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The 9 Best Quiet Dog Clippers

When it's time to groom your dog, you do not have to pay a veterinarian. You will be able to cut your dog's hair to perfection in the comfort of your own home if you have the proper clippers. And if you have a fearful dog, you'll need clippers that are quiet and won't frighten it.

What are the most effective and quiet dog clippers? BestForPets (bestforpets.org) evaluated the leading manufacturers and compiled this list of the best quiet dog clippers.

Each of our best models has a comprehensive evaluation that compares the price, noise, accessories, battery, and guarantee, allowing you to simply select one that will work well for you and your dog. And if you want to learn more about any of the features, check out the buyer's guide at the end. Continue reading to locate your ideal set of silent dog clippers!


Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit – Best Overall

Dog grooming may be challenging. To prevent stressing out your dog, you must use high-quality clippers that accomplish the task fast and effectively. Additionally, you will benefit from choosing silent clippers, as noise may be one of the most unpleasant aspects of the process.

The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit includes a 5-in-1 clipper set appropriate for full-body cutting on small to medium-sized dogs, as well as paws, face, and a fast finish on all breeds. It may be used on cats and has been used to give pigs and other livestock a competitive finish.

The clippers are lightweight, and the set contains two rechargeable battery packs, so one may be charging while the other is in use. You will also receive a charging base and a storage case to preserve the clippers in good condition while not in use. The base contains a charging indication light that illuminates when the device is ready for use. Snap-on guide combs and cleaning supplies complete the set.

While the clippers are good for most smooth coats, they may struggle with fur that is curled or intricate. Poodle owners will want clippers with more durability. Additionally, although they are quieter than the majority of clippers, there are quieter models on this list. We believe these are the quietest dog clippers on the market.


  • Cordless design
  • Including two batteries
  • Excellent for ending
  • Suitable for several species


  • Could be quieter
  • Will have difficulty with curly and tangled fur

Andis Pro-Animal Detachable Blade Pet Clipper Kit – Best Value

The Andis Pro-Animal Detachable Blade Pet Clipper Kit is an affordable 7-piece set of clippers; in fact, this kit has the finest silent dog clippers for the price. It boasts a strong 3,700 strokes per minute (SPM) motor that reduces noise while assuring a swift and effortless cut. This ability also allows it to be used on dogs with difficult and tangled fur.

It comes with four different sizes of combs, however they might be difficult to attach securely to the clippers, and you may need to use a longer comb than recommended. Surprisingly, not many brands and models have their own storage case, but the Andis comes with one.

This particular clipper might become heated when used on long, curly hair, thus the supplied blade oil will prove useful. Apply oil before and after cutting to reduce friction, lower the amount of work your clippers must perform, and lessen the chance of overheating. All things considered, we believe that these are the finest silent dog clippers for the money this year.


  • Cheap
  • Strong motor
  • Excellent storage case


  • Can become somewhat heated
  • Combs might be improved

Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper – Premium Choice

Single-speed and dual-speed models of the Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper are available. It operates at a lower temperature than many other clippers, allowing it to be used for large projects or on many dogs.

Its motor is not as strong as some other models, hence Breeding Business urges Poodle owners to use heavier-duty clippers with a choice of 2,100 or 2,700 SPM with the dual-speed type, but it is powerful enough for general cutting and precise grooming.

Despite being on the more expensive end of the price spectrum, you simply receive the clippers. There is no storage box and no cutting combs are included, however the Oster is compatible with readily available Oster A5 detachable blades. However, blade oil is included. Sets of Oster A5 clippers have a reputation for being durable, since they survive for many years and continue to function well even after this period of time.


  • Single or two-speed versions
  • renowned for strength
  • Appropriate for full-body and pinpoint grooming


  • No case
  • No combs

Ceenwes Silent Dog Clippers

The Ceenwes Dog Clippers are reasonably priced and come with a variety of handy attachments, however they take a long time to charge, jam, and cut unevenly.

These gold-colored clippers contain titanium and ceramic blades, as well as a five-position length-adjustable knob. Power adapter, cleaning brush, four guard combs, stainless steel scissors, stainless steel comb, nail clipper kit, and nail file are included. The motor works at 60 decibels, which is rather quiet.

These clippers have a charging time of five hours and a runtime of seventy minutes. During testing, we discovered that the blades do not become hot, but the clippers may clog and do not provide a very even cut. Ceenwes does give a decent two-year warranty.


  • Well-priced
  • Titanium and ceramic blades that remain cool when heated
  • Fairly quiet 60dB
  • Adapter, cleaning brush, guide combs, scissors, stainless steel comb, nail clippers, and nail file are included.
  • 70 minutes in length
  • A knob with five length choices for fine-tuning
  • Two-year assurance


  • Protracted charging time
  • Could clog or slice unevenly

Bousnic Dog Grooming Clippers

Another choice is Bousnic’s Dog Grooming Clippers, which are expensive but well-designed, have a long runtime, an excellent guarantee, and operate in a very quiet manner. These clippers are not particularly sturdy and might be tough to use.

These dog clippers include an attractive white housing and a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a three-hour runtime per charge. There are two speeds available, with the motor rotating at either 6,000 or 7,000 revolutions per minute.

The low-vibration, low-noise motor operates at less than 50 dB and has steel and ceramic blades. The set contains four guide combs, a cleaning brush, a comb and scissors made of stainless steel, an oil bottle, and a USB charging connection.

We like how quiet these clippers were, but they did not perform well on thick hair and the blades can be difficult to attach. Overall, these clippers do not feel particularly durable. Bousnic provides an exceptional lifetime warranty.


  • Well-designed white exterior
  • Quiet 50dB operation
  • Two speeds
  • USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to three hours
  • Ceramic and steel blades
  • Four guide combs, a cleaning brush, scissors, a comb, blade oil, and a charging cord are included.
  • Lifetime assurance


  • More costly
  • Attaching blades can be challenging.
  • Doesn’t work well on thick hair
  • Overall, not very sturdy

Highdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

The HIghdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers are cheaply priced, however they perform poorly and have an unattractive look.

These one-pound clippers contain a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a cartoon design. A ceramic blade and four guard combs ranging from three to twelve millimeters are included. The engine operates at a low 50 decibels, and the clippers may be used while charging.

When these clippers were examined, we discovered that the blades were dull and caused an uneven cut. The battery does not keep a charge very well and there is no warranty.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable
  • Includes four protective combs
  • Ceramic blade
  • Quiet 50dB operation
  • Allows clipper usage while charging


  • Blades are blunt
  • Produces uneven trim
  • The battery does not retain a charge effectively.
  • No guarantee
  • Goofy, less elegant design

Sminiker Low-Noise Dog Clippers

The Sminiker’s Low Noise Dog Clippers are quiet and come with a variety of handy attachments, but they do not cut uniformly and are not particularly robust.

These inexpensive clippers contain ceramic and titanium blades and a motor with a copper-axis that works at around 50 dB. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery may last up to eight hours on a single three-hour charge. The full kit includes an adapter, a cleaning brush, scissors and a comb made of stainless steel, four guide comb attachments, and a travel bag.

These clippers were discovered to have dull blades that generated an inconsistent cut during testing. The power switch is also not particularly sturdy and is readily broken. Sminiker provides no guarantee.


  • Reasonable in cost
  • Blades of ceramic and titanium
  • Copper-axis motor with a 50dB noise level
  • The lifespan of a rechargeable battery is up to eight hours
  • Includes travel bag, power adapter, cleaning brush, scissors, comb, and four guide combs.


  • Blades that are dull and provide an uneven cut.
  • A less robust power switch
  • No guarantee

PetOscars Dog Grooming Kit Professional

A second choice is the PetOscars Dog Grooming Kit Professional, a low-priced kit with a variety of extras. It charges slowly, and the attachments are difficult to attach.

This 14.9-ounce set of clippers contains a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery and runs at 50 dB. Per charge, the clippers may operate for up to two hours. The kit contains nail clippers, scissors made of stainless steel, a comb, a rasp, four guide combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a USB charging cord.

We discovered that these clippers charged slowly, therefore it is nice that they may be used while charging. They quickly clog and tangle, and the comb guides do not remain in place. PetOscars provides a lifetime replacement warranty.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Quiet 50dB motor
  • USB lithium-ion rechargable battery
  • As much as two hours of playback
  • Allows usage while charging
  • Included in the package are nail clippers, scissors, a comb, a rasp, four guide combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a USB charging connection.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Charging a battery slowly
  • Comb guides are poorly attached
  • Easily entangles and entangles itself

ACAPETTY Pets Grooming Clippers

Our least preferred option is ACAPETTY’s Pets Grooming Clippers, which can be difficult to clean and are somewhat expensive.

These 1.1-pound clippers include removable stainless steel and ceramic blades and run at a quiet 50 decibels. There is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that requires three hours to charge and can last up to five hours each charge. The set consists of two guide combs with four length options, scissors, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a USB charging cable, and a storage bag.

These clippers are not watertight and might be challenging to clean thoroughly. The blades do not become heated, but the clippers are disproportionately pricey and heavy. ACAPETTY provides no warranty.


  • 50dB quiet operation
  • Stainless steel and ceramic blades that are detachable
  • USB lithium-ion rechargable battery
  • Three-hour charging and five-hour operating duration
  • Includes two guide combs, scissors, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a charging cable, and a carrying case.
  • Blades don’t become heated


  • More costly and heavy
  • Inconvenient to clean
  • No guarantee
  • Not waterproof

Buying Guide

You have seen our selection of the finest silent dog clippers currently available. Which option should you choose? Continue reading for a convenient tour to the features.


You’re seeking quiet dog clippers, so you’ll need to pay particular attention to each model’s decibel level. All of the clippers evaluated here fall between 50 and 60 decibels. This is fairly quiet and considerably below the threshold for hearing impairment, since a regular conversation is 60 dB. If your dog is very timid, you may want to select a device with a decibel level closer to 50.


All of the clippers we evaluated are powered by rechargeable batteries. Some can be charged by USB cords, which you can connect to your computer or phone charger for your convenience. Others utilize power adapters with cords connected. Additionally, the charging duration might range from 15 minutes to several hours. If you would prefer not to charge your clippers in advance, you may choose to select a type that can be used while charging.

You may also wish to examine each model’s execution duration. This is the length of time you will have per battery charge to trim your dog’s coat.


The quality of the clipper blades determines how safely and evenly you can trim your pet. Numerous dog clippers include blades comprised of both ceramic and metal. The titanium or stainless steel blade is frequently fixed, but the ceramic blade is frequently mobile. Ceramic blades will not become hot, hence reducing the danger of being burned.

If you want your dog clippers to be simpler to clean, you should search for removable blades that are simple to remove and thoroughly clean.


Typically, dog clippers contain accessories such as guard combs, scissors, cleaning brushes, and blade oil. Guard combs, which typically range in length from three to twelve millimeters, may be essential if you lack extensive dog grooming knowledge.


Many of the examined products come with warranties ranging from one or two years to lifetime coverage. If you wish to have confidence in your clippers, you may want to examine the provided warranty.


What is the conclusion? The Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit is our selection for the best silent dog clippers because it is reasonably priced, effective, and quiet, plus it comes with an abundance of essential extras. If you’re on a tight budget, you could like the Andis Pro-Animal Detachable Blade Pet Clipper Kit, which is affordable, lightweight, and ideal for precise cutting.

Are you looking for a pair of luxury shoes? The powerful Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper comes with a large guarantee and practical features like as self-sharpening blades.

Purchasing clippers for your noise-sensitive dog need not be difficult, since there are several quiet versions available. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes our guide to the best quiet dog clippers of the year, which includes in-depth reviews and a helpful buyer’s guide, will help you purchase effectively.

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