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The 12 Best Puppy Training Treats

Training a puppy or young dog may be a difficult endeavor. It requires time, persistence, and patience, which may make it appear to endure forever. Fortunately, our canine companions are very food-motivated, which may benefit their owners.

Positive reinforcement may be used to reward excellent behavior through treatment training. But what are the best snacks? There are many of good alternatives available on the market, but BestForPets (bestforpets.org) has hand-selected the best puppy training treats we could locate. Here are our evaluations.

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Blue Buffalo Blue Bits

 Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

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We propose Blue Buffalo Blue Bits as the finest overall training treats since they are both nutritious and cheap, which is beneficial for you and your canine companions. Even cats with dental problems can enjoy these moist and chewable treats.

Each 4-ounce package is flavored with succulent meat. There are 4 calories in one goodie. 10% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, and 27% moisture are included in the product’s assured analysis.

The size of these goodies is ideal for rewarding a job well done. So, Blue did a fantastic job with portioning. Just be careful not to overdo it, and only provide goodies after they complete a task. Even while each of these snacks has only 4 calories, they might build up over time.

All snacks are prepared in the United States without byproducts, artificial ingredients, wheat, corn, or soy. However, these snacks include beef, which might cause protein-related allergic reactions in some individuals.

  • No additives or fillers are manufactured.
  • Ideal size for workouts
  • Flavorful and chewy


  • Not for canines with a meat allergy

U.S. Journey Instructional Bits

American Journey Beef, Salmon, and Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Training Bits Variety Pack Dog Treats 4 ounces

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The American Journey Training Bits are a bargain pack of chewy chicken and beef treats. We believe that these are the most affordable dog training treats. Beef and chicken are both created with genuine meat as the primary component, hence their protein content is high.

The resealable packaging of these goodies ensures that they remain chewy and simple to consume. They also contain sweet potatoes, which are abundant in minerals and antioxidants.

Each confection in this recipe has 4 calories. 18% crude protein, 8% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, and 30% moisture are included in the product’s assured analysis. Additionally, they appear to be rather tasty. Both varieties were devoured by our canines, who then pleaded for more.

We adore the fact that this set has two items. Your dog is certain to like it, and you may wait much longer before placing a subsequent order. Moreover, it is an excellent method to explore their favorite flavors.


  • Freshness-preserving resealable bag
  • containing antioxidants
  • 2-pack


  • Includes legumes

Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Mini Naturals Moist Miniature Dog Treats

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If you want a treat that is more pricey but tasty, Zuke's Mini Naturals   are the correct size and contain the ideal quantity of healthy things. Despite their little size, these snacks are packed with nutritious components, such as

These chewy sweets serve as the optimal training incentive. There are 2 calories in each sweet. The guaranteed analysis of the treats indicates that they comprise 8% crude protein, 6% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, and 30% water.

These treats were devoured with gusto by our canine companions. The peanut butter and oat taste is very digestible and protein-rich. They may be a bit more expensive than the ordinary snack, but the absence of maize, wheat, and soy in the components certainly speaks for itself.

Instead, it comprises easily digested ancient grains, including malted barley, oats, rice, and barley. Moreover, peanut butter is the primary component. Due to the diminutive size of these treats, smaller dog breeds are most suited for consumption


  • Best for puppies
  • Excellent ingredient recipe
  • Easy to digest grains


  • Perhaps not as enjoyable for larger dogs
  • Costly

Healthful Crunchy Puppy Bites

Wellness Crunchy Puppy Bites Natural Grain-Free Treats for Training

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The Wellness Crunchy Puppy Bites are an excellent option for puppies under one year old, in our opinion. These little morsels are well packed with essential nutrients. The ingredients reflect the fact that they are made exclusively for pups.

Chicken is the first component, guaranteeing a protein-rich source. This chicken and carrot-flavored treat will entice your dog to eliminate outside for the sole purpose of receiving a reward. Spinach and carrot, which are rich in antioxidants, strengthen your dog’s immune.

There are 3 calories in one goodie. This product contains 17% crude protein, 10% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, and 10% moisture according to its guaranteed analysis. Each treat is grain-free and contains salmon, which provides DHA and omega fatty acids.
We can only comment that these confections are rather crumbly.


  • Antioxidant-rich
  • Contains DHA
  • Grain-free


  • Somewhat crumbly

Small Dog Training Treats, Bil-Jac Little-Jacs

 Bil-Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Training Treats

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The Bil-Jac Little Jacs Tiny Dog Training Treats are fantastic for small breeds, with the ideal serving sizes for a treat.

And there’s no need to feel bad about the ingredients, as neither gluten meal nor rendered fat have been included after a thorough examination.

The package’s resealable double-zipper is effective in preserving the goodies’ freshness and taste. In the contents, you will discover a tasty, semi-moist chicken liver treat that is simple for your dog to devour. Even as they mature, little breeds might continue to love this snack.

This purchase is a wonderful bargain, as each bag contains 450 goodies. There are 2.8 calories in each serving. This product’s guaranteed analysis comprises 25 percent crude protein, 10 percent crude fat, 2 percent crude fiber, and 30 percent moisture.

Some pet owners may be concerned about peas in grain-free treats, but you’ll be pleased to learn that this recipe does not include any.

It does, however, contain the necessary DHA, chicken, chicken liver, and chicken meal for a protein-rich experience. Our dog, however, did not appear interested


  • 450 snacks per bag
  • Pea and wheat-free
  • Protein-rich


  • Not likely to appeal to finicky dogs.

Merrick Power Bites

 Merrick Power Bites Dog Treats, Real Rabbit Recipe

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If your dog has a sensitive stomach, Merrick Power Bites are a great alternative. It has precisely the right elements to promote digestion and reward them for good behavior.

These goodies are FDA-compliant and contain no artificial or potentially dangerous ingredients.

This dish is particularly beneficial for canines with a protein allergy. They obtain an unique source of protein due to the utilization of deboned rabbit. It also includes the superfood sweet potato, which will replenish your dog’s system.

There are 5.3 calories in a single treat. This product contains 15% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, and 28% moisture according to its guaranteed analysis.

These sweets also include peas, it should be noted. While this may be OK for some dogs, peas in pet food have been related to a number of health risks for some dogs.


  • Novel protei
  • Excellent for dogs suffering from protein allergie
  • Nothing man-made


  • Includes legumes

Fruits in miniature form

 Fruitables Skinny Mini Dog Treats

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Fruitables Skinny Minis are a great way to treat your overweight dog while keeping calories to a minimum if you have a dog that is overweight. There are no animal or grain components in these snacks.

These sweets include no animal products and are flavored with pumpkin and berries. Instead of wheat, corn, or flour, the first component is chickpeas, a grain that is highly digested.

Honey, pumpkin, and blueberries contribute an abundance of antioxidants.
There are 3 calories in one goodie.

The product’s guaranteed analysis comprises 8 percent crude protein, 7 percent crude fat, 4 percent crude fiber, and 20 percent moisture.

While this recipe shouldn’t pose an issue for the majority of canines, some canines have little interest in treats made without animal protein.


  • No animal products or cereals
  • Perfect snacks for weight reduction
  • Superfoods are present.


  • Less enticing to the appetite

True instinct bites from Purina ONE

 Purina ONE Made in USA Facilities Dog Training Treats

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Purina ONE True Instinct Bites are supplemented with the ideal quantity of vitamins and minerals to produce a nutritious, delightful treat for excellent behavior.

Consider this snack nourishment for the muscles, since these bite-sized morsels are extremely high in protein.

Chicken, a source of complete protein, is the first component in this dish. We would like to inform out that these treats include maize, wheat, and soy, which can be particularly irritating for some canines.

The calories per serving of these sweets are 2. The product’s guaranteed analysis comprises 23 percent crude protein, 4 percent crude fat, 3.5 percent crude fiber, and 27 percent moisture.

These snacks have a healthy amount of protein without excess calories. We see no reason why these bites would not enough for teaching healthy dogs.

  • Protein-rich
  • Calorie-free
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals


  • Contains potential allergens

Bacon-flavored Pet Botanics Training Reward Dog Treats

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The Pet Botanics Training Reward Dog Treats will certainly stimulate your dog’s hunger.

These goodies are flavored with bacon, which attracts their interest significantly. They are the right size and texture for virtually all dog breeds, preventing choking.

The first ingredient in these delicacies is hog liver, a nutrient-dense organ. This dish contains items, such as peas and eggs, that might be unpleasant to sensitive dogs. The majority of young dogs, though, can enjoy this without trouble.

These rewards are recommended by trainers. There are 3 calories in one goodie. This product comprises 12% protein, 7% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, and 30% moisture according to its guaranteed analysis.

We enjoyed the size of the snacks, however they may be dryer than comparable goods.


  • To stimulate hunger with bacon taste
  • Contains protein from nourishing organs
  • Ideal size for most dog breeds


  • Rather parched
  • Potential allergen triggers

Train Me, You Mad Dogs! Recompense

 Crazy Dog Train-Me Training Rewards For Dogs

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Train Me, You Mad Dogs! Training Rewards are our last choice for snacks of the highest caliber.

The first component is hog liver, despite the chicken flavoring. With a combination of nutritional components and delicious tastes, they are the ideal-sized snack.

We would like to note you that a number of these components will not work for pets with allergies or sensitivities.

For example, the food contains potatoes and garlic powder, both of which might possibly disrupt your dog’s digestive tract. Normal, healthy puppies, however, should not have a response.

Not included in the recipe are soy, corn, BHA, or BHT. There are 3 calories in one goodie. This product comprises 12% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, and 34% moisture according to its guaranteed analysis.

Even while it wasn’t our favorite treat, the dogs did appear to enjoy it when presented one.


  • Contains nutrients high in protein
  • Without harsh ingredients
  • Tasty


  • Contains potato
  • Includes garlic powder
  • Poultry is the fifth ingredient

Buyer's Guide

Advantages of Training with Rewards

Even with extensive expertise with puppies, training is difficult. You can never predict a dog’s reaction until you begin. Treats communicate with a puppy because they are tasty, and your dog soon learns to want what you are holding.

Having the upper hand in this manner enables you to direct your puppy’s attention toward the reward. It is a vast improvement over negative reinforcement training.

The Best Treats for Canines


Companies provide three sizes for a number of reasons. You may believe it’s solely due to breede size, but it’s also due to function. If you were teaching your dog, you wouldn’t offer them a reward that would take too long to consume.

The optimal size of treats for pups varies slightly per breed. Ultimately, a little Chihuahua will be better equipped to deal with a far lesser threat than a juvenile Mastiff. Consider the size of the treat relative to the size of your dog when making a decision.


When it comes to snacks, dogs have varying preferences. Some candies are extremely chewy, while others are crunchy, and every other texture imaginable. A dog with poor teeth or a little puppy may require kibble with a softer texture.


When training, you will need to change the goodies significantly more frequently. Positive reinforcement training is crucial, as your puppy will only be learning at this stage.

Since you don’t want to upset your dog’s digestive system by often switching reward brands, you should select one they enjoy as soon as possible.

Ingredients to Avoid

Even though you may not give it much attention, there are some items that should be avoided while feeding your dog. Here are several:

  • Fillers such as corn, wheat, and soybean
  • Dairy
  • By-products
  • Artificial dyes
  • Synthetic substances


BestForPets (bestforpets.org) continue to believe that Blue Buffalo Blue Bits are the best puppy training treats available. They are specially made with the proper elements for pups. In addition, they do not include any harsh or hazardous fillers or synthetic substances. You receive all of this at a reasonable cost.

If you’re looking for a bargain, the American Journey Training Bits could do the trick. It is a two-pack of beef and chicken, so for a reasonable price, you have a substantial taster.

Regardless matter one of these fantastic things you choose, your dog will surely enjoy the added treat.

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