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The 10 Best Puppy Gates

Few things in life are as fulfilling as owning a puppy as a pet. Everything about them is endearing, from the lovely looks they make to the wonderful sounds they make, to the fact that they require continuous supervision or they will ruin everything of worth you possess. This is when dog gates come into play. They let you block off portions of the house that your puppy is not permitted to enter.

However, selecting the finest dog gate is not as simple as it sounds. Not all of them are effective at containing a dog, and some may be deadly if fitted improperly; you can't necessarily tell the good ones from the bad ones by looking at them.

However, we have completed all of that work for you. Here are the best puppy gates listed by BestForPets (bestforpets.org)


Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate

The Arf Pets APDGTSG should be your best choice if you value receiving comments from guests. Made from lovely wood, it will complement your existing décor without allowing your dog to ruin it.

This form is freestanding, so it may be used as a gate at a doorway or as a self-supporting corral. This provides you a variety of installation possibilities and even allows you to use it outside. It may be configured in a variety of ways, so you are not restricted to a simple square or straight line.

It features two supporting feet to make it more difficult for your dog to tip it over. If it becomes soiled, a small amount of warm, soapy water is sufficient to clean it.

However, the Arf Pets APDGTSG is not without problems. Because it is constructed of wood, you will need to observe your dog to prevent her from destroying it. Other than that, it is difficult to identify major flaws in this gate, which is why it is our top pick.


  • Appealing wooden structure
  • Can be used as a stand-alone pen
  • Permits a variety of setups
  • Stabilizing feet keeps it upright
  • Simple to clean


  • Heavy chewers require supervision.


Expandable Carlson Pet Products Gate

The Lil’ Tuffy from Carlson Pet Products is a good (and inexpensive) buy if performance is more important to you than aesthetics.

The device grows from 26 to 38 inches, enabling it to fit through the majority of hallways and doorways. At 18 inches tall, it is insufficient to keep large dogs out, unless they are unaware that they can jump over it.

As for smaller animals, they may simply pass through the entrance in the bottom corner. This allows you to pick which animals are permitted inside and which are not, allowing you to let the cat hang out in the bedroom without her puppy brothers tormenting her.

The Lil’ Tuffy is built of solid steel, yet it features four rubber bumpers that prevent damage to walls and doorframes. It’s not ideal for every circumstance, but it’s difficult to find a better gate at a comparable price, which is why we consider it the finest puppy gate for the money.


  • Compatible with the majority of hallways and doorframes
  • Excellent value for the cost
  • Allows tiny pets passage
  • Made of solid steel
  • Rubber bumpers safeguard walls and entrances.


  • Not appropriate for bigger breeds


Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate

Guests may be surprised to find that the Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite is a piece of pet furniture because it is so elegantly designed.

It is available in four- or six-panel configurations and may serve as a puppy gate, a room divider, or a pen, offering you a variety of alternatives when it comes time to confine your dog.

You can exclude him from one portion of the house totally, restrict his access to a potentially hazardous region of one room, or confine him in close proximity while maintaining his isolation.

When you’re through using it, it may be folded into a little package for storage. You may even take it with you if you so want.

However, as any Hollywood producer will attest, beauty and adaptability are not inexpensive. The Richell is not an exception, as it is not a low-quality accessory. You may be reluctant to keep a costly and attractive piece of furniture next to your puppy, who will undoubtedly demonstrate his appreciation by gnawing on it.

Ultimately, if money is irrelevant, you will like this gate. Otherwise, the two bargains above are likely more advantageous.


  • Attractive and refined
  • Extremely versatile
  • Simple to pack for storage
  • Can be transported


  • Very costly


Richell Wood Freestanding Puppy Gate

The Richell Freestanding allows you to confine your dog without damaging your home (your pup can handle that part on his own).

It features large bases on both ends that allow it to stand on its own, so setting it up is as simple as placing it on the ground. Installation is unnecessary, and assembly is simple, so you can have it up and running in no time.

It telescopes from 39 inches to 71 inches, allowing you to partition off a substantial portion of your home. When completely stretched, however, it becomes quite unstable, so your dog may learn that he may easily knock it over.

It is made for little dogs, so you can simply walk over it if it blocks your path. Obviously, this means that a huge dog can accomplish the same thing, so don’t spend your money if you own a large breed.

While we prefer the Richell Freestanding for its versatility and ease of use, the gates rated above it do the same functions somewhat better, which is why it ranks fourth.


  • Simple to construct and install.
  • Can spread to obstruct a vast region.
  • Offered in two colors
  • Owns its own strength


  • Larger dogs can step over it
  • Becomes unstable when completely expanded.


Evenflo Wood Pressure Mount Gate

The Evenflo Pressure Mount is a quick and easy solution to partition a room since it snaps into position within a doorframe. However, it is best suited for dogs who are not too inquisitive, as it will not withstand extensive exploration by your dog.

Installing it requires only setting up the locking bar that holds it in place, which requires no additional hardware. This makes it simple to transport, and your doorframes will bear no traces of their presence.

Despite being kept in place by pressure, we cannot guarantee that it will be held in place particularly securely. A determined dog may easily knock it over or out of place, so you shouldn’t rely on it to guard your food while you’re away.

It is also composed of fragile parts, making it susceptible to unintentional damage during transport. Thankfully, it’s not overly costly, but it’s really frustrating to see it break in your hands.

Despite its limitations, the Evenflo will be sufficient to deter the majority of docile dogs. However, if your dog is obstinate, this will not dissuade him for long.


  • Simple to establish
  • Simple to relocate from room to room
  • Won’t mar doorframes
  • Reasonably cheap


  • Can be dislodged with minimal effort
  • Fragile elements are quickly destroyed
  • Won’t deter determined puppies


unipaws Freestanding Wooden Dog Gate

The unipaws UH5023 is another freestanding alternative that folds up conveniently when not in use and may flex and bend as needed.

This style is ideal if you only require a gate infrequently, as you can keep it under a bed or in a closet and put it up fast before your dog enters the room. It includes rubber pads below to prevent it from harming hardwood floors and legs at either end to hold it upright.

However, your dog will not be deterred for very long. These rubber pads may protect your flooring, but they also make it easy for your dog to move furniture when he decides he’s had enough.

Additionally, it has a distinct chemical odor. It is not something you will want to inhale for an extended period of time, and you will likely feel uneasy about your dog chewing on it.

Anyone who has ever owned an inquisitive pet knows that buying oneself a few minutes may be valuable, and the unipaws UH5023 is exceptional in this respect. Know that you will also need to purchase one of the more secure gates listed above if you desire a more lasting calm.


  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Not harmful to hardwood flooring
  • Folds up for storage


  • Dogs may just avoid it with their noses.
  • Pungent chemical odor
  • Not an effective permanent remedy


North States Windsor Arch Gate

The North States Windsor Arch is an exceedingly elegant type that appears to have always been a part of your home, and you may only need to engage a contractor for installation.

This is not a model that can be moved from room to room; rather, it is intended to remain in a single location. Therefore, it is best suited for owners who wish to confine their pets to a single room (like the kitchen, for example).

Due to its durable metal construction, you need not worry about your dog chewing through it (and if he does, you should probably let him go in any room he wants). You can open the gate with one hand, but it can be difficult; thus, you should be prepared to use both.

It is intended to be kept in place by mounting cups that won’t mar your entryway, but the item is heavy enough that the cups may not be sufficient, especially if your dog likes to bang against it.

While the North States Windsor Arch is clearly lovely, it is neither adaptable or user-friendly enough to rank higher on this list.


  • Elegant appearance
  • Composed of solid metal


  • Installation and assembly are difficult
  • Not built for room-to-room mobility
  • Gate is difficult to open.
  • Too hefty for mounting cups included.


PETMAKER Wooden Pet Gate

The PETMAKER 80-62875 is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal alternative for transporting a new puppy to grandma’s house. However, you’ll likely discover that it’s insufficient for daily use at home.

This fence is designed to stand on its own, but it lacks feet, so you’ll either have to rest it against something or spend a few minutes attempting to balance it. Obviously, if you get it to stand on its own, your dog will most likely accidently knock it over.

The wood is really lightweight, so you will not strain your back moving it. Your puppy will likely be able to destroy it in a matter of minutes if you expect it to withstand any abuse.

The PETMAKER 80-62875 is ideally suited for people who travel with their dogs, or for those who wish to block off an area such as a stairway that the dog may not be very interested in. Do not anticipate it to keep him out of a desirable area, and do not expect it to move much higher on our list without significant revisions.


  • Lightweight and portability
  • Excellent for obstructing stairways


  • Made from fragile wood
  • Lacking support legs
  • Dogs may rapidly gnaw through it.
  • Easily toppled


Internet’s Best Wire Puppy Gate

This model from Internet’s Best is 30 inches in height, allowing it to keep most large dogs at away while completely confounding smaller ones. Obviously, this makes it difficult to walk over, but this is likely unavoidable.

While this dog gate is built for larger breeds, larger dogs may simply push it aside with their noses if they so want. If you have hardwood or tile flooring, anticipate them to move the furniture about, and if you have carpet, don’t be shocked if they just knock everything over.

Alternatively, if you have a small-breed puppy, there is a space at the bottom of the gate through which he can pass (or possibly get stuck while trying).

It is neither as pricey nor as inexpensive as the Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite, yet it is not quite as effective as the Richell. We anticipated a higher level of performance from a gate of this price range.


  • Larger dogs can’t step over it


  • You cannot even step over it.
  • Strong animals can remove it from the path.
  • Small pups can fit through the opening at the bottom.
  • Costly for what one receives


PAWLAND Foldable Pet Gate

The PAWLAND Foldable, made of medium-density fiberboard, is not nearly as hefty as it appears; nevertheless, it is also not as secure or robust as it appears.

If you’ve worked with fiberboard previously, you know that it cannot withstand even the most determined gnawing, which is about all that pups are capable of (well, that, and going to the bathroom in your closet). Even though this is not a cheap dog gate, it is frustrating to watch it come apart so readily.

Additionally, it is simple to knock over, and your dog may not even realize that it was in his path as he plows through it. It will certainly dissuade smaller dogs, but you should still be concerned about them colliding with it and having it fall on them.

If you really must keep your dog out of a certain room, the PAWLAND Foldable is somewhat superior to nothing. As it stands, we cannot recommend it above the alternatives presented.


  • Portability and portability


  • Will disintegrate when chewed.
  • Easily knocked over
  • Expensive given the inferior quality of the materials
  • Large canines can use their noses to avoid it.
  • Possibly could fall on tiny animals


The Arf Pets APDGTSG is our favorite puppy gate since it is stylish and versatile, even as a standalone pen. Additionally, it is simple to clean and maintain, so you won’t be embarrassed by its appearance when you have guests around.

Try the Lil’ Tuffy from Carlson Pet Products for a more economical alternative. It is built of strong steel and effectively blocks off doorways and passageways.

Purchasing a pet gate isn’t as easy as it should be, but the reviews above should help. Once you select the ideal one for your circumstances, you’ll finally be able to relax knowing that your dog and your furnishings are protected.

In the end, BestForPets (bestforpets.org) appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best puppy gates. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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