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The 8 Best Rabbit Hutches In The Uk

When you own a rabbit, the hutch is one of the most crucial purchases you must make. However, with so many alternatives available, it might be difficult to filter everything down. For this reason, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) researched and assessed the best rabbit hutches in the UK.

Before placing an order for the ideal rabbit hutch, all that is left to do is read the reviews and consult the buyer's guide. Finding the best home for your rabbit has never been simpler; simply continue reading to locate the perfect home for your little pet!


Pet Vida Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch

The Pet Vida Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch is the greatest overall rabbit hutch available in the United Kingdom. This hutch is an exceptional blend of quality and affordability, which is uncommon.

It features a raised design to keep your rabbits safe and secure, plus it’s simpler to clean as you don’t have to stoop down.

The hutch itself features a run for your rabbit to stretch their legs and a hidey-hole where they may seek shelter from harsher weather. The entire hutch is easy to clean with only a damp cloth and disinfectant, and it is quite sturdy.

However, it is on the smaller side, so don’t expect to be able to house more than one rabbit here.


  • The elevated design makes rabbits feel safe
  • A raised design is simpler to maintain.
  • Contains a separate shelter for colder weather.
  • Simple to clean
  • Good balance between cost and quality


  • Not that sizeable


Bunny Business Rabbit Hide House/Run Hutch

The Bunny Business Rabbit Hid House/Run Hutch is the greatest rabbit hutch in the U.K. for the money if you’re seeking for a hutch for your rabbit that is extremely economical. It is an inexpensive rabbit hutch that protects your rabbit from the elements and keeps it warm during colder seasons.

In addition, it is incredibly simple to clean and makes traveling with your rabbit easier than ever. However, it is a modest design, and you must link it to a conventional run in order to provide your rabbit with a greater area to wander throughout the day.

This can be achieved with a basic wire fence, but they will want more space and natural light than this hutch provides. Besides the entrance and exit, there is no way to look inside the hutch. Ensure that you are providing your rabbit with a high quality of life by adding a run so that it has an area to wander.


  • Affordable
  • Maintains their warmth in chilly temperatures
  • Simple to clean
  • Simple to transport rabbits


  • Small
  • Not usually possible to look inside
  • Still need a space for them to run.


FeelGoodUK Windsor Plastic Run Nestbox

When it comes to providing your rabbit with the finest quality of life possible, the cost of the rabbit hutch is secondary. If this is your thinking, the FeelGoodUK Windsor Plastic Run Nestbox cannot be beaten.

Despite the fact that we dislike plastic pieces of construction, it’s not a major concern when you consider everything else you receive. It has a hardwood frame, making it an overall robust product.

But what truly distinguishes this hutch is its size. It is large enough to accommodate numerous rabbits, and you can purchase a runoff extension to offer your bunnies furthermore room. It is very easy to install and features a cozy inside to keep your rabbits comfortable during stormy weather.

Obviously, the disadvantage of this enormous hutch is its price. It’s pricey, but it provides everything your rabbit needs to prosper and be happy.


  • Large cage fits numerous bunnies
  • Additional extension runoff offered for sale.
  • Durable design
  • Thermal interior space
  • Simple to construct


  • Expensive


Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat

Although this is not a standard rabbit hutch, it may serve as an indoor cage for your rabbit. This Amazon Basics Small Animal Cage Habitat may be exactly what you need if you intend to keep your rabbit indoors.

The rabbit is constantly visible, the cage is simple to build, and it is a breeze to clean. It could not be simpler to transfer from room to room!

However, it is a little cage, so you will need to take your rabbit out daily to provide them with the room they require to be happy and healthy. Comparing the price of this enclosure to the size of some others reveals that it is probably a touch pricey.

This cage is not suitable for outdoor usage since it will not protect your rabbit from the elements. It is wonderful for rabbits kept indoors but disastrous for rabbits kept outside.


  • Outstanding for indoor rabbits
  • Simple to clean
  • Unassisted installation
  • Can view your bunnies always.
  • Simple to move


  • Small enclosure
  • Somewhat pricey
  • Not effective for outdoor rabbits


Bunny Business Pet Supplies Apex Run

There is a reason why the triangular prism is the most preferred shape for rabbit hutches. It reduces supply costs while maximizing useful area for your rabbit.

This Apex Rabbit Run from Bunny Business Pet Supplies features a basic yet incredibly sturdy design, is simple to assemble, and includes everything your rabbit needs to flourish. In addition, there is space for them to wander and a weatherproof enclosure to protect them from the elements.

When you are ready to remove your rabbit or clean the enclosure, the locking latches provide easy access to all areas. It is the perfect combination of price and size, so it may be precisely what you’ve been looking for.

Nonetheless, it is on the little side and lacks an elevated design. Since the run portion lacks a bottom, persistent bugs may also be able to enter the enclosure. Nonetheless, for the majority of rabbits, it is just what they require.


  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Simple to install
  • Excellent ratio of size to price
  • Simple to clean
  • Gas a weatherproof region


  • Small enclosure
  • Not raised in any way


Triangle Pet Vida Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch

The Pet Vida Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch Triangle is a rabbit hutch with a triangle prism design that is offered at a very reasonable price.

It is weather-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting, and installation is a breeze. Although it is on the smaller side, the price is pretty reasonable.

This Peet Vida Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch Triangle would undoubtedly suffice if you lack the funds or space for a larger hutch.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Climate-resistant region
  • Extremely resilient and enduring
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to clean


  • Small
  • Not raised in any way

Buyer's Guide

When evaluating rabbit hutches, it can be difficult to discern which characteristics are important and which can be ignored due to the abundance of available options. Because of this, we have compiled this detailed buyer’s guide to assist you in purchasing the ideal rabbit hutch the first time around.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Hutches

Indoor and outdoor rabbit hutches are very different. A noteworthy distinction is that an outdoor rabbit hutch is enclosed, allowing your rabbit to escape the weather. Whether it’s wind, rain, or plain cold, outdoor rabbit hutches require these covered places.

The flooring of outdoor rabbit hutches is also of a different structure. Frequently, the floors may not seal entirely or have completely exposed bottoms. This is acceptable for outdoor use since rabbit droppings and food waste can fall to the ground below.

However, if you have an indoor hutch, you do not want this material to enter the enclosure! Indoor rabbit hutches feature sealed floors for this reason. This keeps droppings and other waste within the container. It is a striking distinction, yet it is not one that is readily apparent at first look.

How Freezing Can Your Rabbits Become?

The last thing we want is to freeze our beloved companions. So, what temperature is too chilly for your rabbit? Your rabbits should be alright outside so long as temperatures remain above 5 degrees Celsius.

Obviously, this is dependent on their ability to remain dry and out of the wind. If you outfit their hutch with a modest space heater, they will be able to withstand even colder temperatures! Simply guarantee that their enclosures are always above 5 degrees Celsius.

How frequently should you clean your rabbit’s enclosure?

Rabbits are not low-maintenance pets, and their habitat should be cleaned daily. As long as you remain on top of periodic cleanings, the process is not very time-consuming.

You must eliminate garbage and replace soiled bedding, as well as remove and replace outdated food. There isn’t much else to do, and you should be able to accomplish this task in less than 10 minutes for a single rabbit!

How long must your rabbit hutch endure?

When deciding how much to spend on a rabbit hutch, the question of how long it will survive is one of the most significant considerations. Spending extra on a one-time purchase might not be a huge problem, but if you’ll need to replace it every few years, you probably don’t want to do so.

If you take excellent care of your rabbit hutch and get a high-quality one to begin with, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t easily survive 15-20 years.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to invest a little, as the first hutch you purchase for your rabbit will likely be the last!


If after reading the reviews you’re still uncertain about which rabbit hutch to purchase, don’t overthink it. The Pet Vida Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch is our top selection and the reason it topped our list. The price-to-quality ratio is excellent, and your rabbit will adore it.

If your money is limited, the Bunny Business Rabbit Hide House/Run Hutch is an excellent option. Ensure that you get a separate wire cage for them so they may roam freely.

We honestly appreciate your time in reading thus far. BestForPets (bestforpets.org)  believes this article will assist you in selecting the best rabbit hutches in the UK for your needs

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