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The 12 Best Purina Tidy Cats Litters

Although brand recognition does not equal quality or performance, Tidy Cats from Purina is one of the best-known names in cat litter manufacture.

Its history means that it has had a long time to perfect their litter, and whether you prefer clumping or non-clumping, scented or unscented, clay or alternative litter materials, you will find a Tidy Cats litter to match.

Purina has combined with Glade, and recent iterations of their litter now have Glade scents directly infused into the litter so it emits a pleasant smell all the time, and you get a fresh waft whenever your cat scratches or buries anything under the clay.

Tidy Cats does offer a limited range of other materials, but it has developed its reputation using a clay-based litter.

Today, the majority of their litter range is made up of clay-based ingredients, so if you want litter made from other materials, you may have to consider another brand.

If clay litter is your preferred choice, then you have a good selection to choose from.

In either case, read on to find out more about the Tidy Cats brand and the best Purina Tidy Cats litters that the company produces from BestForPets' (bestforpets.org) review below .

Tidy Cats Cat Litter Evaluation

When your cat goes to the toilet, cat litter absorbs urine and excrement and absorbs the odor.

It is recommended that you have one tray for each cat, plus one extra, but you can have multiple trays to ensure that each of your cats has a favorite and spares.

Litter trays are useful for cat owners because their cats won’t have to do all of their business outside, but they do have a few drawbacks.

Litter trays used to be lined with newspapers and filled with sand, but litter has come a long way since then. Litters can now clump together when wet, making it much easier to clean up liquid spills and skim-clean the tray.

This means you may clean out and replenish only the litter that has been used, using less litter overall while maintaining a clean and odor-free environment.

This leads us to another crucial function of cat litter: it prevents and removes the strong and bitter odor of cat pee from the room where the litter tray is stored.

The fragrance, as well as the fluids and filth, will be absorbed by good litter. It will keep the fragrance from escaping the tray, making the environment more pleasant for everyone.

Other variables to consider when selecting litter include how frequently it must be replaced before it becomes unusable, if it is simple to store and dispose of, and whether your cat tracks it through the home, as some litters do.

Manufacturers have devised a variety of solutions to these issues, including the Tidy Cats brand.

Litter made of clay

Clay was one of the first materials utilized in the production of cat litter. It naturally clumps when wet, is easily obtained at a low cost, and is generally easy to pick up.

When wet, it becomes heavy, forms cement-like clumps on the edges and bottom of the tray, and sticks to a cat’s paws, allowing it to be tracked around the house.

Tidy Cats has a solid reputation for producing and supplying cat litter, and this reputation has been built on the use of clay litter.

Although it has added a few other materials to its product line, the company has remained loyal to clay, and the majority of the goods it now sells are clay-based cat litters.

Is Tidy Cats able to provide other types of litter?

Although the majority of Tidy Cat’s products are clay-based, they do sell litter pads and pellets. They also sell litter made of activated charcoal, which is designed to filter out odors rather than simply mask them.

Glade Collaboration

In recent years, Purina has collaborated with Glade. Glade is well-known for producing plugs and other room deodorants, and Tidy Cats customers may now enjoy some of the same aromas with their cat litter.

These litters create a better-smelling space throughout the day, and your cat moving the litter around reactivates the Glade, allowing more of the aroma to be introduced. Glade fans will enjoy the perfumed litter products.

What Causes Tidy Cats to Litter?

Ed Lowe invented the Tidy Cats litter in 1954. It was only available in supermarkets and was designed to take advantage of clay’s natural clumping properties.

Lowe was an inventor and cat owner who got sick of seeing sooty cat pawprints all over the home. Lowe sold his lucrative cat litter company in the early 1990s, but the brand did not stop developing.

Tidy Scoop was the company’s first scoopable litter, and the Breeze system, which combines odor-absorbing pads with anti-tracking pellets in a single system, was debuted in 2008.

LightWeight Tidy Cats was introduced even more recently, in 2013. It is not only lighter than traditional clay, but it also comes in a compact jug-type bottle that is simple to pour and much simpler to keep clean.

Tidy Cats continues to develop with its Naturally Strong collection, which was introduced in 2019 and is a powerfully perfumed litter meant for more tough odors.

Tidy Cats is now owned and operated by Purina, a well-known company in the cat industry, and it continues to offer a wide range of innovative cat litter products, such as clay, activated charcoal, and pellet litters.

A Quick Examine of Tidy Cats Litter


  • Excellent and long-standing reputation for making cat litter
  • Materials and litter kinds available
  • Inexpensive
  • Controlling odors effectively


  • This is not the best clumping litter.
  • Material options are somewhat limited.

History of Recalls

Tidy Cats cat litter has never been recalled.


Tough Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter Tidy Cats Glade

Tidy Cats Glade Tough Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter is made of clay. When wet, it clumps, allowing you to remove only the filthy section of litter and replace it with clean litter.

Furthermore, the litter contains Glade air freshener, so when disturbed, the litter emits a pleasant odor around the region of the litter.

Tidy Cats promises that this litter will hold its smell for 10 days, which should give you ample time to remove and replace the litter.

Tidy Cats also states that its litter is dust-free, and that it comes in either a compact and easy-to-carry jug or a pail form, depending on the size of the container you buy.


  • Glade odor removal
  • Litter clumping
  • Convenient transport container


  • It does not clump nicely.
  • Trackable throughout the house


Tidy Cats 24/7 Non-Clumping Performance Scented Clay Cat Litter

Tidy Cats built their name with clay cat litter, and the 24/7 Performance Scented Non-Clumping Cat Litter continues this tradition today.

This low-cost litter contains an extended-release deodorizing mechanism and is recommended for litter trays that require high-performance litter.

Non-clumping litter absorbs moisture rather than clumping, which may be desirable for cats who might normally disregard their litter tray due to the pain of litter clumps.


  • Cheap
  • A big bag
  • Performance in odor control


  • Non-clumping
  • Does not control odor as effectively as advertised.


Refill Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Enhanced Pellets

Litter pads and litter pellets are combined in the Breeze litter system. The pads absorb and eliminate odors, and the litter pellets collect moisture and cover solids.

The most recent version of the litter has increased odor control, so you don’t have to deal with the odor of cat urine and excrement throughout the house.

It’s also anti-tracking, so your cat won’t drag it around the house or onto the furniture.

The litter does not clump, allowing fluids to travel through and into the pads beneath, successfully limiting odor while allowing solids to settle on the litter’s surface.


  • Odor-controlling scented litter
  • Pellets with low tracking
  • In the Breeze system.


  • They begin to stink after a day or two.

What Other Users Have to Say

Check out what other people are saying about Purina Tidy Cats cat litter:

“Their decades of knowledge and product tweaking are represented in everything that they sell, and the result is a product list of reputable and proven litters that tend to get the job done,” says CatLitterHelp.

“If you’re looking for an economical brand of high-quality litter, Tidy Cats is definitely one to consider,” says AllAboutCats.

Amazon: We also looked at Amazon reviews to see what other customers and users thought of the Tidy Cats cat litter brand. You may read what they have to say about it here.


Tidy Cats has built a solid brand image over the past 70 years of manufacturing cat litter.

It gained its reputation on clumping clay litter, and it still focuses its efforts in this area, though it has expanded its product line slightly with the addition of litter pellets and even an activated carbon option.

Its lightweight, clumping, and Glade-scented litters are particularly popular, and if you prefer clay litter, Tidy Cats, a Purina brand, is worth considering and purchasing.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our list of the best Purina Tidy Cats litters assisted you in finding the best product for your pet!

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