.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has reviewed and put together a few of the best rabbit hutches, and the Trixie Small Animal Hutch is your best bet for a quality rabbit house.

This particular type is reasonably priced, has plenty of space for rabbits to run around and sleep, and helps keep them safe from potential predators and the environment.

The Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Hutch is a great alternative to the Trixie if its price tag is too high for your pocket. There’s a huge price difference between this model and the other, and the bunnies won’t have much room to run around in this model.

Petsfit is a great choice for raising rabbits because it is both safe and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a rabbit briefcase, maybe these reviews will be helpful in narrowing down your options.


Best Small Rabbit Cage: The Trixie

We recommend the Trixie Small Animal Hutch as our top pick. The hutch and outdoor run combo is suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.

When looking to buy a rabbit hutch, room and security are two of the most critical elements to think about. Your rabbit need a safe, secure, and spacious environment in which it may run around, eat, rest, and play without fear of being attacked by other animals. The Trixie strikes a nice middle ground between them all.

This hutch has been given a glazed wood finish, which not only adds a beautiful aesthetic touch but also keeps it almost maintenance-free for a good number of years. A hinged door provides access to the hutch from the roof, which is situated above the run.

Getting your rabbit up to the second floor of its hutch will be a breeze thanks to the ramp, which is a special non-slip ramp. As the rabbit uses the ramp to go up and down the two levels, it will be getting some exercise.

The Trixie Small Animal Hutch provides a lot of room and amenities for the money.

In conclusion, we consider this to be 2021’s finest rabbit hutch.


  • A just price
  • Two swinging doors provide convenient access.
  • Complete with ramp, run, and hutch
  • Durable wood with a glazed finish that requires no upkeep
  • It has a tray that can be pulled out, making cleanup much simpler.
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • The rusting of hinges due to wet conditions has been observed.


Petsfit Premium Quality Wooden Rabbit Habitat

The Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Hutch is an excellent alternative to the Trixie Small Animal Hutch if you’re on a tight budget. We think you’ll agree that this is the finest rabbit hutch available today. You and your rabbit will still enjoy many of the same conveniences that made the Trixie so popular, even if this model is slightly more compact.

As a two-story hutch, the Petsfit serves as both a bedroom and a playtime for your pet. Your rabbit will have two sizable rooms in which to run around and rest. When you need to clean or tend to your bunny, you may do it from either the top or the front. The Petsfit’s detachable floor is our favorite part since it makes keeping this hutch clean a breeze.

When you acquire this model, it will require some assembly; nevertheless, all necessary holes have been predrilled, and the overall design is not very complex. It’s possible that the high price of this hutch contributed to the poor quality that some rabbit owners experienced.


  • Removable flooring that is simple to clean
  • Entrances on both the top and the front
  • Both of the rabbit’s habitats
  • What a deal it is!
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Weaknesses in the quality of the constituent parts
  • Reduced space for running and other physical activity. 


Joyful Tudor Rabbit House Decoration – Top Pick

Since we just showed you the best deals, it’s time to show you the opposite end of the spectrum. Items from Merry Products It may cost more than other options, but the Tudor Decorative Rabbit Hutch is among the best-looking hutches on the market. For those who place value on aesthetics, this rabbit hutch is an excellent choice.

Merry Products’ hutch is fashioned after structures used during the Tudor era in the 1600s. This hutch’s outside design is meticulously executed, and its inside is just as amazing.

This hutch serves as a bed as well as a play area. Another convenient feature of the Merry Products Rabbit Hutch is the detachable tray.

The rabbits and their hutch are easily accessible. The hutch’s top compartment is just the right size for storing a few of the necessities for caring for your rabbit.

All these enticing extras come at a price. We were hoping for better quality given the higher price tag, but regrettably that has not been the case with this model.

Most bunny owners have little problem justifying the splurging required to get a high-quality item that will last. The issue arises when consumers are asked to pay a premium for an item that, despite its appealing appearance, is constructed with subpar components.


  • Bunnies have a lot of room to roam and explore.
  • Wonderful apex-mounted stowage space
  • Cute little rabbit home
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Extremely costly
  • Inadequate quality of the parts
  • Rather superficial than substantive.


Trixie’s Natural Habitat for Rabbits

Our next stop is to the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch. Compared to our top pick, this hutch’s run space is on the smaller side. This paradigm, however, does have a number of notable advantages.

To begin with, like our top selection, this hutch has a glazed wood finish, making it a good-looking and low-maintenance option.

The Trixie Natura has an effortless-to-use and clean plastic pull-out tray for when it’s time to clean up. This version has a non-slip ramp for easy access between floors, giving your bunnies a chance to exercise and move about.

You can access the three shelves and metal sliding latch within the hutch.

It’s perhaps puzzling to you that we’ve placed it at #4 on our list, given all these advantages. If you have more than one rabbit, you may find the Trixie Natura to be too cramped.

It has also been noted that it might be difficult to assemble. These two variables worked together to lower this model’s ranking on our list.


  • The plastic is simple to clean.
  • With three entrances, this house is convenient and simple to use.
  • A wood veneer that has been glazed for a sophisticated look.
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Constantly frustrating to assemble
  • Space-wise inadequate for more than a single rabbit.


Pet Rabbit Cages Made of Pawhut Wood

The Pawhut D2-0049 is up next. The structure is enormous and multi-leveled, with a ramp connecting the floors. We like the multi-level layouts to provide the rabbit a more engaging environment to live in.

With its three flip-down doors and pull-out trays, the Pawhut is a breeze to use and keep clean. The hutch’s outside wireframe is solid and should keep your bunnies secure. However, the Pawhut does have a few issues that dropped it to our fifth place.

The most significant drawback is how difficult it is to put together. The rabbit hutch required some ingenuity to assemble because it appeared that not all of the pieces were designed to fit together.

Some rabbits may be reluctant to use the ramp leading up to or down from their hutch because of how steep it is.

We had thought that the Pawhut, which is more expensive than some of the alternatives, would be of higher quality considering its asking price.


  • Nicely sized, multi-level enclosure for a rabbit.
  • Easily available
  • With a detachable tray, cleanup is a breeze
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Not simple to assemble
  • Extremely steep ramp


Excellent Waterproof Two-Story Home A Bunny Hutch

This is why we recommend the Good Life Two-Story Waterproof Bunny Hutch. We really wish this hutch had scored better on our list because of how nice it looks.

Two rabbits or three to four guinea pigs should fit comfortably in this hutch. Small rabbits are required for this to feed a family of two or three.

You won’t miss a moment of your bunnies’ antics because of the hutch’s large windows. While the hutch’s roofs do an excellent job of keeping rain out, they also make the inside rather dim, which is a drawback.

The interior of your rabbit hutch may get completely dark if it is situated in a shady or otherwise gloomy place.

The amount of bedding that escapes through the sides of the hutch was also a source of frustration. You may expect some litter around your rabbit’s hutch whenever you keep one. We don’t like how much the sides of The Good Life, Level Two drop down.


  • Superbly designed object
  • Permanently resistant to the elements
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Bedding continually slipping off the sides
  • Darkness within is possible.
  • The pricing is too expensive for the subpar quality.


CO-Z All-Weather Bunny Rabbit House

Beautiful in appearance, the CO-Z RHC5142 Weatherproof IndoorWooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch is built to withstand the elements.

To maximize efficiency, these cages are intended to be nearly stackable. There is a removable ladder between levels that you can put in or take out depending on if you want the rabbits in the hutch to interact.

The primary issue we have with the CO-Z is that it is made with cheap parts. There are many instances where rabbits started eating through the wood of the hutch.

As a rabbit owner, you may know that this is quite common with rabbits, but usually, a hutch can withstand a bit of chewing.

The rabbits are able to wreak extensive damage over time because the timber is very thin.


  • Nicely done, in terms of aesthetics
  • Fits into tight quarters/compact layouts
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Low-grade construction
  • No more than two rabbits would fit in there comfortably.
  • Rather fiddly to assemble


Top Rated Rabbit House for Outdoor Use

Nearly identical in style to the CO-Z shown in our previous review is the Best Choice Outdoor Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch. The fir wood used to construct this hutch means it may be used for more than just rabbits.

There are two sliding pans, one for the living area and one for the bedroom, that make cleanup a breeze. The ramp is made of non-slip fir wood, making it safe for rabbits to use. Cage doors at each level provide convenient access to your animals.

Once again, the issue with this design is the quality. Some dissatisfied rabbit owners even reported that the fir wood on their hutch splintered when they were putting it together.

This is not a high-quality design, and it is also somewhat expensive. We have no idea why the Best Choice Rabbit Hutch costs nearly twice as much as our top pick. Spend less on a product of comparable quality and give yourself a financial break.


  • Simple and quick access to sanitary
  • Slip-Resistant Ramp
  • Rabbit cage in the open air


  • Extremely costly
  • Weak construction
  • Cracks appear in wood
  • The sheets slide down the side.

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