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The 7 Best Rabbit Harnesses

Be careful if you intend to walk your rabbit in an open area such as a yard or pasture without a fence; you will need to find a way to keep it unscrewed.

Unless you want to shell out the big bucks for an outside enclosure with a safe cover for your rabbit, a rabbit harness is the best option for you.

Rabbit straps can be found in a variety of styles and prices. There are many varieties in quality and design, and some of them can be really harmful to your pet.

Therefore, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has put together these reviews of the best rabbit harnesses available to assist you in your selection through the hundreds of harnesses available online.

Advice for Shoppers

Many owners enjoy bringing their indoor rabbit for walks in the garden, and a harness and leash may help keep Fido from running off. Take these factors into account when purchasing a harness of this type.

Is a harness necessary, or will a collar do?

Never use a collar meant for a cat or dog on your rabbit. There is a high likelihood that a collar with a leash connected will severely injure your pet rabbit due to the animal’s fragile neck. Therefore, a specifically designed harness that doesn’t put strain on your pet’s neck is the only way to safely exercise your rabbit on a leash.

Putting a harness on your rabbit might be uncomfortable for it.

Many rabbits aren’t like of harnesses at first, and it may take some time for your pet to adjust to wearing one. Fitting and trying out a new harness should always be done in the comfort of your own home, or in the pet’s normal habitat.

Allow your rabbit some time to settle in before taking it outdoors for a stroll to make the experience more pleasant for both of you.

Get a harness that fits you properly.

High-quality rabbit harnesses typically provide many sizing options and are modifiable to fit your pet. You should get the right size and properly adjust it to provide a snug and secure fit for your pet’s safety and comfort.

How can I know if a mesh or strap harness is better for me?

It’s possible to get one of two different kinds of harnesses from rabbits. Strap harnesses constructed of mesh, which are both broad and pliable, so they may be used on a rabbit’s entire belly.

In our evaluations, you’ll find both types of rabbit leashes, however mesh harnesses tend to be more common.

The most comfort and support for your rabbit may be found in a mesh harness. They are also the safest option in case your rabbit attempts to get away from you and has to be secured, since they won’t do any injury to his neck or back.

Strap harnesses are more common since they are cheaper, more flexible, and simpler to put on than their mesh counterparts. You just need to keep an eye on the front strap to make sure it doesn’t go up to your rabbit’s neck, but otherwise they’re perfectly fine for him to wear.

Take an elastic leash, for example.

Preceding text established that rabbits have exceptionally soft necks. Selecting a harness with an elastic lead will assist ensure your rabbit doesn’t damage itself while walking. Alternatively, if the lead that comes with your pet’s harness isn’t elastic, you may want to consider purchasing an additional elastic lead.


The right harness can make the experience of taking your rabbit out into the yard to enjoy some time on the fresh lawn a positive one for both of you.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) reviews have shown that each of the harnesses we’ve featured has the potential to be a great solution for you and your pet. If you number them, you won’t be disappointed.

To summarize, the harnesses that have proven to be the most effective for us are:

We really hope this information is helpful in finding the best rabbit harnesses for your rabbit. I wish you the best of luck!


The Best Rabbit Harness Is the Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness

This rabbit harness from Niteangel is made with comfort in mind, with a polyester mesh vest that comes in a range of colors and sizes (pink, blue, and black).

The vest is held in place by a snap clasp at the dog’s stomach, and it features a metal D-ring at the back for attaching a leash.

The 47-inch elastic leash that comes with the soft harness, in combination with the location of the D-ring fastening, prevents your pet’s neck from being hurt even if he jumps and pulls strongly on the leash.

To prevent getting the wrong size, measure your rabbit before placing an order, since the vest comes in a range of sizes and features a reliable sizing guide.

In conclusion, we consider this to be the finest rabbit harness available in the year 2020.


  • Including a stretchy leash
  • D-ring closure at the back
  • Lightweight


  • None


The Finest Rabbit Harness in the World, Made by the People Who Live Here

Hagen also makes a little animal harness, the Living World Small Animal Harness, which is similar to the one described above in that it is made of polyester and contains a belly buckle and a neck clasp. It’s available in a number of hues and includes a nylon leash.

There is a D-ring on the back of the vest for attaching the leash. The lack of an elastic lead and the fact that the collar will rest high on your pet’s neck are our two main reservations about this vest.

Because of this, you should take extra care not to yank the leash, since doing so might cause serious neck injury to your rabbit. However, the Living World Small Animal Harness is the greatest rabbit harness in terms of both cost and quality.


  • Price
  • Quality


  • Wears high on the collar of your pet
  • Non-elastic-leash


Kaytee Rabbit Harness, the Best Available Option

Your pet buddy will love getting some exercise with Kaytee’s little animal harness and elastic leash. This high-quality vest-style harness and leash set contains a mesh harness with fuzzy fastener fitting and an adjustable, 4-to-6-foot length (depending on harness size).

This harness comes in three sizes to accommodate rabbits of varying sizes, although its diminutive build suggests it’s suitable for young animals or those of smaller breeds.


  • High-Quality Components
  • Extensive and slack leash


  • Large rabbits should look elsewhere.
  • Price


Synonyms: Calunce Soft Rabbits Harness

Small rabbits weighing between 3 and 6 pounds can fit comfortably in this nylon mesh harness. It comes with a nylon leash that attaches to a tiny D-ring on the vest’s back and can be purchased in one of three colors (mild red, light blue, or drab black).

While this soft harness was made with rabbits in mind, it probably won’t fit larger breeds.


  • Soft mesh vest for all-day comfort
  • D-ring closure at the back
  • Comes in your choice of one of three hues


  • Those with huge dogs should look elsewhere.
  • Harness with no give


The Ultimate Pet Bunny Harness

High-quality nylon straps are used in the construction of the PERSUPER Pet Rabbit Harness, which is a strap-style harness. It’s contoured to ease stress on your pet’s neck and prevent unnecessary jerking.

The leash attachment point is conveniently located on one of the rear straps for this reason.

But you still need to be careful because if your pet pulls too hard on its non-elastic leash, the nylon harness strap across its chest might slip up and put strain on its neck.

You shouldn’t take your rabbit for a run as you would a dog, thus you shouldn’t take any notice of the fact that the product’s advertising claims the leash may be used for such a purpose.


  • Two harnesses included.
  • Price


  • Only one size is offered.
  • Heavy, inelastic lead


Harness for Rabbits by FunPetLife, Fully Adjustable

Angel wings adorn the rear of this harness, making it a lovely addition to your pet’s outfit.

The harness is manufactured from high-quality, color-variable, adjustable nylon strapping and is completed with plastic quick-release clips and a non-elastic lead.

It is important to make sure that this type of harness fits your rabbit properly, as a poorly fitted harness might potentially injure your pet by sliding up around its neck.


  • Appealing, thematic layout
  • Completely modifiable


  • Price
  • Heavy, inelastic lead


Pettom Bunny Rabbit Harness


This harness is made of nylon mesh and is offered in a range of colors and two sizes. The harness is airy and cushioned for your pet’s comfort; it has exterior clips for quick and simple application; and it includes an elastic leash.

Take note that the collar of this vest will be somewhat high on your pet. To avoid any injury to your rabbit from the harness, you should keep a close eye on this. If your rabbit has a sensitive neck, you may also find that this garment causes him or her some discomfort.


  • Stretchable front-runner
  • Variable in size options


  • Price
  • Wears high on the collar of your pet

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