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The 9 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders

You, as a rabbit owner, may already know that fresh, clean hay is one of the four essentials for the health and well-being of your rabbit.

Your rabbit will have a long and healthy life if you provide it with a steady source of timothy hay, clean water, a safe home, and plenty of opportunities to interact with other rabbits.

However, good hay doesn't come cheap, and your rabbit is likely to use it as a litter as well if you don't provide hay in your rabbit's hay feeder.

We have tried a few different ways to give rabbits hay, but the metal hay feeder has turned out to be the best and most practical way.

So BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put its knowledge to good use and has researched, tested, and reviewed the best rabbit hay feeders available.

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The following is a list of the factors we look at and questions we ask while examining rabbit supplies. If you read this article and answer the questions in light of your particular situation and rabbits, you should be able to settle on the best hay feeder for your pets.

There’s No Reason To Buy A Hay Feeder For A Rabbit.

Every rabbit we’ve ever met that was given free reign over its hay was just as likely to urinate on it or sleep on it as it was to eat it. Fresh, high-quality hay is great for their health, but it may put a serious dent in your money if you use it as bedding.

Keeping your rabbit’s hay in a well-constructed hay rack can keep it off the floor and reduce the quantity of hay your rabbit can scatter.

To summarize, hay feeders are the most sanitary and economical way to provide hay to your rabbits, and there are no real drawbacks to using one save the initial investment if you pick a well-made model.

Tips for Buying a Quality Hay Feeder for Your Rabbit

There are three main criteria we use to evaluate a hay feeder:

  • Long-lasting design. The food pellets that your rabbit craves so much will be in direct line of sight from its sharp chewing teeth if you use any kind of hay feeder. Your rabbit will destroy any toy you get it if it isn’t sturdy enough.
  • fit into cages (or other containers). Ensure that the new hay feeder will fit without any problems by measuring the distance between the grates in the rabbit’s enclosure. The hooks on our preferred hay feeders make mounting them a breeze.
  • Sufficient availability for refueling. How well can your rabbit access their hay rack? The ideal feeder will present only minimal resistance to your rabbit’s hay removal. In this way, your rabbit won’t be able to remove all of the hay at once and be left with nothing to eat.

Various Hay Dispensers for Rabbits

Rabbit feeders all look very similar: it’s just a hay bin with some bars in it so your rabbit can get to the hay.

Consequently, the material that your feeder is composed of is the primary distinction. The best feeders to choose from are made of metal or hardwood because to their durability and safety features.

Avoid using feeders made of plastic or soft wood, as they are easily chewed through and may cause gastrointestinal irritation in your rabbit.

Use of a Hay Feeder for Rabbits

The only rule you need to follow when setting up a feeder for your rabbit is to put it above the litter box. Due to their penchant for defecating in the same spot where they eat, rabbits frequently prefer to keep their hay in close proximity to their litter box.

If you want to train your rabbit to use the litter box, you should put the new hay feeder in the same room as the box.



Out of all the rabbit feeders that BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has tested, the Niteangel Grass Feeder is our top pick. More than simply a hay feeder, it provides a practical all-in-one solution for hay and junk food, keeping your rabbit from eating too quickly or messily.

When you factor in its long life and simple assembly, it’s easy to see why it’s our go-to recommendation for every rabbit owner looking for the best rabbit hay feeders.

Offering equal usability at a reduced price, the Kaytee Gravity Bin is an ideal solution for any rabbit breeder on a limited budget.

Its durable molded plastic and compact shape make it a perfect alternative for those with only one rabbit, but it is too small to be used in households with many rabbits.


The Niteangel Rabbit Hay Feeder Is the Best Choice Without Question

We found the Niteangel Grass Feeder to be the best adaptable rabbit hay feeder since it is constructed of rabbit-safe hardwood and has separate compartments for kibble and hay.

The versatility of its hang-anywhere construction and moderate size make it ideal for presenting your rabbit with an appropriate level of difficulty while gaining access to their hay.

Niteangel feeders are ideal for reducing waste and clutter in hay racks, and they may be hung from the cage or placed in a corner as freestanding feeders. At its current pricing, we feel comfortable suggesting it to practically any rabbit owner.


  • A place to keep both hay and kibble
  • Use the included hooks to attach it to a cage or use it on its own.
  • The limited area between the slats prevents clutter and helps you conserve hay.
  • The tough design holds up against gnawing and breaking.


  • Too cramped for many adult rabbits or huge rabbit breeds.


Most Economical Kaytee Gravity Bin with Wall Mounting Bracket Pet Food Storage

There is a low-priced hay feeder on the market called the Kaytee Gravity Bin with Mounting Bracket Small Animal Feeder, and it can contain up to two pounds of food.

The sifter floor eliminates dust from pellets that might cause respiratory issues in your rabbit, and it stores enough food for up to five days.

The feeder bin has a bracket that allows it to be attached to the wall of a cage made of wire or metal with minimal effort. Suction cups are sold separately and allow the system to be installed in a plastic or glass cage.

Use of a gravity feeder rather of a bowl that can be easily knocked over can reduce the amount of cage cleanup required. It’s simple to set up and take down, so your rabbits may have access to a steady supply of clean hay whenever they choose.

As a result of its low cost, we have chosen it as the finest rabbit hay feeder under $20. This explains its plastic construction. While most rabbits won’t be able to gnaw through the plastic, there are always exceptions.


  • Cheap
  • Guaranteed Availability of Healthy, Delicious Food
  • It can store enough food for five days.
  • Simple to install on wire armatures


  • When it comes to plastic, chewing is a breeze.


SunGrow Premium Rabbit Hay Feeder

The Sungrow Rabbit Hay Feeder is a special hay rack dispenser that features a spring-loaded gate for effortless cleaning and restocking, guaranteeing the highest standards of sanitation for your rabbit’s living quarters.

This hay feeder is one of the largest we examined at 7 inches by 6 inches, making it a good choice for homes with several rabbits or giant rabbit breeds.

This SunGrow feeder’s hefty price tag is more than covered by its superior use and reduced potential for waste.

Your rabbit will not be able to get more hay out at once than they can consume thanks to the spring-loaded fence that keeps the laden hay securely compacted.

This high-quality feeder is not only functional, but also very easy to use thanks to the included hanging clips.


  • Sufficiently sized for a big rabbit colony or several smaller ones.
  • Clips are supplied for simple hanging.
  • Messes and wasted hay are avoided thanks to the fence’s spring mechanism.


  • Extremely big rabbits may break little springs by tugging on them.


Feeder for Small Animals made of Durable Hay

You can keep your rabbit’s hay from falling out of his cage with the help of the Ware Small Animal Hay Feeder, a wire food hanger that fastens to the side of metal enclosures. The hanging design of the cage keeps the food hygienic and clear of dirt and debris.

Throwing food on the ground of the cage is a major source of wasted food, however the Animal Hay Feeder solves this problem.

The design is straightforward, the metal clasps do a decent job of attaching the powder-coated wire hanger to a metal cage, and you receive a lockable lid and a complimentary salt licker with every purchase.

Depending on the size of your rabbit, you may need a larger container than this one. It also doesn’t do a great job of keeping hay in place, but it’s cheap and easy to use.


  • The easiness of usage
  • Consists of a cover that locks
  • For the price of free salt licker


  • Cannot store soiled items
  • Easy to knock off


Trixie Hay Hanging Feeders for Rabbits, Metal

Another powder-coated metal choice for your rabbit’s hay feeder, the Trixie Hanging Hay Manger provides lots of room for hay and tightly spaced bars that are great for controlling your rabbit’s food waste.

With a unique hanging arrangement, this hay rack feeder is a great option for those whose rabbits are often knocking over the feeders.

The side-facing hooks for the Trixie hay rack are a defining characteristic of this feeder, as they prevent larger and stronger rabbit breeds from dragging the feeder directly upward to remove it.

The bigger capacity for hay means that this feeder is ideal for households with several rabbits or rabbits prone to mischief.


  • This feeder’s side-mounted hooks provide a secure fit in any aviary.
  • A big hay rack is recommended for homes with several rabbits or really large rabbit breeds.
  • Reduced waste is the result of careful bar spacing.
  • Chew-proof metal wires make it a long-lasting investment


  • Hay feeders are a costly extra.


Hay Rack Feeders by Lixit

This hay rack from Lixit is the only option we considered that could be installed on the exterior of a rabbit’s cage, so it may be ideal for bunnies that are often knocking their feeders off the wall.

It’s a decent choice that’s let down by a minor design problem, thanks to its spacious hay rack and convenient hanging attachments.

Lixit’s hay rack is ineffective unless your rabbit’s cage is specifically designed to accommodate its hanging configuration.

With such loosely placed bars or grates, hay may easily escape at the least touch, making this feeder one of the messiest we tried. It’s a fantastic and tangle-free replacement for owners whose cages have little spaces between the bars.


  • It can’t be toppled because of its outside-the-box construction.
  • Capable of holding enough hay for numerous rabbit feedings or a large rabbit.
  • Quickly attach it to your bag with the simple clip.


  • The effectiveness of your rabbit cage is directly proportional to its design and dimensions.
  • When applied to the incorrect cage, it might become a sloppy mess.


RUBYHOME Rabbit Food Dispenser

The RUBYHOME hay feeder, with its sturdy metal grate and strong plastic casing, is another long-lasting alternative that is ideal for compact enclosures.

The screw-on hanging mechanism allows it work with a wide variety of cages, and the snug hay fit reduces spills and waste.

However, like many rabbit hay feeders, the RUBYHOME is fairly tiny, making it better suited to little or dwarf rabbit breeds but requiring extremely frequent refills for medium or big rabbits. Small rabbit owners might benefit from its compact form.


  • The installation technique is flexible and durable.
  • Combined plastic and metal components increase longevity.
  • Keeping hay contained in a clean, tidy area is an effective way to save time and resources.


  • Very diminutive
  • Large-breed rabbits need not apply.
  • Feeder


Apple Stick and Hay Oxbow Feeder for Rabbits

The Oxbow Apple Stick Hay Feeder, out of all the hay feeders we looked at, is easily the most novel. At first appearance, its densely woven construction may seem like it would restrict your rabbit from creating a mess, but its unstable hanging mechanism and simple chewability more than make up for this.

Simply said, the Oxbow feeder may keep bored rabbits occupied for hours and is a great addition to any existing feeding system. However, we do not suggest this hay rack for regular use.


  • Having your rabbit play is encouraged by the toy’s clever design.
  • Totally healthy and safe for rabbit consumption.


  • Will not endure for long at all
  • Weakly holding suspending system


Our Kaytee Hay Buffet Feeders are the perfect addition to any rabbit’s diet

The Kaytee Rabbit Hay Buffet Feeder appears, at first appearance, to be quite similar to many of the other rabbit feeders discussed here.

It’s modestly sized, with firmly spaced bars and a locking lid to avoid spills and waste. Also, the built-in hooks simplify the mounting process.

However, the plastic is not nearly strong enough and most rabbits will gnaw it up in no time, making it a less practical alternative for giving your bunny with hay.

Aside from needing to replace it, the chips of plastic might also constitute a hazard to your rabbit’s health.


  • Inexpensive
  • Size is appropriate for most rabbits


  • The durability and chewability of plastics are both inadequate.
  • Plastic shards are dangerous for your rabbit’s health.
  • Is not long-lasting enough to warrant its price.

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