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The 10 Best Probiotic Supplements For Cats

Probiotics are important for the health of all organisms, not just humans.

Why should our dogs be different? A cat's health and well-being depends on their digestive system, so don't risk it by taking it lightly.

When the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the gut changes in favor of the bad guys, digestive problems arise.

BestForPets (bestforpets.org) suggests that by restoring healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, probiotics can help reverse the negative effects of bad bacteria and restore normal digestive function.

These are the best probiotic supplements for cats we have available.

Our Probiotics Shopping Guide (Cats)

If you’re having trouble deciding which of the 10 best probiotics of 2022 to get for your cat, have a look at our reviews.

However, our buyers’ guide is meant to remove any remaining uncertainty about product choice by providing information on various cat probiotics.

The article will also discuss the advantages of using probiotics and other considerations before making a purchase.

Do You Know This Before Buying Probiotics for Your Cat?

You can find probiotics for cats in the form of pills, powders, and treats. If you want to get the most out of your probiotic supplement, pick one with a high CFU count (colony forming unit).

Experts say that diversity also plays a significant role. Make sure the probiotics you’re taking are from a variety of bacteria strains, rather than just one.

The most beneficial bacteria for cats are those belonging to the Bifidobacterium and Enterococcus families.

It has been established that the Enterococcus strain lives in the colon and that Bifidobacterium is located in the small intestine (large intestine). Each variety has a unique purpose in maintaining good health.

When it comes to digestion, bifidobacterium plays a larger role, whereas enterococcus aids in feces formation and maintaining colon health. Not all bacteria strains are created equal, but selecting a supplement that contains the above two is crucial.

There should be at least two distinct species of bacteria, according to experts, because they serve distinct purposes. The ideal supplement would contain five distinct strains of Bifidobacterium as well as five distinct strains of Enterococcus.

I was wondering, what are the most effective probiotics for cats?

Consider the following before making a purchase:

  • Live or Dead Strains

For the probiotic to be effective in improving your cat’s health, it must contain viable, disease-free bacterial strains. Conversely, your cat’s digestive system may be affected by “dead” germs.

The influence of the dead bacteria, however, can’t be more than that of the living ones. Probiotics are guaranteed to contain viable microorganisms. What matters is how long they last. Live bacterial strains only have a short shelf life when packaged.

  • Negligible Contamination by Other Organisms

Live bacteria are the only ingredient in some probiotics. They may also be offered in combination with prebiotics and digestive enzymes.

The live bacteria and the other substances work well together to aid digestion, therefore the combination is acceptable. Experts agree that strains of Bifidobacterium and Enterococcus can help keep the digestive system and colon healthy.

  • Supplemented by

It is true that probiotic supplements with additional digestive enzymes and prebiotics are effective. Products like artificial preservatives and other “ingredients” could be added, nevertheless.

Some of them even have flavorings in them. Whether or not probiotics for cats should include such extra components is a preference of cat owners.

Results from Taking Probiotics

Consumption of fermented foods or supplemental forms of probiotic bacteria has been shown to provide health benefits. They encourage a good bacterial balance in the digestive tract, which has been associated to numerous health advantages. Using probiotics can improve your cat’s health in the following ways:

  • Prevents and treats diarrhea in cats

There are a number of causes of diarrhea in cats. As a side effect of antibiotic treatment, it can also occur. Although effective against harmful bacteria, the anti-bacterial also kills off the helpful bacteria in the digestive tract. When the bowels absorb more water than usual, it can disrupt the blood’s ability to reabsorb fluids. This causes gastrointestinal distress and eventual diarrhea. There is a correlation between the use of probiotics and a lessening of the severity of diarrhea.

  • Benefits heart health.

Cardiomyopathy, or faulty heart muscle function, is widespread in felines. Possible difficulties with proper heart function due to cardiomyopathy. Although heredity is the primary cause of cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure may also play a role.

The accumulation of fat on the vessel walls has been linked to an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, feline companions require a low-fat diet.

The beneficial microorganisms included in probiotics have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Hypertension and cardiomyopathy can be avoided if the accumulation of fat on the inside of blood vessels is decreased.

  • Reduces the severity of food and skin allergies

Although the exact mechanism by which probiotics mitigate allergic reactions is still unknown, they have been shown to significantly reduce both food and skin allergy rates.

While probiotics should not be expected to treat allergies, they pose no risk and may help reduce their prevalence.

  • Stimulates the body’s natural defenses

Several types of probiotics have been shown to boost immunity in unique ways. Harmful bacteria development can be inhibited by these methods.

Some probiotic bacteria are also thought to aid in immune system functions such antibody production, boosting killer cell (T-lymphocyte) activity, and immunoglobulin production. Therefore, probiotics can aid our pets in fighting off illnesses.

  • Used on overweight cats, it helps keep them in balance.

Adding probiotics to a cat’s diet can help reduce its weight to a more manageable level. Intestinal fat absorption can be blocked by certain probiotic microbes.

That instead comes out as greasy feces. Other probiotic microbes increase calorie-burning hormone synthesis.

What Makes Dog Probiotics Unique From Cat Probiotics

Cats and dogs have vastly dissimilar digestive systems. The shorter amount of time it takes for a cat to digest food in comparison to a dog is due to the cat’s significantly smaller small intestine.

The inner lining of the stomach (gastric mucosa) is very different between cats and humans, and the cat’s cecum (which connects the small intestine to the large intestine) is significantly smaller.

Both cats and dogs can consume a variety of foods, although cats specialize in meat while dogs are more flexible. While cats can get by on just protein and fat, dogs can eat a wider variety of foods, including meat, protein, fruit, and vegetables.

For this reason, canine dentition features molars that are well-suited to crushing plant matter, as digestion begins in the mouth. The feline species lacks molars. Vets believe cats can benefit even more from probiotics than dogs do due to the vast variances in their anatomy, physiology, and food.

Probiotics for Cats: How to Administer Them?

Experts believe that probiotics should be incorporated into a cat’s daily health routine to avoid the development of digestive system illnesses, despite the fact that veterinarians only recommend them when your pet is sick with conditions like diarrhea.

When the cat is taking antibiotics, this is even more crucial. Antibiotics kill everything in the gut, both the good bacteria and the bad ones.

There is evidence that probiotics can help replenish good bacteria in the digestive tract. Proactive probiotic administration by cat parents can begin at the onset of antibiotic treatment.

Because it takes time for the good bacteria to get repopulated in the stomach, probiotics can be taken for many weeks after antibiotic treatment has ended.

It’s recommended that cat owners follow the dosing directions on the probiotics packaging when giving their feline a dose. Choose a medication that can be disguised as a treat or blended into your cat’s food if he or she resists taking pills.

The proper probiotic and dosage should be determined by a veterinarian.

Probiotics for Cats: Potential Negative Reactions

Fewer than one in a hundred cats will experience adverse effects from probiotics. However, while picking a probiotic for their feline friend, cat parents should use caution.

Manufacturers of animal supplements are not subject to oversight by any government body and are not obliged to provide evidence supporting label claims of potency or purity. The only obligation they have is to address customer concerns.

Human supplement makers are subject to stricter regulations than veterinary supplement producers. The National Animal Supplements Council (NASC) is a veterinarian organization that helps keep the probiotic market in check.

Cat owners can select a product either with a NASC-approved label or made by a company that produces similar supplements for humans.


As a cat parent, it’s your duty to see that your feline friend never gets sick or suffers from allergies.

Incorporating probiotics into your cat’s health regimen will help repopulate their guts with beneficial bacteria, which will enable them to fight off disease-causing germs.

Cats’ immunity to disease and infection will be greatly improved, prolonging their healthy life. BestForPets (bestforpets.org) hopes that you choose the best probiotic supplements for cats for your cat, and our best product is Pet Food by Purina Pro Plan Natural Probiotic Supplement for Cats: FortiFlora.


Pet Food by Purina Pro Plan Natural Probiotic Supplement for Cats: FortiFlora

Animal Nutrition from Purina® Pro Plan® The powdered probiotic supplement FortiFlora is sold in a convenient 30-count sachet container.

It has been developed specifically for cats with diarrhea and helps to keep the diarrhea at bay by promoting healthy digestion.

This probiotic supplement, when given to a cat, will gradually begin to rebalance the population of good and bad bacteria in its digestive tract, leading to improved digestion.

The powder form is convenient because it can be blended into your cat’s favorite wet or dry food.

This probiotic pill does more than just improve your cat’s digestive health; it also fortifies her immune system, helping her stay healthy for the long haul.

This supplement, which is packed with vitamins and minerals, will help make up for any lost nutrients your cat may have experienced as a result of diarrhea or other digestive problems.

It was well-liked by cat owners since it helped with gastrointestinal issues, boosted immunity, and made up for nutrients lost during diarrhoea. Owners of cats on restricted diets have complained about the meat flavoring.


  • Includes 30 individual packets.
  • The powder works equally well with dry and moist ingredients.
  • Vitamin and mineral-rich.


  • Beef flavour might be problematic for cats on restricted diets.
  • Contains just one specific type of beneficial microorganisms.


Cats love these tasty daily treats from VetriScience, packed with probiotics

The probiotics and prebiotics in the VetriScience Probiotic Everyday supplement are stored in resealable bags that are simple to close, ensuring that your cat always has access to fresh probiotics.

The supplement has a smooth texture that is easy for cats of all ages to chew and swallow.

All of the manufacturing and quality control for this product takes place in the USA, so you know your cat is getting a safe and effective supplement.

The product is good enough for cats of all ages and weights, which spares multi-cat owners of buying different probiotic supplements for every cat.

The company offers 60 soft chews with each order and they are sufficiently little to allow your cat to eat without any hassles. With only a single probiotic strain and a little duck flavor, this supplement is disguised as a tasty snack.

The fact that cats of any age or size could be fed it was a major selling point for their owners. They did, however, note that the quality of the soft chew had diminished after only a few days.


  • All cats, no matter their age, can enjoy this treat thanks to its soft chew form, which is simple to ingest.
  • The supply of probiotics in one order is enough to last for two months.
  • Resealable pouches make it easier to keep the probiotic fresh for a longer time.


  • After a day or two, it starts to get worse.
  • This product has a very pungent odor.
  • One probiotic strain is included.


Kittens, Meet Pet Ultimates Probiotics

Powdered Pet Ultimates probiotic supplements are created in the USA under strict quality control methods, and each serving contains 20 different probiotic strains shown to aid in the digestion of food.

Two weeks from the day you begin using the product, you will see an improvement.

Even with daily use, the powdered supplement will last at least a month given the small dosing size of half a teaspoon. It is a fine powder that does not alter the texture of food when combined with either liquids or dry ingredients.

The product is a better option because it doesn’t have any unnecessary fillers. If you’re not satisfied with the results you get from using the product, you can send it back and get a full refund.

This product contains 20 unique probiotic strains that have been shown to be beneficial to feline digestive systems. However, there was a pungent odor emanating from the jar the first few times it was opened.


  • A smaller portion size is used.
  • Includes 20 different beneficial bacteria.
  • Mixed into food, the fine powder form has little discernible effect on the texture.


  • When first opened, there is a potent stench.
  • Results could be delayed for a while.


Cats Love the Probiotic Supplement Nusentia

Since the powder formula of Nusentia Probiotic Mira is completely feline and canine friendly, multi-pet homes can save money. Since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, you don’t have to worry about finding space for it.

One serving provides 1 billion CFUs (6 billion live cultures) from its six probiotic strains. Though this is lower than the asking price of many competing items, the evidence suggests it delivers the goods.

Depending on the size of your pet, each container can contain up to 360 individual meals. On average, a single jar of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Powder will keep you going for between six and twelve months.

For relief from your pet’s upset stomach, gas, and other digestive ailments, try a product that is 100% American-made and has no components originating from China.

This probiotic is a favorite among pet owners because of its high quality and large serving size.


  • Inexpensive option for households with many pets because it is non-toxic to both cats and dogs.
  • This probiotic supplement has six different strains and provides 1 billion CFU per serving.
  • This item is just the ideal mix of quantity and quality.


  • Compared to competing items, this one is quite pricey.


Enhanced Probiotics and Digestive Support from Premo

The Premo Probiotic supplement is ideal if you’re looking for a probiotic to help your cat’s digestive difficulties. This is a synergistic product, meaning it enhances the health benefits of both probiotics and prebiotics.

It was made in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility, and it also has accreditation from the NPA (Natural Products Association).

There are six types of beneficial bacteria in this product. If your cat is experiencing symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, excessive scratching, or shedding, the six strains will act together to help her feel better.


  • This product has six distinct bacterial strains.
  • Free of wheat and dairy, and contains no artificial flavors or additives.
  • The powder has no discernable flavor, making it simple to conceal in other dishes.
  • Effective in treating a wide variety of ailments that cause discomfort for feline patients.


  • The price of this item is more than that of probiotics without fillers.


Cat Probiotics Developed by FERA’s Veterinarians

In order to maintain optimal digestive health, FERA Vet Formulated probiotic supplement includes as many as 11 strains of probiotic bacteria.

As an added bonus, it ensures a large number of viable cultures and is entirely natural. The formulation has been optimized by a veterinarian to cater to a cat’s specific dietary requirements.

Because it has no flavor, it won’t change the flavor of your cat’s food if you add it to his or her regular diet. No fillers, preservatives, or additions were used in its production.

Despite being made for vegans, it contains no gluten, wheat, soy, maize, or milk. These two features are what set this item apart from competitors. Your pet’s weight will determine the correct dosage.

Regardless of whether or not the product lives up to your expectations, it is backed by a full refund because it has been certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).


  • The six probiotic strains it has are guaranteed to do their job.
  • Since it has no flavor, it can be added to other foods without altering their flavor.


  • Adding this probiotic supplement to your cat’s food usually results in zero refusals.


Natural Beef Flavored Hyperbiotics PRO Probiotic

To maximize efficacy, the probiotic supplement Hyperbiotics PRO uses a proprietary delivery system. Most probiotics are killed by stomach acid and die before they can colonize the intestines.

However, the probiotics in this product are released gradually over the course of 8-10 hours, meaning that they are less likely to be destroyed by the stomach’s acid before they reach the intestine.

Since the majority of an animal’s immune system is located in its digestive tract, supplementing with probiotics can boost digestion and the animal’s overall health. Hyperbiotics PRO helps with bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

This supplement, which has a beef flavor, can be fed either alone or in combination with other foods.


  • By using this unique delivery mechanism, probiotic microorganisms are more likely to make it past the stomach and into the intestines, where they can do their work.
  • Provides assistance from a wide range of gastrointestinal issues.


  • While some felines may relish the beefy taste, others may run screaming in the opposite direction.


Probiotic Powder Nutritional Supplement Advita by VetOne

The probiotic powder VetOne Advita Powder promises to include live probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to the digestive system and the immune system.

It comes in a very tasty powder form that can be administered on its own or combined with other foods.

Indigestion, loss of appetite, and irregular bowel movements could all be signs of a microbial imbalance that the VetOne Advita Powder can help correct.

The manufacturer claims their medicine is most effective when used prior to, during, and after kenneling, antibiotic administration, food modification, and worming.

Vitamins A, E, and C are also included in the supplement.


  • Only probiotic microorganisms that are still alive and well are used.
  • Supplements in powder form are easy to incorporate into meals.
  • Assists in restoring normal bowel function, enhancing appetite, and lessening the severity of diarrhea.


  • Because of how thin the powder is, some of it always flies away.
  • It also forms clumps, making it difficult to evenly coat cat food.


Diarrhea and Constipation Treatment with Nexabiotic Probiotic for Cats

Look for a cat probiotic with a high colony forming unit count if you want it to help with diarrhea (CFUs). With 17.25 billion CFU per capsule, each dose of Nexabiotic Probiotic is extremely potent.

Along with the right amount of medication comes another crucial factor: the variety of bacteria. The greater the number of distinct probiotic microorganisms in a supplement, the greater its use.

There are a total of 23 distinct probiotics packed inside each capsule of Nexabiotic Probiotic. Either open up the capsule and sprinkle the contents over your cat’s food, or give her the medicine in a capsule.

Due to its lack of flavor, the content can be added to other foods without altering their original flavor.

Similarly, the delayed release of this one keeps the probiotic microbes safe from the stomach acids until they reach the small intestine.


  • An excellent aid to maintaining regular bowel movements.
  • Each pill contains the equivalent of 17.25 billion CFUs, making each dose extremely potent.
  • The health advantages of these 23 different bacterial strains are wide ranging.


  • However, it may not be the best option for elderly cats with digestive problems.


Probiotic Pet Ag Bene-Bac Plus Gel

The probiotic gel Pet Ag Bene-Bac Plus contains a concentrated live culture of seven strains of bacteria that are helpful in the digestion of small animals.

The fat coating helps the bacteria survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and travel undamaged to the small intestine, where they may do their work.

The manufacturer of Bene-Bac Plus gel asserts that it has 20 million CFUs per gram.

When used as directed, the gel can restore a healthy balance to the intestinal bacteria in as little as two weeks.

The gel’s inclusion of nutrients like dextrose and fat means that it’s a good source of energy, too. Unlike fat, which provides a steady stream of energy, dextrose provides a rapid burst of vitality.

This product is helpful for animals undergoing stressful procedures including bathing, breeding, deworming, antibiotic treatment, etc.


  • The manufacturer states that there are 20 million CFUs (colony forming units) in per gram of this highly concentrated live culture of microorganisms.
  • To ensure that the beneficial bacteria in the probiotic supplement survive the journey through the stomach and into the small intestine, the supplement is coated in a layer of fat.
  • Since it may be kept at room temperature, there’s no need to clear space in the fridge.


  • Something about its hue is off-putting.
  • The scent is preferred by most cats.

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