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The 12 Best Puppy Training Books

So, you're the proud owner of a brand-new puppy, or you soon will be! Regardless, congrats! You are in for a confused, difficult, and ultimately gratifying moment filled with feces, affection, and cuteness.

Training your puppy is an essential component of dog ownership. It influences their future disposition and your interaction with them for the remainder of their life.

If you've been searching for puppy training books, you know that there are several options available, therefore BestForPets (bestforpets.org) chose the best puppy training books. We hope that these reviews will help you select the best book for your particular needs.


Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet With Love

“Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” is the greatest overall book on puppy training. Zak George is a well-known dog trainer who got his start on YouTube and has been on two television programs: Animal Planet’s “SuperFetch” and the BBC’s “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

His book details the complete process of discovering the ideal puppy, selecting the proper diet, and obtaining a veterinarian. It contains all the required training strategies, such as how to handle housebreaking, barking, biting, leaping, etc. His book may be read in tandem with his YouTube broadcasts.

The downside of this book is that it is not entirely devoted to puppy training; the majority of the content is devoted to locating a puppy (and if you already have one, this aspect will be pointless).

Additionally, his counsel is ideal for someone who has no expertise with dogs. If you have a considerable lot of expertise and knowledge already, you may like to opt for a more advanced book.


  • Examines how to locate the ideal puppy
  • How to choose a veterinarian and the best food
  • Covers fundamental training and usual puppy issues (biting, barking, etc.)
  • Contains matching YouTube videos


  • Focuses on aspects outside of training
  • Best for beginners


How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

The greatest puppy training book for the money is “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” by Cesar Millan. Cesar is a well-known dog trainer, and his National Geographic Channel show “Dog Whisperer” has made him renowned.

His book includes not only puppy training but also the complete life of your dog. It discusses a puppy’s growth, housebreaking, nutrition, and how to prevent issues from occurring. The advice is applicable to dogs at all stages of life.

However, some individuals have an issue with Cesar’s training methods, resulting in controversy. In addition, it is not a step-by-step manual, therefore more reading is required to obtain the correct directions.


  • Includes information about puppy training and caring for an adult dog.
  • Teaches housebreaking, nutrition, and proper play techniques.
  • How to prevent issues from occurring
  • Useful for dogs of all ages


  • Not step-by-step
  • Not everyone approves of Cesar’s methods.


Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend

Give your children Vanessa Estrada Marin’s “Dog Training for Children” before bringing home a puppy. If you have children, this is an excellent way to get them involved in the upbringing and training of your new dog. This is the author’s forte since she operates a New York City institution that specializes in dog-training programs for youngsters.

The book includes basic training, housebreaking, basic commands (like sit and stay), and amusing tricks. By allowing them some authority over the training process, children will gain confidence and develop a close relationship with their dogs. Also suitable for adults.

Unfortunately, this book is expensive, and several customers have stated that it arrived broken.


  • Ideal for children to train a dog.
  • Includes fundamental training and directives
  • The author specialized in children’s dog programming
  • Gives youngsters confidence and facilitates the formation of a link with the dog.
  • A terrific novel for grownups as well.


  • Pricey
  • The book may come in disrepair.


The Puppy Primer

Dr. McConnell, an ethologist and licensed applied animal behaviorist who has worked with both cats and dogs for over 25 years, authored The Puppy Primer. She instructs dog owners on how to have reasonable expectations for their puppies.

This requires recognizing the distinction between teaching a puppy to sit and wait for food and teaching a dog to sit when visitors arrive!

It addresses socializing, positive reinforcement, the best and worst methods to play, as well as fundamental instruction. It does not teach you how to train your dog, but rather how to be a responsible dog owner and trainer.

The only significant drawback of this book is that it contains rather elementary material. It will work well for novices, but the majority of experienced users may not learn anything new.


  • Authored by a licensed animal behaviorist and ethologist.
  • Explains how to have reasonable expectations of your dog
  • Examines socializing, positive reinforcement, and optimal play techniques.
  • Prepares you to be a responsible dog owner and trainer.


  • Best for beginners


Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps: Everything You Need to Know to Raise the Perfect Dog

The author of “Puppy Training in Seven Easy Steps” is the chief executive officer of the Zoom Room, a positive reinforcement dog training facility with locations in the United States.

The book provides techniques for understanding your puppy’s body language and behavior, allowing you to determine why they are acting as they do. It covers everything from housebreaking and socializing to leash walking and puppy-proofing your home. The directions are written in a manner that is clear, precise, and straightforward.

However, novice dog owners will find most of the material useful. Additionally, it is lacking in detail and may be overly concentrated on rewards for certain trainers.


  • Educates on canine behavior and body language
  • Includes guidance for fundamental commands, sociability, and prevention of food aggression
  • Clear, accurate, and straightforward directions.


  • Better for novices
  • Not too in-depth and overly focused on the treat


Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days

Brandon McMillan’s “Lucky Dog Lessons” contains tactics that will assist any dog or puppy, whether from a shelter or a breeder, to become a well-adjusted companion in seven days. Brandon McMillan is well-known for his CBS show “Lucky Dog,” in which he rehabilitates “unadoptable” pets within a week.

It begins with establishing trust, progresses to teaching fundamental instructions, and provides remedies for typical behavioral issues. It also offers instruction on how to teach dogs of various sizes.

On the negative, it is a lengthy book with a great deal to read; some of it is autobiographical. In addition, several of his training approaches need the acquisition of specialized equipment.


  • Using the principles, any dog or puppy may be educated in just seven days.
  • Builds trust and provides answers for behavioral issues
  • Advice on training canines of various sizes


  • Lengthy text containing several tales
  • He must purchase equipment for his skills.


The Art of Raising a Puppy

“The Art of Raising a Puppy” was authored by The Monks of New Skete, who have been breeding and training German Shepherds and other dog breeds for over three decades.

This book is more than a training manual; it covers everything from finding a puppy to training, socialization, and basic care. They emphasize the significance of developing a good relationship with your dog.

However, this is a lengthy book that provides little concrete instruction, while containing several tales. It also discusses gestation and the development of little litters in great depth, something most puppy parents do not need to know.


  • Written by monks with thirty years of dog training expertise.
  • Beyond a training manual, explains everything from choosing a dog to basic care.
  • Emphasis on bonding with your dog


  • A long book with insufficient practical instruction
  • Too much information about litter development and pregnancy


Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement

The author of “Training the Best Dog Ever” is Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz. She was an accomplished trainer who has worked with several dogs, including Bo Obama, the former White House dog, and the pets of Senator Ted Kennedy. Sadly, she passed away before the publication of this book.

The book is meant to be effective in five weeks with only 10 to 20 minutes of daily training with your dog. It is aimed to assist pups and adult dogs with undesirable behaviors and habits and includes both basic and advanced training. Additionally, it can make dogs feel more confident and at ease in the world.

This book’s shortcomings include its excessive length and plenty of the author’s personal anecdotes, making it a tedious read. Additionally, the content is quite jumbled because it tends to hop about.


  • Designed to work in 5 weeks with only 10-20 minutes daily
  • Aids adults or pups in overcoming undesirable behaviors
  • Includes both fundamental and advanced instruction
  • Increases a dog’s confidence in the outside world


  • Lengthy with several tales
  • Information not properly arranged


Puppy Training: How to Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days!

The book “Dog Training: How to Housebreak Your Puppy in Just 7 Days” by Ken Phillips is an excellent resource for individuals who are having difficulty housebreaking their puppy. This entire book is devoted to the topic! Even if you have a full-time job, you should be able to follow its simple, step-by-step directions.

It addresses topics such as the recurrence of accidents despite regularly taking your puppy outdoors, as well as advice to help you housebreak your dog fast. It also discusses your puppy’s mentality, allowing you to better comprehend them.

However, the book includes a significant amount of really basic material, which will be useful for novice dog owners but less so for those with more experience. Also, not every puppy can be housetrained in seven days.


  • Helpful if you are having difficulty with housebreaking
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions that work even if you have a full-time job.
  • Includes topics such as why pups urinate inside after going outside.
  • Discusses canine psychology


  • Not effective in seven days for every dog.
  • Best for beginners


Puppies for Dummies

Sarah Hodgson’s “Puppies for Dummies” addresses all puppy-related topics, not only training. It addresses positive reinforcement, behavioral redirection, and puppy psychology. It discusses socializing, maintaining your puppy’s health, and training your dog for appropriate conduct. This book should be helpful even if you are only considering having a puppy.

However, one of the issues with this book is that it is occasionally inconsistent. Some instructions are thorough, while others are typically glossed over. It also appears to require more editing because it has several typos and grammatical errors.


  • Beyond training, a comprehensive look at dogs.
  • Includes information on positive reinforcement, redirection, and puppy psychology.
  • Importance of socializing, puppy health maintenance, and training approaches


  • Information might be contradictory.
  • Includes typos

Buyer's Guide

Before choosing a book on puppy training, there are a few considerations you should make. The purpose of our buyer’s guide is to provide fuel for thought.


No single book is suitable for every dog and owner. Some books and strategies may work well for your neighbor but not for you. The breed of your dog is important, as is its heritage. Additionally, not every dog owner will agree with every dog trainer’s approach.

Take your time reading the reviews, and if possible, examine the summary and sample chapters. Even though a book instructs you to perform a certain action, you are not obligated to do so if it does not feel natural to you.


Possessing a dog may provide several unique experiences and tales. The majority of dog training books will include stories. These can be useful since you’ll find you’re not the only one dealing with certain puppy idiosyncrasies or issues (or successes).

Don’t allow a lengthy book filled with stories to deter you if that’s not what you’re seeking. If you want to get to the “meat” of the instruction, you can skip these portions if the techniques are sound.


Authorship is everything. Not all dog owners will concur with the author’s training methods. Numerous successful authors lack formal degrees or training diplomas, but they do have experience and knowledge of what works (and usually working with celebrities gets them out there).

However, do not get carried away by popularity. The most vital aspect is always your dog and whether or not a person’s advice genuinely benefits you both.


Our recommendation for the finest overall puppy training book is “Dog Teaching Revolution” by Zak George, which has excellent advice on training your dog. It also includes YouTube videos that may be seen to supplement the book’s material! “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” by Cesar Millan is reasonably priced and is meant to teach pups and guide you through your dog’s whole life. Dr. McConnell’s “The Dog Primer” will teach you to have reasonable expectations of your puppy. In addition, she is one of the few authors who is trained and qualified in dog training.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that our reviews of the best puppy training books have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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